Wolfee, New Handheld Device That Allows for Comfortable, Natural Use of Computers in Any Position


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2017 --A wireless, handheld device has been designed to allow users to control computers and smartphones from any position they choose, seated or standing. Wolfee will protect users from the discomfort and health concerns associated with sitting at a desk when using a mouse and keyboard, and from using cellphones and computing devices in an unnatural position.

Wolfee will launch on crowd-funding site Kickstarter today, Starting from $109 for the early bird special. Wolfee is an ergonomically shaped, handheld, wireless Human Computer Interfacing (HCI) device which connects to computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets via bluetooth. Designed to sit comfortably in the palm of the hand, Wolfee has fully-fledged mouse functions and three buttons; a front button, a side button and a top button, which are positioned to accommodate the index finger, middle finger, and thumb respectively. Users can browse and scroll through screens by swiping their finger up and down the touch-sensitive surface at the front, select, copy and paste, and generate functional keys on a regular keyboard - such as Enter, Spacebar, Arrows, and more - by a simple finger movement. Most computing tasks can be performed while standing or sitting in any position or chair the user chooses.

Wolfee can also be used as a game controller in many cases, and a powerful presenter. With a driver or app, Wolfee can be a 3D controller or media controller and can be configured to control smart TV, IoT, and VR/AR devices with certain hardware and software modifications.

Dr. Yinbo Li, Founder & CEO at Wolfee Technologies, said "We designed the Wolfee to include the most comfortable interfacing technologies. For the first time, consumers aren't required to sit in front of their laptops or screens, which can help prevent health problems such as eyesight deterioration, wrist, neck and back pain," Li said, "We can't wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and help them alleviate the chronic pain caused by the frequent use of technology devices."

Benefits include:

- Wolfee uses Bluetooth, which is not a line-of-sight connection. This means that Wolfee does not need to be pointed at the computing device or display, unlike a TV remote.

- Most Windows, Android systems, recent MacBooks and devices with Bluetooth connection should work with Wolfee (not iPhone and iPad).

- Wolfee runs on Lithium-Ion battery and can be recharged with a microUSB cable.

- No need to switch between different methods of interaction between devices - Wolfee offers a unified solution.

- Wolfee integrates mechanic, touch, motion, and gesture to enable it to handle complicated tasks.

- A driver or app further extends Wolfee's functionalities if required.

Deterioration in eyesight, wrist, neck and back pain are often caused or exacerbated by long periods sitting at a desk and extensive use of computing devices. Using Wolfee is the ideal solution since use of the device avoids placing stress on the muscles in fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

For more information, visit the Wolfee Technologies webpage here: