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The "nofollow" Debate

Recently there has been a lot of information from many sources regarding links from press releases and if they should include the rel=nofollow HTML tag. Marking a link as rel=nofollow tells search engines, such as Google and Bing, that the link should not be considered as a factor when ranking a target web site.

Announcing Enhanced Full-Text Syndication.

Today SBWire launched a new option for online press release distribution that provides full-text syndication of your press release throughout our syndication network.

Fakers Beware: SBWire Announces Trust Initiative

A message from Daniel Jones, President of SBWire: I spent a good portion of my career as a journalist, so I understand how important it is that our news comes from reliable, trustworthy sources. Now, as head of SBWire, I am fully aware that press release distribution services like ours must play a role in maintaining news quality. This is why we are launching our new Trust Initiative

New Delivery Reports For SBWire CRM

Today we launched an update to SBWire CRM to provide detailed delivery reports. Now when a press release distribution order is completed, you will be able to quickly see which of your media contacts successfully received your press release.

Just Launched: Enhanced Company Profiles

Today SBWire launched enhanced company profiles. SBWire company profiles are a powerful way to provide journalist, bloggers and the general public with detailed information about your business or non-profit organization. These new enhanced company profiles offer the ability to add a vast amount of information about your firm, while giving you full control on what is shared.