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Announcing SBWire Analytics 2.0 Beta - Available Now

Today we are excited to unveil the completely new analytics and reporting system built into SBWire, SBWire Analytics 2.0. This new version, currently offered in a public beta test version, offers a large array of reports that provide you a detailed view of your press release performances.

SBWire Announces the Retirement of Its Advertised Supported Press Release Service

Today SBWire is announcing the retirement of our advertising supported press release listing service allowing our team to focus on adding even more features and benefits to our affordable monthly subscription packages.

Increase Exposure and Engagement with Multimedia Press Releases

Today we launched an updated version of the SBWire Mediawire which is now fully integrated with SBWire and is no longer a separate website.

SBWire Service Update: April 12, 2012

Today we updated SBWire, adding many new features and improving ease-of-use in many areas of the service including SBWire Connect member profiles and messaging, user privacy settings, SBWire Credit transfers, and subscription management.

SBWire Now Available on Google Currents

SBWire is pleased to announce that today we launched a new way to receive premium press releases distributed on SBWire using your Applie iPhone, Apple iPad or Android device.