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Just Launched: Enhanced Company Profiles

Today SBWire launched enhanced company profiles. SBWire company profiles are a powerful way to provide journalist, bloggers and the general public with detailed information about your business or non-profit organization. These new enhanced company profiles offer the ability to add a vast amount of information about your firm, while giving you full control on what is shared.

A Change to Monthly Press Release Allotment Calculations for SBWire Plus and SBWire Pro Customers.

Today we made a change to the way monthly allotment of press releases are calculated for SBWire Plus and SBWire Pro users.

An Update on the Retirement of Our Advertised Supported Press Release Service

As we announced in early May 2012, on June 1st SBWire will retire our advertising supported press release services. Today we are providing a update for customers using this service

Financial Content Distribution Enhancements

Today we released an update to the SBWire newswire providing several enhanced features to our financial content distribution service.

An Update on Our Editorial Guidelines - Search Engine over Optimization

There has been a great deal of discussion online lately regarding search engine optimization techniques which produce over optimized content. In short, over optimized content is content that is not readable in a natural language. Today we are updating our editorial policy to address over optimization.