Press Releases From 03/26/2012 Until 09/17/2014

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Internet Marketing Blogger, Brian Horn, Reveals How He Built a Business off News from Comic-Con Says on Page 1 Marketing, Inc

For the last several years, Internet marketing blogger, Brian Horn has been building a business from information released to the public at Comic-Con about upcoming comic book movies.

New York Bankruptcy Attorney Jeff Peltz Compares Clients to Abraham Lincoln

LogoNew York bankruptcy attorney Jeffrey Peltz inspires his clients with the story of how Abraham Lincoln's declared bankruptcy and then went on to become our greatest president.

QuickBooks Users Can Now Print Checks Directly on Blank Stock With EzCheckPrinting Virtual Printer

LogoEzCheckPrinting, the check writing software from now allows QuickBooks and Quicken users to print check on blank stock easily and inexpensively. The newly released ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer is an add-on to this popular check writer according to the suggestions from customers. QuickBooks users no longer have to enter check printing data manually to take advantage of the money and time-saving features of ezCheckPrinting.

Sneaker Guru Launches Athletic Shoe Review Site

The creator of the popular YouTube video series announced today the launch of their brand new website Founded by sneaker guru Carlos Sanchez, the new site is dedicated to all things sneakers and provides visitors with release dates of the newest models. The website also lists the latest prices of the most sought-after collectible sneakers, including the Nike Air Jordan Retro, the Jordan Retro 4 and the Nike Air Foamposite.

Burns and Roe Installs Two 3.5MW Diesel Generators at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

LogoBurns and Roe Services Corporation, a subsidiary of the Burns and Roe Group, Inc., recently completed a major upgrade of the main power plant at the U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The work involved the demolition of four boilers, steam turbines, and associated mezzanines; construction of generator foundations; installation of four new 3.5MW diesel generators and supporting controls, fuel, cooling, and exhaust systems; and connection to the Base power distribution system. The work also included upgrades to Programmable Logic Controllers and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system. The work was completed in two phases, with two generators put on line in July 2011 and two in May 2012. Captain John Heinzel, Commanding Officer, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast, officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Life Coach Evelyn Brooks Announces "Your Dream World Summit 2012" Set for August 3 - 6, 2012

LogoCertified Dream Builder Coach Evelyn Brooks is bringing together a lineup of top experts for the “Your Dream World Summit 2012” live online event August 3 thru August 6. The summit is being hailed as the world’s largest free online event devoted entirely to helping people achieve their dreams of prosperity, loving relationships, robust good health and that sense of pure unbounded joy that may have eluded them throughout their lives.

Mid Day Report: (OTCQB: BCLI) (PINKSHEETS: KMAG) (OTCQB: DIMI) (PINKSHEETS: VRNI) (OTCQB: ONVO) is issuing a report on 5 stocks to watch on July 23, 2012 BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (OTCQB:BCLI), KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (Pink:KMAG), DiMi Telematics International, Inc. (OTCQB:DIMI) Virogen, Inc. (Pink: VRNI), Organovo Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:ONVO)

Everlasting Memories Expands Their Line of Photo Engraved Jewelry

Memorial products maker Everlasting Memories is pleased to announce the expansion of their complete line of photo engraved jewelry. Everlasting Memories offers high quality cremation urns and jewelry products to remember loved ones or cherished pets.

Enotated Classics Celebrates 150 Years of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland With Release of the Enotated Alice in Wonderland

LogoIt was July 4, 1862, and Charles Dodgson, known to us as Lewis Carroll, was on a boating party that set out from Oxford, traveling to Godstow. The party included three little girls, one of whom was named Alice. As the person in charge of entertainment, Dodgson decided to tell one of his imaginative stories. Dodgson created a world set in a fairyland full of magic and danger. Alice was so captivated by the story that she later asked him to write it down for her, and Alice in Wonderland was born.

Groundbreaking Advancement in Headache Treatment Comes to Charlotte

LogoCharlotte Headache Center specializes in treating chronic headaches and migraines as well as jaw pain (TMJ) , neck pain, earaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and sleep apnea using the cutting-edge TruDenta system. This advanced technology is a new drug-free, non-invasive tool for determining the source of patients’ head and neck pain and alleviating it.

Thunder & Steam: A Book Reading and Signing With Jason Robert LeClair

LogoAs Thunder & Steam: A Steampunk Art Exhibit comes to a close, join Jason Robert LeClair as he reads from his latest project, Broken Silences. Following the reading, LeClair will be signing books for attendees on Friday July 27 from 6 to 9 pm at Stage Right Studio. The month-long art exhibit featured several pieces of artwork created by LeClair as well as several prominent New England artists within the steampunk genre.

Cercacasa Announces New Real Estate Listings for July

Cercacasa is proud to announce a number of new, intriguing home and business listings for those residing in Milan, Italy. The city is full of outstanding opportunities for families to relocate, or for businesses to move into new digs.

Excellent Selection of Military and Tactical Gear Available at Ecommerce Website

Bringing high quality tactical gear to law enforcement and military agencies worldwide for over 15 years has made a name to reckon in the industry. The Texas based company, has supplied exclusively to U.S military and other countries, proudly delivering only superior military gear and service. Posts New Information to Help Use Online Cash Advance Services recently posted new information to help those looking for online cash advances. Internet payday advance online services are becoming more and more popular, but people need to understand all the risks before getting too deep into things.

Kelly Habbas Finally Conquered Kidney Stones

Kelly Habbas has finally conquered this "odd, strange defect of the human body!" ....or has he?! Most people end up encountering some kind of medical malady during their lives. The fortunate individuals who spend most of their younger years with relatively good health generally start experiencing health issues as they age and some systems inside of your body start to encounter issues, and the very unlucky individuals have problems since birth. The fortune news for Kelly Habbas is that he was not born with specific medical problems, but since the Fall of 2011, Kelly Habbas had problems with kidney stones.

AsthmaMist Is One of Almost Two Hundred Health Products Reviewed on Ukritic

Commission-based affiliate programs allow everyday Internet users to earn commissions by creating original content that attracts a following. Most people find it very difficult to begin working as an affiliate because gaining an audience is tough to do from scratch. That is why the founders of a new website called Ukritic decided to build a platform that allows anyone to instantly reach a global audience.

Businesses and Individuals Learn How to Manage Online Reputations Thanks to

These days, the Internet affects every aspect of life, from work to friends to family. Something said online can have a large impact—either positive or negative—on the reputation of both companies and individuals. As a result, online reputation management, also known as ORM, has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Adds Video Comparisons of Online Fax Service Providers

The fax over internet protocol (FOIP) information and review website is pleased to announce that they have added comprehensive video reviews of the currently available internet fax services. The website offers detailed reviews of online fax service providers as well as in-depth articles that explain internet faxing, the underlying technology, security standards and other aspects of online faxing.

"Best Florist in Costa Mesa" Post Published on Innovative Empower Network Blog -

Florals by Becky has just published their very first business blog post titled “Best Florist In Costa Mesta” onto the Empower Network viral blogging platform, which is generating quite a stir in the online world.

Global and China Tire Mold Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report

LogoInfluenced by the financial crisis in 2008-2009, the overall demand of global tire mold industry showed decline. However, following the rapid development of global automotive industry, especially in developing nations, the industry prosperity is now in a gradual pick-up, with market size approximating RMB15 billion in 2011.

China Sportswear Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report

LogoWith rising per capita disposable income, the demand for sportswear including sports shoes and garments among consumers is soaring in recent years. In 2011, the sportswear market size in China hit RMB124.7 billion.

China Refueling Station Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report

LogoIn 2011, there are more than 1,400 natural gas vehicle refueling stations in over 80 cities throughout 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of China. LNG refueling stations have attracted the greatest attention, of which skid-mounted ones have achieved the rapidest development. In 2011, the number of skid-mounted LNG refueling stations reached 330 in China.

China Construction Curtain Wall Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report

LogoThe construction curtain wall industry is an important branch of the building decoration industry. In recent years, under the backdrop of rapid development of China construction industry, China’s construction curtain wall output and output value have maintained rapid growth. In 2011, the total output reached 91.3 million square meters, up 10.0% from a year earlier; and the output value got to RMB167.9 billion, rising 11.9% year-on-year, ranking first in the world.

Global and China Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Material and Battery Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report

LogoBy merits of high security, long service life and high temperature resistance, LiFePO4 battery has become the cutting-edge product in the development of lithium battery industry and gained considerable application in EV, electric tool, electric bicycle and energy storage market. The ballooning expansion of LiFePO4 battery market fuels the robust demand for LiFePO4 materials. In 2011, the global sales volume of LiFePO4 material approximated 4,000 tons, making up 6.73% of the sales volume of anode materials for lithium batteries worldwide.

China Blood Products Industry Report 2011-2012 - Latest Report

LogoBlood plasma serves as key raw material in blood product industry. In August 2011, the shut-down of 16 plasma collection stations in Guizhou province, China resulted in a YoY decline of 15% in plasma volume and further intensified the tight supply of raw material plasma. But when it comes to the lot release volume, the blood product output in China grew as high as 15.4% YoY in 2011, and the market size rose 22% YoY to around RMB11.6 billion. Additionally, in consideration of 12th Five-Year Plan for Doubling Blood Product Supply proposed by the Minister of the Ministry of Health at the end of 2011, the issuance of Notice of the Ministry of Health on Management of Plasma Collection Stations in early 2012, and the domestic market demand & supply, the blood product market size in China is expected to maintain a high growth rate of over 20% in the five years to come.