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Schatzie The Butcher Opens New Online Store to Offer Organic Meat the 21st Century Way

Quality meat produce speaks for itself, and a quality butcher’s shop can earn renown by offering the very best quality and cut of meat, creating a reputation that, well guarded, can last for generations. Schatzie The Butcher may sound like a pro-wrestler to the uninitiated, but is in fact New York’s best kept secret- a traditional Butcher’s Shop that has stayed in the family since opening in 1911. Due to their continued popularity they now have three stores and now an online store where individuals can buy all the meats they want for delivery.

XRS Corp (NASDAQ:XRSC) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Filed to Halt the Takeover by Omnitracs, LLC

The Shareholders Foundation announces that an investor, who currently holds shares of XRS Corp (NASDAQ:XRSC), filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of XRS by Omnitracs, LLC for $5.60 per share.

Lauren Hurt Photography Launches Campaign Assisting Actors with Headshot Advice

In the acting profession, a person's headshots are likened to his business cards, used by casting directors, producers, writers and directors to make a quick decision about a potential candidate, checking to see if they first have the right physical characteristics for a specific role. According to Lauren Hurt, professional photographer and owner of Lauren Hurt Photographer, the right headshots can determine the success rate for a number of actors in Hollywood these days, especially novices.

Dermess MedSpa Is Proud to Announce They Are Officially Joining Marvel Cosmetic Surgery and Moving to a New Facility

LogoLater this fall, Dermess MedSpa led by Dr.  Jeffrey B. Marvel is eager to announce that they are moving to a new location just around the corner from their current Nashville, TN office. As a part of their move to a new state-of-the-art facility, Dermess Renewal is officially joining Marvel Cosmetic Surgery and adopting their name as well. The experienced staff at Dermess MedSpa is eager to make the move and will be able to offer more services to their Nashville patients.

Start-Stop Introduces New Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Webinars Each Month

LogoStart-Stop brings the learning and education needed to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 right to their consumers. Each month, the team is releasing educational webinars that highlight the capabilities of the software and hardware.

Denver Based Office Evolution Celebrates Continued Growth with Its Tenth Colorado Location

Office Evolution, a national provider of executive suite, virtual office and co-working business centers, celebrates continued success with the opening of its tenth Colorado front range location. The new Aurora location at 6105 S. Main Street, Suite 200, easily accessible immediately off E-470 in the Southlands Mall outdoor lifestyle center opened its doors on October 1, 2014.

Asian Pacific Women's Center Launches Peace Begins at Home Campaign to Address Domestic Violence in Underserved Communities

LogoThe Asian Pacific Women’s Center (APWC) today announced the launch of their first-ever campaign, Peace Begins at Home, to address the issue of domestic violence in the underserved Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community. APWC is also seeking support from community members to participate in this campaign through art empowerment.

Candies4Kids Invites Sponsors to Kick Start Its Initiative to Bring Joy to Underprivileged Children Across the World

One of the most important lessons learned in life is to give to others who are less fortunate and spread little joys amongst them- joys that they might not know of otherwise.

BYStudio Packaging Design Company Los Angeles Presents Unique Packaging Design Portfolio

LogoThe new website reflects BYStudio’s commitment to providing the best creative packaging design solutions for companies that need graphic design, branding and package design solutions specifically designed to build brand awareness, communicate product values to the consumer and increase product sales. The website boasts a modern and accessible website design which is divided into two sections: Package Design Solutions, Branding and Logo Design services. As a professional packaging design company in Los Angeles, BYStudio specializes in toy packaging, childrens packaging and retail package design solutions that have visual impact on the shelf and connect with the target market.

Hamra Jewelers Will Hold a Special Event with Designer Charles Krypell in October

LogoHamra Jewelers is pleased to announce a special event with designer Charles Krypell on October 24th and 25th.

Tripodi Associates Announces Expanded Line of Metal Framing Services and Capacity

Tripodi Associates, a leading drywall, insulation, and acoustic ceiling contractor, announced that the company now offers an expanded selection of metal framing services. As residential customers have increasingly become aware of the advantages that metal framing can bring to particular applications compared to traditional wooden studs, Tripodi Associates has committed to serving those in the Greater Philadelphia area and adjacent locations who wish to take advantage of the option. For over 50 years, Tripodi Associates has served both commercial and residential customers in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the region's highest quality of work, most competitive prices and most diligent service.

Paleo Food Tours in NYC Is Sweet on Chocolate

New York City is known for a lot of things, sometimes its sweet and other times its bitter which just adds to this city's unique flavor and by flavor we mean chocolate flavor according to New York's newest and most primal food tour -- Paleo Food Tours.

Secure Photo Gallery to Keep Privacy Intact

LogoThe use of smartphones is increasing ever since it was first introduced. These intelligent phones have no doubt made users’ life luxurious and easy. But, the incidents of getting a smartphone stolen are increasing day by day as they seem to be a liquid asset as they are extremely easy to sell further. Other than that, the biggest problem is that the smartphones that are lost or stolen, likely to spill out confidential data saved in them. It imposes huge risks to the privacy of users, who perhaps do not have even an idea about it. The users might not have taken the smartphone thefts in this aspect, but, it is a cruel reality.

ShangriLoan Ventures Launches New Online Reverse Mortgage Guide for Canadians

ShangriLoan Ventures, LTD., announced the launch of, a new online resource for Canadians interested in learning about reverse mortgages. The new Internet destination provides a variety of guides and articles that will help visitors learn about the requirements, advantages, and potential drawbacks of this increasingly popular financing vehicle. In addition, visitors to the site can sign up for a free, hard-copy book that explains the option in exhaustive detail.

The Ultimate Leaf Bagger System Makes Being Eco-Friendly a Time-Saver

LogoRaking leaves and yard cleanup, the age-old nagging issue that comes with the privilege of owning a home. Thankfully, a company who thinks outside the box has developed a simplistic way to ‘adios’ leaves and other debris from yards, commercial property and golf courses. The Ultimate Leaf Bagger System is one of those great products that combine utility with convenience and make a consumer think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Job Fusion Set to Launch the Biggest Tech Job Board in the World This October

Technology is defining our present and constantly redefining our future, making it one of the most booming industries in the economy. As such, those with expertise and technological skill sets have bright futures, as more and more jobs are created to fill key roles in tech industries. Finding those jobs on generic listings sites can be difficult however, especially when having to compete with antiquated filtering and matching systems. Job Fusion is a new website launching in October that will revolutionize the way people find tech jobs.

A Multi-Faceted and Talented Human Being - Ron Hershco

Ron Hershco is a well-known name in New York’ real estate industry. Ron is a real estate entrepreneur whose main focus lies on urban development through high-rise condominiums and offering affordable housing spaces. Ron is best known for turning around neighborhoods to great housing complexes and creating modern spaces such as the 306 Gold Street and 313 Gold Street. Ron could create impressive spaces and offer great solutions to buildings which were in dire need of useful spaces such as the school in Far Rockaway. John M. Quattrocchi, Principal of the school was highly impressed and was grateful to Ron for building a new annex that accommodates up to 200 students thereby resolving a lot of logistic issues.

New Software Company, SDR, Releases Free CDA to MP3 Converter

LogoSoftware Development Resource or simply SDR introduces a new CDA to mp3 converter program. The company just opened recently and now hosts dozens of free to download software products that are good for daily use. Their team of experts still make time to produce more in the coming months despite customized software orders from various clients.

Software Startup SDR Offers Free Barcode Generator for Small to Medium Enterprises

LogoSoftware Development Resource [shortened version: SDR] sees the opportunity in every nook and cranny that involves software development which is why their recently released barcode generator currently available pro bono is a living testament to that. Seeing the universality of such fixtures in daily consumer lives, obtaining it free of charge is a charity on its own.

SDR Announces Launch of Rare MKV Player; Makes It Free for All Like Matroska's Vision

LogoSoftware Development Resource [acronym: SDR] has released another rare piece of software that most programmers and avid video enthusiasts clamor for, good news: it's free. It's their mkv player that plays any type of .mkv and related file from Matroska, a non-profit organization geared towards a freer media framework.

Nano Sized Oral Glutathione Gains Wide Attention as an Aid to Treatment for Autism

LogoNanoceutical Solutions is one of the rare companies to offer nanofluidization technology based oral nutraceutical and supplement products, and its line of products are becoming popular for being aids to medical disorders including Autism. Unveils New Local Marketing Directory for Business Owners Worldwide

People today are resigning their old and brittle printed phone directories and turning to their computers and Smartphones to locate the best local businesses in town that caters to their needs. Online business directories have become the information centre of local customers looking for local businesses. With the introduction of internet to the world, the behaviour of people has changed. They no longer want to waste their time poring over print directories looking for a particular business. Switching to an online business directory ensures them faster, better and detailed search results. The yellow pages, with their limited information, are fast becoming obsolete against the detailed online search engine tools like business directories. An online directory lists out the description of a local business as well as its working hours, location maps, price details and even photos. Online directories allow for such details to be added to one’s business directory listing.

The Boston SolarCompany - #1 Residential Solar Installer Based in Massachusetts - Poised to Help Customers Tired of Paying High Electric Bills

The Boston Solar Company, the #1 residential solar installer based in Massachusetts, has just expanded into its new headquarters at 55 Sixth Road in Woburn to better serve its customers. The company also has offices in Connecticut and Maine.

Canada DUI Entry Law Offers Free Consultation to People Seeking Canadian Entry with a DUI

On Sept 26th 2014, the Canadian dollar fell below $0.90USD after several years of the two currencies being close to par. Combined with low gas prices and an improving US economy, many experts believe the falling Canadian dollar will spur a growth in US tourism to Canada as more Americans head north lured by the new exchange rate. Many of these Americans will be denied entry to Canada, however, as anyone convicted of a DUI in the last 10 years is considered inadmissible to Canada and may be refused at the border. Canada DUI Entry Law is a website that offers legal support to those people to help them gain admission to the country to enjoy its breathtaking beauty, fascinating culture and great deals.

Nuance Salon Occasionally Launches Discounts to Save on Hair Salon Services in Roswell

Hair allows people the opportunity to customize their appearance in any number of novel ways. Whether it is a specific hair design, styling, coloring or extensions Nuance Salon has hired and trained an entire team of professionals who can help any type of hair look its best. Nuance is a hair salon in Roswell where many of the region’s most skilled stylists provide their services. They have a unique hair boutique and offer opportunities for amazing deals for hair and beauty services.

Recreation Accessories for Everyone, The Medtainer Comes to Market Through Acology Inc (ACOL)

LogoRecreation Accessories for Everyone! The Medtainer comes to market through Acology Inc (ACOL)

SDR, Oregon-Based Software Startup, Gives Away Free Software; Assures Secured Downloads

LogoSoftware Development Resource ups the game by releasing a new program called ePub reader for frequent voracious readers. The program takes away the strain of reading any online book material by providing a way to read using the standard file extension for free and open e-book files as mandated by the International Digital Publishing Forum.