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Awaken Dance Theater Seeks Funding via RocketHub to Support New Piece on Gun Violence & School Shootings

Rebekka Nodhturft is a passionate and energetic dancer and choreographer based in NYC. Though currently focused on jazz and contemporary dance styles, she is also very talented in classical ballet, modern, and tap.

Maritime Attorney Matthew Shaffer to Represent Wife of Tugboat Captain Killed in New Orleans Accident

Attorney Matthew Shaffer has been retained to represent the wife of a tugboat captain who was killed August 14 in an accident on the Industrial Canal.

Expand Human Resource Now Offers Advisory Help for Employment Law in Uganda

Expand Human Resource now offers advisory services for employment law in Uganda to companies of all sizes and types. The company acts as an ardent consultancy to their clients which need advice on employment law. Employment laws of Uganda or any other country is a critical aspect and companies need to be very careful about its compliance as per established employment law of Uganda. Often managing employees as per the employment law becomes tough for the companies, and under such condition Expand Human Resource renders their valuable help in making their clients understand the nitty and gritty on the employment and their application.

Nigerian Film Company Launches Indiegogo to Create Movie Magic

Torn between two women one man must decide to have love or power. A naïve representative sets out with the good intentions of serving his electorate, only to arrive in his seat of power to find laws aren't made as much as they are bought and sold. In an attempt to broker a peace agreement between farmers and cattle ranchers through a Land Grazing Bill, the representative interacts with the ranchers and falls in love with one of their daughters. Contrasting the courtship rituals to win her love against the backdrop of the war in the House because of the bill, award-winning Nigerian author and filmmaker Wale Okediran takes the viewer deep into the fictional world of the Nigerian House of Parliament and the uniqueness of the Fulani tribesmen through his movie, Tenants of the House.

Hair by Debra, Branches Into Worldwide Pioneering Hair Products

LogoIn 2006, Debra Dione, a native of Mozambique who now lives in France, had grown tired of trying to find quality hair products.  Dione had modelled for French companies as well as internationally and knew the frustration of trying to find hair products that would look perfect over the course of a day.  Since she was unable to find good quality hair products, she decided to create a definitive solution: human hair products that would allow models and others to keep their hairstyles looking fresh and perfect all day and would hold their shape as long as necessary.

Siem Reap Tour Guides Offers Multi-Lingual Tours in Angkor Wat Cambodia

Siem Reap Tour Guides and Mr. Navy Hoeun, tour operator, are pleased to announce that they provide customized tours in the Siem Reap Angkor Wat area. The tour guides in Siem Reap organization are focused on serving visitors who need independence and privacy during their travels. The Angkor tour guides can assist in taking good pictures during the tour, as well.

Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans Aimed at Teaching People How to Prevent Gallbladder Disease and Other Weight-Related Conditions with Safe, Natural and Fast Weight Loss

LogoPeople in America suffer from countless diseases and conditions that could be avoided by following a healthy diet, limiting processed foods that are high in fat and cholesterol, and losing excess weight. For this reason, Diet Doc has developed specialized medical weight loss programs that focus on specific weight-related conditions that have helped people nationwide improve, and even overcome, the damage that carrying excess weight has caused. By helping people learn to break bad habits and follow a diet that is conducive to good health, it is possible to learn how to prevent gallbladder disease and other weight-related conditions.

Korean Tech Company Launches Indiegogo to Create Rollybot

Sometimes another pair of eyes is all that is needed. Whether is watching children in another room while doing housework or watching pets in an area that is off limits, a Korean tech company has invented a versatile Robot camera to be that second set of eyes – at an affordable price. Introducing Rollybot.

24 Hour Flower Delivery Is Just a Dial Away

Flowers come in so many varieties, sizes and colors—all of which correspond to a particular meaning. This is why flowers are the most thoughtful gift to give. Flowers can convey a message in a beautifully subtle way, and it makes it a lot more special for the sender and the receiver since it is an inside message only they can understand.

LS Aesthetic Offers the Next Big Thing in Laser Treatments

Those who are being bothered by moderate to serious acne problems, LS Aesthetic Clinic now offers the next big thing in laser treatments in Singapore. Skin laser treatments are now widely used in different parts of the world to address different cosmetic issues, specially for those who want to get rid of facial scars and marks caused by skin problems.

Brilliant Design Works Singapore Offers Premium Home Renovation Promo

Brilliant Design Works is a home renovation contractor based in Singapore. They help connect clients with their dream interior design concepts. They specialize in residential and interior commercial design services, with a dedicated creative team that works closely with their client to achieve the desired goal.

YNG Media - Now Provides Complete Solution for Ecommerce Website

LogoA pioneer in digital marketing, YNG Media renders the most effective e-commerce website development solutions all across the globe. The best in-class web development services offered by the company perfectly match the customized needs and demands of customers. Integrating your website with social media, the agency helps a long chain of customers to engage with you online. YNG Media’s e-commerce web development solutions fit every budget and help in expanding your business worldwide.

Kingsbuying.Com Offers High Quality Electronic Goods

There are various companies selling their electronic products online and this makes it easier for the users to get a proper idea of the trends in the gadget world. The product category features tablet PC, mobile phones, electronic accessories, consumer electronic goods, gadgets, networking and computer devices. There are home audio video products, car electronics, surveillance & security gadgets, cameras, camcorders, health and lifestyle items, video games and LED lights. In the Tablet PC range, there are numerous options in kingsbuying online store. Many China Tablet PC devices at various price range and facilities are available. These tablets cater to the needs of students, businessmen, job searching youngsters and game players. There is huge collection of different screen sizes where users can also watch their favorite movies. In the tablet section, the online retailer also offers some of the cheapest Windows Tablets irrespective of Windows 7 or 8. Discount offers are also provided on occasional basis and the product can shipped to doorstep of the user if required.

Explore Best Tourist Attractions in Singapore Stylishly via Segway Tours

Exploring the beauty of the urban landscape of Singapore is among the top activities that tourists should do when visiting the country-- and touring around the famous Singaporean landmarks is now made easier, thanks to the Segway Personal Transporter by the Segway Tours Singapore.

H Sena Continues to Offer Luxurious Jewelleries

H Sena reintroduces its tradition in jewellery craftsmanship, passing perfection from generation to generation. This jewellery in Singapore takes pride of its precious jewellery that are handcrafted to perfection, bringing the ideas and concepts of the customers to life.

Syoptek Announces FREE Shipping on a Select Range of Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Cleaning fiber optics on regular intervals is very important for flawless data transmission. This is the reason why high quality and functionally efficient fiber optic cleaning products are in great demand today. China based Syoptek International Limited manufactures and supplies a wide range of cleaning kits and products for fiber optics. They are now offering free shipping on a select range of products and one can learn more about the products on their website.

Reputation of Enhanced Through Its Newly Introduced Fiber Cleaver and Replacement Blades

Commercial tools for cleaving fibers are widely available in the market. In the lion’s share where a few companies only claim to be the best and do nothing, suppliers like deliver quality cleavers at affordable prices. Established in the year 2005, this company since then has been offering one stop solution to their clients. From fiber optic tester, optical power meter, fusion splicer, mpo cleaner to fiber cleaver , has been continuing to offer each of them. In short, they have become the ultimate fiber optic equipment kit provider. To this the owner commented, “It is our hard work and dedication that could help us earn a good reputation in the industry. We are extremely thankful to our customers without whose cooperation and suggestion we could have done nothing.”

FiberOpticTools.Net Introduces a New Array of High-Performance Fiber Termination Kits

FiberOpticTools.Net, one of the leading suppliers of Fiber optic items, has recently flooded the market with a new range of fiber termination kits .  Within a short span of time after their launching, the new line of products has gained huge popularity in the market. The entrepreneur of this Xiamen, China-based company stated: “We are really glad to see that our newly launched fiber termination kits have successfully grabbed the market soon after their introduction”. “All the members of our team are happy that their intensive research and hard endeavors have turned out to be fruitful”, he added.

Cosmopolitan Clinic Now Situated at the Most Convenient Location

Life is so incredibly busy these days. This is why, in an effort to juggle all the responsibilities one has in a day, almost everyone looks for convenience--even when it comes to beauty and wellness. Gone are the days when one could afford to spend valuable time on gym sessions or long-winded beauty regimens.

Gorgeous Holiday Dresses for 2014 Now Available at EhomeDress

LogoEhomeDress, a popular supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion dresses for women, has recently released its new collection of gorgeous holiday dresses. What's more, the company has launched a summer promotion for its high quality holiday outfits. All its new and old clients can access the big discounts before August 31, 2014.

Avoid Missing Holidays at the Last Minute with Evisa Urgently Offered at

LogoGetting a visa for Vietnam is slightly more involved than getting one for other countries in Southeast Asia. Aside from a few, lucky nationalities that are exempt, few will certainly be denied entry if they turn up without a visa. Understanding this, is offering eVisa urgently services to individuals, families and businesses in need of Vietnamese visas.

UniControls Asia Officially Distributes Hibar Systems LTD Products

Hibar Systems Limited products are now available in Singapore, as UniControls Asia officially started distributing hibar pumps from the said company.

Philippine Based Magician Conjures Filipino Parent Incentive Package Helping Vanish the Crush of This Tough Economy

Master children's comedian & magician David Breth & co-owner of the Philippine based entertainment website officially re-opened the doors to his popular kids birthday party magic show business called David Breth Magic.

Beautiful Strapless White Wedding Dresses from Popular Dress Supplier EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, one of the most popular dress suppliers in the world, has unveiled its new range of strapless white wedding dresses. Along with this, the company has launched a big promotion for these beautiful strapless outfits. Now, these items are available at discounted rates, up to 75% off.

Black One-Shoulder Cocktail Dresses, New Products of EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, a reliable supplier of women's special occasion dresses, has announced its new selection of black one-shoulder cocktail dresses. In addition, all these elegant items are on sale now; they are available at discounted prices, up to 75% off. The company's development manager says that the promotion will last for two weeks only.

Building Stronger Business Partner Relationship Through Custom Made Gifts

Below 10 Dollar Gifts Pte Ltd is a company that believes gift-giving shouldn't be daunting or complicated. They are most known for their no-fuss, no-frills website wherein users can check out a variety of gifts suited for their budget. Their vision is to provide feasible and premium custom made gifts that are effective marketing tools which reflects a company and distinguishes its product apart from other companies, all at an affordable price. Customers can browse by price or categories, with gifts below $2. $4, $6, $8 and $10

Building Business Relationships via Personalized Corporate Gifts

One of the best ways to maintain good business relationships is through giving gifts occasionally. Most people are wary about this because the thought of giving gifts seems like a bribe, but giving personalized corporate gifts now and then actually helps build and strengthen a business' reputation with its stockholders.