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Hoffman Fabrics Appoints Industry Veteran Businesswoman to Lead Sales & Retail Merchandizing

Industry veteran and experienced retail executive, Stephanie Prescott has been appointed to head business development, retail merchandizing and retail relationships for Hoffman Fabrics, one of North America's oldest operating fabric designer and manufacturers. Ms. Prescott will lead the national sales force, and will also connect the distribution chain by focusing on retail merchandizing capabilities and building the close relationships Hoffman has with over 1,500 fabric, quilting and textile retailers across the United States.

Imprint Hat Co. Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Feed Hungry Children Around the World

Many contemporary global leaders and experts now suggest that it is possible to eliminate hunger from the world within a lifetime. Inspired by this belief, imprint Hat Co. has recently started their journey towards feeding hungry children in all parts of the world. imprint Hat Co. was created by large number of young entrepreneurs and activists from all over the United States and Canada as a collaborative venture. The common mission of this team is to utilize the power of e-commerce and social media to eliminate different world epidemics one after another.

New Service Solves Synchronization Pain Point for Stripe and Xero Customers

Australian based software company Aktura Technology have today released their latest service to the public. Silver Siphon is a brand new software service which aims to save both headaches and hours of data manipulation each month.

Mlphotographerbrisbane Offers the Ultimate Photographer to Catch the Most Important Moments and People of Brisbane

Mlphotographerbrisbane has announced the ultimate way of getting any types of photography with the help of the latest camera lens. With over 10 years of experience in photography, this Brisbane based photographer is all set to take the picture to live with the one shot of a lifetime. The founder of this mlphotographerbrisbane photography is all armed with the best and latest photo shooting tools that adjust the light in the most perfect settings while taking a shot. Before taking up any photography project, the customers are made to sit with the photographer and discuss the kind of creation they have in mind.

American Durafilm Co., Inc. Tubing Division Has a New Address — Moves Into Spacious, High-Performance Facility in North Carolina

LogoHolliston, MA-based industry leader in high-performance films, coating, and tubing, American Durafilm®, is pleased to announce that it has moved its Tubing Division to a state-of-the-art, 9,000-square-foot production facility in Moorseville, North Carolina. The new facility was recently renovated to support the company's strategic objectives to expand its product lines and capabilities, maintain excellent customer relationships, and create operational efficiencies to meet growing customer demands. American Durafilm® Tubing Division has long been serving the medical device industry along with the electrical and aerospace industries with its widest size range (both in diameter and thickness) of seamless polyimide tubing and coated wire products.

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and Author Jay St. Hilaire Releases His New Book "Stop Renting and Be a Homeowner Now!"

LogoJay St. Hilaire proudly announces the mega launch of his new book titled "Stop Renting and Be a Homeowner Now!" A renowned personality in real estate investing and training, Jay has closed numerous deals and mastered many effective real estate strategies in his illustrious career. His new book promises to be a great real estate resource that will reveal some of the most well-kept industry secrets. The book is presently up for sale in leading bookstores and online retailers including, Amazon Europe, CreateSpace Estores, CreateSpace Direct, and Jay's website

JUCE Energy Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of JUCE Matchbook

LogoAll users of modern day electronic devices have been through the experience of their device going dead at a crucial moment. In this situation, the only solution is to find a charging outlet and wait till your device or rechargeable battery packs are refueled. Unfortunately, many of the users do not have the time for this lengthy procedure. The Matchbook from JUCE Energy promises to solve this problem.

LEM Products Inc. Announces Attendance at 2015 NAAUD Annual Conference

LogoAs the dates are set for the annual North American Association of Utility Distributors conference, LEM Products Inc. is announcing their attendance at the event this April. From the company, Laynee Fierle and Tim O'Connor, Jr. will be present at the Lost Pines Resort in Lost Pines, Texas from April 21-23, 2015. As an NAAUD member, the representatives from LEM Products Inc. will learn the best practices associated with the latest developments surrounding the utility supply chain.

DecisionWise Announces Changes to Executive Team

LogoAssessment, employee engagement and employee experience firm, DecisionWise, LLC, announced today the addition of key positions, as well as changes to its leadership team in response to recent growth.

Magline Demonstrates Innovative Self-Stabilizing Truck at BevOps Fleet Summit Next Week

LogoMagline, Inc., manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, will provide demos of the new Self-Stabilizing hand truck at the BevOps/Fleet Summit 2015 from April 21-24, 2015. The show will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

May 1st Free House-Flipping Workshop in Fresno CA

LogoCalifornia Flipping Network will present a free "Lunch & Learn" for beginning investors and realtors on how to get started finding, fixing, and flipping houses. Featured speaker will be Lloyd Segal, author of "Flipping Houses" and named by the Wall Street Journal as "One of America's Big Flippers."

Global Wi-Fi Connected Devices Industry Forecasts to 2019

LogoDriven by the flourishing demand for smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things), global shipment volume of Wi-Fi (Wireless-Fidelity) connected devices reached around 2.27 billion units in 2014, up 18% year-on-year. In anticipation of continued strong demand in the future for PCs, smart handheld devices and broadband CPE (Customer Premise Equipment), a wide range of ICT brands and new internet service providers are poised to deepen deployment by connecting more devices to IoT with Wi-Fi technology. This report presents the data about Wi-Fi connected devices and examines the development of their major applications.

Global New Cars Market Worth $2,345.5bn by 2019

LogoGlobal New Cars industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market share, market size (value and volume 2009-13, and forecast to 2018). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market.

Sydney Trauma Insurance Experts New Free Comparison Tool Helps Consumers Save Money

The Australian insurance company helps to provide consumers with affordable insurance and understand how complicated finding low-cost insurance can be. With the large number of insurance companies on the market and the vast range of policies available, finding the right Trauma insurance at the right price can be time-consuming. However, with the new Trauma Insurance Comparison tool, consumers can find low-cost cover within minutes.

How to Stop Foreclosure Issues in California

Recently, the state of California adopted SB900, The Homeowner Bill of Rights, which is aimed at preventing foreclosures and helping homeowners understand their options. This "HOBR" outlines several options that homeowners have to prevent foreclosure, or put a halt to it. These include loan modification, suing mortgage lenders for violations, forbearance agreements, and even refinancing current loans. A foreclosure attorney helps borrowers understand their rights more clearly and can assist in the process. Here is a brief description of each preventive step borrowers can take to stop foreclosure in California.

Solid State Transformers Market: APAC Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoWith the increase in use of renewable energy and distributed energy sources, use of traditional transformers has increased the complexity of the electrical power grids. In order to overcome this complexity, there is need to adopt newer technologies to ensure better control and more reliable operation of the grid. Transformers are fundamental components of any power distribution system. However, this system does have certain drawbacks such as voltage drop under load, sensitivity to harmonics and performance degradation under system disruptions and overload. The need to cope with these disadvantages is gaining importance as supply of quality power is one of the major issues in today's scenario. A solid state transformers (SST)is considered a key enabler for power grids, as they provide better control over the system, with high load handling capacity as well as efficient bi-directional power flow.

Energy Storage Devices Market: ASEAN Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoRise in the energy demand and depleting fossil fuels is pushing the market towards non-conventional sources of energy. Energy demand is expected to increase by 70% between 2012 and 2035. The existing conventional sources of energy are depleting at a much faster rate than expected and their depletion is equally proving detrimental to the climate. Although renewable sources of energy will help in addressing all the environmental issues, this technology is still at its nascent stage and needs more investment in R&D to harness its full potential. This has led to the market inclination towards energy storage devices. These storage devices store energy to harness it in future. This balances the demand and supply gap for future purposes.

Digital Pathology Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoDigital pathology is the process of managing, analysing, interpreting and storing digital information. It is also known as virtual pathology or virtual microscopy. It is useful for automated biomedical laboratory testing and diagnosis. Digital solutions are used to convert glass slides into digital slides with a scanning device. A digital slide scan enables interpretation and analysis of digital pathology images. The necessity of digital pathology has arrived out of concern to save time, capital and lives. Digital pathology finds applications in areas such as oral pathology, forensic pathology, cancer care and veterinary pathology.

Logistics Outsourcing Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoLogistics outsourcing, most commonly known as third-party logistics is a process or operation of sub-contracting industrial functions like cross-docking, inventory keeping, warehousing and transportation to a third party or supply chain management provider. Third party logistics providers include raw material suppliers, distributors and other value-added service providers. These services are generally integrated and used together to provide end-user convenience. The decision for outsourcing logistics by a parent company is generally dependent on company size, complication of logistics and relative economic benefits of outsourcing.

Security and Surveillance Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoSecurity & surveillance equipment refers to items or devices used to observe behaviour and activities of people or individuals. The equipment is installed for security purposes, i.e. for safety of people and property. Theft and fraud at various locations cause a huge amount of loss to individuals, organizations and government; this equipment helps detect this loss and minimise such activities as much as possible.

Telecommunications Services Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoThe telecommunications services industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the business world. Telecommunications services are offered by telecommunications service providers for the purpose of sending and receiving messages through electronic devices. Services include phone internet access, email, text, television, radio and fax. Telecommunications services have a robust global market presence, with the mobile services segment comprising a large chunk. Telecommunications services have proved very beneficial for businesses as they facilitate effective communication with their customers and help establish a healthy relationship with them. Telecommunications services are also beneficial for the employees as they enable easy transmission of data and provide efficiency and flexibility. The smartphone, a key application of the rapidly growing mobile telecommunication, includes an extensive range of applications and functions. The various types of mobile services are the internet, networking for home, networking for business, phone, television, etc., of which the phone and internet are the fastest growing services. Some disadvantages associated with the telecommunications services market are security issues and equipment expenses among others.

Xanthates Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2014-2020

LogoXanthates are versatile intermediates in organic synthesis and are generally referred to as esters of xanthic acid. These are organosulfur compounds which are important in two areas, mining for the extraction of certain ores and manufacturing of cellophane and other cellulose related polymers, primarily in the packaging industry. They are also used in the processing of minerals as floatation agents and serve as intermediates in the Chugaev elimination process. They are also used for controlling radical polymerization under the RAFT (Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer) process. Some of the commercially available xanthates include sodium isobutyl xanthate, sodium isopropyl xanthate, potassium ethyl xanthate, and sodium ethyl xanthate.

2-Furoic Acid Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2014-2020

Logo2-Furoic acid is a carboxylic acid with aromatic ring and carboxylic group. It is categorized into specialty chemical. 2-furoic acid is generally used as a food preservative and flavoring agent. It is used in pasteurization and sterilization of food products. It acts as a fungicide and bactericide. In addition, it is also used in optic technologies, nylon preparation and as an intermediate in pharmaceutical industry.

Urinary Catheters Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Global Forecast to 2020

LogoUrology devices market is growing at a significant rate due to aging population, growing prevalence of urinary diseases and growing awareness about the availability of different types of urology devices. Urinary catheter refers to a urology device that is inserted into a patient's bladder to drain out urine. It is used in those cases where patients have lost their control over their urinary bladder. Urinary catheters are used in various medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, post prostate or genitals surgery, spina bifida, urinary incontinence and retention and others. A urinary catheter may be made up of silicone, polyurethane or latex. The global urinary catheters market has been driven by new innovations in urinary catheterization procedure, leading to better results. Global catheters market can be segmented into straight catheter, condom catheter, indwelling catheter (also known as Foley catheter), suprapubic catheter and 3-way catheter.

Global Non-Invasive Brain Trauma Monitoring Devices Market - Size, Share, Segments Analysis and Outlook to 2020

LogoNeurological devices industry is growing at a significant rate due to increase in the prevalence of neurological injuries and diseases. Neurological devices may be invasive in nature such as intracranial pressure monitors, which are used in serious cases. Non-invasive brain trauma monitoring devices refer to the devices that help to monitor neural and electrical activity and pressure enclosing the brain. In case of brain death, trauma brain injury, epilepsy and other such conditions, non-invasive brain trauma monitoring devices help to analyze the rate of flow of blood in arteries and veins in the brain. Non-invasive brain trauma monitoring devices market is growing at a significant rate due to increasing awareness and improvement in healthcare facilities. In addition, non-invasive brain trauma monitoring devices have made it possible for neurologists to measure brain health without being invasive. Non-invasive brain trauma monitoring devices help to get results fast and safely. In addition, they are easy to use and give accurate results.

HIV-AIDS Testing Market - Global Size, Share, Trends Analysis and Industry Forecast to 2020

LogoHIV-AIDS is a chronic disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV virus damages human immune system, which results weakness of immune system and loss ability to fight with organism that causes disease. HIV-AIDS most often spread through unprotected sex with HIV infected person. In addition, HIV-AIDS can also be spread from infected mother to child during pregnancy, infected blood and sharing needles with someone who has HIV-AIDS. Some of the symptoms of HIV include slight fever, swollen glands, muscle aches, headaches and fatigue. HIV-AIDS has no cure but there are treatments which help to reduce AIDS deaths. HIV-AIDS can be treated by nucleoside/ nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor, integrase inhibitor, HIV-1 protease inhibitor, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, pharmacokinetic enhancer and entry inhibitor. Some of the drugs for HIV -AIDS treatment include atripla, epzicom, prezista, truvada, kaletra, isentress, reyataz and viread. HIV testing and diagnostics include early detection, treatment swatching, On the basis of diagnosis HIV-AIDS market can be classified into HIV antibody assay, western blot, antigen-antibody immunoassay, HIV home-testing kit, rapid HIV antibody test, polymerase chain reaction test and HIV p24 antigen test.

Global Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technologies Market - Industry Research Report and Forecast to 2020

LogoPolymerase chain reaction is a medical device used in genetics, genetic engineering and molecular biology research. These are used to amplify single or copy of a piece of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Polymerase chain reaction technologies help in generating thousands to millions of copies of DNA sequencing. Polymerase chain reaction technologies are used in various fields such as biotechnology, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics. These are used for DNA sequencing and DNA cloning procedures in microbiology and molecular biology. In addition, polymerase chain reaction technologies are also used in forensics to identify criminals and child identity. Polymerase chain reaction technologies are also used in diagnosis of disease such as tuberculosis, AIDS, middle ear infections and lyme diseases. Polymerase chain reaction technologies identify and cultures microorganism which causes the diseases. Some of the polymerase chain reaction technologies products include consumables, reagents, software and services. Digital polymerase chain reaction, real time Q- polymerase chain reaction, standard polymerase chain reaction, assembly polymerase chain reaction, inverse polymerase chain reaction, multiplex polymerase chain reaction and hot start polymerase chain reaction are some of the key polymerase chain reaction technologies available in the market.