Press Releases From 08/02/2014 Until 09/01/2014

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Initial Hygiene Malaysia Taking a Step Towards Enhancing an Office Image with Premium Scenting

LogoOur nose is extremely powerful as it acts directly on the limbic system, which controls our emotions and memory. 75% of the emotions that we experienced daily are generated by our sense of smell, which make scent an influential element that triggers our behaviour and mood while creating unique memories. Studies have shown and proven the effectiveness of scent marketing in influencing customer’s behaviour. Besides establishing a stronger and longer-lasting emotional connection with the consumers, corporate organisations can leverage on scenting to boost their brand recognition, enhance the image of their offices and optimise employees’ job performance.

Professional Diploma in Management Offered Through Stafford in KSA and Lebanon

Career-oriented professionals in KSA and Lebanon can now enrol for a Professional Diploma in Management, a University of Leicester distance programme offered through Stafford. The programme enables students to learn concepts and their execution in the context of career development, preparing them to join a PG course later.

Solution of Converting Videos to Mac Supported Formats Gushes Out

LogoWinXDVD Software Inc. has addressed the question of what video formats and codecs supported by Mac OS or QuickTime player are. Meanwhile, the solution of converting various videos to MacBook, iMac, MacMini and Mac Pro supported formats gushes out.

HTML5 PDF to Flipbook Converter by PUB HTML5 Received Positive from Customers

LogoPUB HTML5, a publisher of online magazines released their HTML5 PDF to flipbook converter during 2013. Since then, the company has received extremely positive feedback surrounding the modern and user-friendly interface designed by the PUB HTML5 team. The versatility of the deliverable offered by the PDF to Flipbook Maker allows easy syndication of the final Flipbook. This allows companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and writers to easily showcase their work and products through the utilization of simple PDF files.

Market Trends Set to Increase on Sale of Road Bikes

The 21th century has witnessed a rise in people taking the road in their bicycle as an attempt to spread the awareness for global warming. The trend caught on like wild fire from city to city and from country to country. Bicycles have become a favorable mode of transportation to combat the current trend of global warming and fuel consumption.

Secret Profit Levels Custom Indicator Hits The Take Profit Target More Than 90% Of The Time!

LogoNext Generation Trading is giving away their Secret Profit Levels Custom Indicator for $7. After testing this custom indicator thoroughly on the demo account, traders can use this indicator on a live account. There is an automated version of this indicator is also available. This is a simple system with simple rules. This indictor works on any timeframe from 1 minute to the daily timeframe. Most of the time, this indicator does not gives false signals and has above 90% winrate. More than 90% of the time, this indicator hits the take profit level.

A-PDF Flip Book Maker - Easiest Software to Make Own Flip Books with PDF Files

LogoA-PDF Flip Book Maker is recently launched software whose main aim is to turn any group of PDF applications into an interesting flip eBook, whose pages of a book can be apparently flipped over like any other ordinary books. It is extremely easy to use, thus even any layman in computer software can do it, as user can create flipbooks in three steps. He/she just need to import his/her PDF files into this flip book software, select any of the stored themes and templates of this software and finally upload the ready flip book online to the required website or save it in the system of the user in other suitable formats like SWF/ZIP/EXE/CD.

Killarney Dental Provides a New Smile for Talia Bennett, Miss Universe NZ 2012

Talia Bennett, Miss Universe NZ 2012, realizes a person's smile is understood across the globe, even when individuals speak different languages, yet felt her smile wasn't all it needed to be before the competition. As a result, she opted to turn to cosmetic dentistry, opting for replacement of two existing veneers with composite veneers, along with other work. Within just one visit, the Killarney Dental Clinic gives Talia Bennett a New Smile , one which has helped her to achieve success in this field.

Ecole De Langue Canado-Americaine Du Mali Launches New School in Bamako

Ecole de langue canado-americaine du Mali is pleased to announce the launch of their new school and educational program designed to teach Mali residents the English language. The school was created as officials felt the locals would benefit from learning the new language. “Mali has gone through a lot lately from the military coup, the war in the North against terrorist groups, among other things, so this is a breath of fresh air and an excellent opportunity for Malian people,” stated Mahmoudou Sidibe Qadri, a representative of the school.

CMS2CMS Announces WordPress to Joomla! 3.x Plugin Available

Being an expert in CMS platforms conversion - CMS2CMS widens its range of provided services and presents a new WordPress to Joomla! 3.x Migration Extension. From now those WordPress users who wish to take their current WordPress web project a step forward with Joomla! 3.x have a great opportunity to have the job done automatically with no errors and gaps. Besides, the website owners are also provided with full-cycled support from CMS2CMS Support Team to cope with any issue during the whole migration process.

MH Diamond Drilling Offers Result-Oriented Diamond Drilling Service

MH Diamond Drilling, one of the leading concrete cutting and controlled demolition service providers across Europe, now offers specialized diamond drilling services to the construction and mining industry. This service comprises of using reliable and powerful Brokk machines to generate measured holes and slots from 6mm to a dimension of up to one meter through unfathomable depths. One of the advantages of this service to clients is that the machines employed by the company can easily and effectively cut through many types of dense materials like marble, asphalt, concrete etc.

CCNA Certification Helps Employees Get Higher Salary at Work

Today, the Information Technology has undeniably become the single most important industry in the world. In the past decade, this industry has created one of the largest numbers of job opportunities. People, looking to make a successful career in this sector can choose from a variety of certifications to enhance their career even more.

Mastercharter Croatia Announces the Addition of Morning Star to Its Charter Management Fleet

Mastercharter Croatia, which is a professional Croatian sailing charter company has recently acquired a new Gulet aptly named Morning Star. Made in 2008, this gulet has impressive speed, space and comfort to serve a total of fourteen people at one time. The Morning Star has a spacious salon, a large deck area with railing and a beautiful sun deck. The covered back area can be used as an open dining area or for barbecue. The gulet has a well equipped kitchen and a chef to go with it. This is to ensure the customers can have a chance to savor gourmet dishes without having to leave the gulet while at sea.

"JNET" Introduces World's First Purest Christian Social Networking Site for Christian Bands, Churches and Regular People Worldwide

“JNET” is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its unique Christian Social Networking site this fall, which has been created with an aim to inspire millions of people throughout the world. It is a common platform where individuals, Christian bands, and churches from different parts of the world can come together and revolutionize the Christian world.

Diet Doc Medical Weight Loss Programs Announces Gluten Free Diet Plans and Prescription Hormone Treatments for Fast Weight Loss

LogoBecause of the diseases and conditions linked to foods containing gluten, it is becoming more common for people to seek out gluten free diet plans that also generate fast weight loss. However, most patients find that following a gluten free diet can be time consuming, quite confusing and challenging. With this in mind, Diet Doc developed their gluten free diet plans and prescription hormone treatments for fast weight loss that take the guesswork out of meal planning while delivering the safest and most effective weight loss possible to patients nationwide.

Blog Shares Never-Before-Heard Facts About People, Animals and More

It is reported that individuals are given a higher rating when they know more facts. People who know facts that others usually do not know are automatically considered smarter and more learned even though they may be just the opposite. There is a tremendous race towards gathering facts especially among the educated and the learned. The problem is, not many have the time or the faculty to go through the trouble of gathering facts that not many know.

40 Years On: Photographer Gets Rare Access to the Airport That Time Forgot

A freelance photographer has recently entered the derelict Nicosia International Airport in North Cyprus, exactly 40 years after the last flight left.

Hook Your Ex System - Steve Pratt Launched His New Method for Getting Back with the Ex

Hook Your Ex System is a relationship guide created by Steve Pratt to help people get back their ex and have a fresh start. Steve Pratt shows people the right things to do from the moment they breakup to the time their ex returns. Breakups are heart wrenching and most people end up being overwhelmed by emotions of anger and regret, which most times leads to regretful actions. The good thing is that the majority of relationships can be salvaged eve after a breakup. What a person do immediately after the breakup will determine a great deal whether he get back with his ex or whether he ruin his chances completely.

CEL-SCI Achieves Milestone in July with Total of 232 Patients Enrolled to Date in Its Phase III Head and Neck Cancer Trial

CEL-SCI Corporation today announced that during the month of July the Company enrolled 14 patients with advanced primary, not yet treated, head and neck cancer into its global pivotal Phase III head and neck cancer trial for its investigational immunotherapy Multikine* (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection). A total of 47 patients were enrolled over the past three months, with 14 in May, 19 in June, and 14 in July. This marks a 15% increase over the prior three month period when a total of 41 patients were enrolled.

AlphaGraphics Franchise in Layton Receives Prestigious Global Award

LogoAlphaGraphics, Inc., a worldwide leader in marketing and print communications, announced today that it has awarded the AlphaGraphics Layton – Hill Field Road location a nationally and globally coveted “Center of Excellence” award. The franchise is one of six AlphaGraphics locations receiving this award across the global network.

Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp (USA) (NYSE:KOG) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Filed to Halt the Takeover by Whiting Petroleum Corporation

LogoAn investor, who currently holds shares of Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp (USA) (NYSE:KOG) filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. by Whiting Petroleum Corporation for a value of approximately $13.90 per share.

PDC Energy Inc (NASDAQ:PDCE) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Violations of Securities Laws

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of PDC Energy Inc (NASDAQ:PDCE) shares was announced concerning possible claims of breaches of fiduciary duty by certain members of the board of directors of the Company.

Parents Turn to the Whiteboard Store for Help to Teach Children at Home

In the UK over 50,000 children are being taught at home instead of going to a traditional school. The number of children who are being taken out of school to be educated at home is increasing by 80% each year. Many of those parents are turning to the Whiteboard Store ( for their advice on which whiteboards they should buy to help educate their children at home.

AlphaGraphics Franchise in Roseville Receives Two Prestigious Global Awards

LogoAlphaGraphics, Inc., a worldwide leader in marketing and print communications, announced today that it has awarded the AlphaGraphics Roseville location two nationally and globally coveted awards, the Best Operations award and a Center of Excellence award. The franchise is the only location receiving the Best Operations award and one of six AlphaGraphics locations receiving the Center of Excellence award across the global network.

Barney & Taylor's Latest Leather Range Set to Launch in August

Established leather brand Barney & Taylor have today announced the unveiling of their latest leather range, which will be available to customers worldwide in August 2014.