Press Releases From 03/29/2012 Until 06/30/2015

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Aligned Assets Release AddressBase Compatible Business Names Database

Aligned Assets, specialists in gazetteer and address management, have made a database of all UK businesses available to local authorities and the emergency services.

RealTime Publishing Author, Jan Evan Whitford, Releases a Suspense Novel Called Mystic Fear

RealTime Publishing Announces "Mystic Fear", the second in the Nikki O'Connor series of Novels from American Author Jan Evan Whitford.

Roofing Services Now Introduced in Richmond

When you are looking for the roofing installation and repairs you can simply go on with the Firminger roofing professionals. They can help with the roofing installation and can also repair the worn out ones.

New European Safety Barriers Standard (EN 1930:2011)

LogoA revised European standard EN 1930:2011 was published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in December 2011. It concerns the domestic indoor use of child safety barriers across door openings and replaces the current standard EN1930: 2000 and its amendment A1: 2005. European National Standard Organizations bound to CEN/CENELEC have to publish this new document until June 30, 2012. Drive Down Prices at Airport Car Parks With Eggclusive Easter Facebook Discount

LogoLeading travel add-ons provider, is currently offering customers a 10% discount when booking airport parking via its Facebook page.

Forklift Truck Training Now Introduced in Surrey

When you are looking for the forklift training you can simply contact the forklift truck hire east Sussex. They can train you every field of forklift truck operation and maintenance.

Tasting La Dolce Vita in Italy and Learning Italian

Like past years, even in 2012 it is possible to take part to the activities of La Dolce Vita - 50+, organized by the Leonardo da Vinci schools in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.

An Easter Feast at the Bentall Centre ... Free Fun and Entertainment for All the Family

To celebrate this Easter The Bentall Centre have oodles of fun and games on offer throughout the entire School Holidays starting Monday 2nd April ... did we mention that they’re FREE and run from 10.30am until 5pm everyday!

Order of the Day Quality and Innovation Optimized Use of Expensive Raw Materials

Even small amounts of expensive materials like vanilla can have a significant impact on raw material costs. French producer of "patisserie" products Le Ster decided to invest in an improved formulation system to get maximum material yield.

Take a Splendid London by Night Tour

There are so many areas of the capital which fairly vibrate with excitement and vibrancy. Delve into just a few of the city’s most intriguing areas and you will not regret the experience.

Sphinx Solutions on Sale of Chelmsford Police Station

It has been claimed that a redundant police station in Chelmsford could be put to good use in the community. Moulsham Lodge police station in Gloucester Avenue is likely to be sold off, in an attempt by the Essex Police to save money. We spoke to a source at Sphinx Solutions, a local sales and marketing company today. “In the current economic climate a lot of businesses are selling off property to cut costs,” said one staff member, “The police service, on one level, is a business like any other, and they’re making a smart move.”

eMarketing Egypt Calls for More Economic Utilization of Internet in Egypt and the Region

It's arguably proven that the internet played the most important role as a tool to enable Egyptians to achieve their historic revolution. The internet – more specifically online social networks – is increasingly representing the agent of change.

Morton Solutions on the Great Wealth Debate

Last week a rumour ran around the news networks, starting at CNN, which had people scratching their heads in disbelief. It seemed that, with a stock market value of $500 billion, Apple is the 20th biggest economy in the world, worth more than – for example – Poland, whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is around $470 billion.

The Global Crowdfunding Marketplace: Change Is Happening Worldwide!!

In the past decade the Internet in general, and more specifically social media, has served to shrink the world. Geographical, language and cultural barriers that once seemed impassable are now conquered with the tap of a button on a keyboard, as global classrooms put Portuguese and Japanese students in the same virtual room and an African warlord’s crimes become an international scandal overnight.

Canadian Businesses Borrow 7% Less Since Onset of Financial Crisis

The value of loans to businesses in Canada has contracted by 7% since the onset of the financial crisis, the third fastest decline among the G8 according to UHY, the international accounting and consultancy network.

Discover Chiropractic Is Hosting Educational Events on Toxicity Throughout the Month of April

Remove toxic interference from your life by using the 5 essentials of real health from Maximized Living. Join Dr. Osborne on April 21st for the “Maximized Living Makeover on Toxicity”, located at Neighborhood Church, 1290 Pomeroy Ave. Santa Clara from 10am-1pm. Toxicity is a major, unseen influence in the widespread pandemic of disease in North America. With Maximized Living’s 5 Essentials, learn how you can take action to build your health and create a safe environment for you and your family.

California Real Estate Agency Releases Powerful Information to Help Luxury Real Estate Customers Find the Best Deal

Although the recent economic recession pummeled California Real Estate, it also created a new opportunity: bargain deals on luxury homes in Los Angeles. Sunset Strip Realty is pleased to announce its aid for those searching for a reliable, trustworthy luxury home specialist. Of course, luxury real estate often attracts a host of unscrupulous real estate agents, many of whom are eager to make a fast buck. This is especially true in larger markets such as Los Angeles.

Charter Chapters Now Forming for Strong Men Overcoming Obstacles Through Hard-work

The 2010 and 2011 best male organization of the year, Strong Men Overcoming Through Hard-work is now accepting applications for charter membership. SMOOTH is a male mentoring and enrichment organization founded on the campus of Morgan State University. The charter chapters will showcase the need and importance of providing male students with a sense of structure and stability as they transition into campus life. The overall goal is to make an impact that will carry over into all aspects of life, and provide the necessary foundation needed to lead successful and rewarding careers.

EzPaycheck Payroll Software Updates Provide Options for Unique Tax Requirements

LogoPayroll tax software developer released the latest updates to ezPaycheck recently, including the new custom tax withholding feature. EzPaycheck has always calculated state and federal income taxes automatically to speed up paycheck processing for small businesses. The latest updates include a feature that allows for tax deductions unique to the state or local area, for example CASDI for California users.

One of the Worse Civil Rights Violations in America Is Still Misunderstood

Did you know that one of the worse civil rights violations in America is still misunderstood, overlooked, and undervalued? Seventy years later, books about American concentration camps continue to be taboo; especially in the fiction sector. Now one could argue that Snow Falling Over Cedars, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, When the Emperor was Divine, and Thin Wood Walls have cracked that taboo. To some extent, yes. Even though Cedars and Hotel interpretations face the issues of racism and the harsh reality of the imprisonment camps, but they are not told solely in the experiences of the Japanese-American community. And although Emperor and Walls do shed light on the historical experiences, however they don’t dig down into the emotional depth of enduring the hardships. The novels do contend with broken-down families, but do not explore the rampant distrust and prejudices within the Nikkon community, nor the sporadic violence and derogatory language that erupted during the internment years.

Oldcastle Precast Helps Construct Green Affordable Housing for Families in Need

Oldcastle Precast provided structural precast concrete building components for the new development at Forest Houses in New York. It is part of the largest municipal housing plan in the nation

California Refinancing Expert Explains New Home Affordable Refinance Program

Help has finally arrived for California home owners whose property values have dropped over the past couple of years. In order to lower costs of mortgage installments today and get a good fixed rate plan underway for repayment, many people are turning to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP or HARP 2.0), also known as the Making Home Affordable Program.

Maryland Refinancing Expert Explains HARP - the Home Affordable Refinance Program

Help has finally arrived for Maryland home owners whose property values have dropped over the past couple of years. In order to lower costs of mortgage payments and get a good fixed rate plan underway for repayment, many people are turning to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP or HARP 2.0), also known as the Making Home Affordable Program.

Franchises Making a Comeback

Champion Media Worldwide today announced that franchising is a key element to rebuilding our economy. According to Pricewaterhouse franchised small businesses generated more jobs between 2001 and 2005 than several of the nation's major economic sectors. The economic impact of franchising goes beyond activities inside franchised businesses, because their purchases of products and services and the personal purchases of their owners and workers contribute to the growth of non franchised businesses.

Technology in the Classroom

In the field of technology, the word disruptive is used for a technology or innovation that brings about a radical change in the way a sector functions by introducing efficiency, affordability and convenience. The technology revolution in the business sector is represented by the extensive use of smarter phones or web conferencing in American offices. However, the impact of disruptive technology on the education sector is much higher. A wave of smart classes and e-learning has transformed the way education is delivered and pursued, today.