Press Releases From 07/01/2012 Until 07/01/2012

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Yellowfin 6.1 Connectivity to SAP HANA for Big Data Analytics (Part Two)

The ability for companies to capitalize on their information assets remains one of the highest priorities for organizations. Yet, delivering on that aim poses many challenges especially when the organisation has very large datasets.

1100AD Free Massive Multiplayer Online Medieval Strategy Game Launches Open Beta Server Koryo

AmberGames, the makers of the free browser-based MMO game 1100AD are pleased to announce the launch of the open beta of the new server Koryo. 1100AD is a free massive multiplayer online medieval strategy game where players control land, build cities, conquer others and defend their subjects with full tactical control over troops using real-time strategy in combat. The Koryo purely Asian server is a PvE server with many PvP elements that are very different from its predecessors. Some of the unique features include a political map with regions, strongholds and the historical cities, a reputation system and much more.

Singapore Money Lender JR Star Credit Launches New Website for Singapore Loan Seekers

JR Star Credit is pleased to announce the launch of their new website that is geared to providing more detailed information for loan seekers in Singapore while making the process even more simple and transparent. The industry leading Singapore money lender provides a wide array of loans in Singapore to help alleviate financial tension.

Health Website Examines Effectiveness of Natural Hair Loss Treatment, Provillus

Statistics show that no less than 100 million individuals around the globe are going bald. The condition called alopecia or hair loss is even more prevalent in the United States, with some 35% of African American males and females across all ages are experiencing hair loss on a daily basis, with their number of falling hair increasing.