Press Releases From 06/01/2019 Until 06/30/2019

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30% off Plant Supports Now at Green Spirit Hydroponics

Green Spirit Hydroponics is an online hydroponics and horticultural store, passionate about growing and everything related. The company always strive to offer the widest section of hydroponics and growing products, and also ensure that they are offering as many of their products at the industry's most competitive prices. A great example of this is that the company are now offering 30% off all of their plant supports.

APAC Software-Defined Wide Area Network Market to See 61% CAGR over 2019-2025: Cisco, Citrix, CloudGenix, Ecessa, Oracle and 10 Other Companies Profiled

LogoSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network Market in Asia Pacific will show the fastest growth rate over the forecast timeline. The market growth is driven by the growing adoption of cloud-based infrastructure by enterprises to achieve agility and improve application performance. The enterprises are adopting solutions to improve their network performance and reduce the complexity associated with the existing WAN infrastructure. Another factor accelerating market growth in the region is the adoption of network virtualization technologies to reduce the operational costs and enhance the automation of networks.

Automation Testing Market: What Will Be the Future Growth Opportunities?: CA Technologies, Capgemini, Microsoft, Accenture, and 10 Other Companies Profiled

LogoAutomation Testing Market demand is driven by increasing digitalization across companies is among the major factors augmenting. As companies are moving from the traditional business models to digital channels, the need to authenticate integrity and authorize their business processes also arises. To address this challenge, organizations are looking for more dynamic ways to test their processes and systems. Moreover, as the competition among market players is increasing and the information is freely available for the users, customers are becoming more empowered. They can choose from a wide array of options. This encourages companies to deploy advanced testing tools to increase the response time and provide a better experience to their customers.

North America Automated Infrastructure Management Solutions Market Is Projected to Grow at an Exponential Rate over 2018 to 2024

LogoNorth America automated infrastructure management solutions market is expected to grow at a substantial rate over the coming years owing to the rapid industrialization and urbanization in the region. The U.S. and Canada are experiencing high demand of such solutions with the growing presence of IT companies and their expanding business operations. IT companies are adopting advanced technologies for reducing the effort and time in the processes, which encourages them to install automated solutions in their infrastructure facilities. Moreover, rising demand of better infrastructure facilities for managing and processing the industrial data is expected to drive AIM solutions market. Growing adoption of modular data centers in small & medium enterprises is providing several opportunities to the industry growth.

E-SIM Market to Procure Hefty Returns from Consumer Electronics Industry over 2019 to 2025

LogoGlobal Market Insights recently added a detailed e-SIM Market research study across the global, regional and country level. The report provides 360° analysis from view of manufacturers, regions, product types and end industries. The research report analyses and provides the historical data along with current performance of the global market and estimates the future trend of the industry based on this detailed study.

What Is the Automotive Sealants Market Worth? Major Leading Players Are H.B. Fuller, PPG Industries, Dow, DuPont, 3M, Henkel

LogoGlobal Automotive Sealants Market analysis mainly introduces the changing market dynamics in terms of covering all details inside analysis and opinion, volume and value market share by players, by regions, by product type, by consumers and their price change details, cost/revenue structure. Additionally, the analysis offers a detailed breakdown of key market growth drivers and limitation along with impact analysis of the same.

What's Trending in the Automotive Wheel Market? Steel Strips Wheels, Wheel Pros, BORBET GRUPPE, RONAL GROUP, Arconic, Trelleborg Group, Jantsa Wheel Industry

LogoAutomotive wheel market for Regular wheel segment is expected to register over 2% CAGR in terms of revenue up to 2024. Continuous demand for economical commercial and passenger vehicles is propelling the segment growth. OEMs dominated the overall end-use segment and generated over USD 65 billion revenue in 2018. Increasing automobile sales due to rising consumer affordability in developing nations have promulgated the demand in this segment. Also, rising commercial transportation sector due to globalization has also resulted in higher sale of commercial vehicles.

All New Sites to Be Indexed Using Google's Mobile-First Indexing: RS Digital Marketing Comments

Mobile-first indexing is just around the corner– What does this mean?

Geothermal Heat Pump Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application Forecast to 2024

LogoAccording to this study, over the next five years the Geothermal Heat Pump market will register a 10.6% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 6020 million by 2024, from US$ 3640 million in 2019. In particular, this report presents the global market share (sales and revenue) of key companies in Geothermal Heat Pump business.

Industrial Safety Footwear Market Size, Analysis, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts to 2024

LogoIndustrial safety footwear is personal protective equipment for foot protection at work arena. It prevents from getting foot injuries due to chemicals or even bad weather, sharp object edges, hot objects, wet slippery surface, heavy objects falling, falling rolling objects, pinch points, rotary machinery etc.

Global Cell-Based Assays Market Is Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 8.0% to Reach 20.053 Billion by 2025; Finds New Report

LogoCell-based assays refer to use of live cells in experiments, to analyze or understand various accepts of response by organism against an external therapeutic or toxic agent. The demand for cost-effective and relevant research tool in drug discovery, development and manufacturing, toxicity testing, ecotoxicology, biosafety and biocompatibility of cosmetics and chemicals is increasing interest in cell-based assays.

Global Agricultural Films Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 10.6% and Will Reach USD 16.9 Billion in 2024, from USD 9.23 Billion in 2019

LogoAgricultural Films market is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 10.6% over the next five years, will reach 16.9 Billion USD in 2024, from 9.23 Billion USD in 2019.

Global Carbon Graphite Brush Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 2.1% and Will Reach USD 2.39 Billion in 2024, from USD 2.12 Billion in 2019

LogoGlobal Carbon Graphite Brush market is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 2.1% over the next five years, will reach 2.39 Billion USD in 2024, from 2.12 Billion USD in 2019.

Global Corrugated Tube Market Is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 4.2% and Will Reach USD 3.39 Billion in 2024, from USD 2.66 Billion in 2019

LogoGlobal Corrugated Tube market is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 4.2% over the next five years, will reach 3.39 Billion USD in 2024, from 2.66 Billion USD in 2019.

Global Elevator Industry Will Grow at a CAGR 9%, and Reach USD 126.6 Billion in 2025 from USD 69.3 Billion in 2018

LogoIn 2014, the global elevator market size reached about 57.1 billion dollars, with the growth of demand, the global elevator market size reached about 69.3 billion dollars in 2018. The global elevator industry will maintain at a speed of 9%, in the future, the global elevator industry will reach 126.6 billion dollars in 2025.

London Stone Impress Once Again at RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2019

London Stone, one of the UK's favourite natural stone suppliers, offering all of their fantastic stones online and from multiple showrooms, really are passionate about natural stone, making it their job to display their wonderful stones at events and meet-ups across the country. This is why it did not come as a surprise to many when London Stone recently impressed all at RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2019.

Tracheostomy Tray Market Showcases Positive Demand for Major Product Categories During Forecast Period 2018 to 2028

LogoTracheostomy trays are specially designed trays, inclusive of all the essential wound dressing components for the management and treatment of tracheostomized patients. A tracheostomy tray comprises an inner cannula which is disposable. Tracheostomy trays are ready to use as they are sterilized at the time of packing only. Tracheostomy Tray Market consist of nitrile gloves, trach brush, drape, twill tape roll, cotton tip applicators, pipe cleaners, gauze sponges, removable basin, retractor, dilator, scalpel knife- handle for surgical blade, artery forceps, scissors, needle holder, blunt hook retractor, dressing forceps, etc. Tracheostomy trays offer great convenience and rapid access to wound care items, as tracheostomy is also performed in case of an emergency and trauma. Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure which involves creating a hole through a patient's trachea (windpipe). The tracheostomy procedure allows the passage of air when the common breathing pathway is obstructed or damaged. A tracheostomy is frequently performed when there is obstruction in the upper airways of the respiratory tract, impaired respiratory function, or cleaning secretions from the upper respiratory airway. The most common conditions that require emergency tracheostomy include upper airway obstruction after accidents, gastrointestinal bleeding, inhalation of smoke at fire incidences, etc.

Micro-Bypass Systems Market Global Trends Motivating Revenue Boost Across Prime Geographies During 2018 to 2028

LogoIncreased healthcare spending coupled with the growing population with glaucoma, and patients undergoing cataract surgery are anticipated to be the major driving factors for the micro-bypass systems market over the forecast period. The growing number of people suffering from glaucoma is indirectly anticipated to propel the demand for the micro-bypass market. Besides, increasing number of people to opt out rom glasses use is also anticipated to drive the market for micro-bypass system. Increasing clinical trials in the United States using micro-bypass system implants in treating various eye defects, and recently food and drug administration (FDA) for approved one of kind micro-bypass systems implant for the U.S. market is anticipated to be the major driving factor for the Micro-bypass Systems Market over the forecast period. However, the high costs associated with micro-bypass system implant procedures and limited choice of products are restraining the growth of the global micro-bypass systems market.

Implantable Port Devices Market Leading Manufacturers Expected to Motivate Growth During 2018-2028

LogoImplantable port devices have common application in various treatments such as cancer chemotherapy, chronic illness, parenteral nutrition, pain management etc. among others. Hence, increasing prevalence of these diseases is anticipated to bolster the growth of the implantable port devices market. According to the American cancer society, the cancer survivor population is projected to increase to 30 Mn by 2026. Moreover, growing prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and diabetes is another factor driving the demand for implantable port devices across the globe. The lower chances of infections in implantable ports and rapid new product development in Implantable Port Devices Market is anticipated to show higher growth rates. Nevertheless, availability of substitute products and the adverse effect associated with implantable port devices such as blocked lines and blood clots in port are the major factors restraining the growth of the global implantable port devices market.

Global Cocoa Market Is Grow at a CAGR of 2.0% and Expected to Reach USD 15.98 Billion by 2025 from USD 13.89 Billion in 2018

LogoA cocoa processing plant transforms cocoa beans into three main components: cocoa liquor and cocoa butter and cocoa powder. These components can be used to make different products. Cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, and cocoa powder are some of the major ingredients used to manufacture chocolates. The favorable characteristics of cocoa butter (melting point and contraction) provide a melt-in-the mouth sensation and easy removal of chocolates from the molds.

Global DMARC Software Market Is Grow at a CAGR of 53.5% and Expected to Reach USD 661.5 Million by 2025 from USD 33 Million in 2018

LogoDMARC software is a kind of software that it can assess your company's current security measures in relation to standards such as DMARC protocol and helps the management of company and IT teams understand the importance of DMARC enforcement. Meanwhile it also adopts other security measures to protect company and their clients from cyber threat.

Global Hopper Dryers Market Is Grow at a CAGR of 4.8% and Expected to Reach USD 145.9 Million by 2025 from USD 105 Million in 2018

LogoThe hopper dryer is the most efficient and economical model for drying plastic materials. It can dry, package, transport or recycle wet materials.

Global Luxury Safari Tourism Market Is Grow at a CAGR of 8.0% and Expected to Reach USD 1.97 Billion by 2025 from USD 1.15 Billion in 2018

LogoFor this report, we undertook primary and secondary research in association with Tourism Economics, Amadeus Travel Intelligence, Connections Events, The Telegraph and various industry experts. Approaches include: analysing tourism Economics estimations of the number of outbound luxury trips from each region between 2014 and the present (using an arrival definition), and projected growth patterns until 2025. To compare the growth in overall travel with the growth in luxury travel, luxury traveller were defined as those with an annual household income of more than $350,000, and bookings arrivals order costs more than $3000 per person made by these traveller were deemed as luxury trips. Luxury travel today is defined less by thread count and Michelin stars and more by access to the people, places and experiences that represent all that is authentic about a destination.

Global Fiber Optic Sensors Market Forecast and Analysis 2018-2028; New Report Launched

LogoContinuous- and Quasi-Distributed fiber optics sensor systems are forecast to reach $8.47 Billion in 2028… and Point (Local) fiber optic sensors are forecast to reach $1.7 Billion in 2028.

Myrrh Gum Market Portrays High-End Demand Across Major Geographies During 2018-2026

LogoThe global myrrh gum market is anticipated to gain a significant market share in pharmaceuticals industry over the forecast period, and the Global Myrrh Gum Market is expected to register a single-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2018 to 2028. The market across the globe has grown considerably owing to the rising demand for beauty and personal care products, which is expected to increase the manufacturing and sales of myrrh gum globally. The global myrrh gum market in developed economies such as the U.S., Germany, UK and France are expected to be driven by various growth factors such as the presence of key prominent manufacturers and highly classified manufacturing facilities. However, the myrrh gum market is expected to exhibit robust growth in developing countries, such as China, India, Mexico, and the Middle East & African countries.