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Triple a Beats Supports Aspiring Artists, Offers Hip Hop Beats on Affordable Prices

LogoNot everyone can have a support team like Kanye and Pharell, but aspiring artists need not worry – Triple A Beats stores a collection of the best hip hop beats and offer them on a very affordable price. Triple A Beats understands that there are a lot of aspiring artists out there, they can be found on social media sites, video and audio streaming sites and perhaps on local bars and restos doing some gigs.

PAL Holdings, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Camping and Hiking Products

LogoPatricia Laughman is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.BackpacksAndHiking.com. The website carries a wide variety of camping and hiking products including walking sticks, backpacking backpacks, tents, binoculars, and camping cookware. Laughman was inspired to start her website by her own love of hiking and the outdoors. She wants to use her website to share her own knowledge about hiking and camping with her customers and help them find the gear that they will need for their own outdoor experiences.

Expert Waters ECN Connects Fishing Enthusiasts to Expert Anglers

LogoExpert Waters ECN (http://www.expertwaters.com), an Expert Calling Network or “ECN” of expert Anglers, opened to the public today. Expert Waters ECN brings together some of the best locally and nationally recognized professional anglers to share their knowledge and expertise via paid telephone calls.

567 Framing Outlines the Guide on Choosing the Right Paper for Fine Art Printing

LogoIf one is into digital or fine art printing, whether as a hobby or having the work done by a professional fine art printing service, the selection of paper to accomplish the task is important. Today, there’s a vast array of papers available and are suitable for fine art printing. The more the choices to choose from, the harder the task of choosing the appropriate paper gets. To help the public and photography enthusiasts 567 Framing – one of the leading fine art printing service s in NYC outlines the guide on choosing the right paper for fine art printing.

Kids Cool Wheels Releases New Guide to Buying Electric-Powered Scooters

Kids Cool Wheels, an Internet site focusing on scooters, dirt bikes, and other forms of transportation, announced the release of a new buying guide for electric scooters. The new feature takes in-depth looks at the best and most popular scooters of this kind, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each before declaring winners in three separate categories. Kids Cool Wheels is one of the most important resources available for those interested in electric and other scooters, as the company's reviews and guides are some of the most extensive and reliable anywhere.

Grind Distribution Named the Exclusive Distributor in North America for Snoop Dogg Rolling Papers

LogoGrind Distribution is happy to announce they are the exclusive distributor of Snoop Dogg Rolling Papers in North America. The full line of products, ranging from rolling papers to pre-rolled cones, are available at http://www.grinddistribution.com and http://www.snoopdoggrollingpaper.com.

567 Global Presents 2014 World's Chief Retrospectives, Stimulating Theme Shows, and Stunning Art-Selfie Destinations

LogoHow do we define art in the era of a revolution? While popular artists like Carrie Mae Weems, Hopper, and Magritte travel around the world to showcase their masterpieces, there is but a growing number of modern and contemporary art museums flaring up with the concept of early modernism. Filled with awe and brimming with creativity, 567 Global Custom Framing, New York City’s pride in the field of custom framing and fine art printing, not to mention their well-assistance to both popular and aspiring artists, unravels the world and presents to us 2014’s key retrospectives, stimulating theme shows, and stunning art-selfie destinations in the world.

Shisha Pens Direct Launch Website Offering the Best in Shisha Pen and E-Cigarette Technology and Accessories

Shisha is something that's beloved my many people, but the truth is done in the traditional manner, there's significant health risks. But what if there were a way to smoke shisha without having to consumer potentially harmful toxins? Now there is, and the new company Shisha Pens Direct is leading the way with their recently launched website. Shisha pens are electronic devices that allow special e-liquids to be used that replicate the best of shisha in taste and effects, but without the health concerns. The response to the new site has been extremely positive.

Predictions Show Ecigs Set to Outnumber the Sale of Tobacco Cigarettes

Smoking has singlehandedly taken over millions of lives over the past century. Till today, it remains one of the deadliest addictions in the world besides alcohol. However, one of the most alarming effects of smoking is the danger that passive smokers are put to. Scientifically, it is said that passive smokers suffer the most.

Discosource Professional DJs Outlines the Risks in Hiring an Amateur DJ

LogoIf one wishes to have a DJ hire Melbourne for that momentous day. Not so fast on going with the amateurs, Discosource Professional DJs outlines the risks in doing so.

Hop N Party Announces Booking Availability for Bounce House and Other Rentals

Modern children's parties are far different than they used to be. Boring games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey have gone by the wayside, replaced by options that do their best to replicate the experience of being at a fair or carnival. These options are provided by companies like Hop N Party, which today announced the availability of bookings for its bounce houses, advanced water slides, and other party equipment. Such equipment was once only available at commercial venues, but is now easy to get for private events thanks to Hop N Party Bounce House Rentals Austin TX.

3 Reasons Why the E-Cigarette Industry Needs Pharmaceutical E-Liquids Produced in the United States- Right Now

LogoExperts criticize the electronic cigarette brands for glamorizing e-cigarettes and question what ingredients are contained in e-liquids, or e-juice, as some people call it. In this article, we will discuss the e-liquids. The e-liquid, they say, is a mystery. Is it justified or fair? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, the industry needs a credible source for producing and then documenting what is in their e-liquids. Enter Bloog Viquid.

Kava Kalm Launches with Trial Offer on the New Unique Vaping E-Liquid

Kava is a naturally occurring plant throughout Polynesia and the Hawaiian islands and has been used as an anesthetic and sedative for centuries in traditional medicine. The plants roots are dried, ground and smoked to enjoy a sense of profound calm. Those who want the benefits of Kava without the drawbacks of smoking can now get Kava Kalm, a new brand of e-liquid using Kava and 100% natural herbs to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience, and the Kava Kalm website is offering an introductory offer for a limited time only.

Discosource Professional DJs Unveils the Reasons Why Their DJs Are the Best in the World of Music

Logo“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” - Victor Hugo

Denver Recreational Marine Spotlights End of Summer Sales and Ranger Aluminum Boats

According to Denver Recreational Marine, the end of summer is one of the best times of year to buy a boat, and the boat and marine engine manufacturers know this. This year, for instance, the extended Evinrude warranty makes buying a Ranger Cypress Cay boat powered by Evinrude a better choice than ever.

New and Affordable E-Cigarettes - KM Series Now Available at Ekmizer.com

Recently, EKMIZER (http://www.ekmizer.com/) has updated its website by releasing a new series of electronic cigarettes, and decided a special promotion on these new items.

The 20th Yiwu International Commodity Fair Commences

Started off in 1995, China's grand Yiwu Commodity Fair is all set to unfold for the 20th time. It will take place at International Expo Centre starting from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 pm. Over the years, it has been hosted by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, People's Government of Zhejiang Province and many other prestigious authorities also participate in the international event. The world class china trade fair features standard services in terms of security and other modern facilities for guest convenience. It is known to bring together people from 200 nations and over 200,000 purchasers also come to buy their choice of products. The Ministry of Commerce sponsored fair has received awards such as Best Outcome Exhibition and Top Ten Exhibitions of China. The fair in China has been approved by the UFI.

Headed West Now Offers High Quality Blown Glass Pipes at Most Competitive Prices

LogoA smoker’s delight, Headed West now offers high-quality blown glass pipes at the most competitive prices. They also have a vast collection of pipes and smoking accessories that include Acrylic Waterpipes, Butane Lighters, Bic Lighters, Ceramic Pipes, Chillums, and many more. With an aim to meet every demand of their customers, they are offering many products at discounted prices.

Consumers Award G8LED Indoor Grow Lights with High Praise

G8LED the popular distributor of LED grow lights that was featured in the September 2014 issue of High Time magazine for outstanding products and customer service, has received high praise from one of its new customers.

SMOKEFREE Offering Unmatched Quality of E Cigarettes in India at Most Competitive Prices

Serving customers without fail, SMOKEFREE offers unmatched quality of SMOKEFREE's E Cigarettes in India at the most competitive prices. The company believes in providing top-notch customer service and aims to bring a change in the society by replacing traditional cigarettes over electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes work on a rechargeable lithium battery and the devices consist of an atomizer that can change the liquid quantity in the filter. In addition to this, it gives customers a complete way to satisfy the need of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Video Game Tester Jobs Online Get Hired Today

Individuals these days can be seen to be facing many issues when it comes to the important matter of getting a job. Mostly, highly skilled people are given the best ones and people who do not have fancy and expensive college degrees end up not getting paid as much as they want. An exclusive solution has now been created for the convenience of all such people by videogametesterjobsonline.com. The site reveals that now getting paid after playing the latest video games can earn people a lot of money in a short period of time.

The eCig Expert Publishes Best of 2014 Guide Written by Resident Expert John Edwards

E Cigarettes are growing in popularity every day, offering a high tech solution to the many problems associated with traditional combustible smoking. E Cigarettes can be smoked indoors, and use a liquid, water vapor based solution which has nowhere near the levels of tar or other pollutants common in normal cigarettes. With such popularity, there is no surprise brands are clawing to create the best product to dominate the market share. The eCig Expert has now published its list of the best brands of 2014.

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Expands Rental Line to Accommodate After Prom Parties

Proms are a right of passage in high schools all across the Indianapolis area, with parties before and after the big event. In an effort to combat underage drinking, a number of parents are planning safe events with events to occupy teens until the wee hours of the morning. In the style of lock-ins, one parent will have all the teens to their home and feature bouncy fun houses, mechanical bulls, big screen movies and concessions.

Tennessee Smoke Free Association Joins Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association

The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), the largest trade group dedicated to advocacy, awareness and education in the vapor products industry, today announced The Tennessee Smoke Free Association (TSFA) has become a member.

Kingston Park Raceway Now Offers Fun Filled Bucks Night

Kingston Park Raceway, the ultimate fun destination now offers bucks night in Brisbane which is intended for the ultimate fun and an event to remember. With them, one can get only a rocking party, but there are other ways also to entertain also. They offer state-of-the-art Schumacher Race karts where drivers race on the 1100 metre Le Mans Track and enjoy extreme karting. This race track is equipped with high end electronic timing technology. Not only this, but they also organize other game and have amazing rides which are a sure way to entertain guests. They also have excellent catering for people in the form of Pit shop Cafe where guests can have refreshment and fine meals. In addition to this, Kingston Park Raceway also offers attractive packages which are for corporate team building in Gold Coast.