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Fishing Conditions Rated Fair to Good on the Lake

Bass fishing at Clear Lake is appraised from fair to good. As per the report of most fishermen that they are catching 5 to 8 after a day's effort. A ton of small bass is now starting to show up. Near the spawning areas these 2-pounders are men staging. The bigger females ought to begin moving into the shoals by the weekend.

Cushy Clothing Can Let Women Hunters to Enjoy Hunting Comfortably

According to recent research, there has been a significant increase in the number of female hunters and anglers. During the entire hunting season of 2009-10, the request for hunting licenses was around 67,165, which got raised to 90,778 for the first half of the 2014-15 hunting season and is still increasing. Seeing the increasing craze of hunting and other outdoor activities among the women and girls, Safford Sporting Goods have introduced the new collection of hunting attire in their store that is the most ergonomic, effective, cushy and comfortable clothing yet.

Airwheel Self-Balancing Unicycle Heads to CONSTRUMA

Airwheel has become extremely popular all over the world for being one of the most innovative, eco-friendly and an extremely intelligent transport models. Airwheel currently offers three product lines such as the X Series, Q Series and the S Series. Each of these series is designed by incorporating cutting-edge technology with special emphasis on exterior design and passenger safety. The company has been making tremendous efforts to protect the environment and to support the present global trend which is Low Carbon. And as part of these efforts, Airwheel introduced the lithium battery core for the purpose of eradicating emission.

Airwheelelectric's S3 Made Headlines at the Highly Anticipated Expoactiva Nacional Exhibition in Uruguay

The Expoactiva Nacional exhibition which was held in Montevideo, Uruguay was the talk of the town featuring the most popular Airwheelelectric scooter 'S3'. The exhibition which brought to visitor's notice several of this year's innovations was most referred to for the splendid display of this self balancing scooter.

Airwheelelectric Scooters Make Their Star Appearance at the Budapest Motor Kiallitas Exhibition

The most awaited Budapest Motor Kiallitas exhibition which is going to last from 20th March to 22nd March features the Airwheelelectric scooters, which have gained widespread popularity as a unique invention in the personal motor transport category.

ECigaretteReviews.com Undertakes Huge Redesign to Repurpose Site for the Future of Vaping

Electronic cigarettes were a conversion of pre-existing vaporization technology that was previously unwieldy and table-bound. It was designed to be a means by which to help people stop smoking. However, it had several advantages, not least that it could circumvent the smoking ban and be used indoors and in public. Since then the product has diversified immensely, and is more of an alternative to smoking than a quitting aid. ECigaretteReviews.com has just updated its website to reflect this significant change in perceptions.

Pro-Line Trailers Welcomes NASCAR Fans for STP 500

The 2015 STP® 500 is just under a week away and local area businesses are gearing up for the influx of race fans. Pro-Line Trailers, a top seller of new and used trailers on the East Coast, is nestled away in Boones Mill, VA readying its headquarters to welcome NASCAR fans.

Spring Turkey-Hunting Season Forecast 'Fair'

Spring is just next door and with spring, turkey season is also beginning on 1st April, 2015. On private lands in almost 34 counties that mark up as Game Zones are 1 to 5 and for all WMA (Wildlife Management Areas) statewide where hunters can experience the hunting of turkey in some area where hunting is allowed. The season of outdoor games will be started from March 15 on some of the private land.

Archery Season Continues for Alabama Hunters

Just because the archery season is over, doesn't mean it's time to put down the bows! Archery season in Alabama usually begins from Oct 15 and continues till Jan 31, but the people keep practicing it the entire year. Archery season is all about fun, fun and fun! Archery is indeed an entertaining and unique game which assists people to develop spiritually. Either being a professional, or an outdoor lover, everyone enjoys this game. Getting the archery supplies from a reliable provider can enhance the experience of archers to a greater extent.

Safford Sporting Goods Announces New Addition in the Stock for Outdoor Hunting Fans

Safford Sporting Goods, one of the leading providers of hunting gear, archery supplies, outdoor gear, and more have recently announced the latest addition to their collections. This online sporting goods store supplies everything right from the top quality outdoor gear to the clothing & footwear, all under a single roof. They are efficient enough to set sport enthusiast up for the success on their next quest outdoors.

Latest Reports: Number of Women Hunters Is on the Rise

Hunting is typically a male sport, but has turned into an activity for both men and women in recent years. According to the reports of Safford Sporting Goods, one of the major online retailers of hunting gear and sporting goods in Alabama, there is a 20% increase in the sale of hunting gear which was made by female buyers in the past couple of years. As a matter of fact, women are also getting really conscious about the selection of their Hunting gear.

Summit County Tour Group Introduces Canabis Tours to the Breckenridge Area

A recent research study showed that 36 percent of all American adults drink craft beer at least occasionally. As more Americans are also choosing to travel domestically for their vacations, the need for new and exciting vacation adventures has increased. Summit Lifestyle Tours, now operating in Breckenridge, has found a way to answer this need and are launching a campaign to draw attention to their exciting and unique Summit County Brewery Tours.

Dry Herb Vaporizer from Celebstoner Goes Viral with Its Smart Phone Controlled Application

Celebstoner has announced an easy to use dry herb vaporizer in the market. They aim to target those set of people who wants to enjoy the herb vaporizer when they are on the go. Totally portable and easy to carry around, this dry herb vaporizer can be fitted into a pocket easily. Those who want to have a stoning experience can very well get one of this vaporizer which is absolutely dry and gives the total thrill. Celebstoner has come up with the advance built for this vaporizer and even the temperature control of this gadget can be done with smart phone remote which is cool. Another distinct thing about this vaporizer is that it both manual and automatic for functioning.

The Binoculars Guy Publishes New List of the Best Binoculars for 2015

Binoculars are magnifying devices that offer a greater field of view than a telescope, and are used for everything from bird watching to astronomy to opera. These devices are the result of a huge amount of precision engineering as applied to the finest quality of materials, so competition between brands is fierce when trying to design the ultimate pair. The Binoculars Guy is a seasoned enthusiast, and has been using binoculars for years. Now a veteran, he shares his views on the latest designs with an eager audience, and has just published his best binoculars of 2015.

Bike PetZ Roll Into Production with Funding Assistance via ToyBacker Crowdfunding Platform

LogoBike PetZ has been designed to encourage children to express their natural, creativity and at the same time encourage physical exercise. These foam animal shapes include both a head and tail, which are packaged with water-based markers.

Reefer Mail Offers State-of-the-Art Email Marketing Systems to Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis is now legal in more states than ever. As such, legitimate businesses have sprung up across the nation, offering cannabis products to those licensed to use them. These businesses still struggle with the 20th century stigma of being an illegal commodity, and this can make it difficult to market cannabis as a legitimate product. Reefer Mail was created to overcome these problems, providing a great way for cannabis businesses to harness the power of email marketing without risk of being banned and losing their valuable email list and statistics. The software has recently been updated to provide the most cutting-edge capabilities yet.

Best Paintball Gun Reviews HQ Launches Facebook Page to Share New Reviews Through Social Media

The nature of journalism has changed radically in the age of the internet. Rather than purchasing a publication and reading all it has to offer, individuals will now pick and choose the articles they want to read online, and share the best of them with their friends. This social sharing is now the main way in which journalism builds momentum. Best Paintball Gun Reviews HQ understands this, and has seen the passionate Facebook communities sharing articles on paintballing. To help paintballers get great content via Facebook they have launched their own Facebook page (facebook.com/pages/Best-Paintball-Guns/1551759691738676) to help get their editorials a wider reach.

Veridin Reveals New Website Providing Vital Information About Security Systems for Medical Marijuana Producers

As Veridin reveals, security in today's world encompasses more than just the prevention of physical break-ins. Now, systems also need to cover brick-and-mortar premises, as well as digital assets.

V2 Cigs Releases the Best Electronic Cigarette Buying Guide

One of the best benefits of using the V2 Cigs is the simple fact that one can enjoy not just the original flavour of tobacco as in the traditional cigarette but they can also get access to a wide variety of flavours like menthol, vanilla and even coffee making it an exciting experience every time one smokes the e cig. It is perhaps, the best electronic cigarette which comes equipped with a Starter Kit that can be customized to accommodate the flavours of choice.

RifleMasters Publishes New and Definitive Guide to the Best Air Rifles Available in 2015

Air rifles attract enthusiasts from all over the world, and are used primarily for target shooting and hunting. Finding a great air rifle has long been a matter of seeking out personal recommendations from more experienced users, but the internet is finally providing alternative means for knowledge to be shared.

Kenny Phan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Right Step Educational Board Game Development

LogoKenny Phan is the father of a young son, and as such he has learned a great deal about how children learn language and math.  In watching his son play, he learned that games are one of the best ways to teach lasting skills.  Kenny has now created a series of fun and educational board games to teach children math and language skills, and is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and distribution of these games.

Creator Sergio Pedolazzi Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Start Producing SKIDDI, the First Pocket-Sized Ski Wheels

LogoSergio Pedolazzi, the creator of Skiddi, is an avid lover of skiing. He always found it tiring and dangerous to transport his skis on shoulder. This is the reason Sergio thought that there was a need to simplify every skier's life by creating a new way of moving the skis. With this intention, he has created a small and simple device called Skiddi that can be used by people of all ages including the kids. SKIDDI will help users save energy and feel more confident on the snow.

Bongsmart.com Offers the Safest and Exceptional Smoking Experience

LogoEveryone knows that smoking has its negative effects. However, some people couldn't help but be enticed by the somewhat soothing effects of smoking tobacco. Some people have tried to find ways wherein they could still enjoy the vice minus the harmful effects of tobacco to health. Some have used filters while others prefer the use of bongs.

Bongsmart.com on the Legalization of Medical Marijuana: A Profound Issue That Needs Intensive Clinical Research and Trial to Define Its Safety and Efficacy to Patients

LogoThe bill of legalizing the use of medical marijuana in 13 states including Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky has yet stirred the attention of the public as various questions have arisen whether it is necessary to pass such bill or not. The interest of some legislators to pass the law that allows health specialist to administer and prescribe medical marijuana to patients came from the fact that medical cannabis has been in use for medicinal purposes by many people across various cultures thousands of years ago. Yet, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that, even though, the cannabinoids found in marijuana is a potential therapy for patients, the use of it is still not recommendable until further research is done.

Headed West, Supplier of Glass Pipes and Accessories, Now Offers Glass Pipes for Sale in Denver

LogoProving themselves as one of the best suppliers of glass pipes and accessories, Headed West now offers glass pipes for sale in Denver. This store provides an array of smoking pipes and accessories such as acrylic water pipes, bic lighters, hookahs, wood pipes, metal pipes, natural stone pipes and various others. Intending to cater completely to their customers, the company supplies a variety of items that will perfectly meet their needs. With a large number of options available, customers can easily choose.