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YESCiGS Launches New Online Shop to Serve Vaporizer Users with Premium Vaping Supplies

E-Cigarettes are growing in popularity at an incredible rate, offering a cleaner, less environmentally damaging way to inhale stimulants or simply flavors by using electronic vaporization instead of combustible materials. With the increase in demand comes an increase in variety, and advanced vaping MODs are now available to enhance the usability of these devices. YESCiGS is a family owned and operated e-cigarette specialist, and has personally tested a wide range of these MODs before launching new online store Vaping Supplies to offer a wide collection of the best e cigarette products available on the current market.

E Cigs Compared Launches E Cig Discount Codes Section to Ensure Customers Get the Best E Cigarette Deals

E Cigarettes offer a smoke free, tar free alternative to smoking that uses water vapour to deliver the same experience to regular smokers without the problems associated with combustible cigarettes, particularly the public smoking ban that prevents people smoking indoors. As a result they have become a hugely popular device with many brands vying to create the best product. ECigsCompared.co.uk launched at the start of the boom to keep track of these companies’ products, and in addition to independent and insightful reviews is now publishing information on special discounts.

SMOKEFREE Now Brings Electronic Cigarettes in India That Run on Lithium Battery

In order to ensure good health without compromising on the smoking habit, SMOKEFREE is now bringing electronic cigarette in India which runs on a lithium battery. The electronic cigarette is quintessential of its own genre, and is revolutionizing the smoking market. People can now opt for a healthier option rather than cigarette, which contains oodles of health problems.

Rakxe.com Added New Products to Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Category

Electric bikes and scooters have become the face of trendy urban youth long before. Rakexe.com, a China based manufacturer of electric scooter and bike, recently unveiled stylish and eco-friendly scooters and bikes. The futuristic vehicles are, as the manufacturers have claimed, are brilliant combinations of environment-friendly technology and style. Available in bold colours, these bikes are all set to take users by storm. Rakxe.com owners have claimed that the bikes are as efficient as fuel system based two-wheelers and are far more cost-saving than their fuel-consuming cousins.

E-Cigarette Market on Fire While Scientists Wage Heated Debate

LogoBut the jury is still out on their safety, and whether they are a gateway to smoking.

V2 Gives Customers $10 off Electronic Cigarette Orders of $65 or More

LogoV2, America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, announces $10 savings on orders totaling $65 or more. This limited time offer is valid from Nov 10-11 and is applicable to the full range of V2 products.

Shisha Pens Direct Launches New E-Cigarette Website

Shisha Pens Direct is excited to announce that they are a new e-cigarette pen distributor in the United Kingdom. Their new website has an extensive selection of e-cigarette products available.

Jamplay Enlightens Readers on the Best Way to Learn Guitar

Guitarmethodology.com, a website that has been designed to help guitarists by providing articles, information, learning methods, techniques, tricks, product reviews and music news, has recently released an independent review of the online guitar-lesson service Jamplay. The review titled “Jamplay - Is It Worth It” is an in depth look at the program that claims to teach students of all levels, from beginners to advance players and also teaches various different genres of music such as jazz, rock and blues. An online guitar lesson service is an alternate of in-person lessons, as an e-learning program Jamplay will optimistically be more inexpensive, convenient and quicker. Guitarmethodology.com review investigates its effectiveness.

eLiquid Oasis Announces Grand Opening with Promise to Sell 100% American Made E Juice

E liquids are more popular than ever before. Once the preserve of a niche vaporizer market, the products have been made exponentially more popular as a result of the e-cigarette, a cleaner alternative to traditional combustible smoking. As a result the market has been saturated with opportunities to purchase low quality, imported eliquids that are poor quality and perhaps even dangerous. eLiquid Oasis LLC has been launched to change that, offering only 100% American Made e liquids from top brands to ensure users have the best access to affordable, high quality products.

HD Moments Answers: Questions to Ask a Videographer in Creating a Wonderful Wedding Video

LogoWeddings are one of the important events in a woman’s life. It is the day when a woman of age will have to depart from her singlehood and be part of a union to build a family. Important occasions like this must be amazingly captured for memories to last a lifetime. Photos and videos of each wedding can be a part of a family’s precious heirloom to be shared to children and grandchildren. The bride and groom can keep these moments for posterity through excellent photography and high-definition videos.

Suddenly Big Tobacco Is Deeply Concerned About Your Health

LogoThese small, battery-powered devices heat a nicotine-containing liquid, producing an inhalable vapor that provides smokers with the nicotine buzz they crave. Because they do not produce the tar, arsenic and other carcinogens that come from burning tobacco, they have been heralded as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, and even as a smoking cessation method.

Saskatoon's Largest Concert Venues Ban E-Cigarettes

LogoDespite the fact Saskatoon’s smoking bylaw has zero mention of electronic cigarettes, both TCU Place in Saskatoon’s downtown and SaskTel Centre have banned the devices from indoor use.

New Line of E-Juices from a Premier Manufacturing Company

Premium Liquid Labs Inc. founded in April 2014, has been creating flavors since 2012. They take pride in adding that they are a unique Canadian eliquid manufacturer, creating Premium Blends of very high quality. They use only ingredients of excellent quality that are sourced from various parts of the world for creating the best premium e liquid in the market. Further, all their flavors and blends are made from original recipes.

Gun Safe Reviews Features Top of the Market Gun Safes

As times have changed immensely over the past couple years. Many people can be seen to be investing in gun safes since they truly come in handy in the long run. These safes are used for many reasons but all of them have one thing in common – safety. The fact that there are so many different types of gun cases to choose from these days is a great opportunity for people who are interested in investing in gun safes for once and all.

Headed West Now Offering Pipes and Smoking Accessories in Head Shops in Denver

LogoHeaded West is now offering pipes and smoking accessories in head shops in Denver at a superlative discount of up to 20 to 50% off. This online portal is a hotspot for all kinds of great-quality smoking accessories. Along with the high-quality smoking products, they also provide chillums, hookahs, vaporizers, glass water pipes and glass hand pipes. All in all, they provide the best-quality smoking products to their customers.

Headed West, a Well-Known Denver Smoke Shop, Now Offers Hookahs at Affordable Rates

LogoHeaded West, a well-known Denver Smoke shop, is now offering hookahs at affordable rates. The company offers hookahs at all price ranges. With them, one will get a versatile collection of hookahs that delight the user as they provide a sense of satisfaction. The company also offers parts of hookahs such as screens, bases, coals, and hoses. The company offers many flavor choices to their customers. Smoking hookahs gives a sense of luxury which is coupled with deep satisfaction. With them, customers will get a hookah that belongs only to reliable and branded companies like Maya, Sahara Smoke, Inhale, Fantasia, Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and many more.

"Extreme Zip Lining" Chronicles One Man's Hair Raising Quest for Freedom

In 1985, a 19 year old Czechoslovakian man decided he had seen enough of the brutal Soviet-backed communist regime, and chose to risk his life to pursue the dream of freedom in the West. That quest, chased by Daniel Pohl, is chronicled in his autobiography, “Extreme Zip Lining.”

ARM 9009 Standard Surpasses ISO 9001 for Firearms and Armoring Quality Certification

(IndustrialPR.net) Several years ago, the American Board of Accredited Certifications assembled an independent committee to the address the quality and safety issues of firearms and armoring systems for military personnel, criminal justice agencies, U.S. embassies, and consumers. The committee learned there was a critical need for an improved quality management program among manufacturers of firearms and armoring systems which failed to be met by the quality management standard ISO 9001. As a result, ARM 9009 was released in 2013 as an industry specific standard offering major advantages over the 'one size fits all' ISO 9001.

V2 Offers Customers 25% Site-Wide Savings on Electronic Cigarette and Personal Vaporizer Products

LogoV2, America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, announces 25% site-wide savings during its annual Halloween Sale. The sale runs Oct 30-31 and includes sister brands Vapor Couture and V2 Pro.

Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore Brings Their AquaZoneTM to the 2014 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

The AquaZoneTM, presented by Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore, is an exciting and engaging boat show attraction designed to give Fort Lauderdale boat show-goers an upfront and personal experience with a variety of water sports and innovative products. The

Latest Race Horse Information Portal MTN-Pleasure-Horse.org Offers Insightful Tips and Strategies

LogoMTN-Pleasure-Horse.org, a website focused on providing essential and advanced details of race horse betting, has recently launched itself. Numerous articles on race horse betting strategies, betting guides for beginners and information on popular race horse events around the year are already published on the website making it a valuable source for betting enthusiasts.

Elite Cheer & Dance Offers Raleigh Camp Activities

Elite Cheer & Dance just announced on the official website track out camps Raleigh activities are available in their 16,000 square foot facility. According to a spokesperson, the facility comes with several fun activities and a bouncy house as well as special classes.

Cheerleading Choreography Offers Complete Package for Aspirants

Cheerleading-choreography recently expanded the package they offer so interested parties can now avail of more services at the same price. Since the company was established it’s become a leading provider of cheerleading choreography services, and the site now has set its sight on higher goals.

The Majority of Companies Plan Holiday Celebrations, Reports HopNParty.biz

ERC, an HR consulting company, conducted a study in 2013 which showed that 73 percent of American companies planned a holiday celebration for employees. Yahoo Finance adds to this and states the rule of thumb for a holiday party budget is $75 per person. Companies looking for a way to celebrate the season with employees and their families may wish to look into best inflatable rentals from Hop N Party Bounce House Rentals Austin TX.

Fierce Bingo Brings Bingo to the Online LGBT Community

LogoFierceBingo.com is a new website that delivers a sociable online version of bingo that is catered towards the LGBT community. The professionals behind Fierce Bingo invite the LGBT community to give their game a shot, as it features a chat room function that allows people to mingle, meet and greet.