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Solaris Power Cells Releases "Kutula" Vapor Mod (Modified Large Cell E-Cigarettes)

LogoSolaris Power Cells, Inc. the creators of the Solaris PESATM “Passive Electron Storage Array” ™, (the “Company”) OTCQB: SPCL - Germany WKN: A1W9W5 - Solaris Power Cells has released its first Vapor-Mod product featuring the Solaris Battery-Free PESA™ “Passive-Electron-Storage-Array” storage solution. As stated in prior Solaris previous press releases, a vapor mod is a customizable large cell e-cigarette that can be used for flavored nicotine juices. Business journals and trade groups have projected the vapor industry to be over $10 billion by 2017.

Buy Used Guns Australia Launches with Introductory Free Classifieds Listings for All Users

In 2007, it was reported that just 5.2% of the Australian population use firearms, which can make it difficult for those looking to sell on their used firearms to find an audience to sell them when using typical generic classified ads and other sales services. Buy Used Guns Australia is a site launched to fulfil this specific niche, and create a place where those looking to buy and sell can find one another easily. They have celebrated their launch with introductory free classified listings for all users looking to sell their firearms.

Smokitaly Debuts Italian Crafted Electronic Cigarettes Product Line

Smokitaly.com, a website showcasing the best of Italian electronic cigarettes, presents the luxury products that are exclusively made, tested and packed in Italy in full compliance with the strictest standards. The new website presents its collection of top-range e-cigarettes and accessories that are stylish, safe and of excellent qualitative high-standards.

Mighty Kicks Soccer Franchise Helps Kids Learn

With the latest in fitness curriculum, Mighty Kicks Soccer programs provide children the opportunity to get exercise, have fun and learn at the same time. The Mighty Kicks Soccer Franchise is ahead of the curve when it comes to developing children on and off the soccer field. They use the world's most popular game to help students succeed and achieve in sports, school and life. Their high energy curriculum not only helps children create healthy lifestyle habits, but it actually helps them learn as well.

Original Watermen Joins Forces with SolRx Sunscreen

Original Watermen takes pride in putting the best of its lifeguard gear into its summer catalog that is mailed all over the country to lifeguard agencies. This year, Original Watermen has surpassed its own quality standards by choosing to match SolRx Sunscreen products with its gear.

She Town Bargains Launches Website Featuring Quality Vaporizers

LogoTheresa Ramsey is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.VapeGreatness.com. The website features a diverse selection of vaporizers including portable and desktop vaporizers that are capable of vaporizing either liquids, waxes, herbs, or all of these things. Ramsey was inspired to start the website by her interest in providing healthy alternatives to cigarette smoking. She saw that portable vaporizers could be used with e liquids to help people quit smoking. She also recognized that vaporizers were growing in popularity among medical marijuana users. Ramsey started her site to provide people with vaporizers they could use to improve their health and well being.

Awaken Dance Theater Seeks Funding via RocketHub to Support New Piece on Gun Violence & School Shootings

LogoRebekka Nodhturft is a passionate and energetic dancer and choreographer based in NYC. Though currently focused on jazz and contemporary dance styles, she is also very talented in classical ballet, modern, and tap.

Best Football Handicapping Service OffshoreInsiders.com Releases NFL, College Football Pick Packages

The top sports handicapper website announces full season NFL and college pick packages for both Joe Duffy’s Picks and Stevie Vincent.

HSS Introduces Summer Gear for Surfers

Summer has arrived, and before hitting the waves, it is essential to stock up on summer gear. Athletes and hobbyists alike can waste precious time researching brands and customer reviews online or visiting store front to store front in search of the latest surfboards and suits. Huntington Surf & Sport helps surfers spend more time on the beach with their easy-to-use online store, now featuring the hottest summer gear.

Cooke Furniture Introduces Outdoor Fireplaces

With the days growing warmer and longer, it’s clear summer is nearly here. What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than by enjoying a beautiful outdoor fireplace? Creating that perfect ambiance and smell, the outdoor fireplace offers the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the warmth of summer. Cooke Furniture now brings this dream to fruition, selling gorgeous outdoor fireplaces along with their large supply of fire pits.

Vaporin Issues Letter to Shareholders

Vaporin, Inc., a distributor and marketer of vaporizers and e-liquid products, today releases Shareholder Update and company outlook.

Amazon Now Offers Shipping of eKaiser Electronic Cigarette to Online Shoppers

Electronic cigarette is fast becoming a trend. According to reports, there are large numbers of smokers who have given up the traditional cigarette for e cigarette. With e-cigs being less injurious to health, people preference has shifted to it. Initially, there were fewer retailers for e-cigs; however, with its popularity and demand from vapers, there have been an alarming growth in electronic cigarette sector. Now there are hundreds of sellers and brands where customer can pick depending on their taste and budget.

Mnlparty.com Is Now Offering ExclusiveParty Rental Services & Products

Finding the best part rental service providers can be quite a difficult task for people these days due to the fact that most of such businesses charge a lot. In order to come across party rentals which are recommended by everybody, all the interested individuals are highly recommended to conduct a good amount of research online. In a short period of time, MNL Party Rentals have managed to capture the attention of countless people due to the excellent rental party services they have to offer at all times. The local business has been successfully operating since many years now and has a huge loyal customer base which can only be seen to be increasing through every passing day.

UK Motorhome Dealer Seeking Used Motorhomes Up to Four Years Old

According to Glass’s, the UK’s motorhome i.e. motorcaravan market is very buoyant, thanks to a number of new models whose sales have been driven by the N.E.C Caravan and Motorhome Show in October. However, the organisation also reports that there is a short supply of motorhomes for sale up to four years old.

LEK Marketing, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Camping Equipment

LogoLuAnn Kloth is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.KKCampingOutdoors.com. The website features a wide assortment of camping and backpacking equipment including camping cookware, folding camp tables, multi tools, camp chairs, sleeping bags, and more. Kloth has always enjoyed camping and goes camping frequently. She was inspired to start her website by her desire to provide other campers with the gear that they would need when camping in the wilderness. She plans to provide a wide variety of camping and backpacking gear at low prices on her site.

WaveJet Introduces Kayak Model in Personal Propulsion System

WaveJet is the creator of one of the world's finest personal water propulsion systems, originally featured on surfboards and stand-up paddleboards. Now, WaveJet branches into another type of watercraft with its new kayak version, featuring the same Power Pod with miniature jet drive used on its other boards and craft.

Rage Fish Attractants Inc. Introduces Liquid Mayhem - the World's Best Fish Bait Attractant

LogoRage Fish Attractants Inc. (RFA), established innovators in the formulation of unique fish attractants derived from organic fish bait, announces the introduction of Liquid Mayhem, a series of fish attractants designed to target fresh water tournament species.

GB Sciences, Inc. Provides Update on Nevada State Licensing Applications

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. (GBLX) a medical marijuana research and development company, announced they have completed and officially submitted 4 Nevada State license applications for 1 cultivation facility and 3 dispensaries as of August 13, 2014. The Company has already received a special use permit for a dispensary and cultivation facility in Clark County, Nevada. The special use permits issued by the County Commissioner's Office is expected to have some influence on the final State decision but does not guarantee State approval.

Champion Racing Oil Dominates with Brett Hearn and Win Number 15

LogoChampion draws on the success of its racing roots in producing a line of engine oils designed for high performance racing applications and are available in numerous synthetic blends and full synthetic viscosities.

Proviz Launches New 100% Reflective 'REFLECT360' Cycling Range to Global Demand

LogoThe REFLECT360 range is designed to help ensure a cyclist’s visibility when cycling at night or in hours of poor light. Each product in the range has a 100% reflective outer-shell made fromhi-tech material. The products in the range reflect the light from vehicle headlights using millions of micro glass beads embedded in the material. The resulting light produced from the material ensures cyclists are a bright beacon of light and therefore the position of the cyclist is more easily identified on the road.

SofSURFACES Inc. Announces DuraSAFE Interlocking Playground Surfaces for Increased Playground Safety

LogoSofSURFACES Inc., established leader in the manufacturer of playground flooring, announces the introduction of a breakthrough technology designed to provide superior safety performance in their playground tile product line.

OutdoorExerciseIdeas.com Provides Unequalled and Top-Notch Reviews on Tentipi Nordic Adventure Camping Tents

OutdoorExerciseIdeas.com highlights the pros and cons of this fully equipped series of Tentipi Nordic Adventure camping tents as they are few of the most well designed tents available in the market. With origins from the Swedish Lapland, these tents have been engineered to suit all terrains and seasonal conditions all year long while still retaining some of their traditional traits, despite the advanced features. The three tents of the adventure series are Safir, Zirkon and Onyx, all of which come equipped with additional utile features.

Promontory Offers Miles of Mountain Biking in Park City Utah

LogoPromontory is an idyllic community that offers many different things to do in Park City, Utah. Those who enjoy mountain biking will find that there are miles and miles of trails to ride through and breathtaking scenery to enjoy as well. Each year thousands of people flock to this rural community because of everything it has to offer. Mountain biking, although extremely popular and a good form of exercise, is just one of the many different activities that residents and guests of Promontory will have to enjoy.

"Aura Rx" to Launch "7", a New Line of Aerospace Engineered Portable Vaporizer for Pre-Order

“Aura Rx”, one of the leading suppliers of portable vaporizer products is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting orders from customers worldwide for its upcoming product “7”, which is a new range of vaporizer with sleek look, designed for the professionals. Its unique pen like silhouette makes it possible for the users to carry it in their pockets. Moreover, it comes with a USB charger, carrying case and a lifetime warranty.

Colkett Painting Announces Availability for Wall Mural Paintings in Greater Philadelphia Area

LogoAs time goes on, there are some things that can stay constant, one of which being a timeless mural painted on a bedroom, living room, or commercial building wall. This fall 2014 season, Colkett Painting is announcing their availability to paint wall murals for their valued clientele. The decorative painters will transform the walls of their clients, implementing a design that brings the property holder to a faraway, memorable, or favorite destination.