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Another Intelligent Self-Balance Unicycle from Airwheel

Airwheel has brought out its brand new model of intelligent self-balancing scooter known as S3 and this may be a good news for those interested in these scooters. According to the company, Airwheel S3 is not like their earlier models called the X-series and the Q-series because it is a two wheeler. That this S3 model on full charge will have a range up to 65km and a top speed of 16km/h may also be of interest to these people.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle Made a Star Entry in the Highly Successful Car-Free Morning Event

In this day and age when the world is embracing the fast paced lifestyle, every commuter's friend, the Airwheel Electric self-balancing scooter gave guests of the Car-Free morning event organized by Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) a reason to step back and enjoy the ride.

Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Inspires a New Era in Personal Transportation

For centuries now, man has been inventing and reinventing transportation to suit his lifestyle and enhance comfort. From cars to airplanes, the evolution of vehicles considered as modes of transport has been taking place but, at a price that has affected the living conditions of the society in a big way.

Airwheel Technology Launches the Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The Company introduces their latest scooter which is convenient, eco-friendly and can be stored easily. This product which on a battery is apt for people who wish to reduce the increasing pollution levels. Since it is manufactured using a lithium-based battery, it is said to be no emission during the drive. It is compact and can be even carried on buses and metros without any hassles.

Shuffled Quotes Is an Intense, Profoundly Meaningful Card Game

Le Manh Hung has developed a unique card game that can spark profound conversation, initiate self-assessment or just stimulate one's mind. It can be played alone or in small groups.

Kbwcorp.com Celebrates the Real Essence of Mardi Gras Traditions in Various Countries

LogoMardi Gras celebrated in various countries where Catholicism faith exists, is one of the reasons why people are motivated to travel abroad and take part in this extravagant celebration. The colorful feather masks, costumes, beads and booze that storms every street of New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Germany, Italy, Baranquilla, Trinidad and Tobago as well as Mazatlan, Mexico; is what makes this celebration special. Yet, for some new tourists, finding the sense of joining the carnival is important because this will make the celebration more meaningful; now that in each country that celebrates Mardi Gras based on their tradition, there's an underlying mystery that each and every tourist must understand.

Just BB Gun Introduce New Range of SRC Airsoft Guns to the Company's Weapon Range

Leading UK BB and airsoft gun suppliers, Just BB Guns, have recently introduced a new range of SRC airsoft rifles to their range, providing extra choice for their customers.

Vape Summit Draws over 300 Exhibits: Ibreathe Comments

There have been significant movements in the e-cig and vaping industry in light of reports of the vape summit in Los Angeles,with over 300 exhibitors from across the US and even some potentially from the UK attending to host exhibitions and discuss industry. It is part of an initiative to build a strong and pragmatic e-cig community prepared to discuss a number of elements, including subjects of health, lifestyle choice, and of course, new flavours. With the most recent event drawing over 20,0000attendees over the course of two days alone, this suggests that the e-cig industry is growing from strength to strength.

17 Year Old Football Player Makes History

LogoYuri Ruh dos Santos, an extremely talented left winger from Marbella FC, also known as "Magic Feet", is the first young player under 18 from Marbella, Spain, to make an international transfer after having been offered a professional football contract by a UEFA and FIFA, European first division club, AS Trencín, an affiliate club of Ajax, Netherlands. The international transfer takes place at the end of May and Yuri plays his first international match with them in Amsterdam at the Copa de Amsterdam, on the weekend of the 23-25 May, 2015.

BakeBros.com Gets Excellent Reviews as Best Worldwide Online Smoke Shop

BakeBros is one of the few smoke shops online that caters to a wide variety of customers from across the globe. They offer smokers unique smoking accessories and pipes that are not just functional and top quality, but also creative and attractive in design. The online store caters to all kinds of smoking personalities. Whether the shopper is a male, female, conservative, or flashy, there is something for them at BakeBros.

A to Vape Gives the 411 on How to Kick the Nicotine Habit with the Best Vape Mods

LogoGetting a "hit" from last year's American Heart Association (AHA) announcement it appears vaping is on the rise. The AHA issued a statement in August saying electronic cigarettes can be viable method used to quit traditional cigarettes. To meet consumer demand, a company based in Southern California named A to Vape offers various discounts on a plethora of vaping mods, vape tanks and their corresponding vape batteries.

Fly Fishing Missouri River: Prewett Creek Inn, Cascade, Montana Announces New Website

LogoThe Prewett Creek Inn owners announced today that their newly-developed website is live. The website address is:

Air Gun Sports Success? Cardigan Sports Comments

May could be considered already to be a time of achievement and attainment regarding shooting as a sport. A recent report in America has praised the University of Arkansas Community College as not only celebrating 50 years of higher learning excellence but also a rapidly growing collegiate shooting team.

REBEK Announces Launch of REBEK ZERO Line of Nicotine Free E-Liquids for the Cleanest Vaping Experience Yet

Vaping now seems to be taking over from smoking among many demographics. Originally intended as a means by which people could attempt to stop smoking, the tarless water-vapour based delivery mechanism, customizable flavours and the ability to use them indoors, has led to their growing popularity as a replacement for cigarettes, rather than a quitting aid. Many more like the look of vaping, but don't want to become addicted to Nicotine. REBEK, one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers, has now developed a line of nicotine free e-liquids called REBEK ZERO, to help more people try vaping without any risk of addiction.

Customers Can Now Get Fort Knox Gun Safes at Affordable Rates from GunSafes.com

LogoGunsafes.com, a reputed supplier of gun safes, is now providing Fort Knox gun safes at affordable prices. These safes are hand-crafted and surpass the industry standards set up by Underwriters Laboratory. All of the Fort Knox safes are made by using top-notch quality materials combined with precision craftsmanship. The company develops these safes with the most innovative designs, engineering and manufacturing processes. These gun safes not only provide protection to guns, but also keep them free from distortion or damage. They enable gun owners to keep their firearms and other valuables safe from burglary.

Gravity-Zero Takes a Big Leap on Kickstarter with the ZhERO Hub

In today's world of cycling an array of data components feed information every pedal stroke. None of these give any mechanical assistance whatsoever... until now.

KBW Global Corp. on the History and Meaning of Each Venetian Mask in the Carnevale Di Venezia

LogoDifferent countries live by the different traditions, customs and cultures which make them different from the rest; this is also true with how people celebrate colorful festivities just like with the Carnevale di Venezia or what is more popularly known as the Carnival of Venice. This grand and vibrant festivities are held in Venice Italy each year which is concluded 40 days before Easter; a day before Ash Wednesday and this is referred to as the Mardi Gras.

Surf Shop Raises Funds to Bring the Joy of Surfing to Special Needs Children and Teens

Special Surfer Night, a nonprofit offering free surfing adventures for special needs children and young adults, announces an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring the joys of surfing to hundreds of "special surfers" each summer. Since 2004, Special Surfer Night has been organized by surfer Nanci Boutet, whose Aquaholics Surf Shop provided the free wetsuits, surf boards, and SUPs. The program, which pairs volunteer teams with special surfers, has become so popular that Aquaholics owner Nanci Boutet created a nonprofit to separate the program from the shop. Newly armed with its nonprofit status, Special Surfer Night is now seeking funding to buy its own surfboards, wetsuits, and SUPs, and get these kids into the water.

Velvetdeerantlers Introduces Deer Antler Spray for Instant Body Building Mechanism Without the Harmful Effects

Velvetdeerantlers has presently announced a quick relief for people who are looking out a quick way to build a toned body. They provide deer antler spray which is known to be a quick fix for most of the body builders. This product helps in burning fats and at the same time build muscle. Both man and women can use deer antler spray. There are many uses of this product which is made naturally out of deer antler. The antlers of deer are used for extracting the tissue covering of the antler which helps the users to get their hormones lifted and live an energetic life. They are mostly used by body builders to build muscles and are also considered as a good source for improving sex drives amongst couples. They are found to be safer and more effective than steroids.

Robert Livingston Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Market Launch of Racquet Power Weights

LogoIt is every tennis player's desire to serve a tennis ball in such a way that makes it shoot across the court with the speed and power of a missile. The velocity and power of such a powerful tennis serve are two extremely important factors to ensure that they are not returned properly. It generally takes hours of practice to develop the confidence, control and coordination in hitting a tennis ball perfectly. Racquet Power Weights® is an advanced training aid that can help any tennis player achieve this goal with a powerful tennis serve that most tennis players only dream of.

The Website Launches Retail & Wholesale Service for eCigs and Vaping Products

Efun.top is a Company that deals with products related to e-Smoking and vaping. It has a number of choices available for all those who wish to switch to the healthier alternative to smoking. Apart from meeting the requirements of individual customers, the website has introduced wholesale services for businesses also. They claim to have 100% authentic products and their prices are meant to below.

Fine Cigars Australia Expands Range to Offer Largest Cigar Selection Available in Australia

Cigars are a luxury item enjoyed by connoisseurs, and as such, their quality, provenance, flavour and texture are all widely debated according to personal preference, much like wine, whisky or coffee. Until recently however, the selection of cigars available in Australia was poor to say the least in comparison with those other, connoisseur loved items. Fine Cigars Australia has aimed to redress that balance, and has expanded their range of quality cigars to be the largest ever available in Australia, with every item fully reviewed.

42.1 Million Adults Who Smoke Cigarettes Should Turn to E-Cigarettes Says Vapor Experts

A leading supplier of E-Liquids has now introduced a range of healthy organic E-Liquids. Alchemy e-Lixirs is a brand of e-liquids that is developed and manufactured from the finest collection of organic ingredients.

Some of the 42.1 Million Adults in the United States Who Smoke Cigarettes Turn to E-Cigarettes

A leading supplier of E-Liquids has now introduced a range of healthy organic E-Liquids. Alchemy e-Lixirs is a brand of e-liquids that is developed and manufactured from the finest collection of organic ingredients.

Ohms and Brass Launches New Subscription Based E Juice Delivery Service for Vapers

E-cigarettes have boomed in popularity in the last five years. Once considered a tool to help people stop smoking, the purer, water-based inhalant system free of tar has led many to simply replace combustible cigarettes with vaping. The only downside is sourcing e-liquids, which takes up regular time and effort and considerable organization to ensure users don't run out before replacements arrive. Ohms and Brass has a new solution, offering a subscription service for e liquids.