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Enthusiastic Vaporizer Developing Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for AirVape, the World's Most Discrete Herbal Vaporizer

LogoKornel Galambos and his team are proud to announce that they have successfully created the world's most discrete vaporizer named AirVape. They have also claimed that AirVape is one of the world's lightest and thinnest herbal vaporizer, that comes with useful features such as LCD technology and ultra fast heating. Since more than a year, this team has worked hard with their designers and engineers to create AirVape.

V2CigsCode.com Launches as Pilot Online Coupon Code Site by DealSavior

DealSavior and V2CigsCode.com will be working together on the launch of the new savings site starting February 24, 2015. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in maximizing savings for online shoppers, improving the way consumers find the best deals on the net, and leveraging new technology and big data to guarantee daily top savings codes.

Wickedly Hot Vapors Caters to the Growing Demand for E-Cigarettes

LogoWickedly Hot Vapors is a one-of-its kind store launched to meet the growing needs of vaping in Dallas by selling e-cigarette refills in various flavors. It is a brand new addition to the Dallas/Fort Worth vaping community, located in Plano Texas and Richardson Texas. They also provide their products online for purchase.

Newly Launched Website of Caddo Lake Fellowship & Fishing Guide to Help Provide Better Services

Caddo Lake Fellowship is a local company founded in 2000, recently launched a website to provide better services to its clientele. The said website is designed by experienced and skilled web developers to provide clients and viewers an easy navigating experience.

Ohana Fishing Charters Booking Deep Sea Fishing Excursions for Spring Break

LogoAs spring break plans are being put into motion, those spending their break in Hawaii will look at various activities to make the trip memorable. Offering a personalized experience on the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Ohana Fishing Charters is announcing they are now booking deep sea fishing excursions for families and groups on spring break vacation. One of the most reputable fishing charters in Kauai, Captain Lance Keener is familiar with the waters and consistently finds the areas that have the most bite.

New Premium E-Liquid Distributor Launches

LogoHaze Kraze, based out of Colorado Springs, offers a full line of premium gourmet e-liquids. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Haze Kraze carries only the highest quality vapor e-liquids that anyone can use.

Trickhand Magic Course Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Production Funds

LogoTrickhand is a series that teaches card magic through a multilingual video course that covers all basic magic principles and many routines and tricks. Now, Trickhand Magic Course is being offered through a new Kickstarter campaign located at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trickhand/a-unique-card-magic-course that seeks funding for production and widespread distribution of the video series.

Scott Tucker Hosts Trivia Night at Benny's Bowling Alley

The site designed to be one step ahead of the pack with activity in hand, Fun Games Blog, is putting the spotlight on trivia night with Scott Tucker this month. The event will be held at Benny's Bowling Alley twice a month with prizes details to be announced.

Michael McKillip Offers "Fishing with Disabilities" Through Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMichael McKillip is a disabled Gulf War Veteran who has a plan to create an outdoors experience destination for fellow veterans who may be disabled or disadvantaged.  In order to fund this project, Mr. McKillip has launched a Kickstarter campaign, located at kickstarter.com/projects/1224977756/fishing-with-disabilities?ref=email, that offers a wide range of prizes for various levels of contributions.

FlavRx Launches Strain-Specific Medicinal Marijuana Vaporizer Oils

LogoFlavRx, a California-based producer of medicinal cannabis oil for vaporizers, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new product line that seeks to reinvent the way patients consume cannabis. In addition, this marks the beginning of a marketing push to inform the industry about FlavRx and put products on dispensary shelves across the country.

Krav Maga Training Presents Revisions and Upgrades to Their Training Videos

Krav Maga Training (kravmagatrainingvideos.org) proudly presents revisions and upgrades to their training videos. In addition, the site features new content to present this unarmed combat system in context with other systems of this type. Individuals interested in learning more about israeli krav maga find the site to be of great help in achieving their goal.

Rocott Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Cutboard Production

LogoCutboarding is a new water sport that combines the excitement of wakeboarding and the precision of slalom skiing.  As seen on video at vimeo.com/116880897, cutboarding offers the cutting and tight-turning carving ability of slalom skiing with the sideways stance of a wakeboard.  From beginners to professionals, this easily controlled and maneuvered board offers the thrill of speeding through a slalom course with the finesse of a wakeboard. 

Primal Gym Offering Free Trial Lessons for Their Boxing Classes

LogoWhen looking to get in shape or become the next champion in a particular weight class, Primal Gym is proud to announce they are offering free trial lessons for their boxing classes. The gym offers dedicated trainers to help individuals of all ages get the most of their trial lesson, providing tips and techniques to take their performance to the next level. Fighters who want to improve their skillset will see a variety of equipment at their Hamilton, NJ boxing gym.

Boltz Electric Scooter Launches Crowdfunding for the Future of Urban Transport

Boltz Electric Scooter, a Singapore-based technology startup, announced today that it is planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo to support development of its new electric scooter. The fast, long-range, lightweight scooter is envisioned as an ideal solution for urban commuters who need to get around but do not want to drive or hassle with public transportation. The vehicle is extremely energy efficient and "green."

Now Experience Fast & Furious Fun Go Karting with Leading Providers of Xtreme Karting Services, Kingston Park Raceway

Customers can now experience fast and furious fun go karting with Kingston Park Raceway. Retaining their prominent position as one of the leading providers of xtreme karting services, Kingston Park Raceway is now enabling their customers with February Go Karting offer. Availing this offer will assist individuals in saving 20% on all the group packages booked in February. In this event, individuals will get to experience ultimate thrill and fun with their friends and relatives. The package consists of two phases, where adults as well as the kids, both can enjoy. For adults, the park is organizing Adult Events on the Lemans Track, and for kids, the park has another option of Kids Party in Brisbane on the Monte Carlo Track.

Badass Helmet Store Launched in Answer to Sorely Limited Selection of Biker Gear

A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration reveals helmets increase the likelihood of surviving a motorcycle crash by an average of 41 percent. Because of this statistic, an estimated 63 percent of bikers choose to wear helmets even in states where doing so is not required by law. The problem lies not in increasing awareness of the importance of donning a helmet, but in providing bikers and their passengers a selection of affordable helmets offering comfort and style while also adhering to safety guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.

Golden Dance Experiment Launches Kickstarter Project to Raise Performance Funds

LogoGolden Dance Experiment will host a choreography showcase of new dance pieces in its third season to run September 2014 to August 2015.  This showcase will feature local Baltimore artists, dancers and musicians.  This year, the showcase will feature not only choreography and music but also a video production of "Denihilsm" by Gonzostien.  Golden Dance Experiment has launched a Kickstarter campaign at kickstarter.com/projects/1984284106/golden-dance-experiment-season-3-projects-and-perf in order to raise funds for this project.

Newport Cigarettes Coupons Announced for Buying Newport 100s Cigarettes at Cheap Prices

Wintowintrade.com brings a healthy smoking formulation with a small nicotine content and a healthy blend of tobacco that doesn't affect the human health. According to the company sources, their Newport cigarettes are often considered a helpful product for all those who cannot quit smoking, but need a harmless product for their smoking. The web store is now releasing coupons for people to grab cigarettes of the Newport brand at cheap prices. One can use the coupons on their site to enjoy cost saving deals on the Newport cigarette packs.

Popular Santa Monica Bike Retailer Partners with Film Veteran Albert Cho to Usher in the Electric Bike Attack

LogoBike Attack Santa Monica, a popular bike retailer in Santa Monica, opens a new Electric Bike Shop on historic Main Street on Saturday February 21st, close to it's original location.

Manfred Hall Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Fund New E-Cigarette with Timer

LogoManfred Hall, Canadian inventor, successfully quit smoking four years ago.  Since that time, he has worked with various ideas to transform nicotine replacement products like the e-cigarette into devices that will help people stop smoking altogether.  To that end, Hall has invented the ECTC, or Electronic Cigarette with Timer and Counter to make it easy for others to quit their smoking habits.

PPHUSA.com Launches an Android and iOS App to Access Their Price Per Head Service on the Go

LogoPPHUSA.com, a leading provider of price per head software inclusive of multiple features, has recently announced that they have launched their Android and iOS app which can be now downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store.

Marijuana Federal Funding Kit Announces That New USA Government Initiative Provides Funding to Marijuana Businesses

Cannabis business owners will now have a chance to receive funding from a recent program for marijuana trials initiated by the USA government. The federal government is ready to fund 22 billion dollars to find out the health benefits of marijuana. Marijuana federal funding kit will help companies take advantage of this initiative.

Affordable Moonwalks Etc Launches Multiple Item Discounts

Moonwalks, or bouncy castles as they are commonly called, are inflatable playgrounds that allow children to feel weightless while having the time of their lives bouncing around on a cushion of air. They offer an unforgettable opportunity for great memories at outdoor events. However inflatables are not the only option available in the 21st century. Affordable Moonwalks Etc LLC has acquired a huge range of amusements, from mechanical bulls to climbing walls, from slides of all sizes and shapes to obstacle courses in all lengths. And to top it off, they are now offering multi-item discounts on bookings made before the end of March. They want to help make their customers events a huge success.

Starlight Delta Lauded for Quality Camping Accessories to Ensure Security to Campers

Fitness has become a big part of life for the modern inhabitants. The comfortable lifestyle made possible by the secure economy have made the modern individual obese. Lack of exercise and unlimited access to good food are two of the main aspects that have contributed to this abundance of obesity.

SRE Distributors, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Camping and Outdoor Gear

LogoStanley Estep is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, http://www.LeadingTents.com. The website offers a wide range of outdoor gear including cots, tents, fishing gear, hunting gear, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Estep has sold similar items in the past within the stipulations of an online sales site. He has always enjoyed hunting, fishing, and camping so he has used many of these items and knows a lot about them. He decided to start his own website so that he would be able to offer a wider selection of items without rules on how many items he could have or fees for making sales. By branching out to his own website, he will be able to offer a larger number of products at lower prices than he could sell them for otherwise.