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Kid Agains Announces New Tailgating Game Available This Spring

One of the best aspects of a tailgate is the opportunity to play games with friends. However, after a while the tailgate can use some variety. Fortunately, the innovative minds behind the Amazon Best Selling "Quarterback Touchdown," Kid Agains, have announced a new game coming this spring. The new product is set to be a hit thanks to their original item's immense following and success.

Gaétan Barrette Says E-Cigarettes a Powerful Stop-Smoking Tool

LogoQuebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette is calling on Health Canada to speed up the regulation of e-cigarettes. (Jacques Boissinot/CP) Barrette said he believes e-cigarettes are a powerful tool that can potentially help people quit smoking.

Spirits in the Sky, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Outdoor Gear

LogoLinda Johnson is excited to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, SpiritsInTheSkyLLC.com. The website carries a broad selection of outdoor gear including camping gear, hiking gear, fishing supplies, and hunting gear. Johnson was inspired to start her website by her desire to help people get back to nature and do so as a family. She knew that outdoor activities were a lot more cost effective than expensive vacations and were helpful in bringing families closer together. She wanted to help families experience the outdoors by providing them with the items that they needed to enjoy the outdoors more fully.

Dealing Jams Encountered with a Reliable Firearm: Why Choose Reliability over Accuracy in Gun Selection

LogoChoosing accuracy over reliability might be one of the biggest mistakes a shooter could get in a gun competition since focusing on accuracy along with speed could mean serious setbacks with reliability. Giving much impression on achieving a high level of precision and accuracy is what makes gun malfunction tough to handle that quitting is not a good habit to consider. And if only gun enthusiast highly credits the importance of reliability, losing track during the competition will be avoided.

Scott Tucker to Climb Newly Opened Section of Grand Canyon

Fitness Life Stories will feature competitive indoor mountain climber Scott Tucker. Tucker recently announced plans to climb a section of the Grand Canyon that has only recently been made available for recreational use.

"Kuwait Freight Transport Report Q1 2015" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBMI expects continued growth at Kuwaiti ports over the medium term, though the upcoming launch of the new Mubarak al-Kabir facility offers risk to our outlook. If there are continued instances of industrial unrest and strikes, however, as Kuwait's ports have struggled with since the Arab Spring of 2011, then we may have to revise our forecasts down. The air freight sector was also hit in 2011, with volumes falling. We forecast slow but steady growth in Kuwaiti air freight over the medium term.

Fish on Offshore Fishing Opens Services to Fishing Enthusiasts in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Fish on Offshore Fishing opens its services to fishing enthusiasts who are looking for opportunities to interact with others who have the same passion as theirs and who want to learn more about fishing. They offer fishing trips to those who are from or visiting Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Headed West, a Denver Smoke Shop, Now Offers Portable Vaporizer Kits at Discounted Prices

LogoThe Headed West, a Denver smoke shop, now offers closeouts on portable StayLit Cadillac vaporizers kits for just $49.95. The company has recently started a huge sale on various products for in-store purchases until the stock lasts. They are also offering 25% off on Noble glass water pipes which are priced at $75+. There is a 30% and 35% discount for wax pens which are of V2 MicroVaped model and Atmos Optimus E-pen respectively. Additionally, they are offering 20% off on all Tight Vac containers priced at $10. Customers can get the third Tight Vac container free when they buy two.

Scott Tucker to Teach Sailing Classes

The upcoming article from the Never Be Bored 'Outdoor Adventures' series will feature veteran sailor and boat mechanic Scott Tucker. The article will offer an exclusive interview with Tucker and host early class signup.

Headed West, a Denver Head Shop, Now Offers Smoking Accessories at Great Prices

LogoAs one of the best suppliers, Headed West, a Denver Head shop, now offers smoking accessories at great prices. This online store is well-known for providing a wide range of water pipes, bubblers and concentrate rigs. The section also includes pull-stem and glass-on-glass accessories. The company offers high-quality products from top-notch brands such as BlueDot, Sheldon Black, FaultLine Glass, Glowfly and various others. The company has also launched a new arrival - Brandon DeLay mini-riggz and Twisted Sisters glass.

One World Dive and Travel Now Offers Certified Scuba Diving Lessons

LogoOne World Dive and Travel, formerly known as Underwater Phantaseas South, is now offering certified scuba diving lessons. The company has designed a PADI discover scuba program to let learners experience the thrill of scuba diving. The instructors at the company guide students through the basic techniques and equipment required for underwater diving. They have a protected warm water indoor pool where training is held for first timers. Proper guidance is provided during sessions.

Buycheappokerchips.com Now Offers Affordable Zynga Poker Chips Online

There is no doubt that the world of online poker has exploded over the past five years. In 2012, AppData conducted a survey that discovered Facebook poker players were the most populated with a total of 6.2 million active users per day.

52glassware.com Offers Variety of Glass Smoking Products

Pipes and hookas are classic style of smoking practised by many in modern days. Although cigarettes have made a place for them, the classical ways of smoking haven't vanished. Many metro cites have hookah parlours and shops involved in traditional smoking business. 52glassware.com is a professional online seller of high quality glass smoking products. It caters to the need of individual purchasers and wholesalers. All of its products undergo quality control procedures before a sale.

Vapeplenish Provides Quality Vaping Products to Vapor Users

LogoElectronic cigarettes are getting extremely popular these days because there are too many people who are making the switch from traditional to e-cigarettes.

Nitrovapes Aims to Improve Customer Base by Providing Even Better Quality Vaping Products

LogoAlmost everyone is aware of the kind of damage that cigarettes do. They can really wreck the health of a person and is one of the leading causes of different types of cancer as well. This is why electronic cigarettes have been in vogue as they are devoid of the carcinogenic compounds.

American Dance Training Camp Creates Video to Announce Summer Dance Camp 2015

For those who love to dance, there often isn't enough time in the day to indulge in their favorite form of expression, especially for those in their early years. School allots very little time for dance and demands more and more of children's time in exams and homework, meaning those who want to get better at dance often have to wait until Summer. American Dance Training Camp offers young girls the ability to maximize their summer break training with experienced coaches while having a great time. The dance training camp has just launched a video introduction to their 2015 summer camp.

Vegas-off Road - Las Vegas Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas

LogoVegas Off-Road Experience (VORE) has awesome Las Vegas Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party Ideas. In VORE's packages, guests are invited to get behind the wheel of the VORE Challenge truck and take it for an adrenaline rushed drive around their professionally built short course track, along with other course options.

Getting Serious About a Career as a Scuba Instructor with the PADI IDC in Indonesia

LogoThe PADI IDC in the Gili Islands takes training extremely seriously, but also makes learning fun, by providing the perfect balance and keeping candidates engaged.

Work Towards the PADI IDC Master Instructor Rating in the Gili Islands, Indonesia

LogoThe PADI IDC in the Gili Islands is clearly one of the best training facilities offering the PADI Instructor Training Course (IDC) which runs every month at Gili Trawangan's only PADI 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) and is conducted fully by renowned Platinum rated PADI Course Director Holly Macleod. Holly has worked in many dive related jobs around the globe and has the experience to advise candidates of what they should expect when contemplating a specific job in a specific region. The dive center situated in Gili Trawangan was also the first ever established PADI 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) in the Gili Islands and in fact the entire Lombok region.

Why Are Professional Divers Choosing the PADI IDC Indonesia Before Considering Thailand and Malaysia Koh Tao, Bali and the Gili Islands?

LogoThe PADI IDC Indonesia in the Gili Islands conducts courses on a monthly basis at the only PADI 5 Star Career Development Center (CDC) in Gili Trawangan offering the very best of training facilities available. The dive center is situated directly on the beach and the training sites are situated very close, therefore minimizing logistical time accessing dive sites and maximizing time spent on the training site or back in the dedicated IDC classroom.

Northampton Valley Country Club Announces Services to Schedule Spring 2015 Golf Outings

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club located in Bucks County, PA is home to one of Pennsylvania's most immaculate and beautiful golf courses. This January, businesses or other organizations that are interested in planning a spring 2015 golf outing can now call Northampton Valley Country Club. Whether the golf outing is being planned as a fundraiser or a team-building event, Northampton offers the same level of services and amenities for golf outings of any kind.

510ecig.com Supplies Branded and High Quality E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have emerged as the new alternative for smokers. It gives almost a similar feel to tobacco smoking. It doesn't contribute to air pollution like the traditional cigarettes but produces vapour instead and is safer. 510ecig specializes in selling branded high quality e-cigarettes, relevant accessories and kits at affordable prices. These e-cigarettes are designed to be carried, installed and refilled conveniently.

Scott Tucker Schedules Winter Mountain Climbing Tour

The health and fitness website Fitness Life Stories will focus mountain climber Scott Tucker and his latest project. Expected to debut in February, the site will share exclusive photos and interview footage.

E-Cigarette Growing Provincial in Canada but Slapped with Regulation

LogoE-cigarettes are often described as a less dangerous alternative for regular smokers who can't or don't want to kick the habit. The battery-powered devices use a liquid to produce vapour, which is then inhaled. Some of the vapours are infused with nicotine, some aren't.

2015 Promotions Increase Affordability of Cycling Tours in France

Cyclomundo's latest promotions make cycling in France an affordable reality for would-beholiday-goers in 2015.