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Headed West, a Denver Head Shop, Now Offering a Wide Range of Smoking Accessories

LogoMaintaining themselves as one of the leading smoke shops, Headed West, a Denver Head shop, is now offering a wide range of smoking accessories. The products offered by the company are a delight for smokers. They offer an array of smoking accessories and pipes which can easily meet the requirements of every customer. Their range of smoking accessories includes glass pipes, hookahs, acrylic water pipes, ceramic pipes and much more. All of these items are of high quality and are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs. The company also offers portable vaporizer pens and vaporizers which are portable and easy to use.

Leading Port Grimaud Real Estate Agency Updates Its Holiday Rentals for the Upcoming Summer Season

LogoBoutemy Immobilier, one of the leading real estate agencies in Port Grimaud, has recently announced that they have updated their online list of holiday rental properties as they now have fresh properties prepared for the upcoming summer season.

One World Dive & Travel Now Offers Padi Scuba Diving Certification to Diving Lovers

LogoPositioning their name as one of the best Scuba Diving schools, One World Dive & Travel now offers Padi Scuba Diving Certification to future divers. The independent school, formerly known as Underwater Phantaseas South, is authorized for providing swimming instruction to students of any age group. The school has designed its swimming programs which consist of both swimming as well as safety skills to set a benchmark. Students who enroll in the program are provided with proper training in a safe and secure ambience. Individuals who intend to become a certified Scuba Driver can learn the basics of diving with the assistance of the school's professional staff.

Good News! Now Kids Too Can Enjoy Hunting at the Special Day of Youth Turkey Weekend

The tenth annual state youth turkey hunt fair is going to be held on this April 25 and 26. All the hunting and shooting fans waited for this fair throughout the year and practice a lot through the year. But to become a real turkey hunter every individual need to cover the basics of turkey calling and turkey hunting safety. A famous Fish and Game wildlife biologist well-known as Andrew Timmins said "if a person wants to become a real turkey hunter, they need to know the natural behavior and history of wild turkeys. This will help them to analyze and make a perfect shoot that can hit the bull's eye.

Rainey's Kenpo Karate Launches New Website to Promote Washington Karate Instruction Online

Kenpo is the word used to describe several Japanese martial arts traced back to Shaolin Kung Fu Systems, Kenpo is characterized by a system of self defense that aims to terminate a physical altercation as quickly and emphatically. Kenpo is uniquely comprised of both linear and circular striking patterns reactive countering maneuvers, Kenpo was introduced in the US and Americas by the late Senior Grand Master Ed Parker. Mr Parker revolutionized Kenpo. This exposure to other martial Arts, Kenpo in the US and internationally has become known as American Kenpo. Mr. Rainey continues to learn and practice Kenpo in true fashion of Parker/Hebler Linage having taught Kenpo since 1973.

E-Liquid UK Store Ready for Google War with Totally Wicked

LogoToday, the UK's E-Liquid UK Store have announced their official push towards taking away some of the electronic cigarette market from Totally Wicked who have, for a long time, dominated within this fairly new industry in the UK with their unique devilish branding which is globally recognised - a true testament to their great work.

Marching Onwards – Air Gun Success: Just Air Guns Comments

The results recently released from the March European 10m shooting championships have excited much comment from industry experts, including justairguns.co.uk.

A Growing Industry in Air Gun Sports: Cardigan Sports Comment

Recent news highlights a significant boom in the US air gun sports industry, which may well have implications in the UK. For example, rising profiles have been in the form of Elite Shooting Sports in Virginia, and the opening of what is known as a 'guntry club' – where shooting is incorporated into a sporting recreation, with specially tailored facilities. It does appear improved provisions are being made for air gunning, with the industry worth at least $15 billion in the US and growing.

Nature's Design Taxidermy to Compete at Cody Outdoor Show

Nature's Design Taxidermy, which provides life-like custom mounts for countless forms of wildlife, will be taking part in the taxidermy competition at the first annual Cody Outdoor Show on Friday, May 1 and Saturday, May 2, as well as presenting samples of the company's work.

UK's Favourite Retro Sweetshop Helps Marrying Couples Get Up Close and Personal on Their Big Day

It's those little finishing touches that often make the difference between a really memorable wedding day and one that doesn't quite have the X Factor. One of the worst culprits for this is frequently the wedding favours that the couple choose. Too often they are the same old favours that everyone uses… and that's just boring. But not anymore.

Adding Up: 4,000 Chemicals Versus Four in E-Cig; iBreathe Reflects

In a recent interview with vaping advocate Michael Nance, interesting statistics came to light – including his claim that vaping is "at least 94 or 96 percent safer than smoking – with the 4,000 chemicals in tobacco cigarettes versus the 4 in conventional e-cigarettes."

Just BB Guns Add New Range of G&G Femme Fatale Airsoft Guns to Company's Product Range

UK airsoft and BB gun suppliers, Just BB Guns, have recently added a new range of G&G Femme Fatale airsoft guns to their product selection, making more choice for companies now than ever.

Bongsmart.com on E-Cigarettes, Bongs and Water Pipes: The Potential Key to End Cigarette and Tobacco Smoking

LogoSmokers have found a new way to cut their smoking habits with the conventional cigarettes and tobaccos that contain unfiltered and harmful toxins like nicotine through e-cigarettes, bongs and water pipes. Studies have shown that this modern way of smoking is estimated to be 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking since these devices filters the smoke inhaled and that users will be able to control the amount of nicotine intake that are mixed with the flavourings. Aside from that, these smoking devices were found to be a good support for smokers who are struggling to quit smoking addiction to cigarettes if used everyday than infrequently.

Breathe Intelligent Cigarette to Showcase New Products at 14th Annual NATO Show in Las Vegas

LogoBreathe Intelligent Cigarette LLC will showcase their new products later this month at the 14th Annual NATO Show, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

IMB Academy Holding an Eskrima Seminar This April

IMB Academy is holding an Eskrima seminar this coming April 25 at the IMB Academy building. Eskrima is a martial art which focuses on combat with sticks and is derived from a Spanish word which means fencing. This martial art originated in the Philippines where it is a national sport. Eskrima or also known as "Arnis" uses the idea of fighting using weapons such as sticks. The seminar will be taught by Richard Bustillo, head of the IMB Academy and 11th degree CacoyDoce Pares Black Belter who happens to be one of the original students of Bruce Lee.

Vaping Supplies Launches E-Liquid 4 U Range of Products Including 12 New and Unique Flavours

Electronic cigarettes were first invented as a way to help people quit smoking, but their comparative ease of use, cleanliness and the ability to smoke indoors has instead guaranteed that the electronic cigarette is replacing the traditional combustible cigarette. The major reason for the success of the e-cigarette is e-liquid, a water based vapor that contains nicotine, but can be modulated to create almost any flavour imaginable. Vaping Supplies is an e-commerce store specializing in bringing the best e-liquids, e-cigarettes and vaporizers to the market, and is now offering Elda E-Liquid 4U Line. The new range includes twelve unique flavours and many more will added soon.

Airwheel Self-Balance Unicycle Emerges a Favorite Choice for Filmmaking Purpose

Besides used for transportation, Airwheel unicycle can practically prove very useful for filmmaking too. For dynamic shots, one can use unicycles to move with a camera instead of running to capture the shots. Recently, the leading Canadian director Tom Antos used Airwheel self-balance unicycle for filming shots of someone running. Tom posted a video on YouTube that clearly demonstrates the usefulness of unicycles in filmmaking.

UK Parkour Lovers Demonstrated Fancy Tricks Using Airwheel Self-Balancing Scooter

Recently, UK parkour lovers enthralled audiences with their fancy tricks on squares of the UK. Riding Airwheel Q1, they presented incredible tricks, like turning circles, sitting on it while rolling, standing upside down and even pushing a car while standing on it. People enjoyed these amazing acts and got attracted towards the self-balance unicycle from Airwheel. They realized that Airwheel can not only be used for personal transportation, but it can bring immense possibilities.

Airwheel Comes Up with Various Designer Electric Unicycle and Scooters

Electric unicycle has been in trend in today's world and huge amount of kids would like to have them. There are various unicycles being developed that range in different styles. The designs of these scooters are also made attractive and, at the same time, it is important to focus on the quality of these products. There are various companies selling these products and one of them is Airwheel.

Airwheel Self-Balancing Unicycles Malaysia Distributor Is to Sponsor the Victoria International School Rugby Final

Innovation has touched new heights and the markets have a range of products which offer simple yet efficient solutions to customers. Right from the big aircrafts to the smaller cycles, technology has transformed the way in which they solve the day to day needs. In an attempt to offer simplified and affordable travel solutions, the Airwheel has explored a new segment and gone ahead with manufacture of a wide range of unicycles. The company was established in the year 2013 and offers a range of eco-friendly as well as customer friendly products. Presently, the company has its R&D centers in L.A. in the USA and offers its products to over 20 different countries.

Armsightr Announces an Ultimate Shot-at-Target Tool in Striking the Bull's Eye with One Shot

Armsightr has launched a new online site that discusses and shares everything about optics and sights that is used in aiming at targets. Armsightr gives an insight into the working of red dot sights and how to master it. Arms professionals and amateurs shooters will learn a lot about the right means to use this red dot sight. According to armsightr, red dot sight is not always red in color though it is mostly found in red color. They are also known as non magnifying optic for fire arms. This optics is found attached to the guns which help in illuminating the direction where the bullet will go towards.

Nautical Ventures Will Sponsor Two Delegates from China in Unprecedented Exchange Program for Upcoming Bahamas Tournament

Nautical Venture Group, along with Hobie Kayak representative Doug Sparks, have spearheaded an innovative angler exchange program between the United States and China resulting in the joint sponsorship of two international Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournaments.

That Airwheel's Self-Balancing Scooter Was Wrapped Up in the 2015 Gadget Show Live Shows Its Popularity

Great news for those who are fond of Airwheel Self-balancing Scooters! In the Gadget Show Live that was held between April 7 and April 12 at the NEC Birmingham, England, Airwheel was wrapped up. This clearly shows how people like the products they offer like the self-balancing scooter, electric scooter and electric monocycle, says Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter to Be a Part of the Most Awaited 'Malaysian Free Car Day Program'

Malaysian Car Free Day Programme, which is to take place on 3rd May in Seberang Prai, Penang, the second most prosperous city in Malaysia will have a new story to tell with the Intelligent Self Balancing Scooter, S3 making its appearance at this star studded event. The mayor of Seberang Prai, Penang himself will be steering the scooter to let the crowd witness a true attraction.

Airwheel Two-Wheeled Scooter Showcased on New Zealand's Famous Show "WhatNow"

The Airwheel Two-Wheeled Scooter was recently showed on WhatNow, a most influential and famed entertainment channel of New Zealand. The episode that was aired on April 5th 2015 showcased the scooter wherein the two hosts were challenged to learn to ride the Airwheel Two-Wheeled Scooter for the first time. The hosts took up the challenge with great excitement and enthusiasm. This two-wheeled scooter is the new form of transport that is not only cost effective but environment friendly as well. The scooter travels 23 km at 18 km/h on a 90 minute charge. The Airwheel is extra fast to charge and riders can accomplish many miles with one single battery charge.