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Excellent News as E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Use Rises

Logo"Despite the positive developments this year, we are concerned about the levels of e-cigarette use among teens that we are seeing," said Lloyd D. Johnston, Ph.D., principal investigator, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. "It would be a tragedy if this product undid some of the great progress made to date in reducing cigarette smoking by teens."

Carolina Dancesport Announces Students Competing in National Shag Dance Championships

LogoCarolina Dancesport announces The Old Spanish Galleon is the site for this year's National Shag Dance Championships where two students of Carolina Dancesport will be making a run for gold. The event is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015. Jaime Emerine has danced the shag for only two months. However, he is partnering with a seasoned expert, Pam Jones, to add to the unparalleled success record for students of Carolina Dancesport.

Ottawa Martial Arts Patenaude Offers a Seven Day, Risk Free Trial of All Classes

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one in three students reported being bullied in 2013. The National Crime Victimization Survey confirmed these results, stating 64.5 percent reported the bullying incidents happened once or twice during the school year, with 7.8 percent stating the bullying occurred on a daily basis. Parents and students concerned about bullying often turn to Ottawa martial arts instruction to prevent incidents of this type, while teaching the child how to cope with bullies.

SmokeKing.com Now Offers High Quality Art Hookah Products

One of the leading online high-end glass hookah and hookah flavor shops, Smokeking.com, is now bringing to its customers the Art Hookah products of the highest quality, offering the enhanced pleasure of hookah smoking sessions, now at special price!

Join Ocean Squared for the Sailing Event of a Lifetime

This opportunity is not for the faint of heart. If you would, however, enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, racing a 100-foot custom yacht at international events in the Caribbean and elsewhere, then Pier Mario of Miami Beach welcomes you. His Ocean Squared Sailing Team is being assembled for a series of 13 events in the Caribbean, the U.S. Atlantic coast and France.

WhatsOnOregon Publishes New Listings of Christmas Events, Soccer Tickets and More

With Christmas coming and the night's drawing in, entertainment venues seek to get the maximum life and light out of the darkest season by putting on a huge range of events - so much so it can be hard to find out about everything and sort through them to see which will be worth attending. Fortunately for the people of Oregon, WhatsOnOregon is a website dedicated to helping people find out about the latest and best events in an easy and insightful way. The website has just updated with a huge range of events over the Christmas and New Year period, including Soccer tickets and more.

GMF Music Introduces a New Acoustic DI with Preamp

LogoGMF Music is proud to announce the Ai1, an innovative DI with preamp. The Ai1 is a studio quality DI with preamp that has been road tested by professional musicians. Designed with uncompromising sound quality and included features for musicians on the go.

VapeJuicePlus.com Offers Numerous Flavors of Highly Demanded Space Jam Juice

LogoVape Juice Plus, an online provider of premium vaporizers and vape juices, is currently providing numerous flavors of one of the most highly demanded vape juices the Space Jam Juice.

AMS Financial Now Offers Easy and Fast Swimming Pool Loan and Financing at Low Interest Rates

LogoAMS Financial is now offering easy and fast swimming pool loan and financing at low interest rates. The firm truly understands the need for swimming pool incorporation or the repair of existing pools, and therefore presents the best pool loans which are suited to customers' needs. With them, one will get all types of pool loans which include short Crete, fiberglass swimming pool loans, vinyl liner, above ground pools and many more. They also offer loans or funds to repair or remodel an existing pool. Being a leading swimming pool financing company in the US, AMS financial ardently helps their clients get prompt and hassle-free pool loans.

Vapenova Added Revolutionary Aspire Atlantis Tank to Its Product Catalogue

Vapenova, an electronic cigarette retailer from Montreal, recently added Aspire Atlantis Tank to its wide range of e-cigarette accessories. The company owners have claimed that the newly added next-gen tank system is capable of producing better tasting vapour. According to them, the vaporizer has everything in it to become the most sought-after e-cigarette accessory. The Sub OHM vaporizer tank system is easy to install and carry and is one of the best rebuildable atomizers available now. It comes with fully adjustable airflow and loads of other user-friendly features.

AWMA Announces New MMA Clearance Items Are Available on Their Website

LogoAs a leading distributor of marital arts supplies and products, AWMA®, is pleased to announce that they now have new MMA clearance items available on their website. At AWMA®, they take pride in offering mixed martial arts (MMA) products that are both high-quality and affordable for their customers. Therefore, those who are interested in getting their hands on MMA shin guards, mouthguards, or a punching bag set that is currently available and ready to ship immediately can visit AWMA®'s website today.

Haze Smoke Shop Successfully Launches New Online Store to Reach a Wider Market

Haze Smoke Shop recently launched their online home after much anticipation. They offer the most competitive prices for their vaporizers, e-cigarettes, lighters, e-liquids and many other vape-related product lineup available both in their physical store. The eCommerce platform is live but the company is still to announce when customers can fully buy products online. They will also launch special discounts and affiliate programs soon.

All Seasons Electric Bikes Creates New Video to Introduce Range of 48V Electric Bikes

Vehicles are responsible for the largest amount of man-made CO2 currently released into the atmosphere, and are having a potentially devastating effect on the environment. As a result, many people are looking to electric vehicles. However, the Tesla is far too expensive and rare for most people to afford and even hybrid cars can be out of the price range of young people and students. All Seasons Electric Bikes offers an affordable, sustainable alternative in the form of electric powered scooters, and have created a new video in order to help promote the electric moped online.

New Board Game for Kids Expounds Buddhist Principles

Dimuthu Calyaneratne of Sri Lanka firmly believes that the best way for children to learn is through games. That's one of the reasons he became a game designer.

Are E-Cigarettes Safe? Everything You Need to Know About

LogoIt is very difficult to inhale dangerous amounts of e-cigarettes - both smokers and vapers will feel nausea long before they were harming their bodies. They decide how much nicotine they inhale with the depth of each breath. Breathing in nicotine is a very fast way to get the drug into your bloodstream when you want. That's one reason a lot of smokers struggle with 'medicinal' sources of nicotine. With gum the nicotine peaks in the blood long after they put the patch on. So it's not just that the gum fails to produce instant satisfaction, it can create nausea when too much nicotine has been absorbed.

Camp Rubicon Announces New Dates for 2015

LogoNow in their 7th year, Camp Rubicon continue to grow and offer more and more children of different ages and abilities, the chance to learn new tricks, make new friends and experience skateboard, scooter, bmx and inline action in a whole new way.

Celebrity Ghost Hunt Planned for Haunted Florida Jail and Courthouse

Ghost Hunt Weekends™, the world's premier organization for paranormal events, announced today that it is headed to the Old Clay County Jail and Courthouse in Green Cove Springs, FL on Saturday January 31, 2015 for their first event in the Sunshine State.

Fisherwoman Nets Record Lake Texoma Striped Bass

A north Texas woman reeled in a new record-sized Lake Texoma striped bass this past week, hauling the massive fish out of Lake Texoma near the northern shore. The 27.29-pound 38 3/4" striper has been cerGfied as a Oklahoma-Lake Texoma striped bass record, and, weighs in at 6 pounds more than the previous lake record striper catch.

Quit Dough Set to Become E-Cigarette's Bitcoin

Crypto Currency has seen a surge in popularity recently as Bitcoin has been featured in many media reports and is gaining momentum as a real contender for trading tangible products. While many people have heard of Bitcoin, most do not realize that there are many other internet currencies that have been created that are utlised online for purchasing a wide array of products. When Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, it was deliberately made open source which meant that the crypto currency network could be endless and improved upon. In 2011, Litecoin was created to be a competitor of Bitcoin, with some differences. The main difference is that Litecoincan handle a larger amount of transactions due to a quicker block generation.

Karbon Kinetics Limited Selects Nautical Ventures as U.S. Dealer Partner and Southeast Service Center for GocycleTM Electric Bikes

London based Karbon Kinetics Limited, Europe's innovative manufacturer of the award winning GocycleTM electric bikes, has chosen Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore as an official reseller and service partner for the United States. Gocycle is the brainchild of former McLaren Cars design engineer Richard Thorpe, and winner of multiple awards including EUROBIKE award for innovation.

PGD Investment Group, Inc. Launches Website Featuring Quality Boat Supplies

LogoPeter Dykstra is excited to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, http;//www.PGDBoatingSupplies.com. The website offers a broad assortment of boating equipment including boat seats, inflatable boats, and boat covers. Dykstra was inspired to start his website by his own experience with boats. He has gone boating in the Chicago area, Puerto Rico, and on Lake Superior. The goal of his website is to provide customers with the supplies they need to enjoy boating wherever they are.

Inventor Michael Story Looks to Complete the Development of Sea Wolf Mk5 Double Hose Diving Regulator with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoMichael Story is the designer of the Sea Wolf Mk5, a highly sophisticated 21st century double hose regulator. During his early days as a diver, Michael received training with the old double hose regulators. He strongly believes that there is a real romance as well as exceptional utility involved in diving with these early regulators. However, at the same time, most of these double hose regulators are not suitable for modern diving procedures without modification.

Newport Cigarettes Available in Custom Sizes for Health Conscious Smokers

Smoking may not always be injurious to health. Wintowintrade.com now comes up with a healthy formulation of Newport cigarettes that contains a high quality tobacco blend and low nicotine content. The cigarette meant to offer a cleaner, healthier and fresher smoking experience, and is available at an affordable price from Wintowintrade.com. The online store supplies the product with free worldwide shipping.

One of a Kind 'Sports Resort' Offers Martial Arts Training Amidst Nature's Delights

The concept of a sports resort is fast picking up steam and a resort actively involved in building this trend is Muay Thai Resort in Hua Hin. This Muay Thai resort is where guests can truly discover the benefits of martial arts training while indulging in the most luxurious retreat giving clients the amazing opportunity to experience the beauty of Thailand.

Hop N Party Announces Availability of Bounce House Inventory for Christmas Parties

Today, reports of holiday party spending continues to rise, with the average cost to hold a holiday party at home going up 22 percent to $194. Businesses feel the impact of these rising costs also, as witnessed by a downturn in parties which correlates with the economic downturn of 2008, as reported by The Delaware Business Times. Many companies state they are spending smarter, possibly by hosting one family event rather than separate events for adults and children. To this end, companies such as Hop N Party state they are seeing a number of early reservations for bouncy houses to entertain children (and some adults) at corporate and family holiday parties this year.