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Burke Decor Is Now Carrying the New Sagaform Collection

Burke Decor is now carrying the new Sagaform collection. Customers interested in Sagaform products can shop the collection on Burke Decor’s online boutique.

Burke Décor Is Now Carrying Huddleson Linens

Burke Décor is now carrying Huddleson Linens. Customers interested in these fine linens can shop the collection on Burke Décor’s online boutique.

Burke Décor Is Now Carrying Crosley Radios and Turntables

Burke Décor is thrilled to now be carrying Crosley radios and turntables. Customers interested in the Crosley radios and turntables can shop the collection on Burke Décor’s online boutique.

Burke Décor Is Now Carrying Kumi Kookoon Fine Silks

Burke Décor is excited to announce it is not carrying Kumi Kookoon fine silks. Customers interested in these fine silk accessories can shop Burke Décor’s online boutique.

Burke Décor Has Launched Its Holiday Boutique

Burke Décor is excited to announce it has launched its Holiday 2014 Boutique. Customers interested in the holiday décor and holiday gift section can shop on Burke Décor’s online boutique.

Burke Décor Launches Its Online Gift Registry

Burke Décor is thrilled to announce that it has launched its online gift registry. Customers interested in creating a gift registry can set up a gift registry on Burke Décor’s online retail boutique.

Top Australian Bespoke Cabinet Maker Groth & Sons Launches New Website and Blog

Leading bespoke cabinet maker Groth & Sons announced the launch of the company's new website and accompanying blog. Designed and built from the ground up to best showcase the company's timeless, elegant custom-made cabinets, the new website is also tuned to work well with Internet-connected devices of all sorts, including mobile phones. The newly launched website can be visited at

White Reception Desk by Modern Office For A Contemporary, Professional and Clean Look

Modern Office has been a provider of high quality office furniture for over 30 years. The company is now offering a line of white office reception desks that have been designed with a clean, crisp, all-white laminate with silver frame frosted glass panel for a modern look. The white reception desk furniture will combine efficiency with modern style to deliver a look that will suit most modern day businesses.

ARTeFAC Now Offering Durable Residential Bar Stools at Very Affordable Price

LogoARTeFAC is now offering a wide range of durable residential bar stools at a very affordable price. They are a leading supplier of kitchen stools and chairs, leather club chairs, leather dining chairs and many other contemporary leather chairs. ARTeFAC is known for its top source leather bar stools. They are all handcrafted and sturdy enough to be used for many years.

10 Best Mattresses of 2014 Announced by Best Mattress Brand

LogoGetting the best mattress for the money is often a top priority of shoppers in the market for a new bed. But, knowing what to look for and how different beds compare can prove challenging.

Selby Soft Furnishings Publishes New Step by Step Guides to Creating Curtains and Cushions

Soft furnishings such as curtains and cushions can be expensive to buy and are actually far cheaper to make, if one can find the raw materials affordably. Many crafty individuals sew these items themselves using wholesale fabrics from online stores like Selby Soft Furnishings, who offer a comprehensive catalogue of colours, patterns and fabric types that can be used for everything from curtains to re-upholstering a sofa. Unfortunately the only thing standing in most people’s way is not knowing how to start, so Selby Soft Furnishings has published a comprehensive, step by step guide to making curtains and cushions.

Eco-Friendly and Organic Mattress Trends Analyzed by Mattress Journal

LogoOrganic and eco-friendly remain on the rise in everything from food to clothing, and trends have even reached the mattress industry. Mattress Journal, an industry news and consumer bed blog, recently examined the growth of the natural and organic mattress sector, comparing trends and brands. Reveals Eco-Friendly Mattress Buying Guide is a website that features mattress reviews to help its readers find the best sleep they can. Recently the website published a review of the Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses. This particular make of mattresses uses organically grown materials which reduces the usage of materials which have chemicals like petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds. Keetsa is a well-known brand of mattresses that is known to create high quality sleep products for low prices. Eco-Friendly Mattress Buying Guide lists down 8 of the most important things to factor when choosing an eco- friendly mattress.

Quietnightbeds.Co.Uk Offers Exclusive Range of Beds at Lowest Price

Those who are a little picky about their beds and mattresses would definitely love the wide range of collection presented by This company is dedicated to delivering beds which will help their customers get a quiet and restful night of sleep. understands that shopping for a bed is more than just about the design or cost. It is personal and goes out of their way to give customers what they are looking for. Announces 30 Day Best Price Promise to All Customers on All Products

Buyer’s remorse is a terrible thing, and there’s nothing worse than when hard selling salesmen convince customers they’ve gotten a great deal only to discover it cheaper several days after the purchase is made. use no hard-sell tactics, and what’s more, has now announced a best price promise that lasts an impressive 30 days after the initial purchase. If shoppers can find the item cheaper anywhere else 30 days later, Home and Garden Furniture will still refund the difference.

Organic Mattress Brands Compared By the Best Mattress

LogoOrganic products continue gaining popularity, and one area of focus remains bedding. From fire barriers to fabrics, many consumers are seeking mattresses that offer greener, cleaner dreams.

Gallery B Designs Help Breathe New Life to Existing Space

Discriminating homeowners who are not satisfied with just any kind of interior decoration can now breathe a sigh of relief. A well-known team of interior designers, Gallery B Designs, announces the availability of their services to up-scale homeowners who are looking for excellence and high quality living spaces.

Arizona Express Blinds Offers Discounted Window Treatments to Help Homeowners Reduce Energy Consumption

LogoArizona Express Blinds, a local Phoenix area window treatment company, realizes that energy cost are hurting Arizonans financially. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for approximately half of an average home’s energy costs in the U.S. That's why Arizona Express Blinds is now offering a line of window treatment solutions to help conserve energy during both the summer and winter seasons.

Not a Box Provides Unique Furniture and Accessories to Transform Spaces

Not A Box, which sources creative furniture and home accessories, is lead by a team of industry professionals with a fine eye for unique and functional. The company’s website features the entire collection of pieces and also features bundles and collections for those looking to completely transform interior space. Releases New Range of Port Royal Rattan Dining Sets, Sofas and More

Port Royal is a city located at the mouth of Kingston Harbour in Jamaica. Its name evokes a time of empire, where the sun never set on the British and its people could tour the balmy climes of distant shores in relative luxury, profiting from the lands they discovered. Such luxurious living is now a thing of the past, but many still seek to reclaim a touch of it for when the occasional sunny afternoon strikes back at home. Home and Garden Furniture is trying to bring that sense of luxury to the UK by releasing a new range of Port Royal Rattan furniture, with everything people could need to enjoy the outdoor spaces of the home.

Astrabeds Launches New Organic Latex Mattress Line

LogoCatering to the growing consumer demand for natural and organic products, latex bed brand introduces an all-new organic mattress line.

Curtains or Blinds? Duette Blinds Gives Useful Insights when Choosing the Best Window Treatments for Homes and Offices

Logo“Interior fashion” is but an exciting part of home decoration. Window treatments, a significant aspect of any home décor should be carefully chosen. And the common dilemma when it comes to window treatments is whether to use curtains or blinds.

George Courey Reports Businesses Must Remain Competitive Even when Cutting Expenses

George Courey understands many businesses are struggling to remain competitive in today's marketplace and strives to assist clients in cutting expenses without sacrificing quality. The company offers a number of promotions to help clients keep costs low while providing only the highest in quality. Many, when shopping for new items for their business, turn to this healthcare and hotel linen supplier for all of their bedding, textile, and linen needs.

ARTeFAC Now Offering Extensive Range of Industrial Furniture on Sale

LogoInspiring style and quality, ARTeFAC now offers an extensive range of industrial furniture on sale. They are providing innovative designs and exceptional accessories for every individual’s choice. Their eclectic collection will leave customers amazed by the quality and affordable prices. Now customers can decorate their office, industry, home, or warehouse with state-of-the-art industrial furniture from ARTeFAC.

Stockroom Offers Its Collection of a Wide Range of Furniture Online

Furniture is among the basic amenities for humans. Wherever man stays, he needs furniture in order to accommodate himself as well as his possessions. There are various ways in which one can get the desired piece of furniture. The online furniture shops such as Stockroom are viable choices for purchasing furniture Hong Kong. The e-commerce has swept the world of sales and purchase. Nearly everything that humans need or demand is sold online, and furniture is no exception. The flexibility of online shopping is especially widespread for citizens of the developed nations.