Press Releases From 09/21/2019 Until 10/21/2019

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Bolstering Sales of PET Foam Reinforced with Higher Demand from Transportation Sector

LogoAs per report findings, the applications of PET foam across the automotive and rail industries is rising since PET foam is rated as a viable option, primarily favored due to its light weight and greater mechanical strength.

Living in Lower Tier Cities-China-July 2019: Flourishing Lower-Tier Cities Provide Impetus to Consumption Sector

LogoChina is buoyed by robust economic growth fueled by poverty reduction and soaring prosperity in an exponential scale with cities undergoing seismic changes in the urban center of economic gravity. China's lesser known mega cities such as Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan are set to be as pivotal as Seoul and Dallas in economic terms. However, China's economic growth plunged to its lowest level in nearly three decades as the world's second largest economy feels the heat of a trade war with the U.S. China's GDP grew at 6.2% in the second quarter of 2019, the slowest quarterly growth rate ever since 1992, according to government figures. These insights are according to the intelligence report, titled, "Living in Lower Tier Cities—China—July 2019," which has been freshly added to Market Research Hub's (MRH) ever-expanding armamentarium.

Online Retailing-Germany-July 2019: Addition of Amazon Prime Wardrobe Service Bodes Well

LogoAccording to the German E-commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (BevH), over an eighth part of every euro spent in the German retail industry goes to e-commerce. Online retailing has continued to proliferate exponentially, however, in terms of dynamics, they have had tough time against online pure players and multichannel retailers. These insights are according to the intelligence report, titled, "Online Retailing—Germany—July 2019," which has been freshly added to Market Research Hub's (MRH) overarching armamentarium. Germany has been a primary market for Amazon prime in Europe where the retail giant turned 20 in October last year. With the roll out of Prime in Germany in 2007, customers have reaped rewards from a streamlined shopping experience through premium mail order. Nevertheless, membership of amazon prime has risen significantly over the decade. Meanwhile, Amazon faces political pressure from authorities from Germany and EU and it encountered warehouse strikes during the 2018 holiday seasons. However, consumers remain phlegmatic and continue shopping on Amazon.

Prevalence of Touch Screens and Interactive Way Finding Underscores Health Kiosk Market

LogoHealthcare kiosk solely meant for patient check-in are being successfully implemented in the medical ecosystem to ease the process of registration, payment collection. Prominently, new touch screen kiosks are able to help patients read and sign electronic forms, and leverage patients to conveniently update their personal information. Accordingly, this has notably ameliorated quality of patient care by minimizing errors and time patients spend in the waiting room.

Surge in Demand from Military Underpins Lasers Market

LogoLasers have gone beyond scientific applications with the use in laser cooling that achieves the lowest temperatures ever reached and limits atoms into special states of matter known as Bose-Einstein codensates. Further, there has been palpable demand stemming from military applications including laser sights and laser targeting; and medical sector including cancer treatment and eye surgery. Predominantly, barcode readers at the supermarket embracing lasers have instilled confidence among stakeholders in the market.

Craft Beer Market Rugged Expansion Foreseen by 2029, Noted Fact.MR

LogoThe craft beer has become quite popular since the last decade, and prominent companies have already increased their regional presence to increase their market share in the global craft beer market. Fact.MR reveals that the global craft beer market is likely to reach peak maturity levels, and is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 7% in the forecast period. This notable growth is mainly influenced by the dominance of small and independent brewers, which will significantly increase during the forecast period.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Booking Patients in Need of Radial Shock Therapy Services This Fall Season

LogoChronic pain can take a serious toll on anyone's quality of life. After an accident or a sports' injury, everyday activities like taking a shower, going to work, and doing household chores can be excruciatingly painful. Even worse, most doctors simply recommend that men and women living with chronic pain dull their senses with medication. However, there's finally a non-surgical treatment for those suffering from chronic pain — radial shock wave therapy from Dr. David W. Nadler.

Wedding Planners in Florida Take Beach Wedding Packages and Florida Beach Wedding Dreams from a Vision to Reality

LogoPlanning a wedding is a specialized job. Just as couples looking to get married may understand how good they are in their field of work, the chances of them being an expert when it comes to wedding day logistics is small. That's where a wedding planner comes in. Organizing weddings big and small is what Florida wedding planners Suncoast Weddings do every day. They have the local connections and a carefully selected list of preferred vendors to give the confidence to plan a wedding from many miles away, a different state, or even a different country. Brides and grooms can be as 'hands-on' as they like. Some couples like to get involved with every small detail and make selections after reviewing all the options. Other like to hand over the reins to the wedding planner and give a general description of their vision. With an extensive portfolio of work to peruse, clients of Suncoast Weddings, premier wedding planners in Florida on the west coast, often take inspiration from images of prior weddings which have been posted to social media sites like Pinterest.

Photodiode Sensors Market Outlook by Product Overview, Application and Regions 2026

LogoThe global photodiode sensor market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period of 2019–2027. Factors contributing to growth of the market include increasing use of smartphones and adoption of photodiode sensors in consumer electronics. Moreover, growing use of wearable technology is also expected to propel the photodiode sensors market growth. Photodiodes also find application in optical heart rate detection in wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches. Therefore, increasing use of wearable technologies in remote health monitoring and other industrial applications is expected to contribute to the market growth. Rapid growth in the healthcare sector and increasing use of smart watches and wearable monitors is propelling growth of the market.

Cab Aggregators Market Is Growing Exponentially in Order to Gain More Demand by 2026

LogoThe global cab aggregators market includes various participants that connect customers to car driver with the help of different forms of communication technology. Rising use of smartphones and low cost internet connectivity worldwide are the major contributors to growth of this mobile application-based business model. The global car aggregators is one the most rapidly growing market.

NASDAQ:EGBN Investor Notice: Deadline on September 23, 2019 in Lawsuit Against Eagle Bancorp, Inc.

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on September 23, 2019 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors in NASDAQ: EGBN over alleged securities laws violations by Eagle Bancorp, Inc.

NASDAQ:MGNX Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations by MacroGenics, Inc.

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of MacroGenics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGNX), filed a lawsuit over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by MacroGenics, Inc. in connection with certain allegedly false and misleading statements.

Neural Network Software Market Economic Indicators, Overview Analysis with Various Trends by 2025

LogoWorldwide market reports announced New Strategic Research on "Global Neural Network Software Market 2019 has been rising up and influencing the international economy in terms of revenue, market share and size, growth rate and Trends"

S&B Porta-Bowl Provide Colorado Porta Potty Rentals, Portable Restroom Rentals, Deluxe Portable Toilets, and Construction Site Toilets

LogoThe science behind Porta potty rental may seem complicated at first. How many units to order? Where should they be placed? There is so much more to be considered than just the average number of uses each porta potty can support, although that is generally a good place to start. A premier restroom with a flushing toilet can accommodate fewer visits than a standard non-flushing restroom. On average, the premier restroom can accommodate about 160 uses. A standard portable toilet can accommodate about 200 uses as there are not the same limitations with the supply of water. When considering which portable restroom model to rent, there are other amenities to consider.

Global Multimodal Imaging Market Will Grow at a CAGR of 4.4% - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets

LogoAccording to the new market research report "Multimodal Imaging Market by Technology (PET-CT, SPECT-CT, PET-MR, OCT, Trimodal), Application (Oncology, Cardiology, Brain, Ophthalmology, Musculoskeletal), End User (Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Academia, Pharma-Biotech) - Global Forecast to 2024", published by MarketsandMarkets™.

Global Companion Diagnostics Market Will Grow at a CAGR of 15.7% - Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets

LogoAccording to the new market research report "Companion Diagnostics Market by Product & Service (Assay, Kit, Software & Service), Technology (PCR, NGS, ISH, IHC), Indication (Breast, Lung & Colorectal Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease), End-User (Pharma Companies, CRO), Region - Global Forecast to 2024", published by MarketsandMarkets™.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services Booking Heater Check-Up Services Now

LogoHutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services is currently booking heater check-up services across the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware regions. Professionally serviced heating systems are essential as a defense against rising utility bills throughout the autumn and winter seasons. Even the smallest problems can cause heating systems to become inefficient. In some instances, this can increase heating costs by over 50 percent. Helps Travelers with Their Parking Problems Due to Airport Construction

LogoMore travelers are facing airport parking problems brought on by airport construction plans. On Air Parking, the parking deals site that introduced unbranded parking to the market, is providing travelers a new way of getting to the airport with its cheap parking deals.

Tempo Quadra: A Game-Changing Time Management System Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Tempo Quadra is a revolutionary new time management system and a paper planner that is designed to enhance productivity and reduce stress. Based on the practical principles of logic and creativity, this remarkable new system is built for everyone to use. Moreover, the creators of this system have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project, and they are welcoming generous support and backing from around the world.

Petrochemicals Market Is Expected to Significantly Increase the Revenue Contribution over the Forecast Period 2026

LogoPetrochemicals Market report categorizes global market by product type, manufacturing process, and geography - Industry trends, Outlook, Challenges and Key Market Players

Chia Seeds Market Cost Analysis by Annual Growth Rate, Revenue and Gross Margin Analysis 2025

LogoChia is edible seed of plant Salvia hispanica, a flowering plant found in Latin America. Latin America is considered as one of the main suppliers, as the region accounted for over 80% of global chia seeds supply in 2016. Chia seeds are preferred for massive amount of nutrients with very few calories. The seeds mainly consists of fibers, protein, fats, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorous with traces of zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B3 and potassium. The seeds improve metabolic health and reduce risk of heart diseases & type 2 diabetes. The seeds prevent premature skin aging, bone & muscle strength improvement and prevention of free radicals within body cells. Such health benefits are propelling demand for chia seeds in the food, beverage, personal care, and nutraceuticals industries.

Boric Acid Market Is Hammer to Grow Rapidly at an Enormous Rate by 2026

LogoBoric acid, also known as hydrogen borate, boracic acid, or acidum boricum, is a white, odorless, weak monobasic acid commonly available in the form of mineral called sassolite and in powder form. Commercially, it can be prepared by reaction of borax with mineral acids such as hydrochloric acid. It has wide range of applications such as antiseptic in medical industry and as pH buffer and sanitizer for swimming pools. It is also used in the production of lubricant with oils for ceramic and metal surfaces. This Week's Cheap Airport Parking Deal List (Sept 23-29 2019)

LogoLong-term parking is now cheaper thanks to one company's discounted deals. San Francisco-based startup On Air Parking brings travelers across the country more than two dozen parking deals near the airport for the lowest prices.

LiDAR – Emerging Technology Which Holds the Future of ADAS and Self-Driving Cars

LogoThe LiDAR market for the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driven cars is growing impressively with the inclination toward the self-driven cars. Also, the new mandates in the automotive sector are expected to create an additional opportunity for the LiDAR market. For instance, Europe has the provision of the emergency braking system (EBS) in cars for all the automotive manufactures. Also, the US is expected to mandate the same in the coming year.

PageTraffic Offers Specialized Ecommerce SEO Services in India and the U.S

LogoPageTraffic has announced the launch of their e-commerce SEO services in the US and India. Since the year 2002, the company has been offering reliable SEO services designed to help startup companies and corporations to boost their sales in the shortest time possible. With stiff competition in the online market, the company strives to ensure their clients get a competitive edge in the market. They help to attract traffic to the clients' website, thereby boosting their online presence. Other services offered by the company include branding, web designing, SEO reselling, fulltime SEO consultancy, and social media optimization.