Press Releases From 04/26/2012 Until 05/29/2015

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Supplement Market in the US 2011-2015 - Latest Report

LogoThe Supplement market in the US is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5 percent over the period 2011–2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is that supplements can be used as a cost-effective alternative to a regular diet. The Supplement market in the US has also been witnessing preference for supplements among athletes. However, unavailability of quality raw materials could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Arrangement Finders, Single Moms and Secret Service Debacle

As talks of the Secret Service agents participating in scandalous activities continues to unfold, single moms everywhere are turning to online dating services to find their own romantic rendezvous or establish concrete connections.

New Website Helps Type II Diabetes Sufferers Fight Back

In recent years, weight loss surgery has been on the minds of Americans as fitness and healthy living become not only fashionable, but necessary, as standards of good health and proper body image become further ingrained in our culture. Surgical procedures such as gastric bypass and lap band, both of which can assist properly-informed patients with losing tremendous amounts of weight, are raising in popularity not only for cosmetic reasons, but as methods of saving lives.

1st Choice Credit Union Board of Directors Name Daniel Caldwell As President/CEO

Caldwell has been a part of the Credit Union Movement for over 11 years. He began his fast rising credit union career as an Auditor for a well known CPA firm in Fayetteville, Georgia; traveling around the country providing auditing services to federal and state charted credit unions.

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway Offers Free Credit Card Tokenization Services for Online Payment Processing

The User Profile Tokenization feature allows the merchant to process returning customers without the need to store sensitive and confidential customer information on the merchant’s server. Storing sensitive information requires secure servers, in addition to various certifications. The features include the ability to Add a Profile, Import a Profile, Update a Profile, and Delete a Profile for all your Check or Credit Card transactions.

World Renowned Actress Aura Figueiredo to Endorse Muzart World Foundation

Actress, Aura Figueiredo, Desperate Housewives, ER, Passion, Albino Alligator to help MuzArt World Foundation reach schools and communities across the world with the poignant message and music of Each One Teach One.

Big D Group: The ‘Make It Happen’ People of the Australian Civil Construction Industry

Over the years, corporations and other stakeholders in the construction industry have had to put up with an acute and recurring shortage of quality civil construction services. But not anymore; Big D Group’s construction unit – Big D Construction Services – plans to change all that.

China Holds First Matchmaking Meeting for Direct Pesticide Sales

LogoThe 2012 Matchmaking Meeting for Pesticide Enterprises and Large Pesticide Consumers is successfully held on 17 March-18 March, 2012 and attracts lots of famous pesticide enterprises to attend.

CCM’s Stevia Sweetener Webinar Attracts Industrial Giants to Attend

LogoWith the topic of “China Stevia Market Review and Forecast”, CCM International’s free sweetener webinar will be held at 16:30 (GMT+8, Beijing Time) on April 26, 2012. So far, the webinar has attracted leading multinational giants from food & beverage industry to attend, such as Tate & Lyle, Cargill, Roquette, Ajinomoto, Beneo, Tampico, etc.

Exciting New Parenting Website Offers First-of-its-Kind Experience

Creators of a new site dubbed “The Parenting Trade” announced Thursday that the site has recruited limitless experts on all things child-rearing…parents.

Successes and Failures from More Than 1400 Companies to Be Discussed at BSC Forum

LogoBusiness organisations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region are gearing up to hear the most pressing business challenges in the industry. CEOs and high profiled businessmen and women will gain insight into strategy execution successes from 1400 companies and new management concepts.

Red Chilli Media Offers New Web Services for Vacation Rental Websites

Red Chilli Media, India’s best web designing company has recently launched their new web services in the field of Vacation Rentals. The vacation web development services provided by the company are unique. The website is designed in a manner that it becomes a one stop destination for the travelers. Their highly creative team uses the latest best quality themes and templates to give a fresh and unique look to the websites. Is Expanding With New Satellite Offices

For the past 17 years, has been a leading provider of surveillance and counter-surveillance products for homes and businesses. In addition to these products, they have also provided many TSCM & Bug Sweep services all around the world. The company offers a wide variety of products, ranging from video surveillance to bug detectors and live GPS tracking devices.

Denver Eyebrow Threading Offers 50% Discount on Every New Customer

Welcome to the DENVER EYEBROW THREADING. Our first-class services is Eyebrow Threading and Body Waxing in Denver. Eyebrow threading is an ancient Indian technique used to remove hair and sculpt the eyebrow. It has been used by Asian and Arabic women for decades and is really starting to catch on in America. Now we open our second location in order to give best result for our costumer. We are excited to see the tremendous growth and acceptance of our eyebrow threading service here in the Denver Metro area, and want to thank our customers by offering a discount of 50% off to everyone who visits our new location in Aurora located at the intersection of Mississippi and Chambers during the Month of May.

HARP 2.0 Applications Surge in California

Low mortgage rates have caused a surge in HARP 2.0 refinance applications in California.

New and Improved Victory Sport Scooter for All Users

This scooter is faster and more durable than other Victory scooters, but what’s better is that this scooter is accessible by all types of users, giving it more coverage. While not officially labeled a heavy duty scooter, it has the capabilities.

AMSN Compares Precision Machined Parts Manufacturers in Colorado

The Centennial State has long been known for its hardworking people, close knit families and beautiful landscapes. Today Colorado is being recognized as the market for the American Machine Shops Network in its effort to bring work to US-based precision machining companies, foundries and custom manufacturers at AMSN announced today it launched a new viral marketing and social media campaign focusing on Colorado with emphasis on helping businesses in the state find reliable manufacturers of machined parts and components.

The Mysteries of Humanity, Science and Religion Get a New Look at

For as long as man has walked the Earth as a critical thinker, he has pondered the world around him, over time examining, observing and commenting on his surroundings. Eventually systems and practices were developed that continue to be debated to this day. Ideas surrounding Science, Religion and Humanity present some of the most thought provoking, controversial and interesting notions around and free thinkers are always developing new theories.

Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (CT REIA) Announces April 2012 All-Day Investment Seminar With Sue Nelson

The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, in association with Sue Nelson is announcing the Saturday seminar for real estate investors on April 28, 2012. This meeting will take place from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Comfort Inn, located at 900 East Main Street in Meriden, CT.

The First 2013 Chevy Malibu Arrives at Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet in Detroit

The newly redesigned 2013 Chevrolet Malibu has arrived at Matthews Hargreaves Chevrolet in Detroit. The first wave of the Model comes in the form of the partial hybrid Malibu Eco trim. The regular lineup of trim levels with standard engines well be in stock in this summer. The new Malibu adds refinement, innovative features, and efficiency.

Books and Brunch at Planting Fields Arboretum Historic State Park

Long Island Authors Group will hold the second in a series of Long Island Book Fairs for 2012 at Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, New York.

Find Assured Brand Registration & Trademark Protection Services

Protect your brand name from any misuse with brand registration services. Find effective services regarding trademark and get benefits of services. Discover about trademark agent and attorney to find assistance in trademark registration.

Infinite IT Solutions Bringing Smack Art’s Web Presence to Life

Smack Art is the brainchild of artist Jamie Petroff and is a company located in Melbourne that promotes the original work of a number of artists. With years of experience in both the photography and painting fields, the works created by Smack Art are of an exceptionally high quality and are collectible items amongst the art world. With a style that appeals to the most traditional to the most out there, Smack Art is sure to be able to offer you a piece that suits your tastes.

How Does a Car Title Loan Help You - Trading Financial Credit, Llc

Car title loans really help people undergoing sudden financial crisis. They are availed by people to improve their credit ratings, as well as to meet their immediate requirements like medical fees, small vacations or educational cost. Car title loans do not require the customer to deposit the car itself. The customer needs to surrender only the title of the car. He can enjoy the ride with the car as well as repay the loan.

First 21” Propane Industrial Lawn Mower Introduced by Zipper Mowers

Zipper adds to their propane lineup with its new Industrial grade 21” Propane Fueled Mower being released 2nd quarter of 2012. The environmentally friendly mower is powered by an EnviroGard Kawasaki FJ180 engine which produces very low emissions and is available in zone start as well as BBC configurations.