Press Releases From 08/08/2012 Until 08/08/2012

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Maryland Business Community to Support AMSN's Manufacturing Movement

The NEW Industrial Revolution comes to Maryland backed by the leading custom manufacturing marketplace

Investor News Source Reports on 5 OTC Stocks: OTC:BTHR, PINK:SNTL, OTC:IDOI, OTC:TAEC, PINK:LDSI is issuing a report on 5 stocks to watch on August 7, 2012 Big Three Restaurants, Inc. (OTC:BTHR), Syncronys International, Inc. (PINK:SNTL), IDO Security, Inc (OTC:IDOI), Todays Alternative Energy Corp. (OTC:TAEC), Life Design Station International, Inc. (PINK:LDSI)

Startups Thrilled With Customized Relational Database Design from SQLXL.COM

Start-ups in all industries now have the opportunity of benefiting from customized relational database design services from leading SQL Server consultant SQLXL.COM. Having secure, multitasking, efficient and scalable database infrastructures is absolutely critical for start-ups and small businesses because they have a need to accumulate vital business data to enable them determine areas of potential future growth and work concentration.

Introducing Reverend Eva Engman, NYC Minister and Missionary for The Universal Life Church World Headquarters.

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters has Ministers and Missionaries located throughout the world, South Korea, Pakistan, India, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, Africa, South America, Mexico, Canada, Great Britian, France, Spain, Germany and in many other countries. We would like to introduce one of our many hard working Ministers, Reverend Eva Engman who started for us, many years ago in New York City here in the United States. Recently Reverend Eva Engman began a missionary trip to Switzerland.

Morning Market Wrap: PINK:BZRT, OTC:MHYS, PINK:KMAG, OTC:DIMI, OTC:MDMC Follow @InvestorNewsSrc on Twitter is issuing a report on 5 stocks to watch on August 8, 2012, Inc. (PINK:BZRT), Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company, Inc. (OTC:MHYS), KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (PINK:KMAG), DiMi Telematics International, Inc. (OTC:DIMI), Marine Drive Mobile Corp. (OTC:MDMC)

Rev Dr. Joel Lamoure RPh, DD, FASCP, OSM. Who Heads up the Universal Life Church Medical Advisory Board, Has Recently Been Listed in the Marquis Who's Who in the World, 29th Edition

LogoUniversal Life Church World Headquarters through qualified Ministers, offers a vast array of services such as marriage counseling, alcohol and drug counseling, hospice, pastoral counseling and spiritual counseling. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters offers a Medical Advisory Board headed up by Rev Dr. Joel Lamoure RPh, DD, FASCP, OSM and who has recently been listed in the Marquis Who's Who in the World, 29th Edition - lists Rev Dr. Joel Lamoure.

Watch for Mel Gibson and Max Ryan on the Universal Life Church Radio Network This Fall, Max Ryan Is a Minister With the Universal Life Church World Headquarters

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters offers the ULC Radio Network, (WULC) 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. During Prime Time 7-11PM est, the scheduling includes programs by Universal Life Church Ministers. The Network offers Sunday Mass and Wenesday Night Devotions and Bible Study.

New EzCheckPersonal PC Check Printing Software is More User-Friendly Than Ever

LogoEzCheckpersonal check writer software saves users time and money. With this check printing software, users will never need to order the expensive pre-printed checks. released the new edition of ezCheckPersonal PC check writer software with more user-friendly graphic user interface. So more family users can begin printing checks within minutes of installation even they do not have accounting or IT background.

Universal Life Church Radio Announces Changes to It's Sunday Mass and Wednesday Night Prayer, Devotion and Bible Study Schedule

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters recently announced that they have ended a longtime relationship with blogtalk radio, a relationship that included the airing of the extremely popular programs as follows:

Discount Gold Brokers, Inc. Stays Committed to Its Bargain Pricing Philosophy

LogoIn the highly competitive precious metals industry, companies compete daily to secure market share. And in a landscape where they are at liberty to establish retail pricing, Discount Gold Brokers stays committed to the bottom line. “Our commitment to discounted pricing is the foundation for our success”, a company spokesman stated, “we believe that it is inexcusable that other companies impose premiums that are only designed to improve their profit margins at the investors expense”.

Enjoy Local and International Cuisine at Restaurants of Houston

If you are planning to relocate to Houston, or if you are just curious about life in Houston, there are several reasons to be looking forward in Houston. From the extensive choice of restaurants in Houston to vibrant night life, there is plenty to keep one occupied. Houston is one of the best American metros for all those who love to eat good food. Restaurants in Houston serve all types of international and traditional American cuisines. There are hundreds of Brazilian restaurants, Mexico restaurant and Taco stands galore. Brazilian Steakhouses are great example of 24 hour Brazilian restaurant. Many of these places are open 24 hours a day. BBQ is very common around Houston. No Name BBQ and Lulling City Market are must visit eateries for BBQ love.

Web Design Company Confesses Web Design Doesn't Matter

LogoLong-time design industry expert reveals startling insider tip: Web site "design" not as important as Web design companies would have you believe. News report explains.

Crowdfunding Is a Tool to Change the Dynamics of Economic Downturn

Innova Global Technology and Irvine Chamber of Commerce are happy announce that the seminar and conference on CrowdFunding is to be conducted on 8-9-2012. Some of the luminaries from the field of Finance, Commerce and Business are slated to grace the conference and speak on topics of high significance.

Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia Announces Merger with Advanced Ankle and Foot Centers, Welcoming New Atlanta Podiatrist Physicians on Board

LogoAnkle and Foot Centers of Georgia, LLC is pleased to announce the merger with Advanced Ankle and Foot Centers; helping to expand their list of locations and their physicians throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. Releases New Video About Forgiveness

Noah Hammond, a well-known self-help professional, recently released a new video on Youtube titled “How To Forgive Someone Quickly and Easily.” This video is designed to help people move on by using the right mindset to forgive and forget.

Lowest Price and Highest Quality T-Shirts and Active Wear from Best Buy Uniforms

LogoIndividuals looking for the most comfortable and friendly-priced t-shirts and active wear must visit Best Buy Uniforms’s website. This company is a one-stop shop for all professional apparel.

Atlanta's Own EcoMech Geothermal, 1st Georgia WaterFurnace Dealer to Test & Install New WaterFurnace Series 7

LogoEcoMech Geothermal & Mechanical of Atlanta, Georgia, is proud to announce that they are the first in the state of Georgia to officially install, startup and test out the most efficient air conditioning system in the world. “We literally weren’t even sure if it was running or not. It’s just that quiet.” -states Tim Uzar, CEO of EcoMech LLC in Georgia. Now Offering New Fencing Solutions for Pools recently released new fencing products designed for above ground pools. Proper fencing around an above ground pool can help prevent drowning and keep toys and other items from falling out of the pool. Provides Details on Savings Account Payday Loans posted a new article giving a detailed overview of one of the newest types of loans available online: the savings account payday loan. These type of loans can help people instantly boost their online bank account so they are able to afford emergency situations that might occur. Posts New Survivorship Life Insurance Overview Article

The insurance experts at recently posted a new article that focuses on survivor life insurance. Unlike other like insurance plans, this plan covers two people (typically a husband and wife), and does not pay out until both people pass on.

Jazzercise Dance Exercise Hosts Free Classes at Open House in Broward County

Open house attendees will have an opportunity to try a free class, and those who sign up at the open house will be able to take advantage of a special sale offering free classes in August and September with an October registration. Attendees only pay a one-time joining fee. If you are unable to make it to class, you can still take advantage of the sale at

Seo4Anyone Launches White Label Services & SEO Reseller Program for Traditional Ad Agencies

Seo4anyone has just launched a new white label services and SEO reseller program for other traditional agencies so that they can provide internet marketing services to their clients at affordable prices. This program allows each agency to focus on finding their own customers and provide them the best service possible, while delivering the project through their relationship with seo4anyone’s team of white Label consultants.

Extreme Sport Action Cameras and Adventure Gear Now Available at New Online Store, HurtleGear

Addicting to many, extreme sports which are also known as action sports, freesports or adventure sports are perceived to be activities of high inherent danger levels. Often times, these sports involve height, speed and extreme physical exertion. With safety as a top priority, having the right gear is critical when it comes to protecting participants during any extreme sport excursion.

Lose Chubby Face Exercises to Get Rid of Face Fat from Enformy Secrets

Individuals with chubby cheeks tend to attract attentions in the public when they are outside. Fat face is brought on by too much fat hard. Many people are resolved to seek the aid of doctors. In the clinic, advanced machines are used to tone the face area muscles. Normally, patients have to attend a number of facial toning sessions before they can see results. The drawback to seeking treatment from the clinic is the expensive cost. Doctors usually charge patients hundreds or thousands of dollars for a complete session. In addition, the face lifting effects made by the machines never last permanently.

Mitchell Vazquez Supports Global Cultural and Humanitarian Philanthropies

Mitch Vazquez is an ardent philanthropic donor to a range of causes and recently gave his support to two well-known regional charities.