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What's Driving Satellite Antenna Market Trends? Key Company Profiled in Airbus Defence and Space, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Harris Corporation

LogoIn past few years, satellite antenna market has gained an enormous interest due to improvement in the wireless communication technology. Antennas perform the most elementary function of wireless communication i.e. transmission and reception. The growth in the space industry is one of the major factor fueling the growth of the satellite antenna market. Rise in increase in number of space exploration missions, cost-effective satellite launch operations, and rising demand for satellite aided warfare and improved deployment of small satellites are the major factors which are driving the growth of the market. Furthermore, the increasing demand of wireless and mobile communication has been accelerating the development and demand of satellite antenna in the telecommunication industry.

What's Driving RFID Antenna Market Growth? Top Players: Zebra Technologies Corporation, Omni-ID, GAO RFID Inc., Impinj, Inc

LogoRadio frequency identification (RFID) is one of the fastest developing technology that provides wireless identification and tracking capability. The continuous improvement in network infrastructure has compelled retailers to use e-commerce and m-commerce to increase their reach and revolutionize their customer's shopping experience. Retailers consistently require real-time information about the products/goods inbound to customers. RFID antenna helps to increase inventory visibility and provides accurate information about the movement of goods through the supply chain. Furthermore, the rise in use of RFID antennas and systems by various companies to implement intelligent distributed order management systems and also facilitates accurate inventory tracking is one of the major factors which is fuelling the growth of the market.

What Future Holds for Portable Base Station Market: Top Players to Be Benefited: RavTrack, Motorola Solutions, Inc., Sepura, ICS Industries

LogoIn the past few years, the portable base station market has gained an enormous interest due to improvement in the wireless communication technology. The exponential growth in the number of mobile subscribers across the globe is creating potential growth opportunities for the portable base station market. Furthermore, the increasing demand for wireless and mobile communication has been accelerating the development and demand for portable base stations in the telecommunication industry. Rise in demand for high-speed broadband services and growth in consumer awareness of IoT applications, such as connected homes & automobiles, drive the global portable base station market.

Just How Big Is the Mobile Camera Module Market? Here's What You Need to Know: Cowell, SEMCO, Foxconn Technology, Chicony Electronics, LG Innotek

LogoThe exponential growth in the consumer electronics market driving the growth of mobile camera module market. The increasing demand for smartphones in various countries around the world is fuelling the growth of mobile camera market. Today, the demand for mobile camera is increasing not only for traditional digital camera applications, but also for applications in medical, security, and automotive. The continuous innovations in quality of cameras and the need for high-pixel density images are some of the major factors which are generating the rapid demand for growth of mobile camera module market. Moreover, the increase in the volume of electronic data in the form of images is also creating the rapid demand for mobile camera module.

What's the Next Big Thing in the Intelligent Cash Deposit Machine Market? NCR Corporation, Dibold Nixdorf, Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions

LogoRising preference for card-less ATM transactions is the prominent factor driving the growth of the intelligent cash deposit machine market. Financial institutions and individual ATM deplorers are continuously focusing on upgrading their ATM infrastructure to enhance security and convenience and deliver a personalized seamless banking experience to its customers by introducing card-less ATM transactional functionalities such as One-Time Access Code and biometric authentication, and intelligent cash deposit machines. Furthermore, rise in the number of bank accounts, increasing investments towards expansion of banking network and rise in the number of foreign investments in the banking sector are the potential growth factors expected to surge the demand for intelligent cash deposit machines. With a rise in cyber-security threats across various components of the banking system, service providers are focusing on developing and expanding the number of intelligent cash deposit machines with enhance security functionalities to protect their banking network from various types of cyber-attacks.

What's the Next Big Thing in the Cellular Repeater Market? Wilson Electronics (WeBoost), Surecall, Smoothtalker, Uniden

LogoCellular repeater is an emerging technology device designed to repair areas of weak cellular reception, with the help of by the usage of a reception antenna, a signal amplifier and a transmission antenna. Major components of a cellular repeaters are external directional antenna, internal rebroadcast antenna and signal amplifier.

Disposable Spinal Instruments Market Size to Accelerate at a Rapid CAGR of 8.2% by 2029

LogoHealthcare-Associated Infections or Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are caused while receiving medical treatment in a hospital facility. HAIs are among the major challenges to the safety of patients, and can have severe public health implications. These infections are also capable of causing disability and sometimes death. The occurrence of HAIs is increasing at an alarming rate. According to WHO, the prevalence of these infections in developed countries varies from 3.5% to 12%. Developing countries are at a higher risk as the rate of infection is 3-20 times higher in developing countries as compared to high-income countries.

Donor Egg IVF Market Size to Accelerate at a Rapid CAGR of 7.5% by 2028

LogoIVF Market: Fresh Donor Egg Cycle Segment to Exhibit a High Revenue Share throughout the Forecast Period (2018-2028)

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Market Size to Accelerate at a Rapid CAGR of 4.5% by 2029

LogoGlobal sales of pharmaceutical intermediates closed in on US$ 26 billion 2018, which is likely to see modest Y-o-Y growth in 2019, by an estimated 3.6% rate. More than 70% of the pharmaceutical intermediates consumed, were generic. A moderate demand growth outlook has been projected for branded pharmaceutical intermediates.

Vision Screeners Market to Witness Healthy Growth At 6% CAGR by 2029

LogoGlobal vision screener sales are likely to near US$ 500 Mn by the end of 2019. According to a new research intelligence study presented by Future Market Insights (FMI), the market for vision screeners will continue to witness an average 5.5% Y-o-Y growth in the revenues in 2019 and ahead. As reported by the study, more than a third of overall sales of vision screeners is targeted to a variety of vision screening tests, followed by color vision tests.

Viscosupplementation Market Size to Accelerate at a Rapid CAGR of 5% by 2029

LogoThe growth of the viscosupplementation market can be attributed to the increasing prevalence of osteoarthritis. According to the latest research by FMI, the global viscosupplementation market is expected to be valued at US$ 3,800 Mn by the end of 2028. The viscosupplementation market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period 2019-2029. Increase in the population suffering from osteoarthritis is creating high demand for osteoarthritis treatment and pain management drugs, which is expected to result in the robust growth of the viscosupplementation market.

Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) Treatment Market Is Projected to Expand at CAGR of 6% by 2029

LogoA market study presented by FMI' Mucopolysaccharidosis Treatment Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014-2018 and Opportunity Assessment 2019-2029,' explains the significant factors influencing the current market structure.

Smart and Mobile Supply Chain Solutions Market Is Expected to Register Significant CAGR of 9.9%

LogoLooking at the current market trends as well as the promising demand status of the Smart and Mobile Supply Chain Solutions Market, it can be projected that the future years will bring out positive outcomes. This research report added by MRRSE on its online portal delivers clear insight about the changing tendencies across the global Smart and Mobile Supply Chain Solutions Market. Readers can gather prime facets connected to the target market which includes product, end-use and application; assisting them to draw conclusions out of this intelligent research report.

Venous Thromboembolism Treatment Market Is Projected to Expand at CAGR of 4% by 2029

LogoThe global demand for venous thromboembolism treatment market is likely to grow steadily over the forthcoming years. As indicated by a recent Future Market Insights (FMI) study, the market revenues will observe approximately 4% CAGR between 2019 and 2029. More than 3/5th of treatment demand is underpinned by deep venous thrombosis, according to the report. Catheter-directed thrombolysis devices and percutaneous thrombectomy devices, collectively account for more than half of the global revenues represented by the venous thromboembolism treatment market.

Gene Editing Tools Market Is Projected to Expand at a CAGR of 18% by 2029

LogoAccording to latest research by FMI, the global gene editing tools market is estimated to have accounted for more than US$ 258 Mn in terms of value in 2018. The report on the gene editing tools market further projects that the gene editing tools market is likely to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during the period 2019-2029.

Clinical Oncology Next-Generation Sequencing Market Revenue to Register a CAGR of 17% by 2029

LogoNext-generation sequencing refers to the identification of the nucleotides of DNA base pairs for the diagnosis of various diseases. Oncology is one of the important applications of next-generation sequencing. It is an advanced and faster method of sequencing. Clinical oncology next-generation sequencing includes kits & reagents, services, sequencing platforms, and sequencing products. The kits and reagents used for sequencing are expected to witness significant growth in the overall market.

Commercial Boiler Market Report 2024: Atlantic, Viessmann, Babcock and Wilcox, Bosch,NIBE

LogoAccording to a new research report by the market research and strategy consulting firm,Global Market Insights, Inc, Global Commercial Boiler Market is predicted to reach over USD 15 Billion by 2024 with across 520 pages ,1001 market data tables & 37 figures & charts from the report.

Hydro-Processing Catalysts Market Top Key Players Include HaldorTopsøe, W. R. Grace and Company, Albemarle Corporation, Axens, UOP- Honeywell International Inc

LogoIn last two decades, the business of refining catalyst has grown from regional to global level. Refinery product values are dependent on process catalysts of refined products, petrochemical products and chemicals alongwith other refinery operations. One of the major concerns in the refinery is to reduce the sulphur content to the required limit. Hydro-processing catalysts (HPC) are primarily consumed in the hydro-processing operation of crude oil fractions. Such crude oil fractions include kerosene, naphtha and diesel. As a common practice, hydro-processing of crude oil fractionsis carried out at an elevated temperature and pressure.Hydro-processing is required to remove pollutants such as sulphur, heavy metals and nitrogen from fuel oils. These catalysts also help in the catalytic hydrocracking process to crack larger hydrocarbon molecules into smaller sizes,to be used as fuel oils. Thus, hydro-processing catalysts enable conversion of heavy feedstock into lighter products for efficient processing. Hydro-processing catalysts market is the fastest growing refinery catalysts market segment in the world. In addition, hydro-processing catalysts supplement the process control and operational efficiency improvement activities. Therefore, it is expected that the hydro-processing catalyst market will dominate the global refinery catalyst market by 2020.

Key Market Participants in Global Powdered Injection Molding Market Are: ARC Group, Advanced Materials Technologies Pte. Ltd., Epsom Atmix Corporation

LogoPowder injection molding is an industrial manufacturing solution for producing alloy, metal, and ceramic parts. This process is widely used on account of its advantages, such as cleaner product output over other processes. The powder injection molding market is likely to grow with double digit CAGR over the entire forecast period. In addition, it is also expected that powder injection molding market value will grow 2X in 2020 as compared to its 2013 values.

What's Driving the Lead Acid Battery Market Share? Key Company Profiled in Johnson Controls, GS Yuasa, EnerSys, Exide Technologies

LogoGlobal Market Insights, Inc. adds new Lead Acid Battery Market report which provides in-depth information about Industry overview, top vendors, Key market highlights, product types, drivers, challenges, trends, industry landscape, size and forecast.

Just How Big Is the Fibrin Glue Market? Here's What You Need to Know: Omrix Biopharmaceutical Inc., Haemcure Corporation, Baxter International Inc., Harvest Technologies

LogoFibrin glue is the type of surgical sealant used in sealing of wounds in surgical treatment. As the product name suggests sealants are the material used to seal something. Surgical sealant is an implantable medical device used after traumatic injury or surgery, as to hold the internal and external tissues. In addition, surgical sealant on the basis of its composition can be further classified into fibrin glue and synthetic sealant.

What's the Next Big Thing in the Air Flow Sensors Market? DENSO EUROPE, First Sensor AG, Degree Controls Inc., Delta OHM

LogoAir flow sensors are also known as air velocity sensors and are used to measure the speed and pressure of the air with the best possible accuracy. Air flow sensors also measure the volume and the density of the air flowing through a channel. These sensors are designed to efficiently collect environmental and atmospheric data in a variety of applications which are precision critical. Air flow sensors can also be manufactured with custom configuration options, which are helpful as they have the user-defined applications. In most of the modern cars, the MAF (mass air flow sensor) is an integral component of the engine system controlled by the computer. It is the best way to measure the amount of air an engine takes in i.e. the engine load.

Gel Stent Market SWOT Analysis and Key Business Strategies, Demand & Forecast – 2027: ALLERGAN, AqueSys

LogoAstent is a small tube that is expandable and is used for treatment of the narrowed arteries. Stents can also be placed in weak arteries to improve the blood flow and prevent arteries from bursting. The most common surgical treatment for glaucoma is trabeculectomy or trabeculoplasty which are highly effective yet invasive. The gel stent is made up of soft collagen derived gelatin. On injection, the stent gets hydrated and swells which create a soft and flexible channel that adheres to ocular tissue and cannot move. The procedure is minimally invasive, it reduces the intraocular pressure (IOP) significantly by drainage of fluid to subconjunctival passage, and the material minimizes the complication as compared to other synthetic materials.

Mobility Aids and Transportation Equipment Market Will Generate New Growth Opportunities by 2025: Detailed Research Report

LogoMobility aids and transportation equipment are devices which are designed and used to assist the people with mobility impairment. These devices are mainly used to increase independent mobility for the injured or elderly population. There are many products or we can say options available in the market that help disabled person to stay active forever.

Stem Cell Therapies Market 2015: Market Share, Size, Competition Landscape, Manufacturers Analysis and Future Opportunity Outlook – 2025

LogoStem cells are undifferentiated biological cells, and having remarkable potential to divide into any kind of other cells. When a stem cell divides, each new cell will be a new stem cell or it will be like another cell which is having specific function such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, brain cell and some other cells.