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Oregon Company Launches Indiegogo to Help Small Businesses

Ever get that nostalgic feeling when something old is seen all new and shiny again? One Oregon company, Dub Box USA, wants small vendors across the USA to have that feeling with a vendor trailer that resembles the vintage VW van and they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to take their already established business to the next level.

CanaDream Corporation Reports Record First Quarter Net and Comprehensive Income of $2.8 Million

The Company encourages interested parties to access CanaDream Corporation’s Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) on the SEDAR website,, for a more detailed discussion of these results.

Go King Mover Provides a COI (Certificate of Insurance) to Protect the Property

LogoWhether it is a commercial move or a residential one, moving usually involves lots of hassles. In case all the necessary arrangements are not done properly, it might even ruin the move completely! This is why it is advisable to hire the service of professional movers for the purpose. Those looking for affordable, quick and easy relocation Denver packages can opt for Go King Mover, which is a leading name in offering quality Denver moving and storage services for offices. With more than 20 years’ of experience, professional movers of this company are considered to be one of the leading Denver, Colorado movers, who conduct all types of commercial moves, irrespective of their size or complexity. While there are a number of moving companies in the Denver metro region, Go King Mover has become quite popular among the business owners due to its flawless and affordable services, which are always offered on time. Another specialty of this moving company is that it offers COI (Certificate of Insurance) to protect its customers’ property.

Groove Rocker Seth Winters on Par for Success with Latest EP, the Rise of Setti May

Groove rock takes on a warmth and appeal when it’s in the hands of rock ‘n’ roll artist Seth Winters. With a distinct voice and fingers that fly up and down the neck of his guitar, Seth has a lot to offer the music industry, even beyond the growing independent music scene of his hometown of Athens, GA. Earlier this year, he released his EP The Rise of Setti May and performed a slew of shows all over the southeast to promote it, which he will continue to do into next year.

Hydraulic Breaker Services LLC Now Sells Certified Rebuilt Breakers

Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC, a leading provider of hydraulic breaker services and products, is pleased to announce that they now sell certified rebuilt breakers from the nine major manufacturers including ALLIED/RAMMER, ATLAS COPCO, BTI, CATERPILLAR, INDECO, KENT, NPK, STANLEY, TRAMAC/MONTABERT. hydraulic breakers. It is true that not all hydraulic hammer shops are not created equal, which is why customers turn to Hydraulic Breaker Services, LLC for the services and parts they need.

Dunkin Donuts/Alpine Learning Group Form Employment Partnership

Alpine Learning Group and Dunkin Donuts announce a strategic partnership providing meaningful jobs for adults with autism. The opportunity represents an expansion of Alpine Learning Group’s Supported Employment Program, which pairs adults with autism with a job coach to provide on-the-job training and skill development.

William B. Fretz, Jr. & Steve Fischer Hold Successful "Tailgate for Troops" Event at Beachside Smokehouse in Cape May

On Saturday, December 14, 2013, William B. Fretz, Jr. and Steve Fischer held Tailgate for Troops, also known as the 2013 M.O.A.T. (Mother of all Tailgates). The event was held before the Army vs. Navy game at Lincoln Financial Field’s M LOT in Philadelphia. Given the success of this fundraiser, William Fretz plans to continue this tradition and hold similar events in the future.

Hydrojet, Inc. Announces Services for Composite Tooling This Spring

LogoAs an industry leader in composite machining and manufacturing, Hydrojet, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for composite tooling this spring. There is an increasing demand for upgraded, innovative machining and parts, so the elite composite machining company in the greater Philadelphia area utilizes their state-of-the-art facility to manufacture the highest quality of molds, meeting the exact requirements of their valued clientele.

Revenue Driven Marketing Strategies from SEO Experts

Gone are the days when businesses used to completely rely on print and visual media for their advertising, promotional and marketing needs. It is the age of internet where individuals read and watch news online, where people prefer to shop online, where people find their ways through Google Maps and where people like to stay in touch with their friends and family on social media. And there is every need for businesses to focus on the internet to tap those unseen audiences from all across the world. First Page HQ offers online marketing services for online businesses.

Enjoy Refreshing Summers with Home Window Tinting in Houston

Summers are getting worse year after year and there is every need to prepare for the scorching season beforehand. Direct rays from the sun that enter through the window glass can be very harmful and can cause damage to furniture, wooden flooring, walls, carpeting and everything that is exposed. Apart from that, direct sunlight can increase the room temperature thereby compelling the residents to use air conditioners or other cooling equipment. This means that there is unnecessary energy usage. Homeowners can now get rid of this problem with home window tinting in Houston. There are a lot of benefits with a little investment on Houston Window Film. The home window film in Houston can reject heat up to 70%, can reduce UV damage up to 99.9% and reduce glare up to 85%.

Products for Medicine Discusses Xenon Lamps

Lighting has evolved tremendously since Thomas Edison’s first successful incandescent light bulb experiment 135 years ago. Science’s ability to manipulate light has led to advances in medicine previously thought impossible, and xenon lighting technology is part of that heritage. In a xenon arc lamp at, electricity passes through ionized xenon gas at a very high pressure to create light. Originally developed in the 1940s in Germany, xenon lamps have a variety of uses, from movie projectors to search lights to automobile headlamps. Close mimics of natural sunlight, these precision light sources are used widely in the field of medicine for microscopy, endoscopy and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Austin, TX Divorce Attorney Cristi Trusler Interviewed About How to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer

Cristi Trusler, a family law and divorce attorney in Austin, TX was recently interviewed to discuss her opinion on how people can find the best divorce lawyer for their family situation. In the interview, Ms. Trusler describes what people need to look for in a lawyer who can help them navigate their divorce efficiently and with the entire family in mind.

Allstate Security Services Provides Private Security Guard Services for Ones' Protection

Allstate Security Services provides private security guard services for ones’ protection with their extremely trained and qualified individuals. They now offer both long-term and short-term security activities. One can trust their security guards because they are highly trained and knowledgeable, and are selected for their inborn talent and security abilities.

The Fifth Installment of Eva Pohler's Greek Mythology Series, The Gatekeeper's Saga, Returns April 1

Gatekeeper’s fans, the wait is over. The fifth installment of Eva Pohler’s Greek mythology series, The Gatekeeper’s Saga, returns April 1. The newest title, The Gatekeeper's Secret, promises to continue its thrilling read for ages young and old.

New Resource for Recognizing Frauds with Dangerous Garcinia Cambogia

Of the many diet and workout solutions available in the market, Garcinia Cambogia has emerged as a popular product choice. Yet, the market is also filled with dangerous frauds and product fakes riding the online and offline audience. When purchasing online, users can look for certain traits and avoid fraudulent pitfalls. is this new reliable source of information and quick tips on how to avoid falling prey to popular product frauds in this category.

Curtis Brothers Furniture Partners with BizIQ

Curtis Brothers Furniture, a family owned and operated appliance, electronics and furniture store in Rush County, IN, has formed a marketing partnership with BizIQ, a firm specializing in small business web optimization.

StormFitters Provides a Wide Range of Storm Abatement Products at Affordable Prices

StormFitters the leading manufacturer and supplier of hurricane doors and replacement windows is offering a complete range of storm abatement products to all its clients at the most reasonable prices. Based in Tampa, Florida, StormFitters has earned a reputation for itself in the industry by offering highly durable and strong products which help property owners to protect their belongings and their infrastructure from high winds which are a common occurrence in the Florida area.

Innovative Pest Management Helps Keep Pest Control in Las Vegas Manageable and in Check

LogoThere is simply no substitute for a safe, clean living environment at home or work. However, when it comes to eliminating pests, finding a reliable team of pest control specialists is essential in order to deliver professional results. Offers High Quality Women's Swimsuits at Best Prices is a reputable website for women's swimsuits that are offered at affordable prices and high quality. The Becca swimwear collection becomes more and more popular among the women with the approaching of the summer season. The company offers a wide variety of comfortable and style swimsuits. Customers have multiple choices of personalized two or one piece swimwear, different sensational swimsuits, swim outfits and bikinis that can fit any needs and preferences.

China Mask Market Overview, Investment Opportunities, Development Trend Forecast to 2018

LogoResearch and Investment Prospects of China Mask Industry, 2014-2018 mainly conducts a research on mask industry in the following aspects: market scale, supply and demand of mask, market structure, regional competitive situation and major mask enterprises; meanwhile it makes an analytical forecast on mask industry, so as to make enterprises know this industry better and offers decision-making references for investors.

Maid Naturally Now Offering Unmatched Maid Service in Spokane

Maid Naturally, one of the most sought-after maid service providers in Washington, is now offering unmatched maid service in Spokane. Their team of maids is experienced and professional, and provides excellent service.

Chinese Coal Tar Industry 2017 Development Environment Analysis

LogoIn 2012, the production capacity of China's coal tar industry was 22 million tons, and the output was 18 million tons, in which 68 million tons was used in producing carbon black. In 2013, influenced by downstream market, the operating rate was rising and China's coal tar output has reached 20 million tons.

Arrive in Style Limousines Offers Airport and Cruise Transportation

Even without delays, air travel can exhaust the most frequent flyer. Navigating through crowded airports, waiting in long security lines, and maneuvering carry-on luggage into overhead bins do not a glamorous trip make. Even more disconcerting, when passengers reach their destinations, ground transportation can involve more waiting for cab service or fighting for space in shared passenger vans. Arrive In Style, the premiere choice for Orange County limousines at, eliminates the hassle of ground transportation and brings the elegance back to traveling.

Bitcoin Miner Launches to Become Ultimate Resource on Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is still a controversial idea but the value of the virtual currency has rocketed, it has excited entrepreneurs like few other ideas in the last ten years, and has led to a phenomenon known as Bitcoin Mining. Bitcoin Mining uses processing power to complete large volumes of mathematical tasks that generate Bitcoins, which now have a monetary value. By generating these Bitcoins in large sums, rather than devaluing the currency as a whole, users can sell them off to create cash. This is a complex process however and many get lost trying to understand it, so Bitcoin Miner was launched to explain the process in detail.

Global and China Biodegradable Plastics Market Report 2013-2016

LogoThe collection of ‘Bio Plastic’ market research reports has a new addition of “Global and China Biodegradable Plastics Industry Report, 2013-2016” on

China Aluminum Rolling Market Report 2013-2016

LogoThe collection of ‘Aluminum’ market research reports has a new addition of “China Aluminum Rolling Industry Report, 2013-2016” on

Waste Your Creativity with Captionit's New Iphone App

Captionit Inc., a young Silicon Valley-based startup, announced on March 25 that its iPhone application can now be downloaded for free on Apple App Store. Alex H., Captionit’s Co-Founder, says, “Captionit is the funnest way to waste your creativity”. We are creating “The best way to have fun!”