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Broadview Homes Announces Grand Opening for Evanston Show Home in NW Calgary

Broadview Homes announced the date for grand opening of its new showhome in the NW Calgary community of Evanston. The company is known for their innovative and award-winning home designs that offer a wide range of options for their customers to choose from.

GoodFellas Announces Apple iPad Mini Giveaway

Leading Scranton food joint GoodFellas has taken a further step to make its finger-licking treats more sumptuous with the announcement of Apple iPad Mini Giveaway of late. The Apple gift would be available for the V.I.Pizza members here.

Herman Law Group Assisting Immigrants in the US in Naturalization and Citizenship Process

American immigrants in Cleveland aspiring for naturalization and citizenship can seek the assistance of Herman Law Group to seek help from the beginning until the end of the process. Well-versed with every aspect of immigration law, they review the naturalization case of every client before advising them. Leveraging their expertise, they can help immigrants on the path to citizenship.

Ultriva Suggests Integrating Supply Chain Execution Leverage MRP and ERP Investments

LogoNarayan Laksham, Founder and CEO of Ultriva, a leading supply chain execution software company, noted in the current company blog, “During the last decade, I have personally visited over 150 manufacturing facilities worldwide to help manufacturing companies collaborate with suppliers and gain true supply chain visibility. Due to all this first-hand knowledge, it was a surprise to read Lora Cecere’s recent Forbes magazine article titled Bumps, Cracks and Opportunities reporting that large manufacturing companies, having spent a fortune on MRP systems, in this case SAP and JDA, still use spread sheets and other patches to get through the day.”

The Simplification of Becoming a Millionaire: Life-Changing New Book Shuns Hype to Expose Realistic Route to Wealth

While financial guides have long been a staple of the literary world, many over-promise riches and leave readers without an extra penny to their name. Equally, many simply plug commercial ‘systems’ and investment programs that require readers to put forward large sums of cash to buy their way to future wealth. Financial advisor Gary L. Clark is a strong critic of such methods and, in his powerful new book, instead presents a plausible and proven way to amass wealth by taking simple, sensible steps.

Producer Roderick Powell Looks to Raise $100,000 via Indiegogo for the Making of the Martial Arts Movie "Shaolin Wing Chun: The New Beginning"

LogoFilm producer Roderick Powell and screenwriter Erik Bernard are both experienced martial artists.  The goal in combining their talents was to create a great martial arts movie for martial artists, fans of the martial arts action movies, and other filmgoers.  "Shaolin Wing Chun: The New Beginning" is the movie that will set the new high standard in the martial arts film genre.  The story is about an American orphan, Michael, who is adopted and raised by the Chinese community. 

Introducing T-Lock Call Blocker; An Excellent Gift Idea for Father's Day

Has your Dad (or Mom) complained about getting non-stop annoying phone calls lately? If so, they are not alone! US consumers, especially elders, are the main target to an increasing number of unsolicited telemarketing activities, including illegal robocalls, and several phone scams and frauds. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the number of phone-related fraud and scams complains have increased 2600% in the last 10 years (from 150,000 to 4,000,000).

Burdened by Guilt: Classic Fiction Collides with Modern Mystery in Murderous Debut Novel by Michiko Katsu

While most authors write books to serve their thirst for notoriety and fame, Michiko Katsu has a goal that’s more admirable and uplifting; to draw attention to the literary classics of bygone generations. In her latest release, Katsu melds a fast-paced narrative with a premise that pays homage Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell and Deborah Crombie.

Now Get Great Gun Safety Devices for Ammunition with Innovative Biometric Handgun Safes Available at

LogoGun owners, concerned about unwanted access to their guns, rifles, etc. can now relax as ensures impermeable safety for ammunition by offering innovative biometric gun safes. These pistol safes are integrated with advanced biometric techniques that govern and allow access on the basis of physiological characteristics like fingerprints, iris or face recognition, and RFID response. Some of these handgun boxes also contain GPS tracking devices to locate the device should it be stolen.

The Universal Life Church Calls People to Be True Witnesses for Christ

LogoThe Universal Life Church is dedicated to serve God and people around them. They accomplish their mission of presenting the true Gospel, witnessing for Christ with their deeds and teachings. Now, the Universal Life Church encourages others to do the same.

Smithfield, NC Bail Bonds Company Launches New Website

LogoBig Mike Bail Bonds, a Smithfield based bail bonds company, is excited to launch their new website.

Adhesives & Sealants Market by Chemical Type, by Technology, by Applications & Geography to Grow with CAGR of 4.4% by 2018

LogoThe report “Adhesives & Sealants Market by Chemical Types, by Technology, by Applications (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Packaging, Construction, Automotive, Woodwork, & Others), by Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018 (2013 - 2018)” defines and segments the global adhesives & sealants market with analysis and forecasting of the global volumes & revenues for adhesives & sealants. It also identifies driving and restraining factors for the global adhesives and sealants market with analysis of trends, opportunities, burning issues and challenges. The market is segmented and revenues are forecasted on the basis of major geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW). The key countries are covered and forecasted for each geographical region. Further, market is segmented and revenues are forecasted on the basis of raw materials and application types.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Planning Themed Weddings for Summer 2015

LogoExecuting a certain theme for a Philadelphia or Bucks County wedding ceremony can be stressful for a couple that doesn’t have any guidance. While it may seem simple enough to have a theme in mind, the thing a couple should consider before planning a themed wedding is whether or not the theme can work, and if the place they are planning to have their wedding at will be able to execute the theme properly. As an all-inclusive event venue, the wedding planners at Northampton Valley Country Club know what it takes to plan the perfect themed wedding, and are happy to announce that they are now taking clients who are eager to get their summer 2015 themed wedding planned.

El Tiempo Cantina Expands Service Offerings to Include Catering

According to Brandon Gaille, catering services continue to grow at an amazing rate, with revenues doubling over the past ten years. The industry boasts faster growth than any other food service within the past three years, and caterers contribute more than $45 billion to America's economy. Many looking for Mexican food catering in Houston TX turn to El Tiempo Cantina for assistance as the caterer has an outstanding reputation for delicious food and great service.

The Simpler Group Launches Internet Marketing Strategy Campaign

Internet users worldwide conduct, on average, 131 billion searches each month, according to Comscore. The company obtained these results in January 2010 so one would imagine this figure has only gone up as more are now connected to the Internet. The same year, MarketShareHitsLink found that 75 percent of users never see the second page of the search results. They make use of the first page to find the information they need. For this reason, companies need to focus on Internet marketing, web design, and web development to make certain their web page appears on the first page of the major search engines, and The Simpler Group becomes of great help for companies looking to achieve this goal.

Marketpacer, LLC Discloses Secret to Stable Search Engine Rankings

According to Google estimates, Penguin, their major algorithm update, affects only 3 percent of English search queries. At first glance, this appears to be a fairly small number, yet in 2013, on average, 5,922,000,000 searches were conducted each day. Three percent of this comes to more than 167 million searches each day. Although there may be duplicate searches, it's clear Penguin hurt a number of companies. Marketpacer (, a Charlotte SEO Services provider, strives to help those companies affected by the change regain their position on the search engines and in the marketplace.

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne Launches Dental Care Awareness Campaign

According to the CDC, almost 24 percent of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have one or more untreated dental caries. Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne finds this to be of great concern as oral health, according to Mayo clinic, can possibly affect, be affected by, and/or contribute to a number of diseases and medical conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, those who failing or missing teeth find their oral health affects their level of confidence and their self-esteem. Any individual with dental issues needs to contact a cosmetic dentist right away and set up an appointment to have the teeth and gums cleaned and examined and to set up a treatment plan for any problems detected.

Crown Gear Fitness Announces Special Offers on Top-Quality Exercise Gear

Exercise accessory supplier Crown Gear Fitness announced special offers on its industry-leading products. The limited-time sale prices, available on products purchased through the company's website or its exclusive distributor,, represent both substantial discounts over the usual pricing and rare opportunities to acquire top-quality weightlifting accessories for so little. Crown Gear Fitness designs and produces some of the best-regarded products of this sort, putting emphases on functionality, durability and safety that few other companies can claim to match.

Direct Store Delivery Solutions by Magline Profiled in Quality Digest

LogoWarehouse SKUs have quadrupled during the last 15 years, which has exacerbated the complexity of organizing and ensuring the accuracy of loading and delivery of product. Within the retail industry, it is impossible to look at the quality of material handling processes without looking at delivery to retail outlets.

No Risk Automation Optimal Solution for Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

No Risk Automation (, founded by John Hayes, thought- leader in the material handling industry, was developed to inform and protect automation decision-makers. The company targets large multi-site manufacturing and distribution customers that want to explore automation but does not wish to assign the resources nor has the appropriate resources readily available.

Pcdata USA Leader in Moving Customer Goods and Industrial Bakeries Products

LogoPcdata USA is a leader in logistics automation systems for fast moving consumer goods, and partner of choice for many industrial bakeries. The progressive company has over 600 systems installed worldwide, in more than 30 countries - including over 125 systems installed in the U.S. Pcdata USA excels at developing, manufacturing, and implementing warehouse optimization and order, inventory and MHI tracking and tracing solutions.

TraceGains Uncovers Rationale for GFSI Rigor

LogoRegardless of where a food manufacturer is currently on a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) journey, it is imperative to understand the importance of the process, according to Jennifer Brusco, TraceGains’ Marketing Specialist. Brusco discusses the rationale in TraceGains’ recent blog, "GFSI is a Business to Business (B2B) Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) that operates quietly and privately within the marketplace between the customers and their suppliers.”

VeriShow Now Assisting with Live Video Chat and Co-Browsing

LogoVeriShow is a live support and collaboration service providing customer care and support for web based help desk. Yuval Moed, VeriShow, Co-Founder and CEO will be conducting an educational demonstration at the 10th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, June 12th in Chicago, IL at the Yahoo! Commerce Central exhibit booth.

Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Now Offering Emergency Plumbing Services to Clients in Need

LogoWith the many problems that can arise due to a plumbing situation, waiting to make an appointment can cause further damage to the home’s foundation. For customer convenience in times of need, Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is proud to announce they are now offering emergency plumbing services to clients this summer. When a situation occurs that needs to be treated promptly, a plumber in Philadelphia will travel to the property as quickly as possible to resolve the emergency.

RPE Expands Inventory Optimization Practice as Part of Retail Consulting Solution

RPE is pleased to be expanding its Inventory Optimization Practice as part of its innovative retail consulting solution. The retail inventory management practice encompasses four main components including planning, allocation, replenishment and space management. The retail consultant professionals at RPE have extensive real-world experience, designing, developing and implementing highly-effective solutions for retailers throughout the world.

Herman Legal Group Provides Great Assistance to Immigrants Seeking U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization

Herman Legal Group, a renowned group of professional immigration lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio, offers its counsel and assistance to greencard holders seeking citizenship. The law firm was founded by Richard Herman, a successful and compassionate immigration lawyer, who has helped thousands of immigrants handle their immigration issues. Richard’s team speaks more than 12 languages and have a combined experience of more than 50 years. They have helped thousands achieve their dreams.

Dr. Mitesh Kapadia Receives Prestigious RealSelf 100 Award

Cosmetic surgeon Mitesh Kapadia, M.D., Ph.D., was named a recipient of the RealSelf 100 award. Beginning from a pool of over 6,000 eligible board-certified specialists, the award jury selected the 100 who demonstrated the highest degree of commitment and expertise at educating and helping patients understand their elective cosmetic surgery options. The award is one of a number of such recognitions Kapadia has received over the course of his career as an oculoplastic surgeon, the pursuit of which includes work at an academic practice at Boston's Tufts Medical Center and a private one in Wellesley.