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The Isabella Santos Foundation Announces Spring 2015 Event

Looking for a new Easter outfit or wardrobe this spring? The Isabella Santos Foundation, a foundation for children with cancer, is excited to announce that the Lilly Pulitzer – SouthPark Mall store in Charlotte, NC, will be donating a percentage of a customer's purchase to help aid pediatric cancer research. To participate, those who go to make their purchase at the clothing store on Friday April 3rd need only to mention that they are there to support The Isabella Santos Foundation. The store will be open from 10AM-9PM, and all are invited to shop and socialize for a great cause. Additional details regarding this event can also be viewed on The Isabella Santos Foundation Facebook page.

Stephen B. Steward Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Stage the 2nd Annual SBS Youth Talent Competition and Music Festival

Stephen B. Steward believes that there is a close correlation between music and academic achievement. Recent statistical data suggests that a student is four times more likely to excel in terms of academic achievements by getting involved in arts. It has also been observed that low- income group students highly engaged in some form of art are twice as likely as their uninvolved peers to graduate from college. However, lack of funding has resulted in a serious scarcity of opportunities for students that are inclined towards arts.

Carbase Shifts 10,000th Car Through RAC BuySure Scheme

Carbase, the largest used car dealership in the South-West, has sold the ten thousandth second-hand car through RAC’s BuySure initiative in the last week. It came just days after the scheme celebrated its first anniversary, which is designed to offer second hand car buyers a nationwide approved used car network that sets the highest possible standards; and now includes almost one hundred dealers, car supermarkets, independents and franchises.

Shenzhen Ourpack Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machine Now Available at Wohl Associates

Wohl Associates now has one Shenzen Ourpack Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Pouching Machine for creams and sauces in their current inventory. The stainless steel, five lane machine features top mounted pistons along the product hopper, and the Ourpack gives the operator finely tuned management of the system with a hi-tech electronic control panel. In addition, the pouching system features a 14 inch wide takeaway conveyor belt inclined for easy collection of the finished pouch. The Shenzen Ourpack Vertical Pouching Machine has single phase electrics that are run by 220 volts. For interested parties, the stock number is 7770A, serial number 9DX12089. Supports a New Mission Favoring Pope Francis for the Nobel Peace Prize is the maiden Twitter bombing platform in the world, which allows users to send the same Tweet numerous times to a specific recipient. This platform has now started a new mission in favor of Pope Francis for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Multi-Denominational Global Prayer Initiative, Website Launched for Earth Day

An aggressive web-based initiative to influence positive decisions by global decision makers though the focused prayers of many individuals has been launched at The initiative is the effort of United Divine Intentions (UDI), a non-profit group founded by spiritual activist Kathleen Lockwood.

Gropag Personalmanagement AG Works To Secure Optimum Candidates For Companies In Search Of Executive, Managerial and Support Staff

LogoWith an enthusiastic attention to detail Gropag Personalmanagement AG uses its expertise in human resources to provide companies with qualified staff. Doing their utmost to recruit candidates well-suited for executive, managerial and support staff positions the company works to find job applicants that are passionate about their vocation. By attracting and motivating qualified applicants, and then furthering the professional development of the staff, Gropag brings a highly personal managerial approach to the changing marketplace and its industries.

Sherlock Holmes Film and Literary Evening for World Book Night

To celebrate World Book Night on 23 April, Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel will host a fun filled Holmes themed event, taking guests back to 1895 with Victorian food and drink and offering a reward for those donning the most impressive Victorian costume.

Creative Workwear Continues Traditional Competition Time for Freebies

Creative Workwear continues their tradition of providing free polo shirts with logo during their competition time. Their Facebook page hosts this event every once in a while so its community must always keep an eye while staying tuned to the announcement.

Frompo.Com - Ads Free Relevant Search Results with Super Privacy

Frompo is latest clean and green search engine. It is a group of users who curate search results for everyone to enhance the browsing experience. Frompo is a curated search engine that thoroughly customizes search results based on individual specifications. The term ‘curate’ meansto arrange and supervise; curator of a collection. This holds particularly for Frompo considering its operation – it gathers the most related searches from Yahoo!, Google and Bing and provides them in a handy search package.

Frompo Has Released Its New Web Crawler to Provide Automated Curated Search Results

Usually search engine results are bombarded by ads and linked by SEO techniques due to which people barely found the real result they truly need; instead of that they are directed to a product or company. However there is some search engine that has created its way to truly modify regular internet search engine results so that it provides search results devoid of any ads and truly gets the actual results.

Benabee Creates Product Manager for Magento to Simplify Magento E-Commerce Management

Running a business online is one of the best ways to establish a name brand without the extraordinary expense of a physical location to play host to the shop front. A digital shop front is now eminently possible thanks to open source software like Magento, which allows people to create an ecommerce site and begin selling their products immediately. The disadvantages however are significant, and the basic interface of Magento for the seller is nowhere near as well presented and intuitive as its front end. As such, Benabee have created Product Manager for Magento, which makes adding and managing products quick and simple.

Hearing Aid Buyer Today Releases New Guide for Online Shoppers

Hearing Aid Buyer Today announced the immediate availability of its in-depth guide to buying hearing aids online. The company's web site, a comprehensive destination for those seeking reviews and information regarding hearing aids, sports a large selection of such free resources. The newest guide is designed to allow even those who lack experience making these critical purchases online to acquire all of the knowledge necessary to do so successfully.

Wonpet Company Limited Offers Its Online Wholesale Store for Full Range of Pet Products

Animals can be the best friend of man. In fact, some animals are so friendly with humans that they are categorized as pet animals. Dogs are one of such species of animals that humans have tamed for ages. Such useful and faithful animals deserve due care and affection of their owners. Wonpet Company Limited makes sure that no pet owner ever runs short of pet supplies. Wonpet Company Limited specializes in wide range of wholesale pet supplies. It is a Chinese company based in Guangzhou. Its online store sells apparels, collars and leads, toys and pet care products. The company has more than 6 years of experience in the pet products wholesale industry.

Stockroom Presents Its Collection of Elm Wood Table and Eames Furniture

Furniture along with other essential interior decoration items make an enclosed room a home. In addition to being necessary in daily life, furniture represents the status and standard of homeowners too. That is why carpentry has thrived as an industry for ages without much impact of the global or national economy. Today, it is a vast industry where from basic and classic furniture to modern and stylish furniture is produced. Besides, furniture of various kinds such as Eames lounge can be purchased online easily via shopping websites such as Stockroom, which is based in Hong Kong and retails good-quality wooden furniture.

Sositar Molds & Plastic Company Produces Creative Industrial Design Hardware

Since the invention of wheel, humans have continued to invent and innovate as need necessitated. Many of the primitive tools are still used in even modern industries but the continuous refinement of the design of those tools has made it tough for people to recognize or relate to them. Sositar Molds & Plastic Company is one of those that have contributed to such continuous improvement in hardware design by producing the equipment with precision and accuracy. In other words, the company is behind many of the finely designed equipment that is available in the market today.

Announcing the Launch of New Website by Jia Le Beauty Wellness Spa

Jia Le Beauty Pte Ltd announces the launch of its new website Voted as one of the top spa centers in Singapore, Jia Le Beauty Wellness Spa is well known for its superb quality in its customized beauty skincare treatment and wellness therapy options and splendid results at affordable rates. With its commitment and dedication to providing Òjust for youÓ beauty care customization and delivering immediate visible results, Jia Le Beauty Wellness Spa is an accredited spa center manned by highly experienced and reliable professionals. To serve the customers better, the new website features the latest signature treatment offers and online appointment facility as well as online packages providing convenience to customers to buy offer package online and book appointment online. ÒWe strive to deliver quality results to our customers. This includes regular investment on treatment using new technology. Today we are extremely delighted and thrilled to bring you our new website to servce our customers betterÓ, said Ms Yang Rong, founder and CEO of Jia Le Beauty Pte Ltd. ÒSince our website launch, we have received numerous enquiries about our new treatment. This seal of approval is a strong affirmation of our passion in helping customers who are keen to improve their beauty and health. During our launch period from April to May 2014, customers will find high value offers of a wide range of skin care treatments and healing therapies on offer in our website".

Focusky, The Animated Presentation Software Developer Put Forward Creative Ideas on Presentations

LogoFocusky, a renowned name when it comes to offering unique and effective animated presentation software solutions to customers across the globe for presentation making, organized a brainstorm meeting on April 10, 2014 to put forward creative ideas on presentation making. Some of the experts of the field as well as representatives from the company were present during the session to answer all the queries of the attendants and explain some unique and creative methods to create PowerPoint presentations as well as explain the details related to free PowerPoint alternative.

7Seas YouTube Channel Is Bustling with a Wealth of Funny Game Play Videos for Kids

LogoHot news for the kids waiting for some fresh cartoon action of late, the YouTube channel of a top Indian gaming company 7Seas entertainment has announced to launch a brand new 3D cartoon video song shortly.

The Reasons Making Spain Leader for IVF Treatment Are Revealed

LogoThe advancement of fertility treatments led the way to new engineering that is being continually incorporated in IVF. Spain doesn't just seem to be competent in terms of technical advances and high success rates, the nation also supplies affordable IVF treatment compared to UK and other developed nations. Based on recent UK newspapers one of the primary purposes why a lot of couples are searching for fertility treatment abroad is due to anonymous egg donation. Many UK couples have made the decision to visit Spain because Spanish laws and regulations give greater opportunities for couples who seek to be treated with IVF.

OfferAny Enlightens Readers on How to Choose a Reliable Taobao Agent

The taobao shopping store is the Chinese shopper’s haven with everything available at one single spot. The store provides items from Chinese, as well as international, designers and producers. It also sports a number of exclusive brands which are available at their taobao location only. As a result, it becomes harder for international shoppers to shop from taobao as the store may not ship their items to where the customers live. However, international customers need not worry anymore. The website is a certified taobao agent who will act as an intermediary between the taobao store and the customers who wish to buy from them. Offers 67% off Deal on Leawo Tunes Cleaner, Only 24-Hour Available, an excellent platform dedicated to providing the most awesome software programs with ultra-low prices, now has a new yet exclusive deal. Their followers could get the flagship of Leawo Software – Tunes Cleaner in totally 67% price cut. This highly-rated iTunes cleanup tool is originally priced at $29.99. But thanks to great cooperation between and Leawo Software, all followers could get this smart iTunes duplicate remover, album cover finder and ID3 Tag Editor at $9.99 only. The Tunes Cleaner 67% off deal is now in full swing and available for 24 hours only.

Ebook Reading Through FlipBook Creator Offers Visual Effects That Readers Want

LogoMobile reading has become a new way of life for readers. It's actually fashionable to be a mobile reader and to use the catalog of devices to read in comfort and convenience, anytime and anywhere. Statistics show that increasing numbers of readers are migrating from print books to eBooks. FlipBook Creator Software is making the eBook reading experience even more delightful, engaging and interactive. (Refer to Gorgeous Flash Page Flip Magazine created by FlipBook Creator Professional)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Regalo Manila

LogoWith Mother’s Day only a few days away, a trusted online gift shop named Regalo Manila have released a list of suggested gift items for the big day. They crafted this so that they can easily suggest gift items to clients who are lost on what to order. They hope that this list will not only help the company through promotion but also help their employees in dealing with clients who want some gift suggestions.

Genius Host - BlackLotus DDOS Protected Fastest & Affordable Canadian Web Hosting Offers First Class Support and Uptime

Genius Host is the BlackLotus DDOS Protected, fastest Canadian web hosting provider offering first class support and uptime. Our name-brand servers are housed within top tier datacenters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Revolutionary Personal Productivity Program Actually Gets Things Done

"Getting Things Done Now", a personal productivity guide that has improved the lives of millions of entrepreneurs and knowledge workers, has been released in a new, improved edition that scales new heights in helping readers in getting things done. In a review of Get Things Done, these new developments are analyzed in depth and the spotlight is cast on the advantages it brings to users.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum the Easter Monday Sweepstake in More Languages

LogoToday, WinXDVD Software, the major component of Digiarty Software Inc., announces a progressive Easter giveaway as WinX DVD Ripper Platinum just gets updated with the support for an array of new languages, serving customers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Norway in their languages better.