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The Restaurant and Hospitality Industry Celebrates with Food, Wine and Awards

The Educational Foundation of the Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association (KRHA) hosted its annual Evening of Hospitality event at the DoubleTree by Hilton Wichita Airport on Monday, Oct. 13.

Namibia Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo to Make Namation Project

It's a new style of animation that's all encompassing – Namation, and Indiegogo campaigner and dreamer Esther Toini Amadhila hopes to bring it to life with the help of interested animation enthusiasts everywhere.

The Venus Factor Trial Offer: Does Venus Factor System Work? Read This Comprehensive Venus Factor Review

Weight loss programs in the past have failed to give as much positive results to women as it did to men. The failure lies in the fact that most of the diet programs were made keeping in mind the metabolism and physiology of the male body. Since men and women face different physiological and psychological body challenges, dieting program approaches should also be different. John Barban, the mastermind behind the program has extensive experience working with the female body. The Venus Factor diet is carefully designed to suit the physique and disposition of a woman.

The Venus Factor Reviews: Thinking About Buying the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program to Get Skinny? Read This Full Review First

One of the greatest challenges that many women face is excess weight. There are always new diets and plans coming out promising results. Unfortunately for many women, these plans are often not as effective for women as they are for men. This can lead to frustration and women giving up on a plan that has plateaued. The Venus Factor is different from all of these programs. It is designed specifically for women. It takes into account how the body of a woman functions and addresses how to create the ideal body shape.

Venus Factor Review: John Barban's Venus Factor Program Best Fitness Plan for All Ages of Women

Undoubtedly, The Venus Factor comes as a blessing for those women out there who have been struggling from years to lose all that unnecessary fat from the body. Recently, this weight loss program has gained so much popularity in the weight loss field due to its effectiveness and credibility. Inside The Venus Factor, three guides are incorporated. There is a Main Manual which will guide women in determining their ideal Venus Index ratio to decide whether there is a need to lose or put on weight. The second one is the Body Centric Eating Guide which describes a woman’s Venus Index.

Forex Strategy Master Review - Russ Horn's Forex Trading Program

Forex Strategy Master is using marketing techniques that target the trader who has some spare time outside of their regular job to make some extra cash. A Forex Strategy Master review reveals whether this Forex program can really offer anything different for the Forex trader.

Slimfy Reviews - Does It Work? 3 Stage Weight Loss Solution as Seen on TV

Slimfy Weight Loss - A lot of people around the world want to lose weight. They want to lose weight for the sole reason of looking good. Getting the perfect body is a dream that every person has. This preferred body shape does not come by just pressing a button, people have to go through torment and agony to achieve that. Everyone wants instant results when they are trying to lose weight. They occupy themselves with proper workout plans, exercises and various nutritional diets in order to get into an ideal shape. Worldwide more and more people are becoming obese.

Review of the Latest Binary Matrix Pro: Download Binary Matrix Pro Software to Make Good Profits in Currency Trading

The Binary Matrix Pro group wants traders to understand this is the real deal and not simply another faked fraud program. All traders that join the program will quickly get $75 of signals credit which is enough to last for twenty or thirty trading days. With an 80+% precision level that $75 can produce some serious money for users.

Weight Loss Dose Tip on How to Get That Hourglass Body Within Weeks Goes Viral

Weight consciousness has taken the world by storm. While it is a healthy habit when considered in moderation, people are starting to take it to extreme. A majority of teenagers are suffering from bulimia and anorexia. The unfortunate portrayal of thin as beautiful has sadly damaged many lives with their obsession towards size zero.

Coenzyme Q10: A Health Concern People Should Know About

LogoCoenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is one of the most important substances in our body which can be found in various vital organs such as the pancreas, heart and the liver. There isn’t much information being disseminated with regards to CoQ10 to commercial media therefore a lot of people don’t even know its importance. With this, more and more people today are becoming CoQ10 deficient without even knowing it. People who are CoQ10 deficient usually experience weakness, lethargy, fatigue, mood swings, recurring headaches, loos of appetite and more. With this, health experts strongly advise people to make sure that they have a consistent check-up with their physician in order to diagnose whether they are CoQ10 deficient or not. Another way to prevent CoQ10 deficiency would be by using CoQ10 supplements.

Forex Strategy Master Review - Worth the Hype?

Forex Strategy Master, the site of binary trading tools, now reveals Russ Horn’s Forex Strategy Master review. The review informs about the product’s ability to provide anything better than other available similar products. The team of Forex Strategy Master got access to the product and featured its detailed review. According to a spokesperson of the review site, Forex Strategy Master targets traders who want to make extra money on their spare time. “We have got access to this product that claims making big money by trading Forex. The market of Forex is complicated and it needs lot of engagement to make money from it. Our review will help people know how easily they can learn the skills of making money using the latest tool,” he says.

ProPRcopy Launches Copywriting Services for General Contractors

LogoProPRcopy, one of the nation’s leading content writing providers, has officially launched its copywriting services for general contractors and related businesses and organizations.

Smart Grid Market Is Expected to Reach $ 5,043.39 Million at a CAGR of 82.3% from 2012 to 2020.

LogoAccording to the market research report “Solid State (Smart) Transformer Market – Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 – 2020) By Application (Smart Grid, Traction Locomotives, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Others), Component (Switches, High frequency Transformers, Converters, Others) & Geography”, the total solid state transformers applications market is expected to reach $ 5,043.39 million at a CAGR of 82.3% from 2012 to 2020.

Mobile Signal Is the Top Mobile Amplifying Company in the UK

Issues with mobile phone signals are common even in certain parts of cities and towns throughout the world. Users are compelled to hold their phones in certain manner or be at the right spot in the building to get sufficient signal strength. The issue is common to nearly all handsets and almost every communication service provider. A mobile signal booster is the best equipment on which mobile phone users can invest to get maximum signal strength every time they use their handsets irrespective of their location. There are many companies that sell such equipment in the UK. However, Mobile Signal has the best and the most popular signal amplifier in the country.

Digital Marketing and Brand Consultancy Services at Cost Affordable Rates

Business in the present age is not simple as it used to be. The development of digital technology and the Internet have redefined the way most of the things used to be done about a couple of decades ago. Besides, growing competition in every niche of business has toughened running an enterprise successfully. Branding and marketing are essential for any company. The popularisation of the Internet has necessitated the ownership of a website while the increasing number of smartphone users highlights the significance of mobile application. While these services are provided by many agencies, unlike Peek, not many offer full range of services.

Brighton Funerals Launches Sussex Funeral Services to Expand Their Reach

Funerals can be one of the most stressful and distressing undertakings for any family, the pain of loss of a loved one is compounded by the difficulties of having to at once let go of them and commemorate their life. For this reason many people enlist the help of funeral service providers, and look for the most compassionate and professional providers who can take care of their needs effectively. Brighton Funerals ( found popularity among the community primarily through client referrals, owing to their empathic approach and comprehensive service provision, and have now expanded to new areas in Sussex with the launch of a new website.

Makita Power Tools - Said to Be the Best!

With there being so many positive forum reviews about Makita Power Tools, an affiliate website http://buymakitapower.com> has been created, to bring these tools to the notice of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Tulsa, OK Wasatch Liquid-Contract-Manufacturer & Nutritional-Supplement-Supplier Lab News: G3-Development Venture Capitalist, Adam Green, Confirms Wasatch New 801- Cosmeceutical Technology on Thursday Webinar

LogoWasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. With unmatched technical expertise, innovative equipment and regulatory knowledge, Wasatch maintains a demonstrated record with the FDA as well as with its customers; many of whom have outsourced with the company for over ten years.

Kruger National Park Lion Attack - Mother Defends Cub in Kruger Park

LogoA lioness at Kruger National Park, attacked another lion as it tried to save & defend her cub. Kruger National Park is considered as one of the elite National Parks in Africa wherein they offer their respective guests and viewers with the wildlife experience that they are looking for.

Testosterone MAX by Crazy Mass Gets a Huge Response from Bodybuilders - Ensures Excellent Bulking & Cutting

Testosterone and men are two sides of the same coin. It is the hormone that is not just related to muscle growth but is also associated with burning excess fat in the body. Bodybuilders are known to use various kinds of testosterone supplements to increase testosterone levels.

Garcinia Cambogia Pure and Detox Plus Combo Pack Is a Powerful Mix for Quick Weight Loss and Complete Body Detox

Garcinia Cambogia has been a huge hit within the diet circles since it is proven to ensure weight loss without diet or exercise. One of the best ways to enhance its weight loss effects even further is by combining it with a detox supplement.

A-Drol by Crazy Mass Is a Strong Clone of Anadroll That Helps Bulk Up with Lean Muscle Without Side Effects

Anabolic supplements form the core of the sport of bodybuilding since they can be of great help in bulking up with lean muscle mass. A lot of guys are known to use steroids to speed up muscles gains. However, steroids can have a lot of side effects that can prove fatal too.

P-Var by Crazy Mass Is an Exceptional Cutting Agent for Burning Fat, Cutting and Hardening Muscles - Clones Anavar Safely

Cutting is essential for any bodybuilder. This explains the importance and popularity of cutting supplements. Crazy Mass is known for its range of natural steroids that have getting great response from bodybuilders around the world. Anavar is a steroid that is well known for its cutting effects. Paravar or P-VAR from Crazy Mass is a safe alternative to anavar.

Winstral or Winni from Crazy Mass Cuts Just Like Stanozolol Without Side Effects - Is Suitable for Getting Competition Ready Abs

A vast majority of bodybuilders need help to get rid of excess fat so that they can get the perfect abs. Winstral from Crazy Mass is a 100% legal steroid that can help burn fat to help achieve competition ready abs quick and fast while retaining lean muscle in the body.

Bulking Stack from Crazy Mass Is Ideal for Gaining Lean Muscle and Strength - Packs in D-Bal, Tren-Bal, Deca and Test MAX

While it is not uncommon for bodybuilders to use stacks for muscle gains, cutting and definition, most of the products fail to deliver the desired results. Bulking Stack for Crazy Mass seems to have emerged as a massive hit since it combines 4 legal steroids to help bodybuilders gain pounds of lean, hard and dry muscle without any side effects.

Facelift Gym Tightens Under Eye Skin for Reducing Under Eye Bags Without Using Creams or Surgery - Ensures Excellent Results

Under eye bags are extremely common among both women and men. One of the main reasons behind their appearance is that muscles under eyes are seldom used. Over time, they begin to sag resulting in under eye bags.

Trenbalone by Crazy Mass Is a Hot Favorite of Bodybuilders - Clones Trenbolone and Ensures Quick Bulking Sans Side Effects

Supplements form the core of bodybuilding industry. However, not all supplements can be called safe and effective at the same time.