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U-Way Launches a Series of Qi Certified Embedded Furniture Wireless Charging Station

U-Way announces the release a series of Qi certified embedded furniture wireless charging station, and provide complete wireless charging solution specially designed for furniture manufacturer. The launch of the IKEA wireless charging furniture and Samsung wireless charging smartphone Galaxy S6/S6 Edge does a great deal in getting consumers aware of the possibilities of cordless charging, mainstream adoption of wireless power is accelerating. Recent announcements by Samsung and IKEA have significantly increased awareness and interest for Qi and the wireless power industry as a whole.

Willbros Group Inc (NYSE:WG) Long-Term Investor Alert: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

An investigation on behalf of current long-term investors in shares of Willbros Group Inc (NYSE:WG concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors and officers of Willbros Group Inc was announced.

Pure Energy Centre Announces Participation in Safe Hydrogen Power in Brussels

Pure Energy Centre today announced that the company will participate in the Safe H Power (Safe Hydrogen Power) workshop in Brussels.

GSR2R Responds to the News That Unemployment in the UK Is Now the Third-Lowest in Europe

London-based recruitment to recruitment company GSR2R has responded to the new that Britain has moved up the European unemployment table, surpassing Luxembourg and Denmark.

Immigration Controls on Skilled Workers Hurting the Economy – Garth Coates Solicitors Comments

Garth Coates Solicitors has commented on the news that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has urged the government to allow more highly skilled workers into the country by relaxing immigration controls.

2015 Budget Big Deal for UK Farming

After the Chancellor, George Osbourne, delivered his 2015 budget, UK farming took stock of exactly what the budgets spells for the industry. Overall, farmers look set to benefit from £100million in tax savings over a four-year period and the Chancellor has plans to increase the number of years a self-employed farmer can average profits for income tax purposes from two years to five years, as from 6 April next year.

New Web Service Will Help Investors Navigate Their Portfolios

LogoAlphaReturns.IO is a new professional portfolio management software that will help investors to track changes and display key statistics about their stock portfolios.The software is currently under development and is not only aimed towards asset management firms, but also to individual investors who would like to have a good overview of their investments.

New Research Set to Help Breast Cancer Patients Cope with Hair Loss, Fue Hair Clinics Comments

UK hair transplant clinic, Fue Hair Clinics, have recently commented on the new methods the researchers at the University of West England (UWE Bristol) are planning to explore, which involves helping women through the distress of hair loss during chemotherapy.

Gradwood Ltd Comment on New European Energy Market Plan

H&V CompanyGradwood Ltd have shared their thoughts on a newly proposed Energy Union which would see 28 European energy markets integrated into one main union.

Croxsons Is Now Providing Customers with Premium Glass Jars at Affordable Prices

Maintaining their name as one of the leading bottle manufacturers in UK, Croxsons is now offering its customers a range of premium glass jars at competitive prices. Glass jars are a quality product with a variety of uses – anything from storing food to repurposing as a decorative ornament. The company offers a wide range of designs for glass jars that can be used for various purposes and made to meet customer requirements. On their website, the company has provided details about the individual jars along with photographs, so that customers can decide what to purchase easily.

Achieve 4 Fitness Now Offers Small Group Pilates Classes

Achieve 4 Fitness announces the introduction of personalized Malvern Pilates Classes for groups of three to four individuals. Pilates remains a precise form of exercise and is typically only taught to individuals or couples due to the different requirements of participants. Each client needs an individualized program and detailed instructions., Once the 12 week instruction is complete, however, many wish to carry on with weekly training and the new classes are designed to help these individuals.

Spacio, One of the Best Refurbishment Companies in London, Is Now Office Planning and Design Services

Maintaining their prominent position as one of the best refurbishment companies in London, Spacio is now offering customers office planning and design services in London at competitive rates. An office that is designed in a certain way can create a positive impression in the minds of visitors. Spacio provides services to corporate clients who are planning to carry out projects including restructuring, relocation or refurbishment. The services provided by the company are specifically designed to suit the need of individual clients. They cover all office requirements such as ceilings, flooring, lighting, partitioning, decoration, furniture systems and much more.

From Market Stall Trader to Successful Business Women: A Profile of Marj Cook

Marj Cook is the owner of Tiger lily an independent retailer of clothing, accessories and gemstone silver jewellery.

Introducing German Car Spares: A German Vehicle Parts Retailer

BMW, Audi, Volkswagen,Skoda and Mercedes-Benz are only some of the biggest automobile manufacturers known globally. For some reason, there has been an abundance of preferences going for German flagship automobiles over time, which could be possibly attributed to German's history with automobiles, technology breakthroughs or simply to their top brand recognition when it comes to cars. That's why German car owners seem to find it difficult to abandon their vehicle possession, hence their preference to update its parts instead of opting for another car.

Iconic Digital, Renowned Digital Marketing Agency in London, Offers Outsourced Marketing Services

LogoRetaining their name as the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in London, Iconic Digital is now offering their outsourced marketing services to clients at a competitive price. The outsourced services provided by the company works in such a way to save their clients valuable time and money. Outsourcing these services allows clients to cut their in-house marketing expenses. The outstanding quality services of the company ensure that clients' requirements are properly taken care of at competitive industry rates. Customers can benefit from the consultation services of Iconic Digital, and rely on their outsourced marketing solutions to increase their profit and sales.

8 Million Women Suffering from Hair Loss – FUE Hair Clinics Comment

A recent newspaper study into women's hair loss has produced the significant results that an estimated one in three women has thinning hair, and approximately 8 million women in the UK are suffering from hair loss.

Online USA Doctors Announce New Male Menopause Treatments Available via Telemedicine

Thought to affect over 5 million men in the US alone, male menopause, or andropause as it is medically referred to, has been related to a myriad of health concerns including fatigue, mood swings, decreased sexual desire, hair loss, lack of concentration, and weight gain. Male menopause has been linked to low testosterone levels, mostly represented in men over 50, although it can commonly affect much younger men. While research to determine the exact relationship continues, clinicians have also found that male hypogonadism, or male menopause, has been linked to chronic medical conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Casette Italia Opens New Engineering Department for Tailor-Made Projects

After the recent years of leading positioning of CASETTE ITALIA within the Italian market of both wooden garden sheds and wooden garages, the company has decided to step even forward to competition. The strategic approach refers to the logic of "never stop improving, always try something new", which in this specific case means the new consultancy and engineering service to help customers to design a wooden house or garage fully compliant with their own dreams. Indeed, the secret of beautiful wooden houses is not about only quality materials and robustness, but it is about aesthetic taste and match with existing buildings, which might not be built with the BLOCKHOUSE technology. Now Offers Array of Baby Hats on Sale

LogoAcknowledging themselves as one of the most-reputed online stores for baby headwear, is now offering various types of baby hats on sale including the Periwinkle Princess Baby Girl Sun hat. This hat helps shield baby's delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Toddler hats come in different fabrics but cotton-based infant hats are perfect to suit their sensitive skin. An infant's skin is more susceptible to itches and bacterial infection. Cotton hats help keep these troubles away. This online portal provides high-quality and unique baby hats, additionally providing headbands for infants.

Bill Beazley Homes Announces Spring Maintenance Checklist

LogoIt's normal for homes to look a little worse for wear after the dreary winter months. However, once spring rolls around, it's time to bust out the garden hoe and get it looking in tip top shape again. Bill Beazley Homes shares their spring maintenance checklist on their latest blog. These 12 tips will help homeowners prepare for the warm months ahead and target the areas that need immediate attention fast. "In 2015, we are also looking at a few additional steps that may help homeowners save money on energy bills or help homeowners avoid big-ticket repairs down the road," says Bill Beazley Homes.

Industrial Security Systems Market by Systems (Video, RFID, Access Control, Intrusion Detection) Worth $38 Billion by 2020

LogoAccording to a new market research report "Industrial Security Systems Market by Systems (Video, RFID, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Parking Management, Under Vehicle Inspection), End Users (SEZ, Factories, Hotels, Banks, Government), Component Service Geography - Global Forecasts to 2020", The Industrial Security Systems Market is projected to be around $25 Billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $38 Billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 8.69%.

Agricultural Adjuvants Market to Reach $3183.04 Million by 2019

LogoThe report "Agricultural Adjuvants Market by Type (Activator and Utility), Application (Herbicides, Fungicides, and Insecticides), & Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019", defines and segments of the agricultural adjuvants market with analyses and projection of the size and trends, in terms of value. It also identifies the driving and restraining factors for the market with analyses of opportunities, burning issues, and challenges.

Boccicarta Announced the Launching of Articoli Da Regalo with New Products and Festive Ideas

They cater to all kinds of stationery materials. Always as a forerunner in the field of quality materials, boccicarta has expanded its market all over the realm of Italy. Started in the year 1950, this company is marked with thorough professionalism. Based in pizza stonemasons, they have created a niche for themselves in the world of quality stationary. What sets them apart from the rest is the kind of workmanship they have put into their products. The products at bocci have lots of variants and creativity. All the products have attractive designs and a mark of quality embossed in them. Boccicarta puts in lots of efforts in terms of their product quality.

Diet Doc Discusses Weight-Related Discrimination, Depression and Their Treatment for Improved Health, Body Image and Self-Confidence

LogoCan it really be possible, aside from the already self-imposed poor self-image, confidence and esteem that being overweight can cause, that those who carry excess fat are also being overlooked for job opportunities? A study that was performed in the UK, and reported by Medical News Today, suggests that this is, in fact, a reality. The study, which included over 5000 overweight adults, revealed that, not only did overweight people feel that they were overlooked for job opportunities, but they also experience other random acts of weight-related discrimination, including being treated disrespectfully, receiving poor service in stores and restaurants and being generally harassed. The report suggests that approximately 70% of the overweight people were also more likely to dip deep within the tunnels of depression and self-hate, with over 70% of the subjects experiencing an increase in depressive symptoms. Many of the test subjects reported disrespectful treatment by their health care professionals, as well. While many people tend to lean toward the notion that all overweight people must certainly eat too much and laze on the couch all day, most people do not realize that there are many health issues that can cause a person to gain weight and challenge weight loss.

Diet Doc Announces Medical Weight Loss Programs Geared Toward Helping Parents Set Good Examples and Avoid Their Children Becoming Unhealthy, Fat Adults

LogoAmericans are beginning to recognize the importance of managing their children's eating habits and controlling their weight from the early stages of life. These life lessons are best taught through the good example of a child's most trusted and powerful influence, their parents. For this reason, Diet Doc has developed medically supervised weight loss programs that help overweight parents reinforce the significance of maintaining a healthy weight, by losing excess fat, making healthier food choices and avoiding the daily consumption of processed and fast foods.'s Market Communicator Reaching out to More Retail Investors

LogoCHOFX Market Communicator road show, which is aimed at going on-ground to engage and educate retailers on opportunities on the commodities market, grows bigger and better this year. This installment of the investment road show is expanding to more than 20 locations and non-urban town centers, in partnership with eight brokers and investment banks. The main aim of the road shows is to create greater awareness on the opportunities available in the commodities market, as well as introducing retailers to new products and electronic trading services in the commodities markets.

Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co Designs Efficient Hydraulic Machine Parts

Durability of machines mainly dependent on hydraulic machine parts. Installation of defective hydraulic machine parts will hamper the smooth operation of the machine. Industrial activities and other commercial activities can get stalled if the hydraulic machine parts are not good. Guangzhou Hydraulic Transmission Equipment Co,. Ltd manufactures hydraulic machine parts with superb coupling fittings. These coupling fittings mainly used in pumps to draw water quite easily. Many metal industries use these hydraulic couplings to enhance the mineral extracting ability of the machines. These hydraulic machine parts have great demand in electronic market as well.