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Mike Saunders at Marketing Huddle Releases Latest Book Published on Amazon. CA-TA-SA System: The 1-Page Copyrighted Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners

LogoThe copyrighted system "CA-TA-SA©" relating to the 3-box coaching system created by Mike Saunders, MBA, is a fusion of Competitive Advantage, Target Audience and Strategic Alliances. This strategy is enhanced by the R4 Framework. Optimizing any of the 4R's of: Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral can produce 25% in annual business growth, but maximizing all 4 provides a compounding effect.

Food Network Today Announces Commencement of Operations

LogoFood Network Today announced the launch of its services in a small press meet here today. The site is offering banner ad placement and Press Release services for the sites related to food and recipes.

Bryan Caplan of BJC Branding Renamed Master Certified Local Expert by Constant Contact

Bryan Caplan, Chief Branding Officer of BJC Branding, has been renamed a Master Certified Local Expert in 2015 by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than 600,000 small organizations worldwide.

Clients Need More Customers and Leads, Reports

SpargoConnect Digital Marketing Agency reports companies need more customers and leads rather than a design company. The goal must be to increase one's brand value and this is all SpargoConnect focuses on. When clients turn their focus to increasing their brand value, everything else falls into line.

A Glance at the Elite Internet Marketing Conference This Season

March is typically the most crucial month for these all-out, large-scale conferences where the notable leaders of the world's biggest companies share their insights and advice on the best ways to gain success. More than 100 conferences and events are planned throughout 2015.

Advantage Plus Mobile Home Services Partners with BizIQ

Advantage Plus Mobile Home Services, a firm specializing in mobile home transportation and installation, has announced a partnership with BizIQ, a Phoenix, Arizona-based digital marketing firm that works with small businesses throughout North America.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns Made Possible for Singapore's Technology Hungry Netizens

Digital marketing agency OOm (Optimal Online Marketing) has been in the search marketing business since 2006. With the increasing everyday internet usage in the country, OOm expanded rapidly to accommodate businesses that are trying to find ways on how to find, connect and establish their brands with consumers who are now very much connected with technology when it comes to buying decisions., a Promotional and Marketing Items Supplier, Now Offers Logo Pens

Achieving maximum profit out of a minimum investment is something that a business is supposed to do. That's why, a supplier of promotional and marketing items, now offers logo pens. Promotional items are a unique way to reach a wide audience through items such as bags, pens, office items like mouse pads, desktop accessories, drinkware and various other items. It is extremely important to choose the right method of marketing for effective results. Promotional products are extremely useful tools which leave a lasting impression on users while retaining the name of the brand or company.

Bye-Bye to Cassettes & Vinyl: Music Promotion in the Digital Age Has Changed Reports MusicPromoToday

There was a time when self-promotion for the unsigned musician was equivalent to selling cassettes from the back of a modest car. To be sure, it was an expensive ordeal and one that few artists today have experienced. With the coming of the digital age, music promotion has evolved into a global phenomenon, accessible to musicians of all stature. Utilizing social media platforms, unknown artists can now go viral on the web and turn into overnight success stories.

EarnbyCPA Offers the Website Owners Guaranteed on-Time Money from Traffic

Looking to earn money from traffic? Earning money from traffic is easy nowadays. One can earn money from various sources online. People who are looking for earning money online can come to EarnbyCPA one of the leading online advertising agencies helps individual to earn money in different ways like from impression, a click, a form submission such as, contact request, sign up registration etc. and also from the advertisers. Generally advertisers will pay for each of the mentioned tasks done by an individual. Now an individual can think what the CPA is? Or, what exactly is a Cost-Per-Action Network?

Reefer Mail Offers State-of-the-Art Email Marketing Systems to Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis is now legal in more states than ever. As such, legitimate businesses have sprung up across the nation, offering cannabis products to those licensed to use them. These businesses still struggle with the 20th century stigma of being an illegal commodity, and this can make it difficult to market cannabis as a legitimate product. Reefer Mail was created to overcome these problems, providing a great way for cannabis businesses to harness the power of email marketing without risk of being banned and losing their valuable email list and statistics. The software has recently been updated to provide the most cutting-edge capabilities yet.

Parallax Digital Media Offers High-Concept Internet Marketing Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Parallax Digital Media is answering the call to meet the needs of area real estate professionals and the service providers that cater to them. They are pushing the envelope by rolling out two new solutions that aim to raise their profiles through the use of niche internet marketing strategies and concepts.

Free Ebook Launch Which Enlightens Readers on How to Increase Traffic the Right Way

"The Traffic Generator" is a small company with 7+ years of experience in online marketing and advertising. The company is located in New York and helps many clients reach their goals of building a successful website. One of the hardest parts seems to be driving traffic to a newly created and unknown website, so "The traffic Generator" facilitates the process by releasing a free detailed system containing all the methods that the company personally used to drive traffic and sales back to its website.

Mike Olivas Speaking Tour to Launch After 2nd OC Business Journal Entrepreneurship Award Nomination

LogoOrange County Business Journal has nominated Mike Olivas for their 2015 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award. This is the 2nd year Mike Olivas has received a nomination. The Orange County Business Journal says the award, "is designed to recognize individuals who exemplify the American entrepreneurial spirit – individuals who, by their creativity and determination, have established and nurtured successful business ventures."

SEO-Conference Can Deliver SEO Solutions in a New and Innovative Way

Nowadays, more businesses are turning to attend the SEO conference as,it is one of the most convenient and cost effective approach of communicating with existing clients, potential customers and business associates who are spread across the world. In the past few years, have proved to be the best source which delivers information about the upcoming SEO conferences. Also, they give vital and useful information about the things to do and where to focus on the online business. For people, such as online entrepreneurs and marketers, attending such conferences can be beneficial to make a great difference online.

Search Experiences to Officially Host Digimarcon Digital Marketing Conferences 2015

LogoNew York-based company Search Experiences will stage the international launch of its Branded Search Solution at the 2015 DIGIMARCON Digital Marketing Conferences.

Digimarcon West 2015 Digital Marketing Conference to Take Place at Luxury Santa Monica Venue

LogoThe DIGIMARCON WEST 2015 Digital Marketing Conference will take place at the luxurious Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California on May 27 and 28.

Digimarcon Cruise 2015 Digital Marketing Conference Set to Sail

LogoA seven-night Royal Caribbean Cruise will provide the stunning backdrop for the DIGIMARCON CRUISE 2015 Digital Marketing Conference.

Boutique Digital Marketing Agency Pixelcarve Launches New Website Highlighting Premium Services for Best-in-Class Brands

Memorable interactions have become increasingly challenging in the vast digital landscape that businesses face today. From extensive social media networks to competing for airtime against viral videos and popular memes, it has become more important than ever to adopt a digital strategy that stands out from the crowd.

Mod Girl Marketing Discusses How Outsourcing Marketing Could Save Companies $377,000 Annually

LogoOnline marketing is one of the chief ways businesses compete and leverage the playing field. Larger corporations may not think twice about adding staff members with salaries, health insurance benefits, and vacation packages. Yet, for a mid-sized business, each additional employee could affect the company's bottom line and ability to grow. At the same time, they cannot afford to sit idle as the competition lurches ahead. Outsourcing some of these marketing duties becomes the obvious choice, says Mandy McEwen, founder of Mod Girl Marketing.

Marketing Agency Online Network Empire Unveils SG50 Offer for Singapore Businesses

Online Network Empire, the country's top Internet marketing agency, launched a new promotion celebrating the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence. For a limited time, local companies will receive special discounts on the full range of Online Network Empire's highly effective marketing services, from search engine optimization to social media management. This is a unique opportunity to receive discounts on proven digital marketing services from Singapore's top agency, so response to the special offer is expected to be impressive.

Brigita Butvilaite, Renowned Graphic Designer from London Introduces Most Inspiring Business Cards Trends of 2015

Brigita Butvilaite just knows how to present the most important information about her clients through her specially designed eye-catching business cards. As a leading graphic designer from London, she specializes in creating most inspiring business cards that succinctly conveys the image of her client's brand. At 2B Designer, a full-service web design company located in London, Brigita and her team of highly talented graphic designers are providing customers with a unique opportunity, where they can get highly attractive custom built business cards that reflect the latest design trends of 2015.

Step Up the Marketing Game with Innovative Advertising Solutions from AiiMS

LogoWith the boom in the e-commerce segment, advertisers have launched their arsenals on the digital platform. According to the latest statistics available, online marketing tools have evolved into a vital requirement from being just an add-on to traditional marketing tactics. Statistics show that as much as $135 billion were spent by companies worldwide on digital marketing collateral. As many as 78 per cent of CMOs worldwide think that custom content is the future of marketing. Projected figures show that internet advertising will contribute as much as 25 per cent of the entire ad market by 2015. These overwhelming figures show that in the coming years, online marketing tools such as Google AdWords marketing, search engine marketing, Google ads will only assume a further strengthened forms in the digital marketing warzone.

Cutting-Edge Billboard Is Designed to Boost Local Economy

Patrick Brunet is combining grass-roots principles and cutting-edge technology to help promote local businesses in the Clarence-Rockland area of Ontario. Is Causing a Marketplace Revolution

LogoLet's face it, the public notary industry can hardly be considered the breeding ground for even moderate change, let alone revolution. Yet one 11-year veteran of the trade has caused quite a stir with the recent release of her notary directory website.