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Product Management and Online Marketing Consultant Youssef Hodaigui Launches Personal Blog

LogoYoussef Hodaigui, an entrepreneur and career self-starter with over 10 years of expertise in online marketing and product management, is sharing his expertise in creation, development and marketing of new products through his personal blog, Hodaigui's expertise assists companies in managing available resources to maximize their return on investment (ROI), grow revenue and increase corporate profitability and enterprise value.

Bel Air Tax Service Chooses Baltimore Marketing Agency Sheets and Associates

Picket Fence Tax Service inks a contract with Baltimore marketing agency Sheets and Associates to improve their website and Facebook page, and provide them a 'rock star' status on organic Search Engine pages.

Corporate Industry Spending Sends CPA Advertising Revenues Sky High

Savvy Online Marketers Take Advantage of This Trend To Increase Their Income

Article Marketing Attracts Thousands Looking for Solutions to Problems

Savvy Marketers Cash In On Free Traffic. While more and more people are turning to the Internet as a way to earn a part-time income, and even to replace their full-time income, marketing experts are lining up to share their knowledge as the information highway grows.

Announcement: PMW Communications Acquires 051 Marketing Agency

LogoHere at PMW Communications, we are excited to announce the breaking news that we have acquired Peacehaven firm, 051, in a recent buy-out bid.

Facebook Ads Expert, Karthic Gurnani, to Help Entrepreneurs and Business Save Millions of Dollars on Their Marketing Online

Facebook Ads Expert, Mr. Karthic Gurnani, continues to expand reputable services to entrepreneurs and business that could save the millions on their marketing over the web. He is the owner of, the leading Facebook marketing provider over the web today.

Dr. Theresa Pantanella Reveals the Secrets of Effective Video Marketing

There are many marketers who fail to chalk out effective video marketing strategies, thereby failing to create an impact with their digital marketing campaigns. Dr. Theresa Pantanella, a video marketing expert who is often nicknamed as a 'Video Marketing Doctor', recently shared exclusive tips and advices on effective video marketing. She has revealed some secrets of video marketing during a recent business network radio interview.

Jeff Cowan's PRO TALK, Inc. Reaches Milestone with More Clients While Current Customers Rave About Training Products and Services

Jeff Cowan's PRO TALK, Inc.™ recently celebrated its most successful month to date this November with dealerships and service/repair shops lining up for training because of their proven results. To keep up with the surge, PRO TALK has added more professional trainers under the tutelage of Jeff Cowan, as well as additional staff. November had the highest number of new account activations in the company's recorded history, with word on the street spreading about the successes of dealerships who have incorporated PRO TALK's methodologies via (among other products) onsite side-by-side training, online virtual training, and both private and public workshops. The first in the industry, Jeff Cowan created the modern day Walk Around™, and cutting edge service selling processes. PRO TALK expects to post similar results for the month of December.

Leading Ottawa SEO Company Says Top Spot on Google May Not Be Enough in Today's Competitive Market

LogoKyle Clouthier Search Engine Marketing, a leading Canadian SEO company that offers numerous comprehensive internet marketing services, recently shared one of its strategies to maximize lead generation i.e. by not only attaining and maintaining the first spot but multiple spots on the first page of a specific keyword search result.

Record 2014 Attendance Means More New, Free Marketing Classes

LogoSmall business owners and non-profit organizations availed themselves of The Countess Group's educational marketing seminars in record numbers in 2014.

Social Media Firm Releases 5 Surefire Ways to Boost Social Media Visibility in 2015

LogoMarketers will spend $8.3 billion on social media advertising in 2015. Google's algorithm updates in 2014 have given Twitter and Facebook pages better positioning, so businesses that have neglected their pages will need to redouble their efforts in 2015 to remain competitive, according to Mandy McEwen, founder of digital marketing firm Mod Girl Marketing.

Simplify Business Marketing! One Meeting... Multiple Options

Business managers can save time and money, by reviewing several marketing options in one simple meeting... Print, Radio, Television, Internet! Why meet with 8 different representatives to learn about marketing options, when one meeting will suffice?

The Social Savior Launches New Website with Live Online Marketing Case Study

Social media marketing is a becoming the most important means by which for businesses to organically increase their reach to potential customers. The difficulty is that social media is a varied and mercurial beast, and mastering it when one has a business to run is almost impossible without spending months testing hundreds of strategies. Social media management company The Social Savior has just opened for business and to prove their social media strategies work they have launched a live case study so potential clients can see for themselves how effective their methods are.

Evolve Graphic Design and Marketing Forms New Marketing Website Design Group

Evolve Graphic Design and Marketing Ltd. announced the formation of a new Marketing Website Design division. The new group will focus on producing cost-effective, lead-creating websites for clients, bringing Evolve's formidable marketing and design expertise directly to bear on the problems faced by professional services, medical practices, and other businesses as they seek to grow. Evolve Graphic Design and Marketing is one of the Vancouver area's most successful graphic design and marketing agencies, with a long track record of proven performance.

Ads2020 Marketing Offers to Improve Business with Internet Advertising Blog

Ads2020 Marketing offers a portal for internet business marketing. This online blog can be used to advertise products and services to help improve business prospects.

Business Marketing Made Simpler Through Ads2020 Marketing

Ads2020 Marketing offers a portal for internet business marketing. This online blog can be used to advertise products and services to help improve business prospects.

Quandrant Holdings Announces Instagram Book for Business Marketing

Reporting for the online financial magazine "" Senior Staff Writer Kim Lachance Shandrow wants businesses to know about the advantages of the popular Instagram application for smartphones and mobile devices. In her article "5 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Plan" she instructs, "Instagram is quite different from other forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. This app is photography based and not available for use on one's computer screen. Because of this, Instagram quickly emerged as an active marketing tool to reach young consumers and build brand recognition through their hand-held devices."

El Toro Launches Highly Accurate Digital Advertising Targeting Solution for College Students

LogoDigital advertising innovator, El Toro announced today the general availability of its product for on-campus targeting of digital advertising to students. Called Captive Audience, this product allows brands to digitally advertise directly to college students while on campus.

New Keratosis Pilaris Natural Treatment Website Aims to Help Long-Time KP Sufferers

LogoA former long-time sufferer of the common skin condition known as keratosis pilaris or "chicken skin bumps," Lily Baxter, has released a brand new website dedicated to keratosis pilaris natural treatment methods, appropriately named

Top 8 Facebook Marketing Tips for the Holidays Revealed by Digital Marketer Mandy McEwen

LogoRetailers saw a 39 percent boost in website traffic from Facebook over the 2013 holiday season, according to Search Engine Journal. Facebook is the preferred medium of choice for marketers, with 92 percent investing the bulk of their holiday promotion dollars there. It's never too late to redesign a Facebook page full of Christmas spirit, buy a couple targeted holiday ads, write up a gift guide for shoppers, or offer an exclusive deal through this popular social media site.

Multilingual Digital Marketing Expert Announced New Marketing Services in Russia

Maria Johnsen the multilingual digital marketing expert announced a new digital marketing service in Russia. There are many companies within the industrial niches, finance, real estate, educational institutes, movie and music production companies, jewelry and much more who need to be promoted online in various languages. Since Maria Johnsen understand the culture and language of these countries, she and her team will aid these companies to be heard in online world.

Whitehats Launches a Unique Way to Advertise Brand via Wifi

Whitehats has launched a most unique and innovative solution for advertisement in UAE by the name of Hotspot Solutions. Hotspot Solutions gives an opportunity to all major businesses in UAE to promote their brand and its products to their customers on a bare minimum cost. Hotspot Solutions from Whitehats is an advertising channel that will use mode of Wi-Fi connectivity for personal advertisement of companies. Hospitality based businesses (Hotels, Bars and Cafes), shopping malls, public areas, Metro, parks and exhibitions can all make use of this ingenious product for boosting their sales by generating more leads through visitors and shoppers.

MOBE Internet Marketing Conferences Build Community and Expertise

LogoMy Online Business Empire's internet marketing home business entrepreneurship training system provides its members with a variety of training packages to help build home business empires for each member based on expert internet marketing advice and techniques. In addition to the training kits and packages, My Online Business Empire, or MOBE also hosts a range of global seminars and conferences focused on exposing membership to firsthand attention from its cache of industry leaders, top earners and financial gurus from around the world. Top level members enjoy access to MOBE's Platinum Mastermind secrets, opening them up to the smartest marketing experts on the planet providing tools on building wealth through marketing and personal business development. Introduces Video Content as an Effective Content Marketing the Beatle's Way: How Video Content Helps Businesses Life Their Bottomline

LogoGreat recognition on myriads of deeds, ideas, concept or a work of art that is posted online surely have a lot to learn from how the greatest rock band of all time, The Beatles, managed to spur undying support from millions of fans around the world with their 292 shows in a span of two years; where marketing strategies mainly depends on live performances.

Blend Local Search Marketing Announces a Local Search and Listings Management Solution

Blend Local Search Marketing advanced the cost-efficiency value of its innovative and proven-productive online marketing strategies today with the announcement of joining the rapidly growing Yext Certified Partners network.