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Online advertising has grown to great heights with companies establishing touch points on websites, blogs and popular social networking platforms. While the significance continues to grow, small businesses are still struggling to find a source that will allow free ad posting while creating growth opportunities across the board.

Social Media Consultant Releases 8 Ways to Boost Current Marketing Campaigns with Social Media

LogoMandy McEwen, social media consultant and Founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, has released eight ways for brands to boost their marketing campaigns by leveraging social media. As many companies have some presence on their social media platforms, they are also leaving a lot on the table as far as capitalizing that presence to supplement their marketing efforts.

Singapore SEO Company Says "NO" for Outsourcing

Being an internet based world nowadays has changed a lot of things and ways we conventionally conduct business. Take businesses, for instance. If a business, big or small, does not have a strong online presence, it can almost be guaranteed that it will not strive. The ubiquity of online services and interactions has granted businesses to come up with innovative alternatives to be noticed by anyone and everyone via the Internet--this is where Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles come in.

Adsolist Enlightens Readers on How to Take Advantage of Widespread Reach when You Post Free Ads

Online advertising has grown to great heights with companies establishing touch points on websites, blogs and popular social networking platforms. While the significance continues to grow, small businesses are still struggling to find a source that will allow free ad posting while creating growth opportunities across the board.

Online Marketing Expert Launches Small Business Marketing from Ten Pounds on People Per Hour

A popular online marketing and public relations company is offering small business owners online success through the use of press releases and social media marketing. In2town Public Relations has turned to People Per Hour to allow small businesses to gain online exposure without worrying about the cost.

Free Double Seminar: LinkedIn for Business and Email Marketing Campaigns That Work

LogoThe Countess Group, a strategic marketing and communications consultancy, will present a free workshop – “LinkedIn for Business and Email Marketing Campaigns That Work” – to help small businesses and nonprofits in the Sarasota/Bradenton area understand how to achieve marketing success. The event will be held on November 20 at Copytalk, 600 Tallevast Road, Sarasota. Ken Countess, The Countess Group’s managing director, is a Constant Contact®, Inc. Authorized Local Expert and will present the seminar.

Calgary Based Web Design and Development Company Red Cherry Discusses Common Website Design Mistakes

LogoWithout proper insights it can be difficult to tell if visitors to your website are engaging with your web design. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy. Free to use, Google Analytics provides business owners the ability to see various metrics from their actual website results. It highlights things like bounce and exit rates that can show where you are losing your customers. If your homepage has a high bounce rate (anything above the 70% mark) then you should consider re-evaluating your design and/or content.

AAA Flag and Banner Achieves Optimal Client ROI Through Street Pole Banner Advertising

AAA Flag and Banner, a premier print provider for custom graphic display systems, signage, banners, vehicle graphics, and special event graphics, uses over 40 years of experience to continuously optimize their client’s large format print advertising ROI strategies. Thousands of drivers pass under street light poles each and every day. Those with banners have received the highest ROI over other means of advertising.

Calgary Based Web Design and Development Company Red Cherry Discusses Web-Design Decisions of the Coming Year

LogoWhile this subject is nothing new in the design field, it has taken on a fresh approach because of the opportunities mobile computing has for the future.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Website Design Trends to Dominate 2015

LogoRed Cherry a Calgary Alberta Canada based web design and software development company gives some insights into what to expect in web design trends in 2015.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses What Is Importance of Responsive Web Design

LogoWhat is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is an approach of crafting sites for a gradually enhanced viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing. Easy Navigation and scroll through mobile phones, laptop, tablet and desktop computer monitors. Responsive web design is the approach of design and development that should respond according to the client's behavior and environment based on any screen size and available platforms.

Red Cherry a Calgary Based Web Design and Software Company Discusses Beyond Responsive and Adaptive: Introducing "Adjustive" Web Design

LogoThe speed at which technology evolves means every mobile device has a different form factor - some are getting smaller, while others are following the "bigger is better" trend. There's no question that size affects the way we consume content on mobile devices. So considering that no user experience (UX) is the same, I predict the next phase of interface design will give control back to users in the form of adjustive Web design.

Mod Girl Marketing Releases off-Page SEO Checklist for Businesses

LogoWhen looking at maximizing the SEO of a business website, there are two types to consider: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page is just that—the content, tags, and website data that make up the actual website. The off-page SEO is far more complicated: involving social media, videos, press releases, blog promotion and commenting, social bookmarking sites, and more. In their latest post, digital marketing boutique Mod Girl Marketing highlights 10 things to take advantage of to improve off-page SEO. Enlightens Readers on How to Get More Customers and More Sales

Ask any marketing expert in the world and he/she will be quick to say that advertising the product is the best way to gain more customers and to make sure that the product gets as much exposure as is possible. Those same experts will also be quick to tell people that billboards and LED signs are the best ways to get the most exposure for products because these things are mostly placed near roads and pavements and thus, are sure to gain the most audience. Moreover, the costs are less as well and have great return on investment as well. However, it is imperative that one outsources the job to someone with lots of experience and knowledge.

A One-Stop Shop for All the Marketing and Advertising Needs of Businesses

True marketing says that they are a one-stop shop for the marketing and advertising needs of businesses. They add that they are specialized in many aspects of marketing that includes web marketing. They offer services like Logo Design, website creation and social media marketing. In addition to providing these services, they do everything their clients think of or may want. Businesses including local and small ones operating from Northern Virginia can opt for the other services like Legal Consulting, SEO, Video Production, Illustrations, etc. offered by the company.

"The Most Interesting Man in Las Vegas" Gives Away Private Art Collection Every Day Until 2015

LogoBelieving that every person has a right to actively participate in the art they collect, Branden Michael Powers ups the ante on unbridled cool. The Las Vegas-based artist, private collector and philanthropist is driving home his point every day of what’s left of 2014. How? By giving away 100 pieces of his Outsider and American Folk Art collection. Where? Hidden in plain site daily on undisclosed streets in and around Las Vegas. Why? Because everybody should have a ‘too good to be true’ artistic treasure hunt right around the holidays.

Andre Small Seeks Crowdfunding to Give Away Two Full Scholarships to a Private School.

LogoCathedral of Faith Christian School has operated since 1987 and since day one has endeavored to create an environment that produces well-rounded disciplined students in the area of academic understanding, knowledge, skills, and to develop within the child the power to reason with strong moral character and spiritual values. Many single parents desire to have their child in a safe and small learning early childhood education environment, but cannot afford the cost of tuition.

People Per Hour Press Release Service from Ten Pounds Is Helping Promote Amazon Products

A popular public relations and marketing company have launched an Amazon marketing and promotion service to help small business owners gain sales.

DocuMart Launches Full Service Branding and Promotions Services for New Orleans

Writing for the “Huffington Post” online, Columnist Elle-Rose Williams wants business to know that promotional items are a strategic element of any marketing effort. In her article “Why Promotional Products Still Matter” she goes on to report, “You need to distribute promotional items so that people can see your brand and associate these items with your business. The traditional advertising ploy of a giveaway item still works with consumers to this day. The more people who recognize your brand, the higher your sales will be in any business.”

One Can Unite with a Marketing Agency for Vast Promotions

Search Engine marketing is the easiest and most convenient method to provide the required exposure to one’s business in front of worldwide users. There are countless websites opposing to grab the attention of users and to rank in the top page on any search engine. Hence, to determine the ways to get the apt rank is a crucial matter. Hiring marketing agency having knowledge of methods can assists one to reach their business worldwide.

OnTray Media Prepares to Launch New Product That Redefines Advertising Services

LogoOnTray Media® has built their reputation and success largely through “outside of the box” thinking. For the past few years, OnTray Media® has been working on another breakthrough that is sure to redefine the way businesses advertise to their target audiences. OnTray Media® has now secured exclusive licensing agreements to this next generation advertising platform that will soon be available to advertisers and businesses. The company, best known for offering advertising on their high quality, environmentally friendly trays and beverage carriers, has earned spots at very high profile entertainment venues and sports centers nationwide.  Recently, the company announced they are close to the release of an innovative new product that redefines advertising solutions for businesses. Anticipation surrounding the news is high.

November 2014: 15 Email Marketing and Social Media Training Seminars to Be Presented by the Countess Group

LogoWith the holiday season just weeks away, The Countess Group, a strategic marketing and communications consultancy, will present a series of email marketing and social media marketing workshops and seminars open to the public in November.

Agile Marketing Solutions Launches New Website in Time for the Holiday Season

Agile Marketing Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the brand’s new website: The November 2014 launch was scheduled just-in-time for the upcoming business holiday season. "We are very happy about this project overall, particularly because this is the season when corporations and small businesses lock in with regards to their 2015 marketing budgets. During this time, they also have a sense of urgency to measure metrics with what works and what doesn't work regarding their return on investments!" remarked Hamza Davis, Director of Business Development at Agile Marketing Solutions located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stealth Interactive Media Expands Calgary Branch in as Nationwide Expansion Continues

With so many different media available through which businesses can contact customers, it is more important than ever that design inform every facet when it comes to forming a brand. If a business card is unidentifiable to the commercial, and the commercial to the website, thousands of potential clients and customers will slip away. Stealth Interactive Media is one of the few digital marketing agencies that use design fundamentals together with a crack team of experts in print, online and visual media to create full spectrum solutions for companies. Their strategy has proven successful enough to expand their Calgary branch who are now able to help more customers after a recent expansion.

A Multilingual Digital Marketing Company Announced a New Book Marketing Service

Golden Way Media announced their book marketing service. Due to market demand and a great volume of prospects' inquires, Golden Way Media company offers a new book marketing service.