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Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing Publishes New, Free Digital Marketing eBook

Mandy McEwen, a top digital marketing consultant and founder of Mod Girl® Marketing, released a new marketing eBook titled "8 Ways in 8 Days." Focusing on the eight most effective digital lead-generation techniques of 2015, the eBook is available for free to subscribers to McEwen's #8ways newsletter. The just-released eBook conveys in straightforward, practical form the eight most productive ways of generating qualified leads online today, ranging from innovative Facebook and Twitter marketing techniques to a brand-new form of guest blogging. on Why Video Marketing Is the Most Effective Type of Marketing in Acquiring and Retaining Consumer Engagement

LogoVideo marketing is a compelling way to drive results faster than content. Videos are effective in acquiring and retaining customers since the useful information shared in the video will inform, educate or help consumers solve a problem in their daily life before a marketer attempt to sell consumers a product. And since marketing focuses on getting favorable feedbacks and results from the campaigns created, video marketing is certainly worth the time to be highly considered for effective marketing. Shares Why March Is the Best Month for Effective Content Marketing

LogoMarch is a good month to start any content marketing plan in store to improve the marketability of the brand and in building stronger connection to the consumers with valuable content that is properly distributed. The month has a lot of potential materials that can be topical and useful to the daily living of consumers which could attract prospects and could hike sales. That creating content in various medium that generate traffic such as articles, videos, podcast and another post in this busy month, is a great opportunity that brands should not miss.

The Internet Marketing Experts Announce Site Overhaul and Wealth of New Content

The Internet Marketing Experts, leading marketing and search engine optimization specialists, announced the completion of an overhaul of the company's primary web presence, As part of the update, the site's navigation was streamlined and its visual design was improved. In addition, a number of important new articles have been posted since the revamped site was launched, covering topics ranging from improving the effectiveness of web backlinks to balancing SEO efforts against Google AdWords spending for business marketers.

TY Long No Website System Is the Future of Telephone Marketing

The Ty Long No Website System gives clients a number to advertise with help from a team of marketing experts. The number leads callers to an automated message and voice mail system. For every interested caller, the client receives $250 instant commission via Paypal.

Nusani Announces Reputation Management and Branding Awareness for Auto Industry

Reporting for the online magazine "" Senior Staff Writer Pervara Kapadia writes about the "Benefits of Online Reputation Management - Social Media" as a way of instructing the business world to its merits. Pervara Kapadia reports, "The management of your online reputation is of prime importance. You need to always develop a full picture of your company so that both stakeholders and the public better understand your goals. With a good mix of social media and a high level of search engine rankings, your company will be better equipped to reinforce your brand with consumers."

Internet Marketing Prodigy Reveals His New Course for Building and Ranking Websites

LogoMarketing consultant Donald Johnson announces a video that reviews George Brown's latest offering: Google Sniper 3.0.

SocioBoard Is Leveraging Social Media Management's Personal Side

A new survey says, financial advisers and experience marketers are having a preference to make more personal connections with their customers via social media tool, which is helping them to win new business. Women advisers and those who are belonging to fewer than 30, in particular, are making the utmost use of various social-media sites to help expand their businesses, as per the survey revealed by "Putnam Investments found".

Wealth Advisors: Social Media's Gray Area for Job-Swapping Advisers

Reputation problems have the prevalent impact on brand value and revenue, according to the survey, which was conducted by Forbes on behalf of Social Media Management service Prodder Company. In a world of global social media, managing the perceptions and expectations of customers and other stakeholders is one of the crucial tasks for entrepreneurs, and having a strong social media reputation can help both big and small organizations to address this growing challenge. But staying active in every social media accounts and hook up the potential customer to be the long term consumption of the brand is a bit difficult for an entrepreneur. Proposes Marketing Strategies to Leverage Sales After Valentine's Day

LogoOnline printing authority since 1999, 4over4, shares a blog post dedicated to provide innovative marketing strategies to boost sales after Valentine's Day, since February 14th is one of the most influential commercial dates in the United States. The printer strives to provide useful resources for their customers. The post, entitled Leverage Valentine's Day Sales Even After The Date is available on the company's blog.

Mike Arthur Presents FREE Online Seminar to Reveal Five Essential Steps to Double Sales in the Next 12 Months

Mike Arthur announces a free training program for business owners and marketers who want to learn the effective marketing strategies to promote a business and improve sales. The free webinar "5 Steps to Doubling Sales in the Next 12 Months" is open for registrations and there are limited seats available for the webinar to be offered throughout 2015. One just needs to provide his/her name and email to attend the free online seminar. There is no registration fee and one can access the webinar through Windows or Mac computers and also iPads, iPhones and iPhone touch. One can also request for an SMS alert to get the intimation before the start of the program. Conducting Free Online Seminars to Give Away Turnkey Small Business Marketing Tips, a small business sales and marketing solutions provider, recently started doling out free tips and advices through online seminars arranged for small business owners and marketers., which is actually a part of a larger group named Netprofits LLC, is now conducting free online seminars for small business marketing executives and owners. The owners have confirmed that the exclusive tips and guidelines that are being dished out during their prescheduled webinars are free to avail. Any business owner who is ready to put his or her business on the steep growth curve can now register for the online seminar and know how to double up sales in just twelve months.

Gabriela G Photography Announces New Service for Google Maps for Denver Area Businesses

Gabriela G Photography, an established leader in increasing business exposure through providing professional imagery, today announced their service which creates Business View virtual tours for local businesses and uploads them to Google Maps and Google+ and connects business with the street view maps. This service was created to provide more online exposure for brick and mortar businesses in a less competitive and more cost effective way by allowing web searchers to take a virtual walk through business locations to acquire better knowledge of the products and services offered.

By 2016, Digital Marketing Expend Is Predicted to Rise by 35% of Overall Budgets

With the rapid revolution and evolution of latest technologies, Digital marketing is quite alike dropping bread crumbs for the potential buyers to find and follow, ultimately leading to the business's products and services. But, unlike an upfront road, digital world facilitates a lot of perks to the customers as well as businesses. Today, the brick-and-mortar businesses are also turning their business models to online, or bettering up existing marketing efforts with best online marketing strategies in order to acquire a growing and incredibly lucrative place in the online world.

SpargoConnect Digital Marketing Agency and Abe Lee Partner to Expand Lee's Reach

SpargoConnect ( and Abe Lee Seminars ( announce a partnership between their companies, one designed to help individuals throughout the islands take advantage of Lee's online class training in real estate. SpargoConnect, a new digital marketing agency, and Abe Lee, the biggest name in real estate training in the state, opted to create this partnership to expand Lee's reach using the latest technology and digital marketing trends which help to create a beautiful and intimate online user experience. Individuals throughout the islands find they can now access this real estate class training with ease.

Market Mongoose Launches Its Edifying Blog on Digital Marketing and SEO

Market Mongoose Resource Hub, is an informational digital marketing blog containing rich quality posts and articles based on different niches. There's no denying that the world is quickly shifting from analogue to digital. As more and more things are getting into the digital world, businesses and organizations are turning to the online platform "Internet" to increase their reach to the audiences. Nowadays, People rely on the Internet for almost everything, so it's quite vital for businesses and brands to adapt the best Internet marketing strategies. In today's time of competitive market where there is cut-throat competition among the digital marketers', it's crucial to fuel the digital marketing strategy as an engine for growth, gain hard-hitting market share, unlock revenue, build stronger brand awareness and make a robust online presence.

Advertising Industry Lauds Julie Roehm for Curated Content on Food and Fashion

Records of the past years have shown the fact that the advertising world was taken by storm the very year that Julie Roehm entered the industry. Comments from fellow professionals have also stated very clearly that the level of the competition was also upped by the entrance of this genius.

Luxury Branded Launches New Partner Network Matching Companies to Their Emerging Audiences

Luxury brands are excellent businesses to get into when the economy is in a time of downturn. The rich always stay rich, meaning the market for luxury goods never slows. As such, luxury goods brands have been thriving in recent years, but the way in which they market themselves means their buyers are an aging population. Luxury Branded is a marketing consultancy dedicated to helping luxury brands find younger markets for their products. They have just launched the Luxury Partner Network to help luxury brands connect with Millennials, in a time when younger generations are increasingly looking online for their next purchases.

Grant Marketing's New Logo and Website Design for Scientific Solutions Is out of This World

LogoGrant Marketing, a Boston-based B2B branding and inbound marketing agency, was approved by the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) to engage with Scientific Solutions, Inc. in its re-branding efforts. In December 2013, Scientific Solutions was chosen from a group of Massachusetts-based manufacturing companies to be one of the recipients of additional funding and revenue under SBANE's Massachusetts Manufacturing Matching Grant Program. Scientific Solutions used the grant money to upgrade its digital touch-points, which included its website and logo.

Mod Girl Marketing Shares How to Choose the Best SEO Company

LogoHow does a business owner choose the best SEO company when all the websites look so similar? Subtle differences can save entrepreneurs tons of money and aggravation, says Mandy McEwen, CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an online marketing firm based out of San Diego. The worst part of trying an SEO firm that doesn't pan out isn't even the lost money – but the lost web presence over all those months and the stress of being strung along, she adds. In last week's blog at, Mandy McEwen discusses how to tell a good SEO company from a bad one.

Betterprint Now Offers Business Cards for Leicester Customers

LogoBetterprint has now announced the availability of business cards for Leicester customers at discounted prices. With their team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, the company aims at delivering the industry's best and top notch quality business cards. These cards are effectively utilised for business promotion. With printed name, occupation, business address on the card, these business cards prove to be the best way of silent marketing. Through the company's business cards, individuals get assistance in promoting their business.

Iconic Digital, Specialists Digital Marketing Consultants in London and Surrey, Offer New Lead Generation & Web Analytics Services

LogoMaintaining their prominent position as one of the specialist digital marketing consultant s in Surrey, Iconic Digital is now providing its customers with lead generation and web analytics services to measure and improve the effectiveness of their website or campaigns. Through their lead generation services, clients will get assistance in generating loyal customers for their business and enhancing their brand reputation. The company's web analytics services will assist clients in keeping the track of the visitors to their business website.

Clients Can Now Get Technical Support with the Leading Email Marketing Consultancy in the UK, CommuniGator

LogoRecognized across the UK as one of the best email marketing consultants, CommuniGator is now providing clients with advanced technical consultancy services. Their team of skilled and dedicated consultants strives to assist their clients with any technical aspects of their campaigns, in every possible way. The company's objective behind their technical support services is to help their clients in driving greater value to their businesses, and helping them to embrace and utilize automation, as well as email marketing services, to full capacity. The wide range of services that they offer under their technical support includes email marketing, benchmark analysis, 3rd party integration, data provision and segmentation, SEO services and much more.

Jacksonville Website Development Launches New Small Business Marketing Program

Jacksonville Website Development Inc, one of the state's leading search engine optimization, digital marketing, and website design agencies, announced the launch of a comprehensive new marketing program aimed at small businesses. Through the new program, Jacksonville Website Development experts will analyze the websites and other digital assets of participants, thereafter assembling customized, strategic service packages aimed at producing qualified leads and improving market reach. Jacksonville Website Development provides a full range of cutting-edge, highly effective digital marketing and design services and the new program therefore represents a valuable opportunity for small business owners.

Silk Laminated Hang Tags Soon to Be Available at 4OVER4.COM

Logo4OVER4.COM, distinguished online printing innovator, adds silk laminated hang tags to its extensive and continuously growing inventory. The new silk laminated hang tags will soon be available for purchase at the site, which now allows for multiple items to be ordered in one transaction.