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J Branden Khan Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for the JB Flat Screen TV Stand

LogoEvery family room, living room or den has familiar furnishings; a couch or comfortable chair, a coffee table, maybe a couple of lamps and always – a flat screen TV. Entrepreneur J Branden Khan firmly believes a TV belongs on a TV stand not a wall or coffee table. That's because he feels walls were made for paintings, not technology.

A Survival Tool with Multiple Uses Changes the Way We Prep

Brian Howard and John Wiertzema have just released a new project called "The Ultimate SurvivalStik!" This product is not just an incredible survival walking stick but so, so much more. It is something that every man, woman and outdoorsman should own. It has uses such as a fishing rod, spear, burial tube, personal defense device and much, much more. The project is now up on Kickstarter for everyone to see and be a part of. This campaign is showcasing the project in a unique way. The backers are able to get an inside look at how this idea came to realization and become part of the conversation on its future. Anyone who has a passion for innovative new products will be interested to see how this works.

Life Coach Jaret Grossman Has Become a YouTube Sensation

A leading motivational speaker and Life Coach has become an Internet sensation. Jaret Grossman, has become an online celebrity with over 26 million people watching his online videos with help and advice on achieving their goals and dreams.

Motivational Speaker Jaret Grossman YouTube Videos Have Gained over 26 Million Views

Jaret Grossman is a motivational speaker and life coach that has quickly gained a reputation in the industry. Labeled as the "next Tony Robbins," Grossman has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube that have amassed 26 million views.

New Blog Reveals Recipe to Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

"It is amazing how the price of coffee beans and even a cup of coffee can vary so much. Do you know what is it exactly that you're paying for? Are you really paying for the coffee beans or simply the branding? Join me as I unearth the best kept secrets of coffee art form," says Matthew to those coffee lovers who are keen to learn about the art of brewing that perfect cup of coffee.

Joe Bonavita Looks to Raise $25,000 via Kickstarter to Take to the Next Level

LogoJoe Bonavita strongly believes that in addition to entertainment, games can also offer a learning experience. This thought has been his inspiration behind creating skill based games. His gaming website encourages players to play more by offering prizes to those with the highest score. The desire to win prizes pushes the players to master the games by overcoming the challenges. Announces Unlimited SSD Cloud Web Hosting Service, a leading web hosting provider, announced that they were now offering unlimited first-rate SSD cloud web hosting services for the ultimate convenience of users. According to the company's spokesperson, this announcement has been well-received by many bloggers, designers and businesses as it allowed them to experience a much faster SSD storage performance at no extra cost. In addition, broken websites are also, reportedly, healed in record time with the help of this new unique service provided by

Burrel Muchene Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Stop Terrorism

LogoRoughly two weeks before the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday, Burrel was inspired to combat terrorism in a completely different way; with the ultimate weapon of capitalism. Capitalism has conquered mighty foes in the past including the Soviet Union while reconfiguring the controlling communism of China as barriers come down to let cash flowing in.

Jaret Grossman Has Become the Leading Motivational Life Coach

Jaret Grossman is a motivational speaker and life coach that is quickly gaining a reputation in the industry. Labeled as the "next Tony Robbins," Grossman has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube that have amassed 26 million views.

Kenneth Warren Higby Sr. Seeks Support from Kickstarter for His Epic Journey from West Coast to East Coast

LogoThe recreation of the Lewis and Clark expedition in reverse is a photo journal and an epic film project by Kenneth Warren Higby Sr. A companion project of UPT-21 Urban Planting Table project; the project's objective is to address the unemployed disabled crises in the United States by creating public awareness. All funds raised from Kickstarter will be spent on project completion and disabled employment.

Ruben Yessayan Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for a New Solo Album Featuring the Piano Music of Claude Debussy

LogoRuben Yessayan is a Spanish pianist moving ahead with his musical adventures through a new crowdfunding campaign to continue realizing his dream of recording the piano music of Claude Debussy. In this, his next solo album, he will record the second book of Preludes that continues down the path of his previous album in which he recorded the first book. Keeping to the tradition of his first solo CD, these pieces will be accompanied by others of the same composer.

Pawan Sharma Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for TestClues

LogoTestClues is a dream to help tech students, job seekers as well as working IT professionals to easily prepare for their technology exams and career certifications so they can pass IT exams on their first try.

WP Pro Host Announces Strategic Partnership with FireHost to Provide the World with Most Secure Platform for WordPress Website Hosting

WP Pro Host, one of the most reputed and leading web hosting companies is pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic partnership with FireHost to provide individuals and organizations with the most advanced and highly secure WordPress Website Hosting platform. This new service is available at a highly reasonable rate and is suitable for individual users, business websites, and companies.

Cesar Ndorerwanayo Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Provide Free Tech Education for the Poor

LogoCesar Ndorerwanayo is the owner of The Youth Progress, an organization dedicated to improving people's lives in the poor African nations. He was born in Rwanda, a nation that has always been technologically backward. Cesar was just five years old when the Rwandan genocide took place. This resulted in Cesar leading life as a refugee in a Tanzania based camp controlled by the United Nations High Commissioner. Later on, he landed in Chicago where Cesar learned the different uses of the computer including office, web design, coding, etc.

Musical Act Flaunt Seeks Crowdfunding for Their Epic New Music & Video Album in 2015

LogoFLAUNT is an independent musical act based in the USA which takes the most unique and unconventional musical sounds and somehow blends them into what it calls electro-organic pop music.

EDI Launches Revolutionary New Watch

– European Diving Instruments ("EDI") (, purveyor of unique, mechanical watches, launched the EDI Golden Age today. It includes phenomenal specifications unheard of at the 500 dollar price point, including a double barrel movement with a 3-day power reserve, and 904L steel casing; all put together with classic aesthetics.

Chris Creger Seeks Crowdfunding to Launch RentThreads: A Fresh Paradigm to the Clothing Industry

LogoMr. Chris Creger is crowdfunding to develop a website and place initial orders with top quality clothing companies such as Nike, The North Face, Spyder, Patagonia, and more to get the wheels turning on RentThreads. The website will invest in inventory that Chris calls "short-term" clothing: clothing that is only worn during certain times of the year. Chris envisions a website that will communicate simplicity, yet stir the way people shop for their clothes by providing a fun and exciting shopping experience. Inventory will consist of clothing for both sale and rental purposes, as well as both brand new and gently used clothing.

Designer Chess Game Revolutionizes the Way History Is Taught

Great Faces of America is a designer chess set that will feature civil rights activists Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The game teaches children about black history and the work these two great men did to push equal rights among all races. Now they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to get this unique designed chess set manufactured and ready to be sold.

Writer/Producer/Director Sarah Gambles Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for Her Upcoming Film Armor

LogoAs a biracial child born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Sarah Gambles thrived in the cultural diversity that surrounded her. At age 14, she was thrust into an environment of racial division when her father moved the family to his hometown in rural southeast Alabama. Sarah was blessed with a creative mind and immediately found refuge amongst the artists and thespians in her local high school.

Ahmed Al-Bayati Seeks Support from Indiegogo Community to Create His Unique Clothing Brand Robert Charlton

LogoRobert Charlton is about making individuals feel special. Ahmed Al-Bayati is in the process of creating this new brand to help people wear and feel different. Robert Charlton will be the ideal shopping destination for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, special gift, business gift, or just to make someone feel special. In this online store, it will be possible to create special designs for a designated person of choice with their name on the design and labels.

Jase King Transforms Fashion Industry with New Contemporary Style

Jase King, professional photographer and designer from Melbourne Australia, has launched his new clothing line called Viaggi on IndieGoGo. This new and unique clothing and lifestyle brand incorporates the alluring pictures Jase King photographed over a span of 10 years. He traveled the world across 79 countries and almost 200 cities. During this time, Jase captured more than 250,000 incredible moments. Now he wants to showcase these photos to the world through contemporary fashion.

YV Marketing Has Launched a New Website for Promotional Mugs

Purchasing the right kind of gifts is something that everyone wants but due to the scarcity of interesting choices these days, individuals are bound to spend a long period of time in searching for the best products. YV Marketing is one of the most top notch wholesalers of promotional gifts within Malaysia; therefore, those who have not checked them out must really do so as soon as possible.

Talented Film Creator Launches a Campaign to Produce His Inspired New Film "Paws of Nepal"

LogoA gripping new film titled "Paws of Nepal" is being introduced to the world via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $350,000, which needs to be raised by January 20th, in order to produce the short film that tells a story about the plight of stray dogs in Nepal. "Paws of Nepal" was born from creator Mudran Eller's passion in this arena, and he plans to produce a film that not only tells a story but has a very profound social impact on viewers. Eller asks, "Do you believe that art should speak to the real concerns of our heart, such as animal welfare?" The entire team behind this project believe the answer to that question is yes. "It is for this exact reason that we are raising money for our new film, and for the street dog population in Nepal who were its main inspiration."

23 Days and $21k to Go for Canadian Company PincVr

PincVR (pronounced 'pinch') , the smartphone case that converts into a wearable virtual reality experience for iOS and Android announces they have 23 days and $21 Thousand Dollars to go in their IndieGoGo campaign. PincVR, combined with a free companion app, is the first VR platform that fits in one's pocket, allowing the phone to be used as a virtual reality headset with integrated controllers. "We see the opportunity for VR as much broader than just gaming," stated Milan Baic, President of Cordon, who leads the PincVR product development. "Areas like everyday computing, commerce and productivity are very interesting for us."

Negris LeBrum Launches Kickstarter to Go to New York Fashion Week 2015

Negris Lebrum, is launching their fourth collection called "Le Noir est Joli". The elegant and contemporary collection will be showcased in the upcoming New York's Fashion Week Fall 2015. Since the brand has grown, the cost of producing a successful show has gone up significantly. They have turned to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds from those who are passionate about fashion to help reveal this 2015 fall collection that identifies with woman of personality, attitude, and elegance.