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Premier Hosting Service Offers Affordable Internet Security Products to Celebrate Recent Launch

LogoContinuing to offer their clients affordable services and dedicated support, Swiksys Hosting announces their newly launched line-up of Internet security products. Offering reasonable prices for domain name registrations, transfers, renewals and SSL Certificate facilitation the new company is a one-stop hosting shop.

3D Printed Watch Seeks Funding on Indiegogo

A combination of style, elegance and modern design, the JELWEK 3D Printed, Eco-Friendly Watch was designed by a young engineer from the Rzeszow University of Technology who wanted to introduce a line of wood-like, 3D printed watches to the market. He wanted to design a watch that was both uniquely stylish and highly functional. He partnered with Mateusz Brodowski, CEO of the 3D printing company Jelwek, and material and technology advisor, Rafal Berestka.

New Crowdfunding Platform Raising the Hopes of People in Need

Individuals who have exhausted all their options of financing their needs have been thrown a lifeline of hope, following the launch of a new crowdfunding platform called Share and Raise.

iStand 6: A Rechargeable iPhone 6 Battery Case with Built-in Stand and SIM Card Box

The immensely popular iPhone 6, with its 4.7-inch screen, has one serious flaw: low battery life. In addition, many users have reported that it is also easily damaged.

Michael Holman Seeks Crowdfunding for a Feature Film: Inkfinger, a Time-Bending Ghost Story

LogoInkfinger, a time-bending ghost story, is an independently-produced feature-length movie of classic mystery with all the elements sure to please mystery lovers; disembodied footsteps, shapes in the shadows, and a hundred-year-old plot buried in an old Victorian house. Filming is underway in a small town in Kansas, which just happens to have a gorgeous set location hidden above one of the stores lining the charming main street: the site of the old opera house, with beautifully restored living spaces on the first floor and delightfully dusty attic rooms tucked above. All told it's the perfect setting to film a haunted-house style mystery.

Jewell Powell Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Clean Paws

LogoClean Paws is an innovative self-cleaning system for dog paws that cleans their paws leaving homes clean inside. The patent-pending design boasts a folding tray that gives dog lover's a practical tool for cleaning their dog's paws before entering a home preventing the dog from tracking in dirt and other debris onto a clean floor inside the home. Dog owners know that muddy paw prints are a hassle to clean up no matter how amusing those cute little paw prints might first look on an otherwise clean floor. While other attempts have been made to solve the muddy paw print problem they fall short in solving the whole problem. Clean Paws not only cleans and dries the paws, but it also disinfects eliminating the possibility of spreading bacteria.

Daydreamer Video Game Features Something Old, Something New

Daydreamer, a new video game created by Roland Womack, combines the best of old and new technology.

New Social Network Seeking Funding on Indiegogo

Flashpal is a new social network that is hoping to allay some of the concerns users may have with traditional social networks. Common concerns may include:

New Film Empowers Citizens to Solve Systemic Problems

The Blindspot, an upcoming feature documentary and social change initiative helmed by Oscar-nominated director William Gazecki (WACO: The Rules of Engagement), will reveal society's quintessential blind spot: structure determines behavior –  how we set up a system (politics, justice) determines the way people within the system act.

New BioEnergy Technology Changes the Way We Look at Waste

Modern plumbing has become such a standard feature of life that it's easy for us to forget that, with each flush of the toilet, we're contributing to an environmental problem that becomes increasingly expensive to solve. Toilet output is an out of sight, out of mind proposition for most of us. Except that the disposal of the waste water sludge that crowds our landfills costs taxpayers millions of dollars annually. You flush it, you fund it.

"CoWork" - A New Reality Show That's Anything but 'Business as Usual'

With the US economy still recovering from the recession, there are more freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses than ever before. One of the ways these non-traditional workers have managed to survive is through coworking.

PellQuay Realty Launches YouTube Channel

LogoPellQuay Realty, LLC, a Miami-based firm specializing in Edgewater and Morningside Real Estate, has just launched a new YouTube Channel that will serve as a leading guide to the latest developments in Miami real estate.

Responsive Web Design Is an Important Asset for Business to Business Websites

The mobile invasion of internet surfing activities keeps growing quickly every year, therefore it's inescapable for B2B companies to comply with the emerging trend.

Swedish Fashion Experts Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Produce Luxury Leather Belts

The worlds menswear industry was expected to exceed $402 billion in 2014 and in the last five years the growth of men's fashion has outpaced that of womenswear. Men are becoming more invested in how they look and are showing it in how the way they dress. However, there has always been one accessory that has lacked the panache and attention that other men's brands and accessories have gotten. A new company called Parley has now taken an often-overlooked accessory and elevated it to match the level of the clothing it is designed to compliment.

Argentine Launches Indiegogo to Narrate and Illustrate a Book

Eight years ago an amazing journey began when the young couple left the routine for a great trip. At this time Anna started taking notes and Diego making sketches inspired by the places and people they met on their way

Swiss Team Launches Indiegogo to Bring in the Cloud

A Swiss team has seen the future of work computing and has started an IndieGoGo campaign, the Swiss Cloud, to bring the freedom of the future work space to the present.

Live Oak Systems LLC Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Real Time Water Usage Monitoring System

LogoWater supply – and the lack of it – is of increasing concern all over the world. Despite the recent heavy rains in California leading to massive flooding thanks to the pineapple express out of Hawaii, California is still years away from emerging from its worst drought in many years. So are many areas throughout the USA and other parts of the world. Water delivery costs in municipalities and other areas, where water distribution is measured, are steadily rising. This puts a pinch on household budgets as sticker shock can set in every time a home opens their next water bill.

Warren Has Created an Online Platform That Revolutionizes Story Sharing

There are lots of great stories out there and many people who need to be heard. That's the basic concept of Share More Stories, Inc., a company run by James Warren of Richmond, Va. Warren and his team have developed a website, , which enables people from all over to the world to post and share their personal stories with others.

Dreamhost Announces New Ways to Save on Website Hosting

LogoThere are many ways to store websites, but discerning website owners want a safe and reliable storage company.  For example, with the advent of cloud storage, websites have a new way to store large-scale graphics, videos and other items that make them exciting and interesting and reach out to customers across the world.  However, in order to utilize cloud storage effectively, web site owners must have the right domain hosting and storage service.  Dreamhost offers quality Wordpress site hosting and storage, including both cloud storage and private virtual servers, and now offers a substantial discount on services as well to allow new customers to take advantage of these benefits.

eUKhost Introduces Optimized Hosting for WordPress

A leading provider of web hosting in the UK, eUKhost, is pleased to announce the introduction of its new premium Wordpress web hosting platform.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Fashion Company to Make Men Stylish

The worlds menswear industry was expected to exceed $402 billion in 2014 and in the last five years the growth of men's fashion has outpaced that of womenswear. Men are becoming more invested in how they look and are showing it in how the way they dress. However, there has always been one accessory that has lacked the panache and attention that other men's brands and accessories have gotten. A new company called Parley has now taken an often-overlooked accessory and elevated it to match the level of the clothing it is designed to compliment.

Best Web Hosting Providers Announces 4 Year Anniversary Celebration

Best Web Hosting Providers announced today that the firm is celebrating their 4 year anniversary. Best Web Hosting Providers (BWHP), best known for providing reviews and analysis of the top web hosting companies in the business, was started in December 2010 by owner and founder of the company, Jay Douglas. At the time, Douglas was running a design firm called Jay Douglas Productions. At first Jay used Best Web Hosting Providers as a value-added service to assist his clients in choosing web hosting solutions for their websites. Since then, BWHP has become one of the top sources for independent information on web hosting solutions for every type of website.

Go Tech Track Publishes Review of Carbonite Online Backup and Cloud Services

Online backup has come in for some controversy of late, with cloud hosting being responsible for the infamous celebrity photo leaks earlier this year. As such, security is now a primary concern for many users, but they still expect a full service for affordable prices. Go Tech Track helps people find the best companies for a variety of technological niches, and their latest review is of Carbonite online backup, who have redoubled their efforts to provide the most secure service possible without inferring additional cost on their customer base. Go Tech Track analyzes their success in detail.

The Epidemic: An Indie Zombie Flick with Well-Known Stars

Like it or not, The Epidemic is coming. No, it's not a medical catastrophe but a new zombie horror movie, The Epidemic, starring a bevy of well-known actors and personalities, promises to be a horrifying and memorable addition to the genre.

Innovative Self Tanner Developer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Swiss research lab (Swissecolab Gmbh) and the team have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to support the production and launch on the US market of its range of self tans for various skin types.