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Colorworld: An Audio Book/illustrated Novel Series Like No Other

Rachel and Brad Kelly of Williston, N.D., have teamed up to produce a truly unique illustrated novel/audio book series. Superhero, apocalyptic, romance, and urban fantasy – all rolled into one.

California Company Launches Indiegogo for Privacy Protection

Everyone these days has heard or seen the ALS Ice bucket challenge. The best bucket challenge actually occurred in 1755 when Benjamin Franklin electrified a metal pail and lowered a cork ball inside. Famous for his observations, Franklin was able to observe that the cork ball was NOT electrified or in any way touched by the electrical current which remained observable outside the pail. Nearly 90 years later, in 1843, electrochemist Michael Faraday used a pewter ice bucket to confirm Franklin's theory and essentially created what is now known as the hollow conductor or a Faraday cage. Using the principles of the Faraday cage, an American company, POD (Privacy on Demand) has created what amounts to a Faraday cage for one's cell phone and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring about awareness of the product as they bring it to market.

Netherlands Startup Groceaider Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Purchase Nissan E-NV200 Electric Van with a View to Make Zero Emission Deliveries of Organic Groceries

Groceaider, a Netherlands-based startup, has launched a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise capital for purchasing the eco-friendly electric van by Nissan. The campaign is driven by Groceaider's vow of providing door-to-door deliveries of organic food and groceries to homes and businesses without using vehicles that emit carbon dioxide and pollute the environment.

LadiesLending Launches an INDIEGOGO Campaign for MicroFemture

MicroFemture is an interesting new launch at Indiegogo. It is not just a fundraising campaign. It is a Social Responsible Non-Profit Lending Fund for Female Microbusinesses. They help women worldwide who like to start their own small business, and need funding between 500 and 5,000€.

New York Cupcake Retailer Launches Kickstarter for a Bit of Dough

Custom cakes, otherwise known as edible art, have ben quite in vogue over the last few years with the rise in specialty cup cake shops and with successful television shows such as Cupcake Wars, Ace of Cakes and even Food Network Challenge. In 2011, it was estimated the industry made $919.2 million dollars. And as discretionary income becomes higher, people will be using designer cakes as more of a cake standard. For some, cake decorating is a fun, but serious business. One such company, CakeMusicNY, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help their already healthy business model launch a new bakery in Queens, New York.

Sisters Launch Kickstarter for a Bit of Fruit Salad

When one recalls moments form their life, some of the best and greatest involve a food memory. Grandma's Christmas Cookies, Uncle Harry's Buck-Eyes, Aunt Ida's 4th of July Baked Beans, Mom's Fruit Salad. Fruit Salad? One Virginian believes in sensory memory and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring people together via a website sharing their food memories.

Jazz Organization and Texas Film Company Join Forces to Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Jazz Documentary

Like genealogies, oral histories are an indispensable component of the cultural fabric. Often forgotten is the impact that music makes in people's lives. Many can recount stories of how a certain tune brought back many fond memories of past events. The music of the ‘40s era is no exception. Often considered the soundtrack of World War II and the Korean War, Jazz and the Big Band sound dominated the radio airwaves and have influenced daily life even today. The Austin Jazz Alliance and Kianga Films have come together to tell the story of Jazz trumpeter, Dr. Joe Bryant, and have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make this documentary happen.

Studio824 Launches Kickstarter Project for Michael Grimm's New Release Generation Next

LogoMichael Grimm is back and taking his music career in a new direction as he dedicates himself to his fans and delivering a new album he knows his fans will love. On the heels of the immense fame he garnered on America’s Got Talent leading to over 4 million fans voting him the winner in 2010, the corporate juggernaut known as the recording industry signed Michael to a recording contract.

Canadian Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Clean Water

Most people these days are unaware that 3.4 million people, or an amount of people equal in size to the city of Los Angeles, California, die from a water related diseases annually. It covers 75% of the planet, yet lack of sanitation makes most water unfit for human consumption, especially in a world where more people own a smart phone instead of a toilet. In fact, the world water and sanitation crises kills more people than war. One Canadian company, H2O Physics, hopes to create change for people worldwide with their simple device and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get their portable device produced and into the hands of those whose lives it would change.

DIY Electronics Maker Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Earns Praise

LogoCreated by Inventor Karl Alexius and "CoasterDad" Will Pemble, ProtoPalette™ helps people create electronics with the popular Arduino micro-controller development board. Based on a simple combination of a printed circuit board, solderless connectors and a series of velcro pads, ProtoPalette allows users to organize, setup, and test electronics ideas quickly and easily.

Arthurian Multi-Platform Strategy Game Dragonlord Supremacy Crowdfunding Campaign

LogoFreelancer Porthios at Camelot Hobbies was trying to put together an Arthurian universe when he met Lady Antiva. Lady Antiva was inspired by the death of King Arthur and started to create an entire series based from it.

Arthurian Multi-Platform Strategy Game 'Dragonlord Supremacy' Crowdfunding Campaign

Freelancer Porthios at Camelot Hobbies was trying to put together an Arthurian universe when he met Lady Antiva. Lady Antiva was inspired by the death of King Arthur and started to create an entire series based from it.

Athlete's Secret Weapon and Evashaw Sports Announce Partnership and Joint Program

Stuart Walter, the Athlete’s Secret Weapon, and Evashaw Sports – Elite Sport Program from Joe Shaw are pleased to announce a partnership for coaching athletes. This unique collaboration creates a joint program affording athletes access to this powerhouse combination.

Monytalk Financial Foundations Seeks Crowdfunding to Deliver Basic Financial Education for Those in Need

LogoThe focus of Moneytalk Financial Foundations is to help people with their finances that, unfortunately, find themselves in an underserved socioeconomic sector because they have a low-income, are homeless, young and inexperienced, or either is or was incarcerated. Their belief is that if they can teach these people to manage their money so that they can meet their essential living expenses, they will be more able to provide for themselves. The underlying philosophy is that if they can keep a roof over their head, food on the table and their utilities turned on, they are less likely to steal or commit other crimes. Such people develop a sense of self-sufficiency such that they are more able to hold onto a job, pay off any debts they have, and move toward being financially independent.

Old School New Body: The Studies Behind the Popular Youth-Enhancing Product

Two renowned personalities of the fitness world, Steve and Becky Holman, have successfully formulated a brilliant and unique F4X fitness program – Old School New Body - for men and women specifically over the age of 35. This program offers a rare combination of diet plans and workout routines which only require 90 minutes per week in order to attain desired results – this technique is what Steve and Becky Holman call the F4X Training Method.

Yeast Infection No More Gets Launched Online

Linda Allen, a medical researcher and health consultant, has revealed a simple, 5-step holistic system that shows sufferers how to permanently cure their yeast infection while also achieving a healthy inner balance. According to Linda, people can gain relief in as little as 12 hours with her new cure for chronic yeast infections. While these statements seem rather outlandish, that isn't all she promises her customers. Yeast Infection No More also guarantees a permanent cure from chronic yeast infections within two months as well as an end to digestive disorders, allergies, fatigue, muscle aches, rashes, itching, burning, migraines, mood swings, odor, eczema, and even more unwanted yeast infection symptoms.

CommuniGator Now Comes Integrated with Major CRM Systems

LogoCommuniGator, one of the leading email marketing platforms has now become one of the most effective systems across the horizon. In their latest update, the company has announced extending their integration with major CRM systems, something that puts them ahead of many other email campaign platforms available on the market. Besides integrating their powerful system with almost a dozen CRM platforms, the company also enables custom integration through their in-house team of experts.

Spanish Company Launches Indiegogo for Source Code Market

In 2013, the Android device overtook the majority market share with 81% of smart devices sold being Androids. That means starting in the third quarter of 2013, 4 out of 5 people owned an Android device. In that same quarter, Apple made more money than all of its competitors (Blackberry, LG, Motorola) combined. With most high-end mobile devices and tablets being used daily all over the world using the iOS or Android platform, apps are no longer luxuries. They are a necessity. Businesses know that to get ahead now, they have to have a mobile website and an app. Some retailers even interact with shoppers via their app while they are shopping, recording more sales per visit. However, making an app can be costly and difficult. Unless one could buy an entire app with its full rights or purchasing a copy of the source code. One company can help make that happen and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds from angel investors through “Sale My Source Code, the ultimate marketplace for mobile app developers.

CommuniGator Marketing Automation System Becomes Accessible for All Devices

LogoAround 90% of current mobile users in the United States and Western Europe use an Internet-ready phone. Add to that the number of users who can access the web through their PC tablets. CommuniGator, one of the leading companies in the online marketing business has recently launched their marketing automation system. The platform makes custom online marketing more effective and measurable than ever before.

CommuniGator Launches Custom Marketing Automation Platform

LogoIn an age where online marketing is becoming more and more competitive, the key to having the edge over the competition is to keep innovating and embracing the latest technologies. CommuniGator, one of the leading names in the Internet marketing domain has made life easier for businesses, professionals and individuals who want to reach out to their target audience by launching a unique custom marketing automation platform.

Hungarian Team Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Foster Imagination

In the age of electronics almost nothing is left to the imagination anymore. When it comes to children, not using their imagination creates issues with their cognitive development. As scientists learn more about the brain and how it operates, new theories are being put forward that imagination is actually the sixth sense and can be put at risk as much as seeing, touch, and hearing. It is also a fact that the current materialistic lifestyle is affecting the planet one carbon footprint at a time. One toy designer in Budapest, Hungary, has set about combining the two in the form of a toy designed to allow kids to develop cognitive function by using their imagination while playing with a toy that is reducing the carbon footprint both in how it is made and how it gives. His team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to manufacture the toy, Rollark, with high precision and to expand the base of their current manufacturing workshops.

Tom James DC Publishes Top 5 Things Business Should Know About SEO

According to recent industry statistics, approximately 1 in 3 searches conducted on Google focused on a place or location. Mobile searches, which have already taken a huge chunk out of the PC traffic, are increasingly focused on local; in fact, local mobile searches are now estimated at 27%, according to one recent study. In order for small businesses to reach their target audiences, which are often local-specific, they must make certain they are ranking high in these local searches.

Alaskan Hot Dog Vendor Launches Indiegogo to Make History

In the US, there are 30,810 mobile food vendors or food carts employing over 35,500 people. These businesses make over $1 billion dollars annually and the projected annual growth in the 2013-2018 market for this type of business is another 4+%. One Alaska man has a dream of owning what will be recorded as the first ever Alaskan mobile hot dog truck, Bear Paw Hot Dog Truck, and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the finishing costs for equipment to make this dream a reality.

"Justice for Collette" Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Help Singer Defend Herself in $10 Mil Lawsuit

“Outrageous!” says Perez Hilton of $10,000,000 P!NK tribute lawsuit. Iconic blogger urges internet to help obscure singer raise legal fees. Indiegogo campaign “Justice For Collette” is born.

Mary Sabo Seeks $7,000 in Crowdfunding via GoFundMe to Expand Her Life Coaching Business

LogoMary Sabo has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with acclaimed business coach Kendrick Shope one on one for ten months. This is a very rare honor as only ten women – including Mary – were selected as many more women with much more experience and higher incomes were passed over for this coaching program. Ms. Shope handpicked Mary because she believes that the message Mary has to deliver is very important.