Technology: Online Hosting - Press Releases

Hostgator Offers an Assortment of Discount Codes and Coupons

Hostgator, one of the most renowned hosting companies offers a wide range of discount codes and coupons to online customers. Customers can benefit from the affordable and discount prices offered for hosting services provided by the company.

Webhosting UK Launches MTvScan – A Powerful Malware Trojan Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Websites

Webhosting UK, a web host in the UK since 2001, has unveiled its powerful website scanning tool, MTvScan. The company claims the product will provide a whole solution for website protection, guarding against widespread and complex threats such as SQL injections, XSS vulnerabilities and a range of other online threats faced by users today.

Netcetera Voted Most Reliable Hosting Company in the World

LogoNetcetera have been voted the Most Reliable Hosting Company in the World for the month of January 2015 by Netcraft.

Clients Can Now Get Technical Support with the Leading Email Marketing Consultancy in the UK, CommuniGator

LogoRecognized across the UK as one of the best email marketing consultants, CommuniGator is now providing clients with advanced technical consultancy services. Their team of skilled and dedicated consultants strives to assist their clients with any technical aspects of their campaigns, in every possible way. The company's objective behind their technical support services is to help their clients in driving greater value to their businesses, and helping them to embrace and utilize automation, as well as email marketing services, to full capacity. The wide range of services that they offer under their technical support includes email marketing, benchmark analysis, 3rd party integration, data provision and segmentation, SEO services and much more.

Green Circle Digital Marketing Agency Commits Best Realistic Results

The world of digital-marketing is varied and complicated at the same time. Getting the desired first position on Google's search results is extremely difficult. Each service needs to enhance their site for a series of targeted keywords, usually maintaining a delicate organic stability. When the campaigns are tricky, websites experience flak.

Legend of a Hitman Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Production Funding

LogoLegend Of A Hitman is the story of Alex, a young man who becomes one of the greatest hitmen the mob has ever seen.  The story follows Alex's struggles as he comes to terms with the difficult decisions he must make and protect those he loves.  Filmed with incredible creativity and edge-of-the-seat suspense, Legend Of A Hitman promises to be an instant success.  Now, the producer has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise production funds, including money for filming and distribution.

New Way to Pay for College Textbooks Launched Through GoFundMe Account

LogoCollege textbooks are a large part of the cost of higher education, and a new GoFundMe campaign is setting up fund for a better/cheaper way to get a degree.  With help from the campaign at, college students can find discounts on course textbooks and materials.

Cancelletto Launches New Blog to Cover Cutting Edge Insights Into Fire Safety and Preparedness

Fire safety is all about containment- when the unfortunate happens, an accident can turn into a disaster if left unchecked. Fire doors can be an essential part of fire prevention and containment, as having the right security measures in place is a science that is continually evolving through the 21st century. At the forefront of this evolution is Cancelletto, a Greek company specializing in shutters, doors and even fireproof glass. They have just launched a blog to discuss the strategic employment of products like theirs to best effect.

Thrill Blender Publishes Thrilling New Content Including the Best of the Web's Manly Virals

Much of the internet's viral content is designed to tug at the heart strings. The click-bait titles used, "I can't believe what happened next," and "This person never expected…" prove all too often disappointing, and cute kittens seem to be the answer to all the world's problems. This leaves men in particular sifting through frustrating content when all they want is to be amused, entertained and in awe. Thrill Blender is a man-focused content site that curates the best viral images, videos, and stories daily. Their latest updates include amazing technologies, skills and beautiful women.

Brevard Academy Travel Band Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Perform at Disney World

LogoBrevard Academy's Travel Band will be traveling to Orlando's Walt Disney World Resort for a very special performance scheduled for the end of this academic year. They are currently looking for funding assistance to perform on this big stage. Derrick Gardner, the Music Director of the Travel Band, wants to organize similar trips every spring to provide the kids a platform to compete against schools from different other parts of the state. In the last year, they successfully performed in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Pigeon Forge at the DollyWood theme park. This year, their destination is Walt Disney World, one of the finest platforms of performing art in the country.

Whois API Introduces Accurate No Restriction Bulk Whois Lookup Service

Whois API has introduced accurate, restriction free Bulk Whois Lookup Service. The fast track service backed by a robust API conducts lookup on a gamut of domain names through the backend processes. Relevant data with a convenient graphical user interface, thus putting the user in full control of the process.

Headoc Indiegogo Campaign Merges Crowdfunding with Contest – With 1 in 10 Entrants Guaranteed to Win

LogoA pioneering Indiegogo campaign is merging crowdfunding with competition and offering a prize to one in every ten of their backers. The makers of the handheld headache reliever, Headoc, are starting a contest as part of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, where backers can send in their entries – and 10% of them are guaranteed to win a Headoc of their own.

'We Shine Music' Helping People Connect with Artists and Creative Minds

LogoWe Shine Music, a social networking site, allowing users to connect with Artists as well as other Creative Minds. The site is equipped with millions of movies, music videos and documentaries among others. The visitors are required to create an account for themselves for free to share, post and upload pictures and videos. The website is also providing a few additional features such as tickets for live shows, games, blog, and job listings to name a few.

Dead Greedy and Craptastic Plastic Ltd Launch Kickstarter Project for Sculpture

LogoJeremy Bourquin is the artist known as "Dead Greedy," and is renowned for his creations of favorite science fiction and comic book creatures, including Hawn Tawn, Space Pirate.  Dead Greedy and his company are now launching a Kickstarter project in order to raise funds to mass produce this and other beloved ComicCon plastic characters.

Cloudcom Offers DDOS Protection and Hosting Services

Cloudcom offers a wide range of hosting products which include DDOS protection for dedicated servers and cloud hosting. The company has launched several innovative techniques and protection solutions.

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed Confirms HostGator Still Top Choice for Bloggers in 2015

Web hosting is the water of the internet, nothing exists without it. The providers of this space are increasing and diversifying all the time, and competition is fierce between them as they all battle for market share. Web Hosting Secrets Revealed takes the position of industry insiders and publishes these for public consumption so that people can get a better understanding of web hosting before committing to a provider. Their latest WHSR Web Hosting Survey 2015 has revealed that HostGator are still on top for 2015.

Web Hosting Secrets Revealed Publishes Research Where Top Bloggers Reveal All About Their Webhosts

Web hosting is a competitive industry, because it is incredibly lucrative. Every business, and even every individual looking to make a name for themselves, requires a website and every website requires hosting. The competitiveness does mean that companies must try hard to outshine one another, and Web Hosting Secrets Revealed tracks their progress to analyze how successful they are in that pursuit. Their most recent article is, "Blogger survey - where do bloggers host their blog", shares insights into real hosting prevalence, preferences and emerging trends.

Nick Tieri Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Build Collectnation, a Digital Storage Platform and Online Community for Collectors

LogoMusic collector Nick Tieri has been building his collection over a period of twenty-five years, driven as so many collectors to passionately pursue the objects they desire. Nick identified a problem so many collectors from every walk of life experience; exasperation and occasional exhaustion. In Nick's case, he wanted to create a digital catalogue that relieves him from going through his collectibles while purchasing another piece to add to his collection. Nick reached out to some of his friends to build a platform for the collectors who take their collections very seriously while keeping everything simple.

Family Business, RaptorCow Launching Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Build Communities

Ted Edwards (CEO) and his parents Lesa (COO) and Lew Edwards (Director) founded RaptorCow™ in August 2014 to be closer together. They agreed that if they were going to do anything that it had to be something that supported family and gave back to the community.

First Smart, Wearable Measuring Tape to Eliminate Sizing Guesswork

Buying clothes online is convenient, fun and saves time and money – except when you guess wrong about the size and have to deal with returns and re-ordering. Now all that will change with the introduction of ON, the first wearable, digital, measuring tape. Coming from Italy, the home of couture clothiers and highly trained tailors, the startup XYZE (pronounced 'size') introduces On, which makes buying clothes a breeze because its solution makes sure the size online shoppers order will be correct every time. On is available for order through its IndieGoGo campaign.

Workout Decks Bodyweight Fitness Cards Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoWorkout Decks Bodyweight Series was developed to provide those who want to work out effectively with a safe and easy means to do so.  Research has shown that HIIT or high-intensity interval training, circuit training and pyramid workouts are more effective than other types of workouts.  However, managing this type of workout schedule can be difficult.  Now, Workout Decks Bodyweight Series makes it simple to mix up workouts for maximum effectiveness.  A new Kickstarter campaign, located at , will fund this project and bring this easy-to-use tool to many who need workout help.

Michael Maglio Starts Kickstarter Campaign for His Upcoming Book Project "Before They Sailed: Mayflower DNA"

LogoThe Mayflower was an English merchant ship dating back to the earlier part of the 17th century. This ship was used to transport the Pilgrims to America (the then New World) from Plymouth. The voyage of the Mayflower started in 1620 with 102 Pilgrims hoping to start a new life on the Atlantic's other side. After several delays, the ship reached the New World after spending two treacherous months at sea.

Dip a Stick Is a Simple Test for Early Diabetes Detection

Allie Beatty knows all too well that early detection of diabetes can significantly reduce the risk of additional complications.

ScreenStick Ultra-Sensitive Gaming & Simulation Joystick for iPad and Smartphone Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoVirtual touchscreen controls often fail for those who want to play games or to navigate simulations, particularly for tasks such as remotely controlling a helicopter, airplane or car a smartphone.  Now, ScreenStick Ultra-Sensitive Gaming & Simulation Joystick for iPad and smartphones is available through a Kickstarter campaign.

Bethel Children's Foundation Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Buy Brick-Laying Machine

LogoThe Bethel Children's Foundation has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to buy a brick-laying machine as part of the total cost of construction for the Bethel Children's Home in Uganda.