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Netcetera Ranked Number 1 by Webperf

LogoWebperf, The ISP Monitoring Service Company have awarded Netcetera, the Isle of Man based Managed Hosting and Datacentre Provider, as being the number 1 fastest UK host in January 2015.

Counseling Insite Announces Launch of Informative Website Offering Free Online Mental Health Counseling Resources and Substance Abuse Education

LogoThere's certainly no shortage of people in desperate need of free mental health and substance abuse resources.  Reliable statistics put the number at well over 25% of American being affected to some degree by these terrible issues, and the majority of these people have yet to seek treatment.  Counseling Insite is a new website that's set out to try to help solve this problem.  Founded by professional counselor, educator, writer and life coach Randy Withers, the exciting new project has set a goal of  educating the general public about the resources available, both online and off, to aid them in the fight against mental illness and substance abuse. Recently, Withers has been invited to represent Counseling Insite on the popular website, delivering his message of healing and hope.

British Woman Raising Money for an All-Terrain Wheelchair

Laura Ferrett is a 20-year-old British woman who is having some serious health issues – but she's not going to take it lying down.

Twin Cities Cleaning Company Offers Special Discounts for the Elderly

Kamberlyne Kyne of Minneapolis has a special place in her heart for senior citizens. So she's developing a cleaning service specially designed for the elderly.

Florida Startup Launches Project to Crowdfund Access to Justice for All

What do indigent rights, professional negligence claims and criminal defense have in common? They are all examples of advocacy being supported by

DRIVE.NET Takes Auto Shows Digital, Social and Global

LogoIt can't be disputed, there's a special twinkle in a car aficionado's eye when they talk about their 'baby'. With endless automotive pride, car lovers, if given the chance, are all too happy to share knowledge about trips, tips and tricks they've learned. Tapping into that wellspring, a car social network named DRIVE.NET ups the auto ante and takes it to cyber-stardom with 1.5 million car profiles. An online auto show platform for the masses, the car social network proves no distance separates those who love all things automotive.

Innovative New Mobile App to Allow Patient Access to Medical Records

When treating any type of medical condition, having access to relevant patient history is crucial. In a case of an emergency, the ease of access is even more critical and the speed at which the information can be obtained is not only important – but a few seconds may be the difference between life and death.

Erick Rolfson Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for WhatINeedforSchool.Com

LogoErick Roflson came up with the idea for about three years ago. As a husband and a father he knows as well as anyone that sending kids to school is expensive. Even public schools come with a hefty price tag beyond property taxes thanks to the seemingly endless parade of fundraising events. One month it's a bake sale, the next month a tricky tray followed a few weeks later by a fundraising drive where armies of kids are transformed from students into salespeople knocking on doors to sell chatchkes to their neighbors as mom and dad are lassoed into taking the sales catalog to work so they harangue their co-workers into buying stuff so their child can get a cheap chatchka of their own as a sales prize. Meanwhile, the school gets their money from the company who actually sells the products – and pockets most of their profit.

Netcetera and SiteWit Partner to Help Small Businesses Find Customers and Success Online

LogoManaged Hosting and Datacentre Provider, Netcetera, announced recently that it has recently partnered with SiteWit and deployed their plugin on all Linux cPanel servers.

Ambitious Traveler Aims to Raise $1M Through Crowd Funding to Take Wife Round the World

Crowdfunding is transforming the way people do business, raising investment not from profit-oriented Angel investors but from people who simply want a product or service to exist enough to help bring it into fruition. This has obvious advantages for businesses that are successful in reaching their funding goals, as these donations needn't be paid back, nor receive a share in business profits. One ambitious man is using it for a very different reason however, and is seeking one million dollars to take his wife on an unforgettable round the world trip.

The Gnatem Design Team Launches Kickstarter Project for MagBlind: An Innovative Vertical Blind Repair Solution

LogoAnyone with patio doors will tell you that tall blinds in front of sliding doors are always breaking and are virtually impossible to fix properly. MagBlind changes all that as a simple solution to a problem dogging too many people for too long; fixing vertical slat blinds.

New Gator Mommy Blogs Recipes, Giveaways and Product Reviews for Moms

LogoBeing Stay at Home mom can have some women feeling they are missing out on things but one stay at home mom wants them to show them that is certainly not the case! Gator Mommy Reviews (, a blog by Pennsylvania Stay at Home mom, Allie, will have them cashing in on deals, keeping up to date on the latest products through reviews, and making dinner an event with great recipes as well as much, much more.

Patrick Beraud Seeks Support via Kickstarter to Introduce Bemoir Social Media Platform

LogoBemoir will be the first social media platform of its kind that will enable everyday users to share their story through their possessions that they cherish. Bemoir users will create their unique digital identity in the form of an avatar. Through video and photos they will be able to complete their avatars. These avatars can also be embedded in a chosen item by the users.

Sascha Geyer Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Support Kent a US Soldier Who Is in Serious Trouble

This is the story of a US soldier who is in serious trouble, trapped in Nigeria after a miscommunication and several serious health problems left him hospitalized and near death.

Tydus Concepts Seeks $50,000 via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of the ARK

LogoMany iPhone users around the world are extremely worried about protecting their iPhones. Unfortunately, using the bulky and awkward cases available at present is a compromise on the original design and sound speaker quality of an iPhone. The ARK will change this scenario with a design that will not only provide complete crash protection, but also enhance the original iPhone design. This advanced iPhone case will feature a detachable cage made of aerospace grade aluminum and a sound enhancement port.

More Than $75 Billion Is Expected to Be Injected Into the Global Economy for 2016 as a Result of Crowdfunding

The Crowdfunding buzz continues to gain momentum in early 2015. According to the latest estimations from – The research and vendor assessment firm, there will be up to half a million jobs added that will bring more than $200 billion by 2020.

G-muZe Looks to Start the Production of Ellipsis with Funding Support from Indiegogo

LogoG-Sound has come up with an advanced charging device with multiple utilities named ellipsis. This cool gadget will make it possible for users to listen to their favorite music while the phone is being charged. The high quality speakers of ellipsis will also allow users to make hands-free phone calls.

Whois API Offering Convenient Whois Lookup and Whois Database Downloading Services at Competitive Rates

Whois lookup has become a necessary tool for finding out all the integral information about a domain. Not many companies are there that can offer quality whois web based service with the client's needs in mind. Whois API provides exceptional whois web services including whois lookup, whois database downloading, bulk whois lookup and domain availability checking services. Diversified services in a single segment have helped it create a niche for itself and established its credibility. The charges of different services offered by it are kept affordable with the convenience of customers in mind. It is capable of providing prompt and accurate whois data within a very short span of time.

Michael P. Buckley Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Return to United States

LogoMichael P. Buckley, 56, is asking for help to return to the United States.  Buckley worked for a contractor that provided services for the military for eight years until he was injured; he resides in the Philippines for the last ten years.  There, he found that he had no money to return to the United States and was unable to work due to his injuries. 

Free Book Giveaway at Amazon Teaches How to Gain Wealth Minus the Risks

LogoReal estate enthusiasts are in for a treat as announces its free book giveaway at Amazon. The free book to be given out is entitled, Wealth without Risk, written by legendary real estate investor and popular real estate book author Jack Miller. Wealth without Risk is free from January 25 to 29, 2015, after which the book will revert to its regular price.

Inexpensive Web Hosting Reviews Reveals Best Cheap Web Hosting in 2015

Starting one's own website can be a challenge, and many people fall at the first hurdle, choosing the right web hosting provider. This is because there are so many providers out there all claiming to be the best that individuals end up with choice paralysis, and can't even begin their online journey. Inexpensive Web Hosting is a website that provides independent and insightful consumer advice to help people overcome this problem, and they recently published a new countdown of the Best Cheap Web Hosting for 2015 based on the providers' performances throughout last year.

iPage Review Box Publishes Helpful New Guide to Getting Started with iPage Hosting

iPage Review Box, a top provider of information about the iPage website hosting service, launched an informative new guide to getting started with iPage. The comprehensive, step-by-step new guide will help even users with no prior experience start attractive, informative websites with iPage, and those who act soon can take advantage of the hosting provider's best prices in years. iPage Review Box publishes a wide range of articles and reviews focusing on the iPage service and has become the Internet's leading source for such information.

Kibisi Douglas Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Support African Music Video Production Educational Project

LogoOver the years, African music has passed on from one generation to another by words of mouth through one-on-one training. However, unfortunately, the drawback of this approach is that many highly talented musicians are not able to leave behind their legacy in this way. Through African Music Video Production Educational project, Kibisi Douglas is trying to change this century old tradition.

Apocalypse Toys Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Create the World's First Custom Zombie Action Figure ZombdME

LogoFor many years, Apocalypse Toys has been making custom prototype action figures. The company is now all set to introduce their new toy line Termn8 Force Z. The zombie action figure ZombdMe is the star of this new toy line. The concept of this project revolves around a clash between the robot ninjas and zombies. However, the most extraordinary thing about ZombdMe is that it allows the buyers to create a 12 inch zombie toy of himself/herself.

WebHostingSecrets Reveals Best Web Hosting in 2015 with New List of Top 10 Web Hosting Brands by Performance

In order to run a website online individuals need web hosting. This provides the physical space for the massive data transfers that occur when loading a website on computers across the world. There are a huge number of web hosting providers but only a handful provide a truly seamless uninterrupted service. To find them, people must use recommended reviewers like, who offers authoritative and insightful reviews and recommendations. Their website has just been updated with the latest Top 10 hosting companies according to their sales figures.