Technology: Online Hosting - Press Releases Publishes New Infographic Guide to Home Security Systems

Every man's home is his castle, and that castle is responsible for keeping loved ones and prized possessions safe from the dangers of the outside world. Thieves and malcontents however will stop at almost nothing break in if they suspect the homeowners guard is down, and that's why home security systems are essential, to act as much as an active deterrent as well as an alarm system. Devcon Home Security believes strongly in the need for every home to have an alarm system, and has produced a thorough and comprehensive guide all about home security systems aimed at convincing homeowners of the advantages of home protection.

Tower Bridge Productions Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Promote the Feature Length Crime Thriller Movie Violence

LogoViolence is a crime thriller that shows that everyone has a dark side and a breaking point…

TruTailor Co Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Startup Funds

LogoTruTailor Co is more than just a clothier.  The company not only provides quality suits and shirts that are custom made to each customer's specifications but also donates a portion of all proceeds to providing children throughout the world with food, medical supplies and other necessities.

The Best Guide to Learning How to Make a Blog and Make Money Blogging

Blogging is the next big thing and it is not just for those who are good at marketing/writing or both but, for those who want to make real money and don't want to spend the rest of their life working a 9-5 job that they are not happy about.

CleverMinds to Release a New Application for Creating Boolean String for Recruiters Called Sourcinglab.Io

CleverMinds, LLC will be releasing a new application for creating Boolean string for recruiters called SourcingLab. This is expected to help individuals looking for ways on how they can make use of Boolean string whenever they are in the search for people they can recruit for their business in various platforms.

Anderson Security, Leading Phoenix Contract Security Firm, Launches Brand New Website

The Anderson Security Agency, one of the state's top contract security services, launched a brand new website at With a fundamentally mobile-friendly design and greatly refined navigation compared to its predecessor, the new site will make it easier than ever before to learn about Anderson Security's services and satisfy any contract security need. A woman-owned and -led business since its founding in 1994 and the recipient of a number of prestigious awards, Anderson Security provides top-quality contract security services to clients throughout Phoenix and beyond.

Derek Redd Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Gili Bags

LogoGili means 'Island' in Indonesian. Derek Redd discovered this word a few years ago while training for his divemaster certification on Bali which led him to think up the ideas behind Gili Bags.

Go Fund Me Campaign Started to Support the Construction of Masjid Noor-Ul-Haram

LogoThis project started way back in the year 1998 with the purchase of an eleven Acre property in Oakville. During this period, Masjid Noor-Ul-Haram was started in an existing wooden house. By the end of 2006, the community built around this project expanded significantly, and they managed to pay completely for the property.

Daniel Rose, an Animator Announced the Launch of His First Humorous Animated Video on YouTube

LogoA [South Florida] based animator, named Daniel Rose, announced the launch of his new animated video on YouTube. This animated video is based on Daniel's personal experience with a credit card company who asked him to pay bill that he never owed to them. Instead of raising his voice, or sinking into panic, Daniel chose to have fun with the executive on the other side of the phone call. According to the experts, this video will receive the hits from people based all across the globe as almost every adult has received such phone calls at least once in their lives.

Antonio Erroi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for MyUpper: The Lightest, Most Colorful Dress Shoes

LogoMYUPPER calls Detroit home. Detroit's and its vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurs' community inspired and motivated them to start a designer shoe company where all of the designs originate from Detroit as the shoes themselves are crafted in Italy with all of the attention to detail and style we've come to expect from Italian shoes. MYUPPER is not just about comfortable and beautiful shoes; it is about family and traditions. MYUPPER is about artisans who proudly continue their fathers' shoe-making art, perfecting it to achieve excellence. MYUPPER is proud of the link between the founders' Italian roots and their American journey. The result? Elegance and style rooted in traditions are mixed with cutting edge technology to create something special, almost magical.

Think Zombie Mobile App Game Kickstarter Campaign to Launch on May 27th on the Opening of Kickstarter in France

carboLab, a game developing company has announced their newest game: Think Zombie, the game is currently under development, in its pre-alpha state. According to the developers the Think Zombie game is going to be a 2D mobile game which will put players in control of an amusement park that they will build to attract humans for an underlying sinister motive: to capture humans in an underground prison. carboLab has a team of passionate game lovers and professional developers working on the project. However the team requires some help from the generous crowd to support their project by helping them reach their funding goal of 20,000 euros. The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to be launched on May 27th, 2015, the same day Kickstarter will be opening in France.

Creator of Action Deck Cards Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoAction Deck is a set of cards created by graphic designer Elijah Kavana.  These 99 cards contain statements of fact, quotes and inspirational sayings designed to appeal to the inner spirit of every reader.  According to Kavana, "I find great mental freedom from nature where I gain inspiration for my work, yet sometimes I struggle to stay motivated and accomplish my goals.  Frustrated with this, I began searching for answers - even from a psychologist - to understand myself better."  After reflecting on universal problems such as procrastination, Kavana developed the idea of inspirational, factual and entertaining cards to help others who were also searching for answers.  The Action Deck became a reality as he designed each card individually, drawing on well-known facts and sayings for inspiration.

The Boozie Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Production and Distribution Funds

LogoThe Boozie, is an innovative new type of hoodie with a secret:  two hidden flasks to fill with beverages that can be dispensed through straws disguised as the pull strings.  Created by G&P Outfittings, Inc., this covert drinking apparatus looks simple but allows users to transport up to 20 ounces of any type of liquid.  At the ends of the hoses, disguised as drawstrings, are two soft, drip-free bite valves which wearers can utilize like any standard hydration pack.  The Boozie is the perfect accessory to wear to a sporting event, movie theater, parties or tailgating events.  The hoodie is discreet and stylish, allowing wearers to carry drinks unobtrusively anywhere and enjoy a refreshing beverage at any time.

Joseph Rivera Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Launch an Ethnic Class of Turkey Stuffing

LogoMexican & Southwest style stuffing from Southwest Foods is a long family tradition of Hispanic families from the Southwest that is, Mexican style stuffing. Joseph Rivera has the vision of launching a project that will take over the turkey stuffing market share by offering a variety of ethnic class stuffing. The exciting new style of stuffing from Southwest Foods is all set to enter the market.

Grabmylook Announces Fashion Bloggers Program with Freebies for Bloggers

Besides offering a great range of clothing, shoes and accessories for the global consumer, Grabmylook has good news for Fashion Bloggers. A fashion blogger can participate in their fashion blogging program to win freebies. The site offers a simple step to participate, and a blogger needs to post a blog with images and banners related to Grabmylook's offering on their personal blog to stand a chance to win freebies.

World Landforms, an Educative Online Portal, Now Provides Information on Five Types of Volcanoes

Inspite of there being so much curiosity around volcanoes, there is no comprehensive source of knowledge available on them. With a view to understanding this landform better, World Landforms, now provides information on five types of volcanoes. This leading educative online portal has incorporated extensive details about the five types of volcanoes that exist which include Composite or Strato-volcanoes, Shield volcanoes, Cinder cones, Spatter cones, and Complex volcanoes. To interest the readers and encourage them to look for more information about volcanoes, lots of images have been added to the write-ups.

GPS Company Debuts New Website

Tracking System Direct launches newly designed online store to improve user-experience and provide more detailed information regarding GPS vehicle tracking and auto surveillance security.

HoneyPoint3D Launches Kickstarter to Help Teach Anyone 3D CAD

LogoA new Kickstarter by HoneyPoint3D wants to show the public how easy 3D printing can be with their tutorials. The general public knows about 3D printing but they don't know how to use it or how to make printable 3D files. Starting at just $20 USD, anyone can buy 20+ hours of expert-led, online video training that will teach them how to make 3D CAD models more easily. 140+ videos based on Autodesk's Meshmixer software will bring ideas to life. Click here for the Kickstarter campaign:

IRA Gold Advisor Announces Plan to Expand Reviews After Overwhelming Response from Users

Many people have been realizing in recent years a truth as old as currency itself: while paper money loses its value due to inflation over the years, gold retains and even increases its value over time. As such, gold and precious metals provide an excellent investment means for people to accrue their retirement fund. IRAGoldAdvisor is an online resource center that has been expounding this logic and helping people make the transition for years. They have recently begun to review providers, and the initial reviews have proven so popular that a new series of reviews is now planned.

Asura Hosting Launches Superfast Solid State Drive Web Hosting at Just One Dollar a Month

Web hosting is the foundation of any online business, and having a reliable and fast host capable of delivering a seamless experience for users is essential to converting leads into sales. The very best hosting available however is very expensive: Solid State Drive offers a much faster and more reliable experience, but comes at a premium from most providers. Asura Hosting are turning that price/performance relationship on its head, offering superfast SSD hosting for just one dollar a month.

Giesen Design Blog Now Under New Management with Aim to Create the Ultimate Home Décor Inspiration Gallery

Design is the difference between a house and a home. It is the nesting instinct that has seen everyone from the cave painters of Neolithic France through the Pharaoh's of Egypt to the middle income families of Middle America desire to control and define their spaces with self expression, artfully combining elements in a room to create an atmosphere. Doing so in the 21st century is a combination of art and science, and Giesen Design aims to inspire as many people as possible to master that alchemy.

Cloudy Hosting Announces Move to New Data Center for Improved Client Services

Teike Fransen, CEO and founder of Cloudy Hosting, announced that the firm has moved to a new data center, enabling placement of new servers for the improvement and betterment of services. The firm offers shared webhosting packages to meet a variety of needs, from individual bloggers to large business endeavors. The data center includes certified fire prevention VESDA smoke detection installed.

Cloud Hosting Provider RPE Partners with Seagate EVault for Reliable and Fast Backup and Recovery Services

RPE is pleased to announce Seagate EVault is now a business partner expanding the company's retail consulting services to include cloud-based data recovery services for fast backup, restores and disaster recovery. As a cloud hosting provider, RPE can deliver off-site protection supported by a solid infrastructure for a fully documented and tested backup and recovery plan.

Hydraulic Empire Creators Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

Logo"Hydraulic Empire" is a tower defense game with RPG elements that focuses on strategy and persistent upgrades.  Based on the premise of such games as Dungeon Defenders and Kingdom Rush, "Hydraulic Empire" adds in the thrill of mob interaction, a hero to control, and other components to create a truly versatile and enjoyable game experience.  In reviewing the new game, Indie Games at said, "Hydraulic Empire looks to be that entry into the genre that I have been waiting for."  Now, Solitude Entertainment, the company behind the creation of "Hydraulic Empire," has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this game.

KickStarter Campaign Launched to Raise Funds for CivilianCam, an App as Defense for Police Brutality

Due to the increasing occurrences of police brutality to which there is low accountability, the civil society is beginning to protest and is asking for accountability for the police. One such civilian who believes in accountability is Terry, to protect civilians, save lives stop police brutality by arming them with a simple tool which could protect them at their time of need.