Press Releases From 04/01/2012 Until 04/30/2012

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Thousands of Americans Learn How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way at

Thousands of Americans are gravitating to to learn how to lose weight. The website provides information on how to lose weight the healthy way via simple exercise techniques and food intake modification and monitoring.

Make Your Personal Event Memorable With Boutique London Venue

Wedding and Reception ceremonies are most memorable part in every human being, in the same way strategy sessions, retreats and induction programme are the special occasions at office environment. But both the things could be decorated with help of boutique venues.

Expert Online Insurance Quotes Give More Americans Everywhere a Great Deal

As households all over the country struggle to make ends meet, it’s easy to question the value of insurance. Most of the time it’s easy to dismiss it as just another annoying bill that needs to be paid. Of course, on the rare occasion that disaster strikes, an insurance policy can be all that stands between a family and complete ruin.

Those Looking to Buy Backlinks from the Most Reputable Source Turn to the Team at Nuke Boost

The digital revolution which has occurred over the last few decades has been the most transformative period for businesses in the history of the world. Suddenly, a global market exists not just for huge multinational companies but also small business, launched onto the world stage thanks to the advent of the internet. Is a One-Stop Source of Info for Theater, Concerts, News and More in Jalisco, Mexico

For years, Jalisco, Mexico has been a popular tourist destination. The beautiful area, which is located on the western side of the country, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who come to relax and enjoy the Guadalajara metropolitan area and all it has to offer.

Gateway Merseyside on Rescue of 68 Hope Street

A college owned by Sir Paul McCartney has come to the rescue, saving John Lennon’s world-famous art college from being turned into apartments. Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) has struck a £3.7m deal to buy 68 Hope Street, the grade 2 listed former art college building, which famously houses the lecture hall where Lennon met his first wife, Cynthia. Managing Director of Gateway Merseyside commented this week, calling the building a “piece of Liverpool and Britain’s history.” The MD of Gateway Merseyside added that they were surprised that the building was to be redeveloped at all.

How to Stop Stuttering Features Articles Filled With Tips and Advice About Stuttering Treatments

According to statistics, about 1 in 100 adults has a stuttering problem. In the United States alone, this adds up to around 3 million people who are living with this issue. In addition, about 5 percent of all children—usually more boys than girls—go through a stuttering phase that lasts at least 6 months. The majority of these kids will stop stuttering by late childhood, but some will develop a long-term problem.

Killer Guides TERA Mystic Guide Publication Press Release

LogoThe online game guide producing company Killer Guides is releasing its newest guides soon to be available to the gaming community: TERA Online Guides. The assortment of guides takes players from the beginning at level 1 to achieve the level cap and accomplish missions efficiently. Available now for pre-order on the Killer Guide's website is the Unofficial TERA Mystic guide.

Things to Avoid in Your Driving Practical Test

Learner drivers are keen to pass their driving test in the first attempt. There are people who manage to pass the driving test and get the driving license but there are some who are afraid of giving the driving test. They are quite nervous about it.

Get Numeric Keyboard for Your iPhone With MultiTap Text

Norway based app development company Norway Distribution has launched its first iOS app, MultiTap Text to help users stop struggling with the iPhone’s QWERTY keyboard.

Dr. Rich McGrath Blogs About NCLB and Children of Poverty

Dr. McGrath suggested in a recent blog that No Child Left Behind means that data integrity is urgently required because achievement gaps impact children of poverty.

IMS Noida Celebrate International Women Day on 14th March 2012

Institute of Management Studies Noida organized a cultural event on the occasion of International Women’s Day Celebration on 14th March 2012 in the Campus. Only female students from various courses of IMS participated in it.

Norton Scientific Collection Ivanhoe Gets a Literary Makeover

Ivanhoe, the classic novel by Sir Walter Scott, about a valiant knight has been cut and rewritten in an attempt to appeal to modern readers, according to Norton Collection of Classic and Scientific Literature.

Asian Metals, Minerals & Steel Directory 2012

The pace of change in the Asian metals, steel and minerals industry is far greater than the global industry average. As the world’s biggest region for the consumption and production of many metals and minerals, the Asian market is more important than ever to the global industry.

Consumer Trends in the Beer, Cider & Pre-mixed Spirits Market in the India, 2011

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of 'Consumer Trends in the Beer, Cider & Pre-mixed Spirits Market in the India, 2011' report to its offering.

Consumer Trends in the Beer, Cider & Pre-mixed Spirits Market in the Italy, 2011

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of 'Consumer Trends in the Beer, Cider & Pre-mixed Spirits Market in the Italy, 2011' report to its offering.

Consumer Trends in the Beer, Cider & Pre-mixed Spirits Market in the France, 2011

LogoReportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of 'Consumer Trends in the Beer, Cider & Pre-mixed Spirits Market in the France, 2011' report to its offering.

Beverly Hills Periodontist Discusses Dangerous Mouth Bacteria Capable of Infecting Heart Tissue

LogoIt is widely known that bacteria build-up in the mouth can lead to tooth loss, halitosis and even more severe complications like Periodontal disease, but scientists have recently discovered a protein in bacteria that enable it to enter the bloodstream and infect the heart tissues leading to potentially fatal endocarditis. Microbiologists at the University of Rochester Medical Center have identified the protein, CNM, in Streptococcus mutans and are working to develop a screening protocol to find the microbe before it has the opportunity to cause harm. “Easily performed tests like a mouth swab or spit test can detect the bacteria, “ says Dr. Alex Farnoosh, “and identify which patients are vulnerable to the condition. This would allow myself and other dental professionals to take greater care of our patients and prevent potentially lethal heart problems.” Usually, S.mutans limits its activity to the mouth but in some cases it can also contain the protein CNM that gives the bacteria the ability to invade heart tissues by entering the bloodstream during a dental procedure or even vigorous flossing that causes the gums to bleed. Once in the bloodstream, a normal immune system usually destroys the bacteria but in rare cases in can travel to the heart and root itself in the heart valves leading to an inflammation of the heart valves also known as endocarditis.

NAC Inducts Rosendin Electric CEO Tom Sorley Into National Academy of Construction

Tom Sorley, Chairman and CEO of Rosendin Electric, one of the nation’s largest private electrical contractors and a 100% employee-owned company, has been inducted as a member of the National Academy of Construction (NAC).

EzCheckPrinting Software Enables QuickBooks Users to Print Checks on Blank Check Stock

LogoCheck printing software provider,, gives QuickBooks users a new way to save money by printing the checks on the blank check paper easily. The new 5.0.1 version of ezCheckPrinting software can now import the check data from QuickBooks directly and print checks on the blank check stock.

The Peninsula Spa Proudly Introduces the Ultimate Lifting and Firming Microderm Facial

The Peninsula Spa introduces the Ultimate Lifting and Firming Microderm Facial, featuring the CACI Ultimate machine. The system’s multifunctional capabilities enable the therapist to offer the most comprehensive range of non-surgical treatment options to both men and women of all ages. The Peninsula Spa is proud to be the only location in the Chicago area to offer a facial treatment using the CACI Ultimate. The 90-minute Ultimate Lifting and Firming Microderm Facial is priced at US$ 310.

William Peace University Names Alumni Admission Counselor and Financial Aid Coordinator

William Peace University, a private four-year university located in downtown Raleigh, has announced that Kelliann Miranda-Baltimore has joined the university as an admissions counselor and financial aid coordinator. In her position, she will monitor Institutional Student Information Records (ISIR), oversee student completion of FASFA forms and assist in the admissions recruitment process of prospective university students. A 2011 graduate, Miranda-Baltimore served in the admissions department for work study purposes for more than three years. She interned with InterAct of Wake County, a private nonprofit agency providing safety, support and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Payroll Software for Non-profits: EzPaycheck Updated With New Tax Options

LogoPayroll software, ezPaycheck, can be used to report employee wages and salaries to federal, state, and local agencies, with a duplicate copy for the employee. Newly released 2012 edition of ezPaycheck payroll software from gives small and mid-size businesses more options and flexibility in doing payroll and printing checks than ever before.

FDI Fuelling Growth of Hospital Services in India

LogoForeign Direct Investments (FDI) in the hospitals and diagnostic center segment has reached a new high in India. India is already charged in this route as evident from the 100% allowance of FDI in the hospital segment under automatic route, since January 2000. Interestingly, it has also been noticed that foreign players and NRIs are showing significant interest in the Indian healthcare market. There is also an increasing interest among private equity funds, domestic and international financial institutions, venture capitalists, and banks to examine investment opportunities across an extensive range of segments. Further, according to a new research by RNCOS, “Indian Hospital Services Market Outlook”, with growing foreign investment, the hospital services market in India is expected to witness an impressive growth at a CAGR of around 21% during 2010-2015.

Cambridge Classic Ford Near Zanesville Offers Savings to College Students and Recent Graduates

Cambridge Classic Ford in Ohio offers college students and recent graduates great deals on new Fords through the Ford Drives U college student purchase program.