Healthcare Press Releases

MS Research Awards Announced by CMSC

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) and the Foundation of CMSC (FCMSC) announce the recipients of 7 research awards. These projects will help healthcare care professionals and members of CMSC to provide optimum care to people with multiple sclerosis in the areas of rehabilitation, psychosocial, epidemiology, and therapeutics.

Five Skin Care Essentials Everybody Needs Every Day Featured in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

There are many items which could be considered as being essential for creating and maintaining healthy skin. There are five skin care essentials however which leading cosmetic dermatologists Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Frances Jang consider to be 'non-negotiable' when providing skin care advice to their patients. Dr Lycka discusses these in this week's (11feb15) educational cosmetic surgery video, as the starting point for a series of videos about skin care and treating common skin conditions.

Diet Doc Announces Updated Diet Plans That Address the Question, Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?

LogoWhile stress is seldom the root cause of any disease, it can be the catalyst for a number of human ailments, including sleep deprivation, headache, anxiety, depression and fertility. Many people ask "can stress cause weight gain" and the answer is yes. For many people, the effects of stressful working conditions and financial and family obligations can far exceed the most noticeable symptoms, such as anxiety, and is even linked to heart attack and diabetes.

Folsom, CA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Thomas Ludlow Introduces Fastbraces for Straighter Smiles Within Weeks

LogoPatients in Folsom, California who are seeking straighter smiles but don't want to endure years of conventional metal braces can now enjoy straighter smiles within several weeks or just a few months through the Fastbraces technology offered by Dr. Thomas Ludlow of Expressions in Dentistry. Fastbraces not only offer a shorter, less painful treatment period, but also provide patients with a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance during treatment as well.

More Researchers Suggest Food Allergies May Be Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Many rheumatoid arthritis sufferers follow a specific diet to better manage their condition. Some health experts believe that there are certain types of foods that can significantly trigger rheumatoid arthritis. Today, there are numerous researchers who believe that the wrong food choices could have undesirable effects for individuals who are suffering from or susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Chiropractor in Fort Wayne, IN Introduces Whole Food Supplements for Improved Overall Wellness

LogoDr. Adam Osenga and his staff at NorthEast Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne, IN are informing the community of Fort Wayne, IN about two lines of supplements available at their office that are helping local patients achieve a higher level of overall health in a completely natural way. With the whole food supplements offered by NorthEast Chiropractic, patients are able to bridge the gap between where their nutrition currently is and where it needs to be.

Premier McLean Virginia Beauty Salon Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa Offers Big Beauty in a Small Town

LogoMaxime Coupe Salon and Spa, located in McLean, Virginia, gives customers the individualized service and treatment expected at salons in larger cities.

Experts Provide Guidelines on Dealing with Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is considered an umbrella term for more than 100 disorders, conditions and diseases. The symptoms can sometimes be debilitating for the millions of sufferers in the U.S. alone. While there is no definite way to prevent or manage it, there are some ways to properly deal with it.

Osteoarthritis Highly Prevalent Among the Elderly Population

Arthritis is a condition that affects people of all ages and status. It can be common in athletes or those who engage in excessive physical activities, but also affects overweight children and adults. However, those most prone to the condition are individuals aged 65 years and above.

Arthritis Experts Are Recommending Three Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Patients

Most arthritis patients are using either drugs, natural supplements, or a combination of both to manage their joint pain. However, numerous health experts are now suggesting that adding certain food items to their regular diets could also significantly help many individuals achieve overall improvement in their condition.

Oakland, CA Cosmetic Surgeon Helps Women Feel Confident for Swimsuit Season with Breast Lift Surgery

LogoWith only a few more months before the start of the summer season, many women are starting to consider how they'll look in a bathing suit once the season hits. Dr. Gabriel Patino of The Cosmetic Surgical Center of El Cerrito is helping women in the Oakland area plan for confidence this swimsuit season with expert breast lift surgery. Contrary to what most think, the breast lift procedure actually requires very little downtime and will provide years of boosted confidence for women regarding their appearance.

Addiction Treatment Group Offering Intervention Services to Families in Need

LogoWhen a family member is suffering from an addiction, it can feel impossible to help them take the first step to recovery. The longer an addiction goes on, and the more it is brought into the home, families can be torn apart if help is not sought. Assisting with the first step, Addiction Treatment Group is now offering their services for critical interventions. Their services are available at no cost as the firm guides families and individuals through the rehabilitation process and helps them get into recovery programs.

New L-Carnitine Tartrate Dietary Supplement for Ultimate Workout Performance, Recovery and Fat Loss Now Available on

LogoLife Mastery Nutrition now provides fitness enthusiasts high quality L-Carnitine Tartrate that drastically helps women and men lose weight while increasing their workout recovery and performance faster. This product is perfectly formulated by Life Mastery Nutrition and is exclusively available in Amazon. The dietary supplement is the best solution for individuals who want to perform their workout routine better with important amino acids needed daily.

What Is Rosacea? Popular FAQ Answered in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoRosacea, or acne rosacea as it is also known, is an irritating skin disease that dermatologists are seeing more and more cases of. This is the featured subject in this week's (25feb15) educational cosmetic surgery video from Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka.

Dr. LeBlanc Uses Dental Lasers to Treat Gum Problems

LogoA recent innovation in dental treatment, laser dentistry is now being used to treat a myriad of dental problems.

New Free Podcast Series on Chinese Tonic Herbs by Industry Experts, the world's most trusted authority in the art and science of Chinese Tonic Herbs, has launched a new internet radio program, called "The Chinese Herb Health and Longevity Show". This free podcast series, available at, offers exclusive content on the subject of Chinese Herbs in the classical tradition which is not easily available in such a format anywhere.

Dr. Lambert Provides Smile Makeovers Using Snap-on Smile

LogoAt Always About Smiles, patients of Dr. Lambert who wish to undergo a smile makeover, but who are not able to afford porcelain crowns or veneers, are rejoicing over the Snap-On Smile®.

People Can't Help but Go Wild About Healthy Snack Ideas with Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts–which are more popularly known in exotic locales as chufa, yellow nut sedge, or earth almonds–are actually small vegetable tubers that grow below ground. No matter what they're called, health-conscious individuals just know that Tiger Nuts are part of many healthy snack ideas.

Smiles at San Tan Ranch Launches New Website to Help Introduce Their Services to New Audiences

People can only use services from providers they know exist. That's why every service provider needs a website in the modern era. Estimates vary, but between 70 and 90% of initial searches for products and services are now made online, and a majority of those through mobile devices, which require a different, narrower style of presentation. Smiles At San Tan Ranch is all about presentation, specializing in beautiful smiles. They have now relaunched their website to help them attract more of these local and mobile searches, and the presentation is beautiful.

Hair Loss Protocol Is the Most Revolutionary Hair Loss Cure Available on the Market

Hair Loss Procedure Review exposes a new program established by by Jared Gates and Dr. Blount that assures to assist people to treat their alopecia using natural remedies. This new system captured the interest of Fry Lawrence, who decided to evaluate the Hair Loss Procedure.

Add Vitality to Sex Life with Jason Long ED Protocol Program

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition most common in older men and is described as the inability to achieve or maintain an erect penis enough for an intercourse. This condition not only takes a toll on the emotional wellbeing of a person but may adversely affect the marital life. People usually resort to various treatments such as using male enhancement supplements, Viagra, testosterone supplements, ED pills, t-injections, etc. These methods are not only expensive but also have their own side effects. ED Protocol Program or Erectile Dysfunction Protocol is a program developed by Jason Long.

Tampa Bay Surgeon Releases Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery Safety

LogoChoosing a plastic surgeon is a difficult task that requires diligence and research. It can be helpful to begin searching for a surgeon using a checklist that includes all of the most important considerations. Last week, Dr. David Halpern, a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon from Tampa Bay, Florida, offers a free compendium of resources for prospective plastic surgery clients that will help them make their decision. Offers EU Compliant Teeth Whitening Gel

Online retailer has released a statement, detailing their products' full compliance with EU guidelines regarding teeth whitening products.

Diet Doc Salutes the Success of the 20/20 Diet Book and Compares the 20/20 Diet to Their Medical Weight Loss Programs

LogoOne of America's most popular and well-loved doctors, Phil McGraw, has recently reached the best sellers list with his 20/20 Diet book. Focusing on the barriers that prevent dieters from reaching their ideal weight loss goals, Dr. Phil addresses and offers suggestions on how to overcome the typical dieting side effects that can include discouraging weight loss results, hunger and food cravings, restrictive meal plans, expensive diet foods, boredom, and the usual temptation to reach for foods that offer emotional reward rather than nutritional value. Dr. Phil provides his readers a list of just 20 foods that they must eat for 20 days.

Diet Doc Announces Their Ongoing Dedication to the Fight Against Obesity Leading to a Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

LogoAlthough Cancer Awareness Month is drawing to a close, Diet Doc continues to stress the importance of following a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy, manageable weight in order to stay more active, live longer and prevent a host of weight-related diseases and conditions and reduce their breast cancer risk.

Arogya Healing Offers Some of the Best Health and Result-Oriented Detox Programs for the World

The Arogya Wellness Centre, situated in Phuket above the hills, provides some of the finest and most effective Phuket Detox Programs, which are apt for the modern day dwellers. As a comprehensive health retreat facility, the facility provides Basic Cleans Program, Revitalization Program, and Ultimate Cleanse Program. With the help of the deep tissue cleansing program and managing bowel movements, along with healthy eating and a range of mild exercise regime, the medical professionals here help the guest achieve better health in just a few days. It does not only help the people understand the vital health mistakes they have been doing, but also ensure that the people take back home the understanding of how to maintain their health by following a few very important principles, which would not only help in living healthy, but would also provide protection from various health ailments.

Dr. Aaron Spitz of Vasectomy Reversal USA Is Hosting a Fellowship Program in Male Fertility for University of California Irvine's Department of Urology

LogoDr. Aaron Spitz is a founding partner at Orange County Urology Associates Inc. in Orange County, California. He is also the chief Urologist for Vasectomy Reversal USA, a division of Orange County Urology Associates. For 2015, Dr. Spitz has announced that he is hosting a fellowship program in male fertility for University of California, Irvine's (UC Irvine) Department of Urology.