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The Art of Aircraft Exhibits at New Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS) "To Fly" Exhibit

The Art of Aircraft (, a special collection of Steven Greenwald Design, Inc., will display at the Grand Opening of the Museum of Discovery and Science's (MODS) newly renovated To Fly Aviation Station. The aviation-themed fine art display, which will show for a limited time in the MODS main lobby, will feature artwork from The Art of Aircraft's Frank Martin Collection. The exhibition will be displayed on Friday, December 19, and Saturday, December 20, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM, respectively. Representatives from the team at Steven Greenwald Design, Inc. will be present for an interactive discussion to describe and explain the pieces selected for display.

Carole Smith Acknowledged as "2014 Realtor of the Year"

Leading Coral Gables realtor Carole Smith has been reportedly honored with the "2014 Realtor of the Year" award. The award has been conferred on her by the prestigious Great Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Serrurier 247 Seine Saint Denis Offers Unbeatable 15 Minute Call out Time in Ile De France

Locksmithing is an essential service for home owners to feel safe and secure while at the same time ensuring access to their own homes. The problem is that locks, like all things, can go wrong, and can be manipulated by criminals. In these cases people need a fast and effective service that can deliver the best and most secure locks, as well as repair or retrieve broken locks. Serrurier 247 Seine Saint Denis ( offers an unbeatable quality of service to numerous regions in the Ile De France and has recently expanded their customer service guarantee to include an amazing 15 minute call out time.

New Website Design Launched for Regalo Manila

LogoRegalo Manila has an all new look for its website. Maintaining its main colors of pink and white, it has changed its design because of a lot of reasons.

Why Regalo Manila Had a Redesign

LogoLots of people are asking the company why they have decided on a new look for their website. Since their business has been booming for the last 7 years, changing the design of the website was a risk. But then, the company thinks that it was necessary.

Regalo Manila Now Mobile-Friendly

LogoMobile friendliness has been an essential trait for websites. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that a lot of people are now surfing the net through their gadgets. In fact, 50% of online users usually access the net through their mobile phone or tablet. If a business is not able to capture this huge market, then it is clearly missing out.

German Startup Notism Launches the World's First Realtime Design and Video Collaboration Platform

Hamburg based collaboration platform NOTISM ( adds innovative realtime video collaboration solution to its highly successful design suite. Now teams across all creative industries (design, advertising, media, entertainment, technology, architecture etc.) can share and review designs and videos in a simple, effective and streamlined manner.

MightyFingers to Unveil Revolutionary Online Game Development Platform

FORWARD thinking online development company 'MightyFingers' has announced their intention to take the world's latest and most advanced online platform, designed exclusively for the building of HTML5 browser based games, out of beta.

Italian Food Fans, a Well Known Italian Food Shop, Now Offers Authentic Italian Food at Reasonable Prices

Italian Food Fans, a well-known Italian food shop, is now offering authentic Italian food at reasonable prices. The online shop offers fresh Italian raw food and beverages. With them, one will get cured meat, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pasta, sweet, savory and a large range of wine and liquor. Now one doesn't have to wander in search of fresh and authentic Italian food. With Italian Food Fans, one can buy Italian food online which is original and authentic and selected with the utmost care. The company makes sure that their end customer always gets the finest quality Italian food and to do so, they put prime importance on the selection of their Italian food. Becomes a Resource for Health Tips has announced its new health site, which offers users valuable information and tips that can work towards their overall wellbeing.

Bella Cosa Boutique, Fashion Concession Store Announces Grand Opening in Lagos

Fashion has always cut through cultures and national borders merging and synthesizing the best and most beautiful of different worlds. Bella Cosa Boutique, a brand new fashion concession store in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria has recently announced their grand opening with just that kind of spirit firmly in mind. The local response to the news of a new fashion store opening in Lagos, focused on Nigerian designers has been completely enthusiastic.

Send Gift Baskets to the Philippines Through Regalo Manila

LogoGift baskets are a custom in the Philippines. Maybe it has something to do with the custom of gift giving where blessings are shared. With this, websites like Regalo Manila introduces products like gift baskets so that blessings can be shared all around the country.

Regalo Manila Releases Coupon Code for Christmas, 2014

LogoLots of small businesses are coming up with their own strategies to promote their businesses for this year's Christmas. Some of them resort to some special items or limited edition items that cannot be bought at another time. But for some businesses, giving a discount is the norm. This is the path that Regalo Manila has taken when they have decided to give a 15% discount to their customers.

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Men for Christmas 2014 Are Featured at

There may only be a week left until Christmas Day 2014, but there is still plenty of time to buy some last-minute Christmas presents, even when ordering presents online.

The Best and Most Popular Monster High Dolls for Girls for Christmas 2014 Are Featured at

Monster High dolls may have been slightly overtaken by Frozen dolls in terms of popularity, but they are still very much in demand, and are still amongst the top-selling dolls this Christmas.

New Research Suggests That Diet Doc's Low-Carb Keto Diets May Be Beneficial in the Management of Cancer

LogoResearch performed by cancer scientist, Dr. Thomas Seyfried, and published in Carcinogenesis, a popular medical journal, suggests that a low carb ketogenic diet can actually replace chemotherapy and radiation in the fight against cancer. Low carb Keto diet plans were originally designed to treat seizures, but very quickly became recognized for their weight loss benefits, based on the premise that the body burns processed carbohydrates for fuel, while excess fat is distributed and stored throughout the body.

Cote Sauvage Expands Their Tours Into Uganda and Kenya After Huge Success in Tanzania

Africa is the largest continent in the world and is home to much of the planet's most breathtaking biodiversity. That biodiversity is increasingly under threat, and the extinction of the black rhino has caused a renewed interest in many to see such magnificent animals before they disappear. Cote Sauvage offers French tourists the opportunity to take safari tours in Africa. After years of successful touring throughout Tanzania (, they have now expanded their services to include Uganda and Kenya, to increase the unique opportunities their travelers can experience.

Antaeus Grows Its Network to 7 Branches in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi NCR

A car hiring business provides vehicles on rental basis either for certain hours or for few days or a number of weeks, depending on the need of the clients. For the most part these agencies provide services to those people who need a vehicle for a short span of time, either in the case of travel to cities other than where they are resident, personal requirements, tourism, inter-state travel or for a special occasion.

Helpful iOS Utilities Offered with Big Discount on Leawo 2014 Christmas Promotion

LogoA grand Christmas 2014 promotion is recently pushed off by Leawo Software Co., Ltd. This company mainly focuses on multimedia conversions, Blu-ray/DVD playback and conversions, data transfers and recoveries of iOS devices, and it provides more than 15 pieces of best-selling software for this promotion, including the most helpful utilities for iOS devices. Customers are able to get these helpful programs with 35% price-off. Reveals How Carb-Cycling Makes Fat Loss Easier Than Ever recently published an article on carb cycling which is diet plan with alternating high-carb and low-carb days. The article explains various important details about carb cycling such as how it works, what food to eat while carb cycling, the drawback of carb cycling and who would benefit most from this eating plan.

The CEO Institute Introduces Business Courses for CEOs and Senior Level Executives

Reporting for the online magazine "" is Business Psychologist and psychotherapist Douglas LaBier Ph.D. He sites that, "While most CEOs would like to receive executive coaching, they rarely do. Studies conducted by the Stanford University School of Business found that a full two thirds of those in CEO positions have not received any courses in leadership or coaching to enhance their executive skills."

Text-to-Speech News App Allows Users to Listen to Favorite Facebook, Twitter Channels

LogoApp development company UrFamily Labs is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new text-to-speech app for Apple devices that allows users to convert any Facebook or Twitter page or RSS feed into audio content.

Sydney Wide Chiropractic Assures 7 Day Service in Inner West

LogoInner West residents unable to make chiropractic appointments on weekdays given professional obligations can finally heave a sigh of relief, Sydney Wide Chiropractic has assured 7 day service for the patients around.

Mintec Systems Publishes Enlightening New Selection of Custom Software Case Studies

Mintec Systems, one of Australia's leading custom software development firms, announced the publication of a number of new case studies on the company's website. Taken together, the studies give valuable insights into how custom-made software can benefit businesses and organizations by fitting more closely to their needs than off-the-shelf alternatives. Founded in 1979, Mintec Systems offers a wide range of information technology and software development services that can help clients cut costs and raise their levels of organizational effectiveness.

Home Inspection Business in Australia Says They Are Needed in the Real Estate Industry

LogoA business that offers property inspection service in Australia says that they have, and will continue to become an indispensable asset in the real estate sector. When Chris Wright, one of its directors was asked why they are confident that this trend will continue in the future, he mentioned that it's because laws are now stricter, plus buyers and sellers want extra protection when parting or acquiring a property. He further cited some news in the industry that support his statement.

Sufian Chaudhary Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for World of Archangels

LogoThrough the centuries, Archangels have been known to summon up feelings of awe and wonder as the highest angels in Heaven who carry out the will of God in beautiful and inspiring ways that still stand as some of the most incredible events in human history. Most people have never even considered the possibility of encountering an angel in their life let alone one of the very Archangels in God's creation.

Plan a Picture Perfect Wedding with WEOA

LogoWeddings are the most important day in a couple's life. From wedding venues to wedding flowers, all they want everything to be perfectly planned and meticulously executed. Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA) is a team of young and dedicated professionals who aim to bring the best services to all those lovey-dovey couples out there.