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Sion Nobel M.D. Opens PRP "Platelet Rich Plasma" Stem Cell Clinic for Back Pain and Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Late Tuesday afternoon Sion Nobel M.D. and his Marketing Director Gary Monroe held a press conference at Mission Hills Medical Center for TV, Newspapers, Digital Press and Magazines. Sion Nobel M.D. a highly respected Physician who has practiced medicine for the last 47 years with a pain management focus is now using PRP and BMCC (Bone Marrow Stem Cell Concentrate) to end pain and enhance new tissue growth.Dr. Nobel has opened a new division in his center at his Mission Hills offices. Dr. Nobel has been using PRP for ending Body Pain and Cosmetic Rejuvenation for the last 5+ years. Most residents in the community and in greater Los Angeles did not know Dr. Nobel offered these state of the art Stem Cell services. " "It has required years of study and research for me to be confident about delivering the best medical services to my patients. PRP is a miracle break through and I will make it available and affordable for everyone," stated Dr. Nobel.

Stephen B. Steward Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Stage the 2nd Annual SBS Youth Talent Competition and Music Festival

Stephen B. Steward believes that there is a close correlation between music and academic achievement. Recent statistical data suggests that a student is four times more likely to excel in terms of academic achievements by getting involved in arts. It has also been observed that low- income group students highly engaged in some form of art are twice as likely as their uninvolved peers to graduate from college. However, lack of funding has resulted in a serious scarcity of opportunities for students that are inclined towards arts.

Alligator Drain Cleaning - There's a New Grease Trap and Drain Cleaning Company in Miami

Getting the best drainage and sewer cleaning services is of high importance and over the recent years, many high end companies can be seen offering these services. When it comes to the significant matter of septic and drain cleaning, individuals need to spend a good amount of time online for the purpose of finding the kind of services which they find satisfactory and efficient.

Algogo E-Store Opens Doors to Computer and Electronic Enthusiasts Searching for HP Replacement Parts

Computer and electronic aficionados can now shop for computer gadgets and electronic paraphernalia at very affordable prices. Algogo e-store has opened its doors to customers who are searching for specific items they need for their projects.

iOS 71 Jail Break Express Claims iOS 7.1 Jailbreak May Be Imminent

Jailbreaking an Apple device is a process by which the device is unlocked in order to provide the ability to download third party apps and use the phone carrier of choice. A recent ruling has shown that jailbreaking the iPhone is legal. The advantages however are many and obvious, but the trend has been stilted by the difficulty of breaking iOS 7.1, the latest operating system for the iPhone. iOS 71 Jail Break Express is a new website that is covering the progress toward a successful 7.1 jailbreak, and reports it is now imminent.

The New Fashion Showcase 7 Knee High Boots for Women That Are New for 2014

Knee high boots may not be at the top of every woman's shopping list at this time of the year, but the fact is that there are lots of great-looking boots coming onto the market throughout the year, and there will always be women who are looking to buy a pair of these boots in time for the winter.

Live Cricket Streaming: How to Watch Cricket Online Free

Cricket has a lot of fans from around the world, especially in South Asia, where most of the cricket action takes place. Because of the popularity of the sport, many websites like shows fans exactly how to stream cricket online for free.

Orlando SEO Consultants - Search Engine Optimization for Business Maximization

Deciding to opt for Search Engine Optimization for the expansion of businesses online is smart and clever decision to make. The internet and social media is the one place where anyone and everyone can hope to build a business empire if they know how to pull off a successful social media marketing campaign. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled enough in this area to do so. Search Engine Optimization is a major part of a successful social media marketing campaign. Successful SEO will certainly result in increased sales and rising profits. In order to organize a successful SEO campaign, business owners will need to hire professionals.

Expert SEO Corp Offers Professional Search Engine Services

LogoExpert SEO Corp offers professional search engine optimization services to businesses.  When companies look for affordable SEO services , it is important to find a company with the expertise to handle all methods of optimization.  By using a variety of SEO techniques, including keyword optimization and press release submission , businesses can improve their web traffic and their overall sales and profits.

The Frozen Yogurt Sector Revenue Expected to Increase Tremendously in 2014

Reports shows that the frozen yogurt industry is growing at a fast rate and there are now many top notch franchises that deal with high-quality frozen yogurt. With more than hundreds of toppings available in different flavors, it is considered to be very healthy and loved by both young and old generation. IBIS World reports also shows that 2014 will see a $273 million revenue increase in the frozen yogurt market.

Hsoub Ads Network Adds Support for YouTube & Vimeo Videos

Hsoub has announced the launch of the latest update to its Hsoub Ads Network (, the popular online advertising platform in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), that allows advertisers to implement YouTube and Vimeo videos in their ads.

Obesity Can Be Beaten Says Amazing Core Fitness

The world is watching America very closely as the obesity problem continues to increase with the obesity rate currently at 37 percent of the adult population. Instead of being known for the great products it produces and the good work it does on the world stage, America is known for the serious obesity problem.

Martin Brooks & Adam Paul Green Disclose Findings of Insider Probe for the-Phoenix-Cookie, Yurika-Foods & Pure De-Lite Chocolate

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxidant blend of cacao, açaí berries and blueberries, an ingredient combination exclusive to Xoçai.

Adam Green Receives Top Recruiting Award for Cacao Sales of Fair-Trade XoLove Bites in Taiwan

LogoAs the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the true vision of Xoçai is to transform and improve individual lives worldwide through its exclusive and healthy chocolate products. One such unique element is XoVita™, a proprietary high-antioxid

Lenders Comparison Site Unveils Cheaper Long Term Loans with No Credit Check

It is now possible to qualify for most programs being offered in the lending market regardless of credit scoring and this is a situation that has made life a bit easier for people with low rankings together with those who are new in the financing industry. Anyone seeking long term financing can now visit and be among the first beneficiaries of the lowered interest rates.

Genuine Online Lenders Slash Interest Rates on Unsecured Loans No Credit Check has been assisting people to meet their financial goals after being turned away by conventional lenders for having credit histories reflecting cases of late payments, arrears, defaulting, CCJs and foreclosures among others. Such individuals will now be accessing financing on unsecured offers at lower interest rates. This offer is also meant to benefit people who are yet to get some credit.

Consumers to Benefit from Recently Introduced Cheaper Offers on Very Bad Credit Loans has officially announced the slashed interest rates that will be helping consumers to obtain cheap financing even with highly tarnished credit reports. The mission to start these campaigns was set in motion after the top management team became aware of the struggles that some people were being forced to face when sorting out their debts. Things will now be easier for most of them.

Long Term Installment Loans for Bad Credit - Lenders Raise Upper Limit to $18,000

Consumers will now be standing a chance of getting increased financing on long term offers following some successful talks between lenders and They can now easily invest in bigger projects or handle other huge expenses like home remodeling and debt consolidation among others. There is a highly user-friendly platform that applicants will be using and this will be simplifying the whole exercise.

Verano Spiral Slicer the New Professional Vegetable Spiralizer Helps with Healthy Cooking

With over 60% of people living in America being overweight and nearly 37% of them classed as obese, more people are looking to change their lifestyle, increasing exercise and dietary changes, which includes reducing the intake of refined foods and replacing those foods with healthy vegetables. Verano® Spiral Slicer is the most effective way to prepare fancy healthy vegetable dishes, allowing you to eat healthy without boring looking foods.

EJuice Retailer Savor Premium Announces Sale of Its Products at Discounted Price

Savor Premium, an online vendor for electronic cigarettes and ejuice announces sale of its products at discounted price for 2014. Offering ejuice, also known as eliquid in more than 50 flavors, the company sells both nicotine and nicotine-free ejuice. According to an online source there have been no reports of side effects from inhaling ejuice as it is only water vapor in different flavor such as fruits, chocolate, tobacco, bacon, etc.

Sports Enthusiasts Advised to Always Wear RX Sports Sunglasses

With summer just around the corner, a leading maker of RX sports sunglasses is reminding sports enthusiasts especially those who love the outdoors to always wear sunglasses. This is in reaction to recent studies revealed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The said organization stated that continuous years of exposure to the sun without any eye protection can cause harm to the eyes in the form of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Weight Watchers Magazine Subscription Is Now Just $13.95 Per Year, According to

The Weight Watchers magazine has been helping people lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle for many years now, and are reporting that people can now buy a 1-year subscription to this magazine for as little as $13.95 per year, which includes free delivery.

The Complete Venus Factor Review by PRFitness with Results Revealed

Undoubtedly, The Venus Factor comes as a blessing for those women out there who have been struggling from years to lose all that unnecessary fat from the body. Recently, this weight loss program has gained so much popularity in the weight loss field due to its effectiveness and credibility. Inside The Venus Factor, three guides are incorporated. There is a Main Manual which will guide women in determining their ideal Venus Index ratio to decide whether there is a need to lose or put on weight. The second one is the Body Centric Eating Guide which describes a woman’s Venus Index.

Pregnancy Miracle Guide Review by PRHealth - Discover Lisa Olson's Methods for Reducing the Risk of Miscarriage

This guidebook claims to render natural fertility treatment alternatives that help women get pregnant naturally. Pregnancy Miracle provides quality of life which improves infertility problems in women for the rest of their lives. It makes women with troubles in their reproductive organs conceive.

Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review by PR Apex - Is It Really Possible to Get Your Ex Back with Text Messages?

Text your ex back is the best dating course which offers dispirited individuals a chance to get back into their relationship for good. This program leads people as they come through the interval when they get their previous boyfriend or girlfriend to text them back.

EMobile Code Review by PR Apex - Find out All About Ronnie Montano's Newest Software in This eMobile Code Review

Emobile Code is a website which supplies excessive income to people. This incredible training course makes a presentable effort at providing the users with all the required tools desired to become acknowledged and successful in this business. People are required to pick out which business they would wish to run, input the needed information and they are good to go.

Get Rid of Herpes Review by Health Blog Reveals - The Only Possible Solution to the Awful Herpes Problem by Sarah Wilcox

Individuals suffering from Herpes keep hearing that they will have to live with herpes for their entire life and are scared enough to know that they can never get rid of herpes. On top of this, their doctors casually tell them to avoid having sex. Get Rid of Herpes by Sarah Wilcox is just what the victims of Herpes need. This eBook can be their ultimate hope to curing the problem of Herpes. It provides natural, safe and effective herpes remedy that quickly relieves HSV 2 symptoms, provides an effective HSV 2 & 1 remedy, and stops future outbreaks.