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35th Annual AHNA Conference Registration Now Open

Conference registration is now open for the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) 35th Annual Conference, Healthcare: Grounded in Holistic Nursing, June 12-17, 2015 at the Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center in Branson, Missouri.

Trinity Industries Inc (NYSE:TRN) Investor Alert: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations

An investigation on behalf of investors of Trinity Industries Inc (NYSE:TRN) shares over potential securities laws violations by Trinity Industries and certain of its directors and officers was announced.

The Day I Committed Spiritual Suicide: Faith & Fiction Collide, as New Novel Urges Readers to Make Better Relationship Choices

While finding that ‘special person’ can evoke all manner of emotions, any good person understands that hastily rushing for lust can have disastrous consequences. In a compelling new novel by Cassandra Willis, this concept is explored in a true fusion of faith and fiction.

Philadelphia Matchmaking Service Is Helping Divorced Women Date Again

Many people think there is nothing more anxiety-producing and stressful than going through a divorce, especially with children, but many recently divorced singles are finding out there is something more difficult, something many consider downright frightening—dating after divorce, explains Philadelphia Singles.

Prom Dress Promotion with Attractive Savings Now at Bbrautkleid

LogoBbrautkleid has been always offering its customers the most popular women's dresses. Today, the company announces its special discounts on all its prom dresses. The promotion will permit clients to acquire much more selection at low prices. The prom dresses from Bbrautkleid are featured with a number of characteristics: various colors, rich materials and meticulous production.

3 Signs of a Water Leak Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

LogoYour local Scottsdale plumbers want to remind residents that popsicles should be the only thing dripping in the Arizona heat, not faucets or pipes.

Atlanta Dumpster Rental Company Morosgo Waste Disposal Announces Expansion of Its Dumpster Rental Services

Today, Morosgo Waste Disposal, an Atlanta based dumpster rental company, announced plans for three new service areas. The new areas that will be covered are Marietta, Georgia, Alpharetta, Georgia and Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Tactical Gear Manufacturer Turns to the Shooting Community to Fund Latest Project

LogoStrike Hard Gear, a manufacturer of top shelf tactical accessories, is unveiling a new crowd funding program to bring its latest product to market: the Gunner’s Mate. By participating in this campaign hunters and shooters will be supporting one of the few firearms accessories ever offered via crowd funding and will help strengthen the shooting sports industry and the American economy.

North American Site Aims at Stopping Illegal Replica Ray-Ban Online Sales Dealers

LogoNorth American Site Aims at Stopping Illegal Replica Ray-Ban Online Sales Dealers Now Announces a New Range of Garage Storage Cabinet at Competitive Prices, a renowned online name for storage solutions and garage now offers a new range of garage storage cabinets at the most competitive prices. These products are manufactured by some of the world’s top-notch companies. Garage storage cabinets are offered in diverse categories with numerous dimensions like Ulti-MATA Garage Cabinets, Gladiator garage works, Ulti-MATE Starfire White, Hercke storage system and lots more. These garage systems are intended for optimally using the available garage space.

Exam Pro Launches Double Money Back Guarantee as 85% of OB/GYN Candidates Sign Up

In the medical field, few things are as stressful and career defining as choosing a speciality. Once chosen however, med students must then qualify to even begin that career in earnest, and doing so requires the ability to demonstrate expertise in addition to calmness under pressure and adaptability in a wide range of different examination settings. For those interested in obstetrics and gynaecology, Exam Pro has the most comprehensive exam prep services available, and is so confident in its products they will give students double their money back if they are unsatisfied.

St. Alexius NewStart Offers the Best Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass at an Affordable Price

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, St. Alexius NewStart has emerged as the most sought after destination for people who wish to benefit from superior and cost effective bariatric surgeries. With the most qualified, experienced and competent faculty and state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal, St. Alexius NewStart has done a commendable job in offering viable, feasible and cost effective weight loss solutions to their clients on a consistent basis. “We are the most sought after name in offering superior quality and cost effective weight loss surgeries. Over the years, we have assisted millions of people scattered all over the continental US ridding them of excessive weight deposition in a highly safe and convenient manner. We specialize in all three prominent weight loss surgeries available such as Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB), Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding and Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve. “The most important thing for us is to provide exceptional medical treatment to our clients at affordable prices,” stated a senior official from St. Alexius NewStart in a recent interview.

St. Alexius NewStart Offers Superior Lap Band Surgery at the Most Reasonable Prices

St. Alexius NewStart over the years has emerged as the most sought after destination for people who wish to shed their extra weight in a safe manner. This weight loss center has earned a name for itself by offering high precision, safe and specialized weight loss surgeries at the most affordable prices. They offer comprehensive services for all three prominent weight loss surgeries available namely Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB), Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding and Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve.

Accutrition Now Offering Metagenics Supplements

LogoAccutrition is now offering Metagenics supplements on their website. This coveted brand is renowned worldwide for their research on improving people’s health through nutrition. Metagenics focuses on the role of genetics in a person’s health, an area not touched by many developers of nutritional supplements. Now health conscious shoppers can buy Metagenics products for low prices in Accutrition’s online store.

Steelband Lovers Unite! The Producers of Pan! Our Music Odyssey Seek Funding Support via Indiegogo for Their New Transmedia Project

LogoOur project aim at promoting the steelband movement internationally with an 80 min docufiction on reenacted stories of this genesis of the steelband movement to its global propagation.

How to Photograph Waterfalls

Waterfalls are some of the most precious and amazing scenic beauties that Mother Nature offers. Anyone who is on a holiday and sees a waterfall the first thing they do is capture that beauty in their cameras. But not all are experts in clicking stunning pictures of waterfalls. Imagination, timing, eye for movement and above all photography skills are necessary to capture an absolutely perfect image. Waterfalls are probably some of the most difficult things to capture.

Anonymous VPN Review - Helps Users Make Smarter Decisions when Choosing a VPN Service

For those who are not really aware, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is currently being used by millions of people worldwide due to the amazing range of short and long-term benefits it has to offer. Internet access has been restricted or either banned in many areas of the world and for a while, most people were hopeless about finding a permanent and powerful solution. However, that did not last long as VPNs were quickly discovered and have been aiding people to connect to the internet or anything restricted website, for that matter, through private internet access.

Reduce Your Penal Liabilities with CrimLaw Firm

Crimlaw Firm is a criminal defense law firm based in Miami which was established in 1977 by the leading criminal defense attorneys of Florida named Robbins, Ross, Tunkey, Amsel, Raben & Waxman. These lawyers have been successfully defending the clients since almost 35 years against federal and state crimes. Has Updated Its Website with the Best-Selling Bridesmaid Dresses

LogoRecently,, the leading supplier of wedding dresses and women's special occasion dresses, has updated its website with the best-selling bridesmaid dresses, which are now available at greatly discounted rates. The best-selling bridesmaid dresses are showed on the website of the company; ladies can find them easily. These dresses are available at discounted prices now. At this moment, A-line and empire V-neck are the most popular styles of the bridesmaid dresses at

"Natural Crete" - A Technological Innovation for Road Building Seeks Funding Through Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Logo"Natural Crete" is the Manufacturer of one of the world's finest products for Road Stabilization. “Natural Crete” is a unique, soil-stabilizing product with the potential to significantly reduce the overall cost for road construction by as much as 50%. It is 100% Natural and Environmentally Safe.

How to Shop for a Digital Camera

Most individuals buy digital cameras that are beyond their needs or requirements. Buying high end cameras just for the sake of hobby photography is money not spent well. High end cameras are for professional photographers who can make use of all the features and implement the same. A digital camera should be chosen according to the type of photography such as landscapes, portraits, hobby photography, and sports and so on. The other criterion is under what conditions an individual would be photographing largely such as indoors or outdoors. Now Offers Zero Gravity Massage Chairs for Complete Relaxation, at the Most Affordable Prices, the most renowned name for offering massage chairs, now brings zero gravity massage chairs at the most affordable prices. This massage chair is a quintessential of its own genre. There are no another parallel massage chairs like this.

Milwaukee Portable Toilets Rental Perfect for Events Needing Sanitary Arrangements

From weddings to family gatherings to festivals, Milwaukee portable toilets rental provide a hygienic, comfortable, unique portable toilets for any type of outdoor events that is held in and around Milwaukee. With their distinctive designs, attention to details and commitment to service, it is no surprise that Milwaukee toilets rental go on to redesign the portable toilet rental industry. With their stellar service and homelike amenities, the company continues to go beyond the customers’ expectations.

Grow Your MS Knowledge--CMSC & ACTRIMS Annual Meeting Media Alert

The 2014 Cooperative Meeting of CMSC (Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers) & ACTRIMS® (Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis),, is taking place May 28-31, 2014 in the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX. The CMSC & ACTRIMS Cooperative Meeting is the only event in North America that provides health care professionals, from a wide range of disciplines and all over the world, with the latest information, treatment advancements, and research in multiple sclerosis. The Annual Meeting focuses on the comprehensive care model and covers: basic and clinical research; disease modifying treatments and new and emerging therapies; epidemiology, genetics, and epigenetics; symptomatic care, immunology and pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis; neuroimaging and biomarkers; rehabilitation; psychosocial issues; multiple sclerosis collaborative care; gender specific concerns; advocacy issues and quality of life strategies.

Closelovers Presents Its Online Store with a Vast Collection of Women Dresses

Online shopping has emerged as one of the most favored platforms for selling goods. There are businesses who have succeeded and grown due to their online popularity. With increased number of sellers online the competition has intensified. Both apparels as well as accessories along with almost every kind of physical product has seen a presence of an online store. Among the most sold items online are the women’s dresses. As we are already aware that shopping is one of the most favored pastimes for women, the prospect of selling products online could be great for the buyer as well as the seller. However, not many stores offer good quality products and the real products may different from the ones displayed. This is the reason why it is recommended that customers buy products from genuine and reliable sellers.

Celebs Quit Smoking & Lose Weight the Slimple Way

LogoCelebrities have discovered “It’s Slimple” to quit smoking and lose weight with the Slimple electronic vaporizer with MaCoca™. The first ever portable vaporizers with no nicotine which can help anyone quit smoking and lose weight fast!

Gaia Town Is a 3D Environmental Education Game

LogoThe movement to become more environmentally responsible and create a sustainable society has taken root all over the world. Most experts agree that this will be a gradual process with future generations becoming more accountable for this change.