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Vaporizer and Vape Pens - A Healthier Wave for the Future

Today, vaporizers are the most popular choice among people who still like to smoke but devoid of any harmful impacts related to tobacco combustion/burning. Though there are plenty of vaporizers available on the market nowadays, but evic supreme is gaining a huge popularity because of its ease of use and size. A vape pen operates much like an electric smoke using the exclusion of letting smoker to add his/her favored special dry oils, e-liquids, blends and waxes.

Focus Production Rekindles the History of Photo Booth: The Dramatic Comeback of the Lost Figment of American Culture

LogoPhoto booth is the world’s ever first DIY art-making device. The modern photo booth that we have now is a product of centuries of evolution proving how rich our world is when it comes to inventions and creations.

Focus Production Depicts the Future of Photo Booths and How It Will Continue to Evolve with the Help of Technology

LogoWeddings are deeply influenced with modern technology as well. The birth of the modern photo booth justifies this claim.

Randall Cloud Starts Kickstarter Campaign for His Upcoming Role-Playing Party Game "The Village"

LogoRandall Cloud, an emerging game designer, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the development of The Village, his upcoming role-playing party game that can be considered to be a twisted version of Mafia.

Adventure Scuba Becomes New York City's First PADI TecRec Certified Center

Adventure Scuba, a leading dive training, gear sales, and travel center, announced that the company has become the first PADI TecRec-qualified school in the city. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors' TecRec program focuses on the teaching of technical diving techniques, those used at depths and in situations that are beyond the limits of conventional recreational diving. Adventure Scuba's certification under the TecRec program means that the company can now offer the whole range of PADI technical diving courses, including the Tec 40, Tec 45, and Tec 50 courses that together help divers transition from the less-demanding world of recreational diving.

John Christopher Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Word Battle: An Addictive Word Game on the My Life Book Social Network

LogoCrowdfunding is sought for a Scrabble-type of game that will be offered on My Life Book. Designed for anywhere from 2-4 players, Word Battle will pit players against each other as they prove their vocabulary skills on the newest social media platform My Life Book.

Holiday Cannabis Cards Now Offered at ReeferOlogy.net

LogoWith Marijuana being legal in two states and the discussion raised in several others, public opinion has changed to incorporate the idea of cannabis communication into the mainstream. The new line of holiday cards, MerryJuana Holiday Cards, now being offered exclusively by ReeferOlogy, fits that description.

V2 Launches Holiday Page with Electronic Cigarette Gift Ideas for the Shopping Season

LogoV2, America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, announces the launch of a Holiday Page with seasonal gift ideas; offers customers paying for 3-day shipping a free upgrade to 2-day shipping.

GunSafes.com Now Selling a New Range of Safes, the Hayman Gun Safe

LogoSafety and peace of mind go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind is the mission of the professionals at GunSafes.com, which is announcing an exciting new expansion of its product offerings - the availability of a new range of Safes, the Hayman Gun Safe line. Hayman is known in the industry to offer a wide variety of home security products for both residential and commercial use. The safe options include the following products: MangaVault Series, CashVault Deposit Safes, 2 Hour Flame Series, FS Poly Floor Safes, Everglades Full Safe line and the 1 Hour Flame Series. Hayman prides itself in providing a Quality Built product, and it has done this Since 1971.

Focus Productions Bares the Tips on How to Become Successful in the Field of Wedding Videography

LogoEvery bride dreams of having a magical and wonderful wedding. Having a wedding in a wonderful and peaceful place like Toronto is a perfect place for the wedding couple to say their “I do’s” and promise to each other an eternal love. When planning a wedding, seeking the help of a professional wedding vendor is key to make the wedding day perfect for everyone especially to the wedding couple. When choosing and shopping for the wedding essentials like the wedding accessories, wedding venues and special services, it is important to select the best wedding ones not merely based on the costs, but more on the quality. Wedding videography is one of the most vital services that should be chosen carefully.

Ammo.net Announces October Pro-Freedom Donation Program Results

Ammo.net, America's top pro-freedom ammunition retailer, announced the results for October of the company's unique donation program. Every order placed at the Ammo.net store allows customers to choose from among a number of pro-freedom organizations to donate to, as well as nominate their own favorites for addition to the program. In October, Ammo.net customers directed the largest portion of their purchase-related donations to the Bellevue, Washington-based Second Amendment Foundation, with the National Rifle Association, Homes for Our Troops, and the Adapt and Overcome Project also receiving significant donations.

Sky High Sports Introduces New Fun Activities at Zero Additional Cost

LogoTrampoline activities have always been a lot of fun and it manages to attract people of all age groups. It is one of the most engaging and creative way to have tremendous fun and enjoyment.

Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy Offers Innovative Taekwondo Training in Dulwich Hill

LogoLearning self-defence techniques is a wise move as it can come in handy during hostile conditions. According to different reports, crime rate across the world is improving every year and it is necessary to safeguard the lives and properties from potential threats. Techniques like taekwondo will provide the learners in Dulwich Hill with exceptional power which in turn will help them combat against different kinds of threats.

YESCiGS Launches New Online Shop to Serve Vaporizer Users with Premium Vaping Supplies

E-Cigarettes are growing in popularity at an incredible rate, offering a cleaner, less environmentally damaging way to inhale stimulants or simply flavors by using electronic vaporization instead of combustible materials. With the increase in demand comes an increase in variety, and advanced vaping MODs are now available to enhance the usability of these devices. YESCiGS is a family owned and operated e-cigarette specialist, and has personally tested a wide range of these MODs before launching new online store Vaping Supplies to offer a wide collection of the best e cigarette products available on the current market.

E Cigs Compared Launches E Cig Discount Codes Section to Ensure Customers Get the Best E Cigarette Deals

E Cigarettes offer a smoke free, tar free alternative to smoking that uses water vapour to deliver the same experience to regular smokers without the problems associated with combustible cigarettes, particularly the public smoking ban that prevents people smoking indoors. As a result they have become a hugely popular device with many brands vying to create the best product. ECigsCompared.co.uk launched at the start of the boom to keep track of these companies’ products, and in addition to independent and insightful reviews is now publishing information on special discounts.

SMOKEFREE Now Brings Electronic Cigarettes in India That Run on Lithium Battery

In order to ensure good health without compromising on the smoking habit, SMOKEFREE is now bringing electronic cigarette in India which runs on a lithium battery. The electronic cigarette is quintessential of its own genre, and is revolutionizing the smoking market. People can now opt for a healthier option rather than cigarette, which contains oodles of health problems.

Rakxe.com Added New Products to Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Category

Electric bikes and scooters have become the face of trendy urban youth long before. Rakexe.com, a China based manufacturer of electric scooter and bike, recently unveiled stylish and eco-friendly scooters and bikes. The futuristic vehicles are, as the manufacturers have claimed, are brilliant combinations of environment-friendly technology and style. Available in bold colours, these bikes are all set to take users by storm. Rakxe.com owners have claimed that the bikes are as efficient as fuel system based two-wheelers and are far more cost-saving than their fuel-consuming cousins.

E-Cigarette Market on Fire While Scientists Wage Heated Debate

LogoBut the jury is still out on their safety, and whether they are a gateway to smoking.

V2 Gives Customers $10 off Electronic Cigarette Orders of $65 or More

LogoV2, America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, announces $10 savings on orders totaling $65 or more. This limited time offer is valid from Nov 10-11 and is applicable to the full range of V2 products.

Shisha Pens Direct Launches New E-Cigarette Website

Shisha Pens Direct is excited to announce that they are a new e-cigarette pen distributor in the United Kingdom. Their new website has an extensive selection of e-cigarette products available.

Jamplay Enlightens Readers on the Best Way to Learn Guitar

Guitarmethodology.com, a website that has been designed to help guitarists by providing articles, information, learning methods, techniques, tricks, product reviews and music news, has recently released an independent review of the online guitar-lesson service Jamplay. The review titled “Jamplay - Is It Worth It” is an in depth look at the program that claims to teach students of all levels, from beginners to advance players and also teaches various different genres of music such as jazz, rock and blues. An online guitar lesson service is an alternate of in-person lessons, as an e-learning program Jamplay will optimistically be more inexpensive, convenient and quicker. Guitarmethodology.com review investigates its effectiveness.

eLiquid Oasis Announces Grand Opening with Promise to Sell 100% American Made E Juice

E liquids are more popular than ever before. Once the preserve of a niche vaporizer market, the products have been made exponentially more popular as a result of the e-cigarette, a cleaner alternative to traditional combustible smoking. As a result the market has been saturated with opportunities to purchase low quality, imported eliquids that are poor quality and perhaps even dangerous. eLiquid Oasis LLC has been launched to change that, offering only 100% American Made e liquids from top brands to ensure users have the best access to affordable, high quality products.

HD Moments Answers: Questions to Ask a Videographer in Creating a Wonderful Wedding Video

LogoWeddings are one of the important events in a woman’s life. It is the day when a woman of age will have to depart from her singlehood and be part of a union to build a family. Important occasions like this must be amazingly captured for memories to last a lifetime. Photos and videos of each wedding can be a part of a family’s precious heirloom to be shared to children and grandchildren. The bride and groom can keep these moments for posterity through excellent photography and high-definition videos.

Suddenly Big Tobacco Is Deeply Concerned About Your Health

LogoThese small, battery-powered devices heat a nicotine-containing liquid, producing an inhalable vapor that provides smokers with the nicotine buzz they crave. Because they do not produce the tar, arsenic and other carcinogens that come from burning tobacco, they have been heralded as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, and even as a smoking cessation method.

Saskatoon's Largest Concert Venues Ban E-Cigarettes

LogoDespite the fact Saskatoon’s smoking bylaw has zero mention of electronic cigarettes, both TCU Place in Saskatoon’s downtown and SaskTel Centre have banned the devices from indoor use.