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Los Angeles Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo to Make Zombie Thriller

What if the only one who knew there was a zombie apocalypse was the first person ever attacked by a zombie? That's the premise for a new film, Nathaniel Screaming, celebrating the zombie thriller genre by a team of Los Angeles filmmakers for which they've launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a December shoot. This is a story about before the Zombie apocalypse. About IF there even will be an apocalypse. About paranoia. The faith and trust we have in our loved ones. And the fear many people have that the world as we know it, could change for the worse in the blink of an eye

Team All-American Aligns with Hypoxico High-Altitude Training Systems

Team All-American announced that it will now partner with Hypoxico to provide the company’s high-altitude systems to Team All-American athletes.

Paratus Consulting Group Offers Extensive Firearms Training Courses

Paratus Consulting Group, a veteran owned and operated training consultation group, has expanded their line of firearm training courses designed to meet the demands of savvy gun owners worldwide.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner Win and Mac Debuted at Best Price Ever to Clean Up iTunes Library

LogoWith the blood-boiled Leawo Tunes Cleaner Giveaway carnival ushering its gorgeous end, Leawo Software, the enterprise with a long standing reputation on developing and providing the first-rate multimedia solutions to worldwide media fans, throws out another Leawo Tunes Cleaner special offer to rise people's excitement to a fever pitch. Those who have accidentally missed out the last iTunes cleaner giveaway activity, are now benefited with a surprising chance to get the hottest iTunes cleaner software thus far at $19.95 only to clean up iTunes music library effectively.

American Dental Care in Harrisburg Now Offering Porcelain Veneers

LogoAmerican Dental Care in Harrisburg is pleased to announce they are now offering porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that are custom made to fit on the front of the patients tooth.

Bucks County Heating & Air Now Offering 50% Down and 2 Years 0% Financing

Bucks County Heating & Air is pleased to announce they are now offering a special of 2 years 0% Financing with 50% down. Now is the time to have a heat pump serviced and take advantage of this spectacular offer. Heat pumps are responsible for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Software Development Company Redwerk Develops Groundbreaking Photo Service, Photio for ContentNexus

Custom software development company Redwerk has completed a development project for ContentNexus Inc. The recently unveiled digital photo service goes by the name of Photio. It is a groundbreaking digital image retrieval program designed to find photos in users' email accounts and archive them for easy access.

GasTec Now Offering Propane Service for Residential Pools This July

As of June 21st, the summer of 2013 is officially underway. Millions of Americans have already begun enjoying their pools. Most homeowners open their pools around Memorial Day weekend, because the average outdoor temperature becomes warmer. Most people will open their pools as long as the water temperature is over 50 degrees. However, spring and early summer temperatures can be very volatile. Sometimes, spring temperatures can range from over 80 degrees to below 50 degrees. Without being able to successfully predict the weather, many homeowners become hesitant to open their pools until the summer. Thankfully, GasTec customers don’t have to rely on the mercy of the weather. Now, GasTec is offering propane service for residential pools and spas.

Hydrojet Inc. Is Now Offering Flexible Delivery Service

LogoFor the past several years, Hydrojet Inc. has been offering customers a wide variety of services out of their high quality facility. Customers across many industries have come accustomed to calling upon Hydrojet Inc. for machining composites. In fact, the military, electronic manufacturing industry, industrial sector, marine industry, medical industry, and energy sector have all relied on Hyrdojet Inc. One of the core advantages of Hydrojet Inc., is their ability to offer industry leading technology. However, Hydrojet Inc. takes pride in offering superior customer service and unique business solutions. Now, Hydrojet Inc. is offering flexible delivery schedules.

How to Be Happy with Life, Claire Chidley and 360* Wisdom at Cortijo Romero, Spain

How often do we take the time to stop and think: “Am I really happy with life?” In our modern society with busy lives we just keep running; there is no time to take stock and review the journey. At Cortijo Romero this season Clare Chidley invites us to take a week out, stop and get some perspective. What is the true motivation behind daily activities? What hold us back and stops us leading a life where feeling good is key; a life with greater awareness and satisfaction?

JohnnyDents Is Now Offering Free Online Estimates

LogoBody damage to automobiles represents one of the most frequent and costly occurrences for drivers. Even minor collisions and accidents can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Americans take pride in the upkeep of their vehicle’s appearance. However, most people don’t have the disposable income to make expensive body repairs to a damaged vehicle. Even when a driver has selected a comprehensive insurance policy, there is often a costly deductible. Depending on the cost of the deductible, an aesthetic repair may not be worth it for some drivers. Thankfully, JohnnyDents can offer South Jersey paintless dent repair at an affordable rate. Now, JohnnyDents is offering their customers free online estimates. Now Offers Amazing Holiday Rental Packages

For those looking for the perfect holiday rentals to enjoy their annual break, Orange Bookings can be the right place to begin the search. The website advertises many privately owned holiday rentals and vacation rentals including cottages, villas and apartments across the globe.

KALM Saddlery Utilizes High Quality Raw Materials in Producing Horse Related Products

KALM Saddlery is a reputed company which produces and supplies saddles and other horse related products. Based with its operations in Australia, the company designs and produces saddles using high quality materials. The company incorporates modern technology in producing high quality saddles and other products which fully meet the specifications put forward by customers.

Boopin Media Offers Creative and Targeted Branding Plans to Increase Brand Visibility

Boopin Media, the leading branding firm in Dubai is highly skilled and experienced in identifying, planning and executing a wide variety of branding and promotional campaigns and activities. They often discover all the areas which haven't been explored and unleashed promising opportunities in the branding areas for the client. Their seasoned branding professionals have worked with many businesses and have the expertise to revamp the whole brand image of a business.

New Website Helps People Find Best Moving Companies

Kosspa, Inc has released a new website aimed at helping people find the best local movers.

26 Angels Book Published in Support of Sandy Hook Victims' Funds

In memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, collected poems from 18 authors for a community book project to help in the healing process. The anthology, 26 Angels: Words for the Healing Heart, was the result of writers’ participation from all walks of life residing in the United States.

New Product "Breast Active" Helping Thousands of Women Across the Globe

‘Breast Active’ has emerged as the preferred alternative when it comes to natural and affordable way of getting firmer and curvy breasts for women across the globe. The product provides the desired results without any kind of side effects which are common in other methods of breast enhancement and the same is confirmed by thousands of users across the globe.

Montgomery County Heating & Air Now Offering Yearly Air Conditioning Maintenance

Montgomery County Heating & Air, known as heating contractors in Montgomery County, is pleased to announce they are now offering yearly maintenance on air conditioning units. Performing yearly service on an air conditioner is a vital part to ensuring the unit runs smoothly, properly, and efficiently.

Eduard Romanyuta Presents to the Audience His New Summer Dance Song "Betray"

On the brink of hot summer Eduard Romanyuta makes his fans and audience happy by presenting a new song "Betray". It has already hit the radio stations of Russia and Europe. Listen to the hottest dancing hit of this summer on your favourite radio station and on music portal Now Offers Detailed Information on All the Different Features of Volcano Landforms now offers detailed information on all the different features of volcano landforms. They have compiled all the information on different types of volcano landforms, how they are created, what they bring, where they commonly occur. makes sure to put all the authenticated information on various landforms to give great treat to avid readers. Offers a Portable Multi-Purpose Support Device

The site, offers a portable support device named Bag-Caddy that helps transform plastic storage bags into easy to handle receptacles. The device offered by the site is assured to be a versatile device. The device helps reduce the physical effort of the users. Bag-Caddy can be handy in works such as cleaning the garden or clearing away the picnic wastes. The device helps in saving the time of the users as well. This is done by reducing the physical effort of the user by obviating the need of excessive bending and lifting.

Indianapolis Hand Tool Inventor Earns over $131,000 in Manufacturing Pledges via

The Cole-Bar Hammer, a patented multi-tool created by an Indianapolis inventor and his late son, has attracted over $131,000 in manufacturing support via the crowd-funding site, making it the most funded hand tool ever via the site. Over 1,800 individual donors have backed the project on Kickstarter since it launched on April 24, 2013. Donors who have pledged at least $65 will receive a Cole-Bar of their own from among the first few thousand manufactured. The Cole-Bar combines a hammer, a crow bar, a demolition tool, angle measurement tool, ruler, a socket wrench and nail pliers.

Ask and Imagine Announces the Launch of the Imagine Dynamic Productivity Service

Ask and Imagine, an established leader in life legacy coaching, book legacy coaching, business legacy coaching, today announced the launch of Imagine Dynamic Productivity, a service created to help people reach their goals.

Maruti Suzuki Introduces the Limited and Face-Lifted Edition of Eeco Smiles, Reports

The Indian market leader has recently launched the all new face-lifted edition of Maruti Eeco that is much famed as the Eeco Smiles.

Illinois Changing Requirements for Food Safety Managers

LogoIllinois legislators recently passed a bill that will affect food service manager training and examinations.

Carbon Cycle Crush Pure and High-Quality Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil and Canola Meal

Carbon Cycle produces high-quality expeller-pressed Canola oil and Canola meal. They use the process of expeller-pressing, which has no added impurities. When the Canola seed is pressed, it will extract the Canola oil and leave meal behind as a byproduct. Both the oil and meal can be distributed to a variety of industries. Has Been Launched to Help Contractors Compare Contractor Insurance Premiums

Contractors insurance website,, uses a free, safe and straightforward tool to give contractors information about insurance providers.