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The Warrenswork Collection Launched to Inspire Digital Art Enthusiasts with Color, Form and Hope

Walking out a dream he’s long since been acquainted with, digital artist Warren Lynn launches his heartfelt art to a broad audience. Bringing his fan base a new appreciation for abstract digital art Lynn also brings a lifetime of passion to his Warrenswork Collection. Combining a sense of layered detail, color, abstract form and hopeful intent the digital artist inspires onlookers with the same forward-thinking approach that presently redefines his life.

Stargazer Literary Prizes Announces the August Finalists Winners

Tantric Coconuts by New York Times bestselling author Greg Kincaid is a finalist in the Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction category. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Life of Pi in this quirky spiritual journey across the wild highways and byways of America.

Wireless Charger Circuit Company Opens for Business

Today’s world is considerably more wired than ever, and the necessity for charging devices is ever growing. As people have a tablet, smartphone, laptop or netbook and a host of other devices needing charging, one can end up with a tangled mass of wires and cords that do nothing more than cause a real headache.

Local Bendigo Website Design Company Launches Unique Initiative for Non-Profit Organisations

Melissa Parker, Project Manager at Bendigo based website design Company CMather Web Development has announced that the company shall provide free website designing and development services for non-profit organizations throughout Victoria.

Industrial-Grade Continuous Batch Washer Now Operational at Lawrence Dry Cleaners

The high-technology Continuous Batch Washer that Lawrence Dry Cleaners recently acquired is fully operational as of press time. The installation of the industrial-grade washer is another breakthrough for the company, as they bring forth better and earth-friendlier options with commercial services to their growing number of commercial clients.

Australian Diamond Brokers Presents New Diamond Ring Design

Australian Diamond Brokers, Australia’s leading diamond jewellers specialising in GIA certified diamonds and engagement rings in Sydney, have today announced a new diamond ring called The Marquise as part of their 2013 ring collection.

Amazon's Sizzling Father's Day Deals: Tylers Coffee Produce Acid-Free Coffee

LogoWith Father’s Day fast approaching, you may want to consider one alternative to healthy living as a great gift idea: Tylers Acid-Free Coffee, now featured alongside 12 other products in Amazon’s "Sizzling Father’s Day Deals".

Best iPod/iPad/iPhone Data Recovery Software Is Released by Leawo

LogoThe prestigious software corporation Leawo Software today releases Leawo iOS Data Recovery. As the newest and best iOS data recovery software, Leawo iOS Data Recovery is devoted to solving all kinds of data loss problems that happens to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The data recovery tool for iOS devices features a powerful and comprehensive data recovery function as well as friendly and simple interface to help you quickly achieve the iOS data recovery with ease.

Keno Tractors Jinma Parts Retailer Carries Largest West Coast Jinma Parts Inventory

LogoKeno Tractors, the West Coast’s largest Jinma Tractor Parts retailer, improves their online checkout process to make it easier for their customers to buy Jinma parts online. Around the beginning of the year, the company started to slowly integrate an extensive online inventory of Jinma parts to their ecommerce store, They sell the full range of Jinma parts for the Jinma 200, 300, and 400 Series Tractors. Prior to the setup of their ecommerce store, the company did not have an online checkout process.

All Penny News: Snipp Interactive Launches New Campaign with Burger King Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “Snipp Interactive Launches New Campaign with Burger King.”

TraceGains Delivers Risk-Management Mechanisms Associated with Gluten Intolerance for Food Manufacturing Companies

LogoDespite a food manufacturer or supplier’s best efforts, however, there always is a risk that products manufactured to be gluten-free, or that consumers expect to be naturally gluten-free, may become tainted with gluten. For example, a recent study of naturally gluten-free foods found at least one brand of soy flour (which is frequently purchased in order to make gluten-free bread) contained nearly 3,000 parts per million of gluten.

Rights and Duties of a Building Developer

LogoA developer is someone who himself or through a third party has a building project implemented at their own or someone else’s expense and is legally and commercially responsible for this.

Integrity Supply, Inc. Offers Drop Cloths at Great Prices

LogoIntegrity Supply, Inc., a construction supplies provider, is offering drop cloths at the most affordable prices to its customers. Customers can find many drop cloths at this online store, including ones that are manufactured by the renowned brand, Chicago Dropcloth. Offers Free Shipping on Purchase of 99 and Over, a leading saunas products dealer, offers its customers free shipping of their products on purchases $99 and over. This is beneficial for those customers looking to purchase saunas accessories and saunas for home from the comfort of their own home.

Melondipity Emerges as the Best Dealer of Baby Hats

LogoMelondipity, a leading manufacturer and supplier of toddler hats, has become one the most trusted and reliable name for baby hats. The company has reached these new heights because of their dedication and passion for the hats they design and the customer support services they offer.

Longevity Brings the Best MIG TIG STICK Welders for Customers

Longevity Global Inc. a leader in manufacturing welders, now brings some of the best welding options for customers. This company provides most innovative welding and cutting machines. They offer latest technology in their products. In fact, they provide some of the most powerful arc welders like TIG, MIG and Stick. Assists over 100 Clients in Fighting the Google Penguin 2.0 Update has been predominantly providing only guest posting service to date, but now the firm has started assisting its clients in fighting the negative effects of the latest Penguin update due to weak link profile.

Seidner's Collision Center Offers Auto Body Repair in Corona

Seidner’s Collision Center offers auto body repair at their center in Corona. The center offers hassle free services and ensures the delivery of the finished work without delay. The center provides all round support for clients. This includes providing an accurate estimate of the work, arranging for a rental vehicle for the client during the repair period and dealing with the insurance companies for getting the insurance claim.

Issue New York Dresses 2013 Now Available at Net Fashion Avenue, a leading online fashion megastore, offers dresses from Scala by Ashley Lauren at affordable prices. The dresses from Scala are to be glamorous and add to the style quotient of the user.

My GSM Store, Inc. Offers Samsung Galaxy S4 at Affordable Prices

LogoMy GSM Store, a leading unlocked GSM cell phones provider, offers its customers the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 at best prices. The new flagship phone from Samsung has created a buzz in the mobile market worldwide; My GSM Store offers the phone at the best prices.

Covered California Health Benefit Exchange to Become Law on January 1, 2014

Health insurance specialist Alan Kichler of Golden State Health Insurance is ready to offer services to residents of California when open enrollment begins. The Covered California Health Benefit Exchange is to become law on January 1, 2014 and you must have health insurance to avoid penalties.

Mango King Studios Launches 'Zombie Motorcycle Road World War' - Game Available at the Apple App Store

Mango King Studios, a Los Angeles California based organization today announced the launch of their new game - Zombie Motorcycle Road World War’. The game is about surviving a zombie apocalypse in a town while riding on a bike. Sources confirmed that at a part of the initial launch offer the company is providing access to the same for free; however the prices would be updated in near future. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of our new game Zombie Motorcycle Road World War and hope to offer a platform with eye popping crisp graphics and quality audio for people to enjoy.”

Shopofgirls Released New Styles of Homecoming Dresses

LogoToday,, a well-known online shopping store for wedding dresses and special occasion dresses, released its new styles of homecoming dresses. This month, launched its new cheap homecoming dresses promotion and provided great discounts on these new dresses. Today, the company released more new styles of special occasion dresses.

48,000 Runners to Race in NYC Marathon

The NYC is on course to return to the position of world’s largest marathon this year. Race organizers announced today that the lottery for open registration spots has now been closed.

Shelly on the Seashore: Adventurous New Children's Book Inspires Young Readers to Discover World & Appreciate Home.

With the allure of video games, cellphones and the internet, many fear that children no longer have inspiration to experience the wider world for themselves. However, a globe-trotting new book from Adeline Schneid is opening thousands of young minds to the wonders of the wider world, while simultaneously helping them appreciate what they have at home.

Patent for Multi Head Camera Design Awarded to Seegrid

LogoSeegrid has received numerous patents that cover the operation, design, and interaction of robotic industrial trucks, including patents on the use of evidence grid technology for navigation, signaling and communication with operators, and performing services with robots based on having awareness of the environment. Adds Luxury Wedding Dresses for Sale

LogoToday,, the leader in supplying women's outfits, has added beautiful new dresses to its much appreciated line of luxury wedding dresses. The collection of beach wedding dresses is being updated. As is the company policy to supply outfits at customer friendly rates, these newly added outfits come with promotional discounts.