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IBIS Branding and Nexus54 Announce Joint Venture to Provide Fully Integrated Branding Solutions

IBIS Technologies FZC and Nexus54, LLC today announced a joint venture to server UAE market jointly for their customer needs. Organizations combine strengths to provide 360 degree branding solutions in Dubai.

G & D Events Announces New Staff to Lead Events Expansion Through 2015

Events coordination is now an industry in and of itself, as individuals and businesses turn to dedicated professionals to create unforgettable evenings, managing budgets and organization to ensure the right atmosphere is created for the occasion. G & D Events has already worked on behalf of major brands like L'Oreal and Ogilvy, and provides entertainment, venues, party planning, catering and more for everything from weddings and Christmas parties to major corporate events. G & D Events has appointed two new managers to their team to help them make the strongest possible start to the New Year.

A Pop Prince and a Mysterious Princess

Australian pop prince Matthew Najar may have found his princess, it has been rumoured. New reports show that the young singer has found himself a girlfriend. The source of these rumours is unclear at the current time however Hollywood entertainment critics claim that the rumours appear to be valid. Some fans speculate that the singer is in a relationship with the unknown girl in his music video for hit single ‘Don’t Need Clothes’.

The Stand Foundation Partners with JobExpo365 to Launch Virtual Job Fair to Jumpstart Job Creation and Opportunities

LogoThe Stand Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to empower individuals and organizations through leadership training, announces its partnership with JobExpo365 to launch the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual job fair marketplace. The Job Fair will empower every job seeker and college student to find their next exciting career.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers New Diet Plans That Promote Fast Weight Loss & Nutritional Education Leading to Reduced Risk of Bladder Cancer

LogoExcess fat can play a vital role in the risk of developing bladder cancer. Diet Doc has developed diet plans that produce fast weight loss while also providing nutritional education to assure long term weight management and good health.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Advanced Belly Fat Reducing Programs That Don't Waste Time or Money Making Clients Travel to Diet Centers

LogoDiet Doc’s hCG diets now offer clients all across the United States fast and easy access to their team of expert weight management coaches to eliminate excess belly fat without the expense of traveling to a diet center.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Help Women Lose Weight Fast Before Early Pregnancy to Reduce Risks of Premature Death for Their Children

LogoDiet Doc’s weight loss diets offer fast and easy fat loss to address all causes of weight gain, including helping women lose weight fast before early pregnancy, because according to a new study, their children are at a higher risk for premature death.

System Hygiene Expands Its Range of Cost-Efficient Safety and Hygiene Products

With the mission to continuously provide cost-efficient safety and hygiene products to homes and businesses, System Hygiene expands its range of reliable products by adding more janitorial and cleaning supplies while improving its employee competency and customer relations management. This ISO certified and CHSA (Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association) member-company adheres to global standards yet sticks with locally-competitive prices.

New Potential in Health Care Opportunities Unleashed

LogoThere is some good news for health care professionals and trained staff as HCP Search Group, LLC, a company closely involved in the health care market has come up with a long list of career opportunities for healthcare professionals from all across the country. The company is not only known for its recruiting experience but also for its deep roots in the healthcare field with active participation in staffing and innovation.

New Energy Code Requirements in South Carolina

LogoEarlier this year, the State of South Carolina introduced new energy efficiency requirements for new construction. After an audit of recent and planned construction, Bill Beazley Homes is proud to announce that not only do their homes meet these new standards, but all of their recent construction exceeds every standard put forth. to Teach All About the Surgical Weight Loss Procedures provides information about the whole weight loss methods spectrum, from the bariatric surgery as ultimate solution to obesity and to exercising and healthy diets. The unbiased information it presents is based on facts, on real studies

Finding Bellevue Homes for Sale Now Made Easy with Keller Williams Realty

It can be a tough job to find the perfect property in a popular and highly desirable location, in such locations properties are hard to come by and are usually picked up fast because of their desirability. Bellevue WA is one such place where real estate is known as prime land because of its value in the market. Bellevue is the core of the region to the east of Lake Washington that is referred to locally as "the Eastside", across from Seattle.

Sarah Hess Designs Announces New Internet Marketing Services

LogoLeading San Diego web design company , Sarah Hess Designs, is pleased to announce new internet marketing services. The introduction of these new services will help web design clients gain a leading edge in their market, attracting more attention to their website. Now, customers can obtain quality web design as well as internet marketing from one convenient source.

Official Tag Away Offer as Seen on TV

Skin Tags are so common they affect almost 50% of adults and more common among women. These unsightly skin growths can be embarrassing and make people self-conscious. Past methods of trying to remove skin tags usually involved cosmetic surgery or even applying harsh chemicals on the skin. Tag Away is the new popular all natural skin tag remover that is made from all natural ingredients which has been featured on television.

DUI Attorney Opens Video Repository to Help Driving While Intoxicated Arrestees

LogoDUI Attorney recently augmented its website with a number of DUI videos. They offer people facing criminal charges a way to familiarize themselves with the Florida DUI code as it pertains to their case. They also present options to consider regarding defense strategies and charge reduction.

Congratulations to Parinaz Serri for Winning the Prudential Beazley Real Estate Facebook "Like" Contest

LogoWhen Parinaz Serri clicked the “Like” button on the Facebook page for the popular Cornerstone neighborhood, she couldn’t have known that she would get paid to do it. For simply clicking one little button, Parinaz received $50.

Dog Collars Boutique Mode Dog Offering New Designs

LogoMode Dog is an online dog boutique that presents hand crafted dog collars, leashes and dog accessories at affordable prices. Mode Dog features custom made and martingale dog collars, nylon leashes and a variety of dog accessories that help bolster the appearance of the collars and leashes.

Beta Testers Sought for New Social Media Site for College Students

One of the web's newest social media sites,, is now seeking beta testers to help refine the new platform, which is dedicated to providing college students with a website where they can connect and enrich their social lives.

Holistic Life Coaching Certification Course Offers Career Training for Those Who Seek a Career Helping Others

The concept of holistic wellness coaching is an old one and rather popular these days because of the fact that it tends to provide many short and long term benefits to people. A career in this field ensures helping others in all aspects of their lives; physically, mentally and spiritually. Holistic coaches are considered to be the best when it comes to personal development and many people seek their help and services whenever they want or prefer. In order to have a successful career in the respective field and to be devoted to help others on a large scale, individuals are recommended to go for the coaching career training since it tends to help them acquire all the practical and the theoretical knowledge which is required in the first place in order to completely master the subject. The holistic life certification course is surely one-of-a-kind and offers comprehensive learning within a short period of time. The online certification offers all the essential holistic concepts, methods, motivational strategies and much more to all the students so that they can later on use them on their clients in order to have successful careers.

Churchyard Angels Personalizes Memorial Gifts Even More

Demised loves ones deserve the very best of memorial gifts to remember the wonderful years of their stay with their families and friends. Nothing understands it better than Churchyard Angels whose mission is to capture the wonderful moments of loved ones who passed away but are not to be forgotten. These moments together with the joy they had and memories built can now be immortalized through different garden decorations and mementos that are unique and a clear reflection of craftsmanship.

Coolahoo Introduces 'The Premium Tea Infuser'

LogoCoolahoo, a new company that started operations in July 2013, introduced their new product ‘The Premium Tea Infuser’ at the same time which is getting positive reviews. javascript:check_body() The tea infuser can be purchased from the online store and allows tea lovers to enjoy tea as they prefer. The company is also offering a free eBook with every purchase of the product which can be downloaded by following the instructions on the insert that comes with the infuser.

One of the Best Self-Help Books Now Endorsed by Celebrities

Olga Levancuka’s ‘How to be selfish’ though the epicenter of endless controversies is one of the hottest selling books on the market. The book challenges the very notions of humanity by emphasizing on the importance of being selfish. What made the book extremely popular is the ‘in your face’ approach the author has used to state some of the bitter tasting realities of our times. The key focus of the author is to help readers understand the concept of investing in personal time.

Rockstar Chemicals Offers the Highest Quality Research Peptides

LogoRockstar Chemicals has opened their online store to allow clients around the country and around the world to buy Melanotan 2 (MT2) and PT141 from a reliable, honest source. Unlike most providers of similar products, Rockstar Chemicals operates their business visibly, disclosing their physical address and their company online.

195 SEO Makes Use of White Hat Strategies for Offered SEO Services

There is no doubt that SEO or Search Engine Optimization services are gaining popularity nowadays. This is not surprising though given the fact that SEO has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies as well as an essential tool for establishing a strong online presence for companies. In turn, the significance of this cannot be furthered stressed since the internet has already become the go-to place of a lot of consumers for their needs and whims.

Now Is the Time to Buy a Home in Maryland

After suffering a dramatic collapse six years ago, the real estate market across the country is showing excellent signs of recovery. While current buyers have missed the “bottoming out” of the market, this is still a great time to consider making a home purchase. Interest rates are still low, but home values are rising, so buying a home now instead of waiting until next year can save a person thousands of dollars.

Get Unlimited Facebook Leads with Social Lever

Today is the age of internet, thus more and more people are now using the internet and specially social media networks such as Facebook to connect to other people and more importantly connect to brands and business that they like. Facebook has over 3.2 million users worldwide thus it has become a heaven full of great opportunities for all business owners, big, medium and small, whether their business is online or just brick and mortar. With such a vast potential, Facebook marketing has become an essential part of any business owners marketing and advertising strategy.  Unfortunately some business owners do not know how to harness the power of Facebook for the betterment of their business. Social Lever is a comprehensive and easy to follow Facebook marketing training system for all business owners out there.

Social Media Luv Announces Facebook Marketing Options

LogoSocial Media Luv is announcing a service designed to bolster Facebook likes for small business accounts. Facebook is the most popular social media website and businesses that do well on Facebook tend to build up a large base of potential customers. Facebook is generally regarded as one of the most important places to establish business brand and market new products and services.