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Modified Bitumen Market - Detailed Study Analysis and Forecast by 2025

The vast rise in demand for bitumen for road construction and roofing applications has driven the global modified bitumen market in the past few years.

Evaporative Condensing Unit Market - Growth Forecast Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications to 2025

The applications of evaporative condensers in commercial HVAC have been common over the past few decades. However the recent rate of advancement in this field has been enormous, thanks to the incorporation of newer and better materials, faster and cost-efficient manufacturing processes, and the increasing demand for the perfect HVAC system. The basis of evaporative condensers lies in the enhancement of heat rejection through the evaporation process. In this process, water is sprayed on a coil with air being blown simultaneously through the coil. This air comes from the natural heat of a room and causes the sprayed water to evaporate, thereby becoming cooler and aiding in the cooling of an environment. An evaporative condenser can be used at lower temperatures in order to minimize the load on a compressor, thereby allowing for a reduction in the total power drawn by the HVAC unit. Evaporative condensers can also be used reduce the overall downtime of an HVAC unit, while also making it less expensive in terms of repairs and maintenance, when compared to the air-cooled condensers. This is because evaporative condensers operate at a much smaller pressure difference than the latter. The benefits of using evaporative condensers further increase through the growing demand experienced by this market, coming from the rapidly evolving industrial sectors of all regions in the world, and especially the emerging economies. The relatively high use of high-performance evaporative condensers in refrigeration is also something to watch out for over the coming years, as the growing demand for refrigeration shelves, displays and containers in the food and beverages industry is likely to keep the players in the global evaporative condensing unit market on their toes.

Wall Street Value Offers a Value Investing Course to Help People Learn How to Invest

Wall Street Value, located in Turnersville, NJ, is an online stock market course for beginners who are looking to become savvier in the world of stock market trading and investment strategies. The company offers a value investing course to help people learn how to invest like some of the best in the world. Those who are wondering what makes Warren Buffett and other similar investors so successful can turn to Wall Street Value and their Value Investing Course.

Davida UK Ltd Has Appointed 9MC as Their USA Distributor

Davida UK Ltd, the UK's only open face helmets manufacturer, has appointed 9MC as their USA Distributor. Located in Grenville, South Carolina, 9MC has a vast industry experience in offering a curated range of vintage-inspired motorcycle clothing and essentials of international brands. 9MC has market knowledge and an established network with a good reputation in the marketplace.

"Serve It Up Safe" and "Pentoz" Launches a Prototype App for Restaurant Owners in Florida

LogoDave Steck, owner/founder of Serve It Up Safe, Floridas largest ServSafe food safety training/exam proctor produced an innovative App for owners/managers of restaurants, bars and hotels.

WebsiteOperators Provides One of Kind Customer Service Solutions for Online Businesses

LogoOne of the highly regarded website operations management companies in the USA, WebsiteOperators offers customer service management solutions to manage clients' online shoppers. They train their members to learn about customers' products, their mission and their value proposition to ensure a seamless experience for the client's customers. They are also trained to manage customer conversions like phone calls, emails, and chat support, and solve their queries concerning order placement and tracking, executing exchanges and returns, managing customer expectations and much more.

Move Ahead from 2016 Tax Season with Fresh Financial Start via Bankruptcy or Alternative Solutions

LogoTax Day 2017 has come and gone, unofficially putting a close to the 2016 tax season. That makes today the perfect time to start moving ahead toward a brighter financial future with the help of experienced Maryland bankruptcy attorneys at Goren & Tucci. Whether it's dealing with old or new debts such as taxes, catching up on past due mortgage or car payments, stopping harassing phone calls, law suits, garnishments, or foreclosure, bankruptcy may be the answer you've been looking for.

Worlds Online Reports 2016 Revenue Increase of 180% from Cannabis Business

Worlds Online, Inc. (Worlds Online) (OTCMKTS:WORX) announced today that the company recorded revenue of approximately $3,564,000 for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2016. This represents an increase of 180% when compared to the $1,270,000 recorded during the same period 2015. The Company also increased their total assets to $8,563,000 from $3,718,000, an increase of 130%, for the same 12 month period, as reported in its 10K SEC filing. These increases are a direct a result of growth of Worlds Online's subsidiary, MariMed Advisors, Inc. (MariMed). MariMed is an acclaimed leader in the development, management and operation of state-licensed cannabis cultivation, production, and dispensary facilities. MariMed has developed proprietary operating processes and procedures to provide best practices to state-licensed cannabis businesses in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Brian Gunn Group Helps Sellers Take Advantage of Spring Market

LogoSpring is traditionally considered the best time to sell a home, and 2017 appears to be no exception. With the return of warm weather and a tax refund in their pocket, buyers are flocking to view homes for sale in Northampton Township and throughout Bucks County. The majority of these buyers are serious and are looking to seal the deal on a new home, especially families who want to get their children settled before the new school year begins. Across the country, sellers are receiving multiple bids on their homes, and they are able to sell at higher prices thanks to the increase in demand. Anyone who is ready to sell their home is encouraged to contact the Brian Gunn Group.

YellowBird Bus Company Has Rental Buses Available for Game Day

The spring sports season has officially begun, and fans are flocking to the stadium to watch their favorite teams play. However, trying to get a large group to the city can be difficult and finding parking can be a hassle. Sports fans looking for the best way to get to the game should consider booking a charter from YellowBird Bus Company. While the company is best known for providing reliable school bus services in Bucks County, PA, and neighboring areas, they also are able to offer transportation for sporting events, receptions, and more.

CoolSculpting: Safe and Effective Targeted Fat Reduction Provided by Renew Medical Spa and Wellness

People who are looking to reduce unwanted areas of fat on their body can rely on Renew Medical Spa and Wellness for assistance. This medical spa is a provider of CoolSculpting in Springfield, PA, and the surrounding areas. CoolSculpting is a safe and effective targeted fat reduction procedure that helps people regain their confidence and take back control of their body. If someone is working out and eating healthy, but they still feel that it's not enough, they're encouraged to turn to this medical spa.

Leawo Video Converter Ultimate V7.7.0.0 Rolled out with Ability to Detect Unrecognizable BDAV Disc Audio & BD/DVD Disc to MP4 Conversion Feature Optimized

LogoLeawo Software, a professional multimedia software giant, officially rolled Leawo Video Converter Ultimate Version out of the production line. The performance of the newest version of Leawo Video Converter Ultimate has been greatly improved. Audio content from BDAV disc that used to be unrecognizable now can be easily detected by Leawo Video Converter Ultimate, and the converter suite optimizes the conversion process from Blu-ray/DVD disc to MP4, making the playback of converted MP4 file from disc smoother. Besides, the video downloading features have been improved. Moreover, iPhone 7 (Plus) fans will find Leawo Video Converter Ultimate user-friendly as those two devices are added in the output profile list.

FlipHTML5 - Top Flipping Book Publishing Service for Presenting PDF Content

LogoFlipHTML5, one of the leading technology providers of HTML5 digital software has launched an online publishing platform for flipping book publishing. This platform helps convert PDF files to flip books in a matter of seconds and provides a bookcase to display a number of online content orderly. Provides Shared and Exclusive Office Spaces for Various Companies

Enterprises who are looking for innovative solutions for office spaces and co-working environments can consider the aforementioned website. It is ideal for all those who have the same work ethics and wish to create a new work culture in China. Another advantage of Creater SPACE co-working is that it supports the 'Green' movement. Cites Advantages of Hot Desking and Work Space Sharing

Companies or freelancers that are advocates of hot desks can consider the aforementioned website for such services. It is an entity that facilitates work space sharing and has created many such offices in Shanghai. Their projects are spread across the city and are said to have all the facilities that are ideal for various organizations. The location, design, amenities, etc, are some of the many advantages of Creater SPACE hot desk.

Hand Spinner Store Presents New Fidget Toys for Alleviation of Stress

LogoHand Spinner Store, a one-of-a-kind online shop for office gadgets and kids' toys designed to help improve concentration while reducing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as bad habits, launched new products that can lessen anxiety.

Buy Ammo Online with High-Quality Reloads Available at LAX Ammo

LogoLAX Ammo makes it their goal to buy ammunition at the lowest price point in order to pass the savings along to customers who buy ammo online. They are able to accomplish this by going directly to ammunition companies, such as Tula Ammo, Winchester, and Fiocchi. Website only deals are offered exclusively to those who buy ammo online.

C&B Equipment Has Signed a Direct Distribution Agreement with SEEPEX

LogoC&B Equipment signed a renewable distribution agreement with SEEPEX, a leading worldwide specialist in pump technology. Founded in 1972, SEEPEX is established internationally with subsidiaries and branch offices in more than 60 countries.

LeadLeaper Announces Its New Brand and Enhanced Features for Sales Professionals

LogoGravitocity, Inc., a pioneer in sales outreach and prospecting technology, today announced that it has formally changed its name to LeadLeaper. In conjunction with the name change, the company is introducing a number of important new features to its application that build on the sales enablement platform it introduced in the latter half of 2016.

Player's Network Launches Platform at Exclusive Celebrity-Filled 420 Event

Player's Network, Inc. (OTCMKTS:PNTV), a diversified holding company operating in media and marijuana, today announces the launch of the initial version of its marijuana lifestyle channel,, at Budbo 420, a special event featuring a lineup of celebrities that includes world renowned rapper Ray J, adult film stars Nikki Benz, Jesse Jane and Alexis Texas.

FBR & Co (NASDAQ:FBRC) Investor Lawsuit Against Takeover by B. Riley Financial, Inc

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announces that an investor, who currently holds shares of FBR & Co (NASDAQ:FBRC), filed a lawsuit in effort to halt the proposed takeover of FBR & Co. by B. Riley Financial, Inc is unfair to NASDAQ:FBRC stockholders.

'To Hell and Back': Published Novel Makes Its Way for on-Screen Adaptation

LogoMichael Jackson, a decorated veteran and an inspiring American author has announced that he will seeking public support to turn his novel into a television series as well as a movie. Mike is a renowned name for many and he has also been featured on the CBS Morning Show, Virginia This Morning. 'To Hell and Back' is his masterpiece and the novel weighs approximately around 127,000 words. Mike is now seeking help from people for the screen adaptation of his inspiring life journey that has been a real roller-coaster. For the television and movie adaptation of this book, Mike is seeking public support on Kickstarter. The goal of this inspiring project is to raise $9,350 by Thursday May 4th, 2017 and everyone is welcome to back it on Kickstarter.

Little Love Jar Announces Kickstarter Campaign for the Best Gift Ever

Little Love Jar, creators of customizable, one-of-a-kind gift, have announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund initial production. Pledges offer a variety of rewards on select items that are discounted on Kickstarter, T-shirts, and more.

NoCONet Job Fair Reaches Top Employers Goal

Northern Colorado Networking Group (NoCONet), Northern Colorado's premier job searching group, announced today that it has reached its goal of recruiting top employers for the April 24th Job Fair. More than 30+ different employers looking to actively fill positions in Northern Colorado along with Nationwide recruiting and regional job firms.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Men's and Women's Fragrances for a Dose of Captivation

LogoJoseph Hack is proud to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website features a wide variety of men's and women's fashion fragrances including perfumes, colognes, and after shave for a dose of captivation. Hack was inspired to start the site as a way to have some extra income to help pay for his transplant and the medical expenses that go with the procedure. Through his online store, Hack wanted to provide customers with instant access to a variety of designer fragrances so they can add some charm to any look with their signature scent.

Web Entrepreneur Launches, a Website Featuring Quality Children's Toys

Zelda Orr is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide variety of children's toys including doll furniture, dramatic play toys for preschool, tactile toys, toddler building toys, and transportation blocks. Zelda was inspired by the important role that quality toys play in giving kids a fun and educational outlet for their endless energy. Through her online store, Zelda wanted to help others quickly find the products that they would need to ensure kids can develop lifelong skills while exploring the world around them.

Simon Law Group Delivers Uncompromising Representation

Simon Law Group, a prominent New Jersey law firm, vows to deliver uncompromising representation to every single one of their clients.