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3D Printing Metals Market Size, Share & Industry Forecast Report, 2020-2027

The global 3d printing metals market reveals that the market is slated to register a higher CAGR over the forecast period. This is mainly due to the increasing research and development activities and the rising application of 3D printing metals in numerous sectors such as aerospace and defense, medical, dental, and others.

Agro-Rural Tourism Market May See a Big Move : Major Giants Frosch, Farm to Farm, Fareportal

Benchmark yourself with strategic steps and conclusions of Global Agro-Rural Tourism Market recently published by HTF MI

Access Elevator Helps Homeowners Find the Right Home Chair Lift

LogoAccess Elevator helps their clients in Morgantown, WV, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Ithaca, NY, Erie, and the surrounding areas find the right chair lift solutions by examining budgets, considering available space, and presenting clients with a range of chair lift options.

ProMed Solutions Features the Best in Used Medical Equipment in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and Beverly Hills

LogoProMed Solutions is proud to offer the best in used and refurbished medical equipment to businesses and clinics all over Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, Beverly Hills, and the surrounding areas. There are many medical equipment items that still have a lot of useful life, and providing these important tools allows more access to important imaging, diagnostic, and life-improving procedures for a larger number of people.

OSHA.NET Provides Fall Protection Training

LogoCritical training for employees who work in dangerous locations is a must. OSHA Fall Protection training is necessary for all employees who work in positions where falls may occur. If personal fall protection systems are used, then an OSHA Fall Protection training program is necessary. Typically, those who work in warehouses, on construction sites, high rises, or any location where falls may occur, should take part in the OSHA.NET Fall Protection program.

MSHA Training Available from OSHA.NET

LogoSafety is always the priority when working in or near a mine. The Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) develops and adheres to safety and health rules for mines in the U.S. Their goal is to improve the health and safety conditions in mines, to help and prevent minors from sickness and accidents. The MSHA training is a mandatory, yearly course, which is stated by federal law. This training refreshes miners of the basics, such as site rules, emergency procedures, as well as accident prevention, first aid, and CPR.

In a Post #Metoo Era, Should We Eliminate Sex from Business and the Workplace

LogoGender and sexual relations have been boiling up in business and the workplace for some time. After the #metoo movement, the situation is even more tense, muddy, and confusing. For centuries, we have tried to keep sex relegated to the conjugal bed and the taboo underground. When in reality, it's everywhere and in everyone.

Speed Up a QuickBooks Data File with E-Tech's Audit Trail Removal Service

The QuickBooks Audit Trail Removal Service is a service that removes the audit trail from a QuickBooks data file to reduce the files size as much as 30 to 50 percent and considerably speed up the data file.

Equally Yoked: Learn More About the QuickBooks File Merge Service

The ability to merge two company data files into one company is currently not available in QuickBooks Online. Each company is created as a separate file and can't be merged, but data can be manually inputted into the desired company.

Career Paths in Life-Saving Medicines and Devices in Germany

LogoAs the world turns a corner in the fight against COVID-19 thanks to the approval and mass production of various vaccines, Germany is leading the way with research and development at a crucial stage of the pandemic. With the added pressure of vaccinating as many people as possible to ensure that the transmission of the new variants is kept to a minimum, vaccination capacity needs to be ramped up throughout the country.

Pharmacovigilance Careers Throughout Germany

LogoThe increase in chronic illness rates, such as oncological cancers, asthma, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, has contributed to an increase in drug consumption. As a result, the demand for new drug and pharmaceutical research has also intensified, making pharmacovigilance careers evermore abundant. Pharmacovigilance has turned into a sector in which billions of people are now intensely relying upon in order to keep the general population safe from adverse and unwanted side effects from medical products such as the coronavirus vaccines.

Convert to QuickBooks Online or Mac with the Multi-Currency Feature Enabled or Disabled

The Multiple Currency feature was introduced to QuickBooks US Editions in 2009 and International Editions in 2010.

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic Offering Top Homeopathic Doctors in India

LogoExpert Cancer Homoeo Clinic is a centre for curing chronic and severe diseases like cancer, kidney failure, Aplastic anaemia, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, among many others. The clinic is known for its fantastic expertise in treating the ailments holistically.

Mango Animate Character Maker Is the Best Animate Skeleton Tool

LogoTechnology company Mango Animate has now added an exciting character maker to its software list, which implements animate skeleton technology to make character animation more lifelike.

Mango Animate Releases Powerful 2D Cartoon Animation Software

LogoBuilding a character and making animations used to be a demanding job, only operated by professionals. Now it can be done easily with Mango Animate's 2D cartoon animation software.

CM Life Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMLF) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors, who currently hold shares of CM Life Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMLF), was announced concerning whether the takeover of CM Life Sciences, Inc. is unfair to NASDAQ:CMLF stockholders.

NYSE:BTU Long Term Investor Notice: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing at Peabody Energy

LogoAn investigation was announced over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors of Peabody Energy Corporation.

CD Projekt S.A. (OTGLY, OTGLF) Investor Notice: Deadline in Lawsuit on February 22, 2021

LogoA deadline is coming up on February 22, 2021 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of CD Projekt S.A. (OTGLY, OTGLF).

Beat the ATS-How to Get a Resume Read by a Human

LogoJames Hu, CEO of Jobscan, created a system to prevent job seekers from being sidelined by Applicant Tracking Systems . Ninety-eight percent of Fortune 500 companies use these systems. He shares what job seekers need to know to get their applications past these systems and into the hands of a human on Career Central, February 22, at 11 PM PT.

Residential Construction Experiences Massive Growth Amid the Pandemic, Likely to Add 250,000 Jobs

LogoNon-residential construction is taking a huge hit for obvious reasons in 2021, with many businesses not starting new builds with economic uncertainty. "New starts" drive spending in that area and their forecast to drop -11% to $410 billion, a decline of $50 billion, and is forecasted to drop 400,000 jobs.

On Air Parking Launches New Parking Service at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport

LogoCharlotte, North Carolina, home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, is the newest venture in cheap airport parking with On Air Parking. At the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, parking can be expensive and confusing, which is why On Air Parking has opened an affordable avenue for convenient parking near the airport that's easy on the traveler's wallet.

Platinum Studios Launches

Platinum Studios Inc (PDOS), a comic book-based entertainment company controlling a library of thousands of comic characters, has announced the beta launch of the website This site, while also a business-to-business site like its parent,, will give more information on the individual comic book properties, and will eventually include or link to descriptions of many individual characters.

NASDAQ:PRAX Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing at Praxis Precision Medicines, Inc.

LogoCertain directors of Praxis Precision Medicines, Inc. are under investigation over potential breaches of fiduciary duties.

NASDAQ:CLOV Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Misleading Statements by Clover Health Investments, Corp.

LogoAn investor, who purchased shares of Clover Health Investments, Corp. (NASDAQ:CLOV), filed a lawsuit over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws by Clover Health Investments, Corp. (formerly Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. III).

NASDAQ:CLSN Long Term Shareholder Notice: Investigation over Possible Wrongdoing at Celsion Corporation

LogoAn investigation was announced over possible breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors of Celsion Corporation.

Concho Resources Inc. (NYSE:CXO) Investor Alert: Lawsuit Filed in Connection with the Takeover

LogoInvestor, who currently held shares of Concho Resources Inc. (NYSE:CXO), filed a lawsuit in connection with the takeover of Concho Resources Inc. by ConocoPhillips.

The Misty TV Firm Corporation Signs Mega Star Trev Mulah

The Misty TV Firm Corporation has signed mega star Trev Mulah in a move that is bound to shake up the music industry.