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Ceterus Acquires Quick-Service Restaurant-Focused Accountancy

Ceterus announces the acquisition of Sandwich Math, an accounting and bookkeeping firm serving sandwich restaurant franchises specifically. The acquisition expands Ceterus' base of quick-service restaurant (QSR) customers, and enhances the company's ability to provide benchmarked reporting on QSRs. Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

Esteem Medical Spa Teams with Safe Embrace for 3rd Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Esteem Medical Spa in Reno is teaming up with Safe Embrace for their annual Holiday Toy Drive. From now until December 15th, Esteem will accept donations of toys at their offices on South McCarran. All toys will be donated to Safe Embrace, a nonprofit that provides shelter and support groups for female domestic violence victims and their children.

Canadian Driving School Caters to Demand with New Manual Lessons

LogoA popular driving school in Edmonton, Canada is now offering new students the opportunity to learn how to drive a manual car or stick shift vehicle. The Arrow Driving School has opted to appeal to a growing group of drivers who are eager to have more control over the vehicle they are driving on the road., a Top USA Rolex Watch Retailer, Now Accepts Bitcoin for Rolex Watches, a top Los Angeles-based online retailer of luxury watches, today began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for Rolex watches on its website at Customers can now pay directly with Bitcoin in partnership with Bitfinex (U.K.) or Coinbase (USA) or directly via Stripe Payments.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection Shares Solutions for Thinning Hair

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection recently shared several tips intended to help people find solutions to thinning hair. The company stated that thinning hair is a common problem among men and women, and is often part of the aging process. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection indicated that, in spite of its prevalence, there are solutions available to people who suffer from thinning hair. The company shared that the purpose of its announcement is to help people find solutions that will work for them.

New Podcast Episode: How a Corporate Marketer Transitioned to Successful Solopreneur

LogoTransitioning from corporate marketer to being in business for yourself can be stressful and challenging. But it can also be highly rewarding. Launches Join the Coffee Cause Project to Help Support Teens

LogoA new start-up launches a project to offer disadvantaged teens a way to earn and learn to have a store. By selling coffee like a lemonade stand, they're turning to donations to make the plan happen. With help, plans to offer teens a coffee shop starter kit for $200 in the hopes that they'll be able to set up at a retailer in their area.

Host Dr. Suzanne Phillips Interviews Dr. Gary Slutkin, Who Recognizes "Violence: A Contagious Disease That Can Be Cured" on Psych Up Live, VoiceAmerica

LogoMore than 1 billion children are exposed to violence every year. Over 1 million children are estimated to be killed every year from violence of all forms. According to Dr. Gary Slutkin, world known epidemiologist, senior advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO), and founder of Cure Violence, ongoing violence is the greatest public health problem of our time. Tune in to Psych UP Live on December 7, 2017 to hear Dr. Slutkin discuss, "Violence: A Contagious Disease That Can Be Cured." Drawing upon his 10 years in Africa working with the World Health Organization reversing contagious diseases like TB and Cholera in Somalia and the epidemic of AIDS in over 25 countries in central and East Africa and Uganda, Dr. Slutkin considers that violence reveals the same exposure, susceptibility, mutation and transmission patterns as a contagious disease. As he will describe, Cure Violence, the model that has been used by 25 cities in the US and across 5 continents, which stops the spread of violence by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control. It involves detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms. The results show reductions in violence of up to 70%. Recognizing that all forms of violence from gun violence to domestic violence is contagious. Dr. Slutkin's message is "Be Part of the Cure."

ACN Team Revolution Hires Baltimore SEO Marketing Agency Sheets and Associates

The ACN Team Revolution, founded by SVP Orin Solomon and SVP/COC Leanne Gabriel, contract with Sheets and Associates to optimize the website to better serve their ACN organization.

Hayden Agencies a Recurring Choice for Used Car Buyers in Halifax

LogoUsed cars aren't considered a trade-off anymore; dealerships like the Hayden Agencies have established themselves as a safe and reliable place to buy used cars in Halifax. The company has been offering a huge inventory of used cars at their Dartmouth lot, including cars, mini-vans, trucks, and boars.

Diamondiiz Offers Innovative and Impressive Dancing Stone Jewelry

LogoEstablished in the year 2012, Diamondiiz is one of the leading online stores for affordable diamonds and luxury gold and silver jewelry. Widely recognized for its trustworthiness and sincerity, the company has been a part of the diamond and jewelry industry for over five years. Adhering to the core brand values of quality, care, and promise, Diamondiiz strives to bring excellence to all its products and services. Resultantly, the company manages to roll out products that suit taste and styles of customers in the best ways possible.

Save Big on Hastens and Vispring at Brickell Mattress This Holiday Season

LogoWill you be purchasing a new mattress in 2018 for your home or business? Visit Brickell Mattress and you can save big on Hastens accessories, up to $5,000 in free accessories until December 25th! Additionally, customers that purchase the ultra-exclusive, limited edition Hastens Tribute bed will receive up to fifteen percent off of the popular and supremely comfortable Hastens Luxuria bed until the end of the month.

Time After Time Announces Buy More Save More Event on Designer Watches

LogoTime After Time is pleased to announce their buy more save more event that will be running from Monday, December 11, 2017, until Sunday, December 17, 2017, on their entire inventory of watches. During Time After Time's buy more save more event, holiday shoppers can buy G-Shock watches and much more at their locations in Bucks County and the rest of PA and NJ, and receive 15% off the purchase of one watch, 20% off the purchase of two, and 25% off the purchase of three.

Mac and Company Appoints Ryan Franklin as Managing Director, Opens New Office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In big news earlier today, Mac and Company announced the appointment of Ryan Franklin to the position of Managing Director. Ryan is a Philadelphia native who joins us with 9 years of experience in the Medical Field. With a financial background and team building experience, Ryan will be a major asset to our growth progress.

Purchase Christmas Tree with Nicamaka Today

LogoFor customers with a limited amount of time to decorate, the pre-lit Christmas trees are a fantastic option available at competitive prices. Some of these trees include the Flocked Alaskan Pine, the Vickerman Flocked Aspen, and the Flocked Olympia Fir. The extensive selection of styles means you can easily find a tree to match your home décor.

Green City Beauty Shares Selection of Favorite Products for Winter 2017

LogoGreen City Beauty, famous for its body sugaring and skin care services in Philly, exists to soothe and rejuvenate the body, mind, and skin. Recently, the salon shared a list of some of their favorite beauty products (including a line of accessories) developed with similar aims in mind.

Current and Potential Patients Can Take Advantage of Various Specials This December at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is now granting holiday wishes with the help of various specials throughout the entire month of December. Current and potential patients are encouraged to take advantage of the various specials to get a lifted spirit and boost their confidence for the holidays. The center is offering some of the most dramatic price reductions of the year for the body, breasts, face, and hair.

Recognizing a Foreign Divorce in Canada

LogoMany people find love after a divorce, some find love so strong that they choose to marry again. It may occur that an individual wants to remarry in Canada but happened to have been divorced in another country. It is then a requirement of Canadian law that the person get a foreign divorce opinion letter from a lawyer. This article will discuss when Canada recognizes a divorce from another country and factors taken into consideration to recognize a foreign divorce.

Mynatt Insurance Provides Cost Effective Specialized Business Auto Insurance in Odessa and Tampa

LogoThere are a diverse variety of insurance needs provided by Mynatt Insurance Agency that makes it a proud, independent agent. Having just an Automobile insurance does not make for a safe future. It is important to have the exact terms spelled out by the auto insurance advertisers. Saving money and getting extensive coverage for damages is important. Handling all kinds of auto property liabilities, they offer unbelievable prices which makes them a winner in the highly competitive insurance market of Odessa and Tampa.

Mynatt Insurance Agency Crafts the Best Business Auto Insurance in Odessa and Tampa

LogoOwners of businesses that are just starting out often fail to notice the significance of business auto insurance. Yes, there are other more significant things than car insurance, certainly. Nevertheless, if people are letting employees use a car that is not insured, probabilities are that many will be dealing with greater problems in case anything happens to the car. It is also significant to keep in mind that a vehicle that is being used by employees must be covered by business auto insurance in Odessa and Tampa. Mynatt Insurance Agency is one such insurance agency that helps in getting the best business auto insurance policy at the most affordable rates.

Office Systems of Texas Is a Trusted Name Selling Konica Minolta Copier Printer in Humble and Katy Texas

LogoOffice Systems of Texas is a leading name selling copier-printers in Humble and Katy Texas. The best thing about this company is that they ensure complete customer satisfaction by delivering new and authentic parts and supplies. Technicians working here continuously update themselves by training themselves under Samsung and Konica Minolta. Being an authorized dealer bears a lot of trust and authenticity. It is hard to get copiers repaired, and that too with the same quality retained post repairing. There are top drawer Black and White multi-function copiers and the latest bizhub color copiers as well.

Office Systems of Texas Is a Trusted Name Selling High-Quality 3D Printers in Houston and Katy Texa

LogoOffice Systems of Texas popularly known as OSOT sells various types of office solutions that include color copiers, printers, scanners, faxes and several other office solutions. A 3D printer in Houston and Katy Texas is most sought in present times. Besides selling office solutions, there are multi-function products and software solutions provided by OSOT. Riding on the most trusted name Konica Minolta, they have been serving in various industries such as legal, education and healthcare. Their products are future ready, and they come with high-quality service.

PRS Insurance Offers Medicare Advantage Plans in Dallas and Denton to Seniors

LogoA Medigap insurance or supplement is an insurance policy that is provided by a private insurance company to fill the fissures left by Medicare. When Medicare was endorsed in 1966, it was not meant to be completely all-inclusive coverage. The recipient is accountable for a definite level of cost sharing. In broad terms, the recipient is responsible for co-pays after extended hospital stays, a hospital deductible and 20% of outpatient expenses.

Automotive Marketing Agency Johnson Advertising Offers Money-Back Guarantee on Car Dealer Direct Mail Campaigns

Johnson Advertising recently announced a game changing money-back guarantee, which makes them the first advertising firm in the world to back direct mail campaigns for automotive dealers.

M & A Articles Can Result from Strategic Alliances

LogoAlliances habitually result in mergers and acquisitions. Partnering relationships, such as strategic alliances or joint ventures, can at times lead to a merger or acquisition state of affairs. After companies work together for a phase of time and get to know one another's weaknesses, strengths, and synergistic possibilities, new association opportunities become noticeable. One could argue that a strategic alliance or joint venture is simply the getting to recognize each other part of a courtship between companies. More details related to the same can be found from the m & a articles featured on the Transworld M & A Advisors website.

Prostalgene Drops for Prostatitis Treatment Continue to Gain Popularity

LogoProstatitis is a condition that affects adult men of all ages, but it is most common in men above 40. According to Harvard Medical School, about five percent of men experience symptoms of chronic prostatitis at some point in their lives. Another fact is that chronic prostatitis is the reason for up to 25% of visits in urological cabinets.

Prestigious Euro Cars Offers Audi Technicians and Audi Repairs in Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park

LogoIf an individual has a high-performance car such as an Audi, it is tremendously significant to maintain it for best performance. That is why it is significant to go to a repair garage who will have highly qualified technicians that can give people better-quality Audi repair in Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park. Audi technicians should be the only technicians to work on one's Audi repairs. They commence extensive training on Audi vehicles, as well as completing an Audi training line-up.