Press Releases From 11/21/2019 Until 11/21/2019

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Leawo Just Pushed out Music Recorder Mac 3.0.3 with Support of Mac OS 10.15 and Newly Added Russian Version

LogoLeawo Software, a company specialized in multimedia solutions and data management software, rolled out Music Recorder Mac 3.0.3 with Mac OS 10.15 supported and newly added Russian version. Mac computer owners could now free download and install the latest version of Music Recorder to get brand new music recording experience on Mac OS 10.15, especially those in Russia.

Leawo Prof. DRM Mac 3.0.1 Released with the Support for Dual-Screen Display and MacOS Catalina 10.15

LogoLeawo Software, a leading developer and supplier of multimedia solutions, launched its 2019 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion. The promotion provides Prof. DRM Music Converter for free to convert M4P/M4A music from iTunes and iOS devices and other specials to download, convert, copy and burn video and music files. At the same time, a 30% discount sitewide coupon is available at this promotion. This Thanksgiving promotion runs from November 23th to November 31th, 2019.

Up to 40% Discount off Leawo Blu-Ray Creator in 2019 Thanksgiving & Black Friday Activity to Convert and Burn Videos to Blu-Ray

LogoLeawo launched 2019 Thanksgiving & Black Friday Promotion with Leawo Blu-ray Creator with up to 40% discount to convert and burn videos to Blu-ray and DVD.

Leawo Launched 2019 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion with Prof. DRM Utilities

LogoLeawo offers Prof. DRM Music Converter for free and Prof. DRM Media Pack, Prof. DRM Video Converter, Prof. DRM Spotify Converter and Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter at 40% off on 2019 thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion.

Actuators Market Is Projected to Reach USD 74.5 Billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 8.6%

LogoActuators Market Research Report, identifies new revenue opportunity in actuators platform industry. The report aims at estimating the market size and future growth of the actuators platform based on offering, process, application, vertical, and region.

Get Leawo Video Downloader at 30% off with Sitewide Coupon in 2019 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion

LogoIn 2019 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion, Leawo offers 30% off coupon for Leawo Video Downloader to download video and audio from online video sharing websites.

Everich: A World Champion of "Created in China"

LogoGood manufacturers make products. Great ones create their own products with the kind of impression that stays in customers’ heads and hearts.

Get Leawo Blu-Ray Copy with Up to 40% Discount off in 2019 Thanksgiving & Black Friday Activity to Backup Blu-Ray with Ease

LogoLeawo launched 2019 Thanksgiving & Black Friday Promotion with Leawo Blu-ray Copy at 40% discount to copy Blu-ray and DVD content.

Get Prof. DRM Music Converter for Free and Leawo Video Converter at 30% off in Leawo 2019 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Promotion

LogoIn Leawo’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotion, People could get Prof. DRM Music Converter for free and Leawo Video Converter at 30% off with the 30% off sitewide coupon. The promotion runs from November 20th to December 23th, 2019.

From Premium-Quality School Bags to Versatile Pouches for Boys and Girls, Arctic Fox Has It All

Operated by Outshiny India Pvt. Ltd., Arctic Fox is a lifestyle brand for the youth. The retailer is a category inventor and the only direct-to-consumer brand that focuses solely on creating products to help people who are chasing a career in the arts, media, entertainment, content, design, dance, cinema, music, and other creative domains. Arctic Fox also has an online platform where its registered customers can shop from a variety of products, such as duffle bags, trolleys, camera bags, messenger bags, and related accessories.

Arctic Fox Has a Reputation for Rolling out an Unmatched Collection of Backpacks

Arctic Fox is a backpack brand that has set a benchmark in terms of offering an out-of-the-box range of backpacks.

Bee Chems Offers Precipitated Silica for a Variety of Industrial Applications

LogoA renowned name in the chemical industry, Bee Chems Offers precipitated silica that is used in various industrial applications. The chemical is manufactured by the precipitation of an alkaline silicate solution with a mineral acid, generally sodium silicate and sulfuric acid are used. The company manufactures its precipitated silica under the controlled environment to maintain the highest level of quality standards. Cost-effective and versatile, the substance finds uses in range industries and is known for its effectiveness. The chemical is used for a variety of applications including:

AgileNobel Offers Lithium Hydroxide Finds Enhanced Usage in Batteries, Glass & Ceramics and Air-Conditioning Applications

LogoA leading supplier of industrial chemicals, AgileNobel offers lithium hydroxide that is used for a wide range of applications. To meet the varying needs of its customers, the company offers lithium hydroxide in different grades, including industry, battery, grease and high pure grade. The company produces the chemical commercially in anhydrous form as well as the monohydrate (LiOH.H2O), both of which are strong bases. This chemical is available in numerous packaging options such as 25 Kgs. or 20 Kgs. Kraft Paper Bag, 100Kgs Drum and 5 Kgs. PE Bag. The company also offers customized packaging as required. The chemical is highly versatile and has a plethora of applications including: