Press Releases From 02/27/2021 Until 04/20/2021

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Kitchen Cabinets for Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami Springs, and Key Largo

LogoIt's often said, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the house and kitchen cabinets have now become the focal point. Not only do they need to be functional, but also need to be fashionable. Since the kitchen is the room most often used, it is important that it reflects the style and personality of the homeowner. There are many design styles to choose from, such as, rustic wood finish or a transitional or traditional style. Some may prefer a modern, sleek look for their kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinet fashion now meets function, for homeowners in Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami Springs, Key Largo.

Impact of Poor Air Quality on Health and How to Prevent It During Winter Inversion Season

LogoFor people with underlying health conditions like asthma, lung disease, heart disease, and stroke, poor air quality can worsen these health issues. Even those who don't suffer from these conditions should limit their exposure when air quality is poor.

Access Elevator: Stair Lifts Offer Reliability and Safety While Promoting Mobility and Independence

LogoAccess Elevator is proud to offer a wide range of mobility products, including stair lifts. People with limited mobility for a myriad of reasons find using stairs in the usual manner to be unsafe and potentially harmful. This can happen at any age and makes accessibility in the home much more difficult.

Key Trends in the Video Surveillance Market

LogoThe global video surveillance market size is expected to grow from USD 45.5 billion in 2020 to USD 74.6 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.4%. Increasing concerns about public safety and security, growing adoption of IP cameras, and rising demand for wireless and spy cameras are the factors driving the growth of the video surveillance industry. Increasing government and stakeholder funding for developing smart cities and employing city surveillance solutions, rising demand for VSaaS services, ongoing technological advancements in Big Data, IoT, and cloud-based services, and prevalent trends of artificial intelligence and deep learning for video surveillance systems will provide opportunities to players in the video surveillance market during the forecast period.

The Future of British Technology Ventures – Careers Throughout the UK

LogoThe UK Government this February has launched the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA) who will be able to identify and fund transformational science and technology at speed, as part of the government's plan to establish the UK as a global science powerhouse. ARIA has been modelled on the US Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which played a vital role in the development of technologies such as the internet, GPS and mRNA vaccines and antibody therapies.

European Data Centres Leading the Way Against Climate Change

LogoThe European Tech industry is leading the way in the transition to a climate neutral economy. Leading cloud and infrastructure providers and data centre operators have created the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact in which a plethora of companies and associations, including the most significant industry players, have agreed to a self-regulatory initiative to make European data centres carbon neutral by 2030. Frans Timmermans, European Commission Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal stated, "Citizens across Europe use even more technology to go about their daily lives and want this technology, also to help secure a sustainable future for people and planet."

IT and Technology Recruitment in Germany

LogoGermany, as well as many other European states, has faced intense instability and uncertainty throughout the pandemic, adapting to a new way of life which technology has undoubtedly aided. However, disruptions and fluctuations are not new for this sector. For the IT and technology industry, the fourth industrial revolution has provided new challenges and opportunities. Developments in artificial intelligence, 3D printing and quantum computing indicate just a few of the new and evolving technologies available to the industry. Glocomms are also looking towards the future and diversifying their hiring procedures, for example, advancing the number of women working in STEM.

Cyber Security Jobs in the UK

Logo2021 is set to be a very exciting year for the cybersecurity sector in the UK. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has indicated, in their 2020 annual sectoral analysis, a record investment in the cyber sector now worth £8.9 billion. Despite the difficult economic situation that the UK has been in as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the industry recorded a new record quantity of cyber security deals, equating to over £821 million. The report also revealed that more than half of firms are now based outside of London and the South East, highlighting the growing strength of the sector across all nations and regions of the UK - which has contributed to regional prosperity as well as strengthening cyber resilience for numerous organisations. Glocomms have a plethora of cyber security roles available both in the UK and internationally.

The Harley Street ENT Clinic Provides Compassionate Medical Care for a Variety of ENT Problems

LogoOne of the leading ENT clinics in London, the Harley Street ENT Clinic provides their patients with the most compassionate treatment for a wide variety of ENT ailments. They have a state of the art medical facility that specialises in treating patients with ear, nose, and throat related problems. In addition, various ENT devices are available for the diagnosis and treatment of these organs associated diseases. Some of the common ENT devices are diagnostic devices, surgical devices, and therapeutic devices. They have an outstanding team of UK's top ear, nose, and throat surgeons, the most well respected therapists, highly qualified doctors, and caring nurses, who have immense experience of working in their respective fields.

Streamline Dine-in Operations with Digital Ordering Cloud System from TOTPOS

LogoA well-established provider of restaurant POS software, TOTPOS offers digital ordering cloud software to help restaurants streamline dine-in operations. The digital ordering solution allows restaurant staff to take orders using a compatible tab or smartphone, which directly pushes the orders to the POS. Allowing direct ordering from the table, the module allows for faster, and error free order taking. This system provides restaurants with a complete, robust, fast and painless solution that works for any device with a compatible android.

Emergency Personnel Provides Nurse Support Workers on an Ad-Hoc, Part-Time, Temporary and Contract Basis

LogoA renowned health care assistant agency, Emergency Personnel provides nursing support workers on an ad-hoc, part-time, temporary and contract basis. Their in-house community-care team works with several NHS organisations to provide them with a comprehensible solution with a flexible and personal approach. With an extensive database of candidates, the company provides healthcare workers for all categories and specialisms across the UK. The company provides support workers to various institutions including the NHS, Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and other healthcare residences. The agency's roster of highly trained and compliant staff that covers the entire healthcare spectrum can provide bespoke packages of care to solve any organisation's staffing needs quickly, efficiently and with complete satisfaction.

Last Call Healthcare Provides High Quality Care and Support to Pregnant Women in the Pre and Post-Natal Period

LogoA leading medical personnel supplier in the UK, Last Call Healthcare provides care and support to pregnant women through their high-quality midwifery services in the UK. Their midwifery staff are dedicated to ensuring full support to the individual patient, thanks to their vast volume of knowledge and understanding they have acquired through extensive training and practical, hands on experience.

PTL Helps Clients Manage Death-in-Service Claims Through Group Life Master Trust

LogoA Group Life Insurance scheme pays out a lump sum if an employee dies while in service. This lump sum is equivalent to a multiple of a worker's earnings. To avoid any inheritance tax implications, businesses place the policy into the trust at the outset. Insurers pay the benefit to that trust before the trust distributes it to the appropriate beneficiaries in the event of a claim. PTL is a leading provider of independent trustee services that set up group life master trusts to help clients manage death-in-service claims.

Volt International Offers Recruitment Services to Mid-Sized and Large Multinational Corporations Across the UK

LogoVolt International, one of the leading international recruitment agencies, offers recruitment services to both SMEs and multinational corporations across the world. With its unmatched industry standards and advanced talent mapping technology, the firm can find candidates for the executive to senior level roles across all aspects of IT, including infrastructure, web development, project management, data governance and architecture data analysis among others. The company has unlimited access to the leading social networking sites, job portals, and automated recruitment database management tools.

Venuebility Helps Event Planners and Individuals to Find and Book a Venue Online

LogoA leading event management platform in London, connects event planners with a broad spectrum of venues and suppliers in one place. This e-commerce platform not just helps users to book a venue for their events, but also connects the person with a broad range of event suppliers like event styling, floristry, catering, photography, entertainment, and more. This platform helps individuals as well as event planners to manage all in one place, easing the burden of manual event planning. With real-time availability and pricing, clients are sure to find the perfect venue in the right location, on their chosen dates and suitable budget.

MBM Omega Offers Office Design Services with Attractive Furniture, Lighting and Plants

LogoA leading supplier of office supplies, MBM Omega offers office design services using attractive fittings including furniture, lighting and plants. The office supplies they provide can be critical for clients to keep their business running smoothly and in an orderly fashion. By providing the proper supplies needed to be able to do a job quickly, the company plays a major role for in increased productivity and smooth business operation for clients. All of their workplace supplies feature a fusion of contemporary design and utmost comfort that can add aesthetic value to an office. The company can provide its clients with practical and stunning office supplies that can enhance the office space. The organisation can provide businesses with beautiful office plants and flowers to help create a stunning office environment. Individuals looking to revamp their offices on a whole another level can check out MBM Omega's website.

The Grove Practice Offers Effective Marriage Counselling Services to Couples Looking to Strengthen Their Relationship

LogoThe Grove Practice, a leading name in counselling and psychotherapy services, helps married couples solve their differences by giving them effective couples counselling training. Their marriage counsellors help thousands of troubled personal lives and families to bring their life back on track. Their overall aim is to help couples find the path they need to express themselves and gain acceptance in their life relationships. Along with couples counselling training, they also offer their psychological therapeutic assistance for several other conditions like empty-nest syndrome, premarital counselling, anxiety, life transition, depression, and stress & anger management.

Volt Consulting Group Provides Recruitment Services to Find the Perfect Candidates for Their Open Positions

LogoVolt Consulting Group, one of the leading recruitment services providers, offers recruitment services to help businesses hire suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Their team works closely with every one of their clients to know their business requirements, values, and long-term goals. Volt Consulting's experts assist clients across a wide spectrum of sectors including PR & marketing, administration, legal, IT, sales, and many more. Their team employs different techniques like social media recruiting, candidate screening & assessments, multi-channel sourcing, market analysis and talent pool development to recruit the best candidates. Volt's recruitment services can have a plethora of benefits including a faster hiring process, increased productivity, improved talent quality, great savings on time, and bridges the gap between the company and the contractor.

METHOD APPROACH Podcast Announces Its 1st Annual 2021 METHOD APPROACH Awards for Excellence in Streaming, Film, and TV

Logo"The METHOD APPROACH® Podcast Awards celebrate the very best of streaming, film, theater and television," said Paula Levine. The nominees are selected by the Notable Magazine ( Editorial Board, and spans over 15 categories, from Most Notable Actor to Most Riveting Transformational Performance, covering every aspect of streaming, film, and TV production. The awards are a new flagship for Podcast.

CB Scientific, Inc. (OTC:CBSC) Is a Rising Entry Into the Multi-Billion Dollar Cardiac Monitoring Medical Device and Technology Software Field

LogoCB Scientific, Inc. (OTC:CBSC), through its US and international subsidiaries, provides innovative products and services in the ambulatory non-invasive cardiac monitoring field. The CBSC FDA and CE cleared EKG devices, interactive cloud-based acquisition software, and smartphone apps for both iOS and Android platforms, provide improved compliance for patients at risk of abnormal heart rhythms as well as more accurate information for physicians.

Cardiac Arrhythmias Monitoring Devices Market Share, Competitive Landscape, Growth, Statistics, Revenue and Industry Analysis Report by 2026 : Key Players- Medtronic, Biotelemetry, Etc.

LogoThe Global Cardiac Arrhythmias monitoring devices Market is forecasted to reach USD 8.78 Billion by 2026, according to a new report by Reports and Data. Driving factors like the rising prevalence of arrhythmia are one of the major contributing factors for the growth and expansion of the market.

Nanoemulsions Market Size, Opportunities, Top Manufactures, Industry Growth, Share, Regional Analysis and Global Forecast to 2027 : Key Players - Allergen Plc, Covaris, Inc., Etc.

LogoThe Global Nanoemulsions Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% from USD 8.47 billion in 2019 to USD 17.50 billion in 2027. Nanoemulsions are also used in the combustion process of fuels to improve the efficiency of the engine

Extremities (Shoulder and Small Joint Implants) Market Statistics, Business Opportunities, Competitive Landscape and Industry Analysis Report by 2027 : Key Players- Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Etc.

LogoThe Global Extremities (Shoulder and Small Joint Implants) Market was valued at USD 1954.1 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 3310.9 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 6.8%.

Sealing Gasket Amoxicillin Market Size by Types and Applications to Grow at 6.6% of CAGR Till 2027 by Top Players Ishikawa Gasket, Lamons, Yantai Ishikawa

LogoSealing Gasket Market is forecasted to grow at a rate of 6.6% from USD 56.36 billion in 2019 to USD 87.94 billion in 2027

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Is Projected to Reach USD 169.9 Billion in 2026

LogoGlobal Artificial Intelligence Market reveals that the market is slated to register a steady CAGR of 30.1% during the forecast period. This is mainly attributed to the strong adoption of cloud-based applications and services and the rising big data.