Environment Press Releases

Environmental Heat Solutions Offers Free Phone Consultations for Those with Bed Bug Infestations

Environmental Heat Solutions has the remedy to bed bug infestations in the Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland area. By using trained dogs to locate bed bug hideouts and heat to eliminate bed bugs, Environmental Heat Solutions will eradicate bed bugs throughout the local area, thereby helping their customers live pest free. They offer free phone consultations and can pinpoint the exact spots where bed bugs are nesting.

Avanti Signs Exclusive Representation Agreement with RedZone Robotics

The Avanti Company, a leading provider of Water Meters, Flow Meter Products and Utility Data Management Solutions has just signed an agreement with RedZone Robotics, a specialist in Wastewater Management Solutions, to serve as the company's exclusive representative in the states of Florida and Georgia.

Rainwater Tanks to Help Farmers in Wake of Unpredictable Climate Change

As researchers claim climate change will bring soil and disease challenges, along with unpredictable rainfall patterns, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx champions the need to adopt dedicated rainwater tanks, enabling farmers to gain more control over their water supplies.

Skip Bins Records a Speedy Start to the New Year

As one of Melbourne's top skip bin hire and rubbish removal companies, Skip Bins Now found themselves booked up quickly in the beginning of January. With many local Melbourne residents making New Years resolutions to have a clear out and clear up of their properties, Skip Bins Now had a very busy start to the New Year.

WJA Landscaping Announces Availability for Patio Design This Winter

LogoNow that winter has set in, everyone's minds are drifting off to warmer thoughts. While currently it may be too cold to fully enjoy an outdoor living space, it is never too early to start planning the next addition to the yard. Providing homeowners with stunning hardscapes, WJA Landscaping has announced they have availabilities for patio design this winter. Those who begin designing their dream backyard now will be able to enjoy the new space by the first day of spring.

The Green Deal in Scotland Offered by Green Deal Eco

The Green Deal will aid property owners in Scotland to make the proper energy-saving improvements in their properties while making sure they can pay for it. The Green Deal aims to help the environment by replacing energy sources that are harming the environment with improved versions. To offer advice on the Green Deal in Scotland, Green Deal Eco launched a new website. The website's aim is to provide a venue for users to know more about the program and its benefits. The website also highlights facts regarding the Green Deal and the process behind it. Property owners who have doubts regarding the program can visit the website to read more about it.

Carol Ann Sherman Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for the Proper Bag Company

LogoCalifornia has the most stringent plastic and paper bag laws in the United States. The easier answer is reusable shopping bags that so many people bring with them to the supermarket every week. That's because they're flimsy and frustrating to manage. This led her to design a reusable and unforgettable shopping bag that solves every problem that exists with ecofriendly shopping bags today.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Continuing to Contract Their Snow Removal Services Through January

Winter is in full swing as individuals are throwing on their heaviest coats for just a short walk from the car to the building. As the weather stays below freezing, snowfall is right around the corner. Make sure the business is prepared for the weather by hiring a dedicated company to provide commercial snow removal. As the winter rolls on, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is announcing they are continuing to contract their snow services through January.

Whitehouse Landscaping Now Offering 3D Landscape Designs

LogoWhen planning renovations for the front or backyard, it can be difficult to envision how the alterations will look. Some find that the image they painted in their head is far from what they actually received. To help clients prevent buyer's remorse, Whitehouse Landscaping is now offering 3D landscape designs. The company's team of designers will work tirelessly to ensure the homeowner's dreams become a reality.

Charlotte NC Tree Service Offers Innovative Test to Detect Stability of Trees

Treescape™ is a full-service arborist and land management service operating in Charlotte, NC., offering tree service and inspection, tree removal, landscaping and stump grinding services.

Neodymium Energy LLC. Expands Alternative Energy Technology Pipeline

LogoNeodymium Energy LLC., a think tank comprised of inventors and visionaries dedicated to bringing energy solutions to the world in various technology sectors, continues to increase its pipeline of alternative energy intellectual property. The company facilitates the development and commercialization of disruptive, green technologies. New additions to the group's IP portfolio include a Micro Solar Power plant for the home and its smaller cousin the desk charger.

Green Planet Architects Have Revealed the TOP 25 AWARDS for Sustainable Golf Course Architects

Green Planet Architects innovative approach is reinforced by creating a direct link between building and golf course architects. Since each golf course project involves real estate, including a club house, hotel, or even villas and apartments, both types of sustainable architects must cooperate. The sheer size of golf courses, according to Green Planet Architects, requires sustainability or else the environmental impacts can be disastrous.

MXI Maumee Express, Inc. Assists with Oil Spill Cleanup in Wildwood Park

LogoMXI Maumee Express, Inc., one of the nation's leading environmental services companies, was able to effectively use absorbent control equipment and hazardous materials containment techniques to clean up debris that contaminated Paxton Creek in November. A tractor trailer was overturned on an off ramp off I-81 and began leaking diesel fuel, which migrated to the Paxton Creek and Wildwood Lake in Harrisburg, PA. About 10 to 15 gallons made its way from the site of the crash through the storm drain path that exited into Paxton Creek.

Kovalyov Is Creating a Self-Sustainable Sanctuary for Humans

Samuel Kovalyov's plan encompasses the best of both worlds.

Save on Excavation and Disruption Costs with Trenchless Lining Arlington Company

A Sewer pipe malfunction or sewer pipe break could mean heavy disruption as traditional methods require the entire area to be excavated. While this practice is still in vogue, All American Drain Cleaning and Trenchless Technologies has introduced the trenchless lining Arlington service to offer homeowners the convenience of trenchless pipe repairs or trenchless pipe replacement that involves managing and conducting the repair from a qualified existing access or by only using two holes or small excavation sites.

Sewer Line Repair Arlington Company Helps Ensure Longevity of Pipes

Sewer Line repair Arlington service plays an important role in helping homeowners get the best out of their investment. The sewage system of the house is by far the hardest working systems in the house that takes a lot of abuse. As the case would be the sewage pipes can break down all of sudden and create havoc. One way to make sure this does not happen is to engage experts from All American Drain Cleaning and Trenchless Tech.

Founder of CEDC Colorado Environmental Design Company Rob Hollis Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for Green Building Consultation

LogoRob Hollis has a clear understanding of the nature and extent of degradation of natural environments and ecosystems. He got deeply interested in Environmental Design, a subject that seeks to improve people's connection and interaction with the environment. Now, on his first commission as an architect, Rob is trying to fund a green building consultation project.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Oil Tank Replacement Services to Montgomery County

LogoOn average, homeowners can expect to get 10 to 15 years from their underground oil tank before they need to consider having it replaced. Typically, when a unit is around the 20-year mark, it is almost certain it will begin to experience issues, such as leaking. Helping residents protect their property from harmful leaks, Professional Tank & Environmental is now offering oil tank replacement services to Montgomery County. Replacing the storage unit every decade or so is the best way for clients to avoid the expense of having their soil remediated.

Green Auto Lube Soon to Offer Responsible and Affordable Green Oil Change

Green Auto Lube is excited to offer a responsible and affordable green oil change in the future. The company intends on providing environmentally-friendly lubricant for vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks and also for ancillary services. It is a customer-oriented company and is dedicated to providing honest, immediate and dependable services. The lubricant is a bio-based American oil which will help in decreasing American's dependency on foreign oils. The manufacturers have certified and accurately trained technicians who can help in usage of this product in the long run. This eco-friendly oil change discount will be available for the whole area of Spokane Valley - making Mother Nature proud.

Junk Removal Experts Provide Environment Friendly Junk Removal in Seal Beach CA

LogoEvery day one may find different types of junk accumulate in their backyard. In such cases, it is important to find the right company that can dispose the junk in the way it is supposed to. There are various companies that deal in junk; however, not all of them are recommended.

World Landforms, an Informative Portal, Educates About the Major Landforms of the World

This educative site enriches learners of the various facts and details regarding the formation of landforms. Archipelago, Coast, Bay, Canyon, Desert, Basin and Cliffs are some of the major geographical features about which one can find information at this website. It took billions of years for these gorgeous landforms to come into existence. Their creation was influenced by many external factors such as wind, erosion, tectonic activities, volcanoes and deposition of land. All these factors together led to the formation of mountains, oceans, valleys and many more.

Tree Free Paper Products Promote New Women Owned Business Logo

LogoTG Eco Products, manufacturers of tree free paper products, promotes the new Women Owned business logo on their Green2™ and treefree™ brands packaging.

Vucjak Shelter Announces Our Hero

Dejan Gacic is a hero to dogs and wolves in South Eastern Serbia. Vucjak Shelter started in 1979 with the rescue of a couple of dogs that had been abandoned on the streets, one of whom had been hit by a car. Dejan, being the man he is, could not stand by any longer and watch the dogs being kicked and hit to get them out of the way. He stepped in and the story began.

The Avanti Company Assists Miami-Dade Private Sewer Operators to Meet Consent Decree Requirements

LogoThe Avanti Company, leading specialist in Flow Meter Products, is proud to announce that Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) has listed The Avanti Company as a Contractor to assist Private Sewer Operators (PSO) with their sewer flow monitoring programs as required by DERM and WASD.

Routegurus Launching a Wonderful Recycling Program Very Soon

LogoRoutegurus is responsible for giving some of the best car care products in the world. They mainly are producers of washing mits, finishing equipment, waterless cleaning products, detailing equipment, etc. These products are mainly aimed at car enthusiasts, who treat their cars as their family members and take extreme care that they are always clean, in good shape, and always shiny. They can use these products for high grade car maintenance.

Elite Bird Control Now Offering Top-Notch Quality Services of Bird Netting in Melbourne

Retaining their position as one of the prominent providers of bird control in Melbourne, Elite Bird Control is now offering the top-notch quality services of bird netting in Melbourne. The company's mission is to provide their customers with the very best quality services for bird control in Melbourne. Additionally, the company's belief is in creating a successful relationship with their customers from the beginning to the completion of the work. They focus on providing quality service of pigeon control in Melbourne, further establishing a long lasting relation with their clients. Moreover, the bird netting services that the company serves to their customers within Melbourne are flexible and professional, which are tailored according to each client's needs and demands.

Geoberm.com Launches an Erosion Control Campaign Ahead of Winter Weather

According to Economic Aspects of Pacific Northwest Soil Erosion Research, the nature of runoff, soil loss, and precipitation in frozen soil differs greatly in the Pacific Northwest than in other parts of the country, due in large part to the maritime climate. The report states that 80 to 90 percent of soil loss and erosion takes place during the winter months, leading to the need for effective erosion control.