Environment Press Releases

True Green Enterprises, Inc. Donates & Supports Gods Connection Transition Inc., a Non-Profit Public Charity, with Green2 Tree Free Paper Products

Gods Connection Transition Inc., Public Charity Status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) located in Gaithersburg, MD promotes sustainability with Green2 tree free paper products.

Nautical Ventures Group Purchases Adjacent Property to Expand Their Retail Organization

As part of their on-going strategy for growth in the South Florida recreational marine market, Nautical Ventures Group has purchased two land parcels adjacent to its Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore (NVMS) location. The two parcels, known as 70 / 90 South Bryan Road respectively, comprise 1.6 acres of waterfront property and carried a sales price of $1,325,000.

Stage 2 Water Restrictions Issued in Southern Vancouver Island, BC

On July 14, all residents of the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD), including Duncan and Lady Smith, were asked to comply with stage 2 water restrictions, due to concerns over low snow pack, low rainfall and a projected dry summer.

Greenwich Dumpster Rental Cleans Up Main Vicinities for Purely Humanitarian Reasons

The Greenwich dumpster rental company had a field day contributing the whole day to cleaning up main vicinities all over the country. With decades of experience in the dumpster rental industry, undertaking such a huge project for purely humanitarian grounds was not an impossible mission for the company. With highly professional team of experts, achieving the pilot project only in one day was a breeze. The project was a result of the worry for the unconstrained accumulation of non degradable junk across the country.

Budget Dumpsters Now Offering Trash Removal Services at Henderson

One of the nationwide leading dumpster rental company has now established its new base at Henderson and around the areas in the surrounding suburbs. The Henderson dumpster rental company now caters the residents with budget roll off dumpsters for waste removal. The company has placed itself as a source for the residents to be free of garbage and as an affordable option to existing waste removal options. This company is able to cater its roll off container trucks to any residential or commercial locations in and around the area.

Affordable Dumpsters Now Available at Hialeah

The national dumpster rental company has now set up its new branch in Hialeah and around the surrounding suburbs. The Hialeah dumpster rental company is known to provide efficient dumpster services at the best price in the industry. The company has made itself a name as the most affordable choice to the trash removal options for residential and commercial locations in the entire states of America.

Nationwide Dumpster Rental Company Expands Its Base in Highland Park

One of the leading service providers of dumpster rentals has now extended its service in Highland Park. This new expansion is set to allow the residents to get the opportunity to utilize efficient and affordable waste removal service. The company has been providing their service in the entire states. The company with years of service has gained much experience in accomplishing their business model. The early experience allowed them to set up their brand and develop a strong foundation in the industry.

Honolulu Dumpster Rental Offers the Most Appropriate Roll off Containers for Waste Removal

Nationwide dumpster Rental Company has set up new company in the city of Honolulu. Currently, the company services all areas within the city as well as the smaller suburbs and areas surrounding the city. The Honolulu dumpster Rental Company with their branches spread throughout the country specializes in dumpster rentals. The company endeavors to establish itself as a reasonable alternative for removing different forms of residential and commercial waste in and around the area.

Free Ice Cream Giveaways to Spread Environmental Issues Across the USA

The United States today is facing several environmental issues that have been imposing a threat to the wildlife in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The accumulation of non-recyclable waste, burning of fossil fuels, and continuous degradation of the ozone layer are all contributing to what we now know as global warming. There have been several approaches in making the world still a livable place yet only few hands are working to make a difference. There are still those that contribute much about degrading our natural resources and several environmentalists are doing their research to come up with the best approach in preserving our environment.

Great Falls Dumpster Rental Company Offers Efficient Clean Up Service

Many of the residents of Great Falls and construction site contractors often rent the dumpster rental services to get rid of waste while houses and buildings are renovated. During such large scale renovations, a huge quantity of trash and waste is produced.

Garden Grove Dumpster Rental Company Facilitates Reliable and Quick Services to Residents

There are many companies that offer dumpster rental services in the city. Although there are several companies offering their services, people may want to choose those company that offers a reliable and efficient service. One of the leading dumpster rental companies in the whole of United States is now offering their services in town.

Audubon Center of the North Woods to Host Will Steger Foundation's "Summer Institute for Energy Education"

LogoHeld August 4-6, 2014, this is the Midwest’s climate change education event of the year for formal and non-formal educators of K12 students in grades 3-12 to connect with educators who care about quality teaching and who want to bring climate change and energy concepts to their educational setting.

Now Available: Global Enterprise Content Management Market 2014-2018

LogoECM is a set of tools used to manage critical business content in an organization. ECM allows the ingestion, archiving, and management of content that can be easily integrated with third-party systems within a content workflow. It manages all types of business content, from simple documentation to interactive real-time video. Immense growth in the flow of information in today's digitalized world has emphasized the need for the storage and traceability of information. Further, special attention has been placed on the preservation and reuse of data and content to help organizations to speedily retrieve valuable information.

Commercial Recycling Now Offers Eco-Friendly and Professional Event Waste Management in Poole

Renowned for effective waste disposal and recycling all across Dorset, Commercial Recycling is now providing eco-friendly and professional event waste management in Poole. Empowered by a team of dedicated and experienced event waste management experts, through these services the company is assisting event managers and organizers in tactful management of waste at their events. As part of their festival and event waste disposal and waste management services, they provide wheelie bin hire, REL (rear end loader) hire, food waste recycling, litter picking and similar other activities.

Dumpster Rental Agencies Finds Escalating Need for Dumpster Rental Services in Fort Collins

Dumpster rental services was started with the need to shift the various assets and items that comes and stays with individuals. In spite of our riches or poverty none of us can live without various possessions that go just about with us. It can be also in the form of collections of household items, properties, wastes and other objects used for building. Thus the inception of dumpster rental services is a result of the awful need to move these items and materials, the dumpster rental services

New VapoScrubEX5 from Envent Corporation Absorbs Up to 25% More VOCs and Toxic Air Pollutants Than Competing Scrubber Chemicals

LogoEnvent Corporation, North America's trusted specialty degassing and mobile water treatment service company has released VapoScrubEX5. The newest addition to the company's VapoScrub lineup combines the proprietary VaporBite technology to the Escrub and EVAC line of scrubbers offering the best solution for vapor control.

GlobalEnergyTransmission Starts Crowd Funding Campaign

GlobalEnergyTransmission has unveiled its crowd funding campaign to build a Planetary Energy Transmitter that brings the invention of Nikola Tesla to life.

Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Their Services for Oil Tank Replacement in Montgomery County

LogoWhen relying on an oil tank’s perfomance to provide heat to the home or property, it is important to persistently make sure the tank is operating at the highest level. Without the proper upkeep, tanks can experience a buildup of sludge and rust that affect its performance. If a tank is on its last legs, Professional Tank & Environmental is pleased to announce they are now offering oil tank replacements in Montgomery County this summer.

Daniel Green Has an Amazing Idea to Use Hydrogen from Water as Fuel and Is Seeking Investors or Crowd Funders for This Ground Breaking Project

Fuel is one of the biggest demands of modern human life. Our major dependence of fuel is fulfilled by non-renewable resources which are a major pollutant of our environment. Fossil fuels are the major source of energy across the world but the amount of environment damage caused by their use raises a question as to whether we should move on to existing solutions or not?

Datafield Mobile Form Builder Is Joining the IFMA and Strengthen Its Partnership with Facility Managers Worldwide

LogoDatafield, editor of the mobile form application for iPhone, iPad and Android has joined the International Facility Management Association in order to keep strengthening its partnership with facility managers worldwide.

Luxury Restroom Cottage for Outdoor Events

LogoThe last thing on your mind when planning an expensive outdoor wedding is restrooms. In the past, guests would simply line up, holding their noses, outside the rented construction site potty—or find a private bush. These days, thanks to luxury restroom trailer companies, the talk of the party is no longer the catering, the band, the ice sculpture, the guests, or even the bride’s dress - It’s all about the restrooms. High end potties are so sought-after there aren’t enough to keep up with demand—they’ve become the first thing some event planners book.

Fayetteville Dumpster Rental Company Offers New Alternative for Garbage Removal

The services of dumpster rental companies have made it a lot easier especially for people in urban areas. It is always important to contact a good dumpster service provider throw away the huge quantity of waste. If residents are looking for best dumpster rental in and around the area to dispose of the garbage that is accumulated at their homes, the Fayetteville dumpster rental company is an excellent choice.

Zero Gravity Day Through Planetary Alignment - This 4th of July at 9:47 A.m. Local Time

Not many people are aware of what Patrick Moore, a famous British Astronomer, has recently revealed. He basically has told everyone that the ‘zero gravity day’ is not too far away now. Infact it is as close as occurring on this very 4th of July at a very precise time that has also been revealed by the British astronomer for the convenience of all those individuals who want to experience this phenomenon. This entire event will happen due to the planetary alignment of the planets Pluto and Jupiter and Pluto will pass through it in relation with the Earth.

Mold Removal Company in NJ Helps Residents Notice Mold Warning Signs

According to Rightway Waterproofing, a company that offers mold removal in NJ, homeowners might not realize they are dealing with a serious mold issue until it’s too late. Over time, mold has been shown to overwhelm an individual’s natural defense due to allergens. This is why it is important to notice the signs of mold and have the area that is affected, remediated immediately.

Residents Says Eugene Dumpster Rental Company Puts Customer Interest First

It is always a challenge for individuals to rent a dumpster rental company even for a person who has done it before. When it comes to getting the best bargain while hiring from dumpster Rental Company, one should be well aware of the various company’s features, its services and fees. A lack of analysis or a mistake may land an individual in extra fees for which they did not sign up.

Darien Dumpster Rental Agency Offer Tips to Save Money on Dumpster Services

There is a number of information and facts that people should be aware of before the renting of a reliable dumpster rental service company. Urban citizens cannot do without the assistance of an efficient dumpster rental service to get rid of the junk. People often require the service of dumpster rental truck whenever they have huge accumulation of trash at home which requires to be removed to proper landfill away from the neighborhood.

Dayton Dumpster Rental Alerts Citizens on Responsible Dumping

The Dayton dumpster rental company shows citizens to seek the efficient dumpster rental service. Renovation of private property or construction sites often produce large scale of waste and junk which is required to be dumped at a safe place away from the inhabited areas. The environment protection organizations have clearly declared the fact that waste produced by human habitants ought to be dumped in the allotted area that are situated far away from the human inhabited areas.