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Blogger Uses RebelMouse to Spread the Word About Lipozene Metabolic Enhancer

Lipozene has been heavily promoted as a miracle pill, helping people burn fat without having to make any changes to their diet or exercise regime. The pills claim to increase the metabolic rate and that 78% of every pound lost is fat, not water. One blogger has undertaken independent research into the diet pill and has found startling differences between the claims made by advocates of the product and the reality for the majority of users. They have posted a new article on RebelMouse to spread the word about the dangers of Lipozene, and has offered healthier alternatives.

Savvy Workouts Reports New Gym Memberships Increase by 25 Percent in January

Greatist.com reports numerous gyms see a 25 percent increase in new memberships during the month of January, the highest rate at any time during the year. Individuals often make New Year's resolutions, only to falter in the coming months. Savvy Workouts (savvyworkouts.com) understands how hard it may be to stick to a resolution and offers tips to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Discovery Fitness India Launches to Make UK's Leading Fitness Training Available Internationally

Qualifications are a necessity for people who want to turn their specialties or talents into a profession, and getting those qualifications can often be both difficult and expensive. Thankfully, Discovery Learning in the UK is helping people affordably and easily qualify to become experts in their field. Previously their courses had been limited to the UK, but they have now launched Discovery Fitness India, allowing people to earn internationally accredited personal trainer courses, gym instructor courses and other fitness courses for aspiring fitness professionals from India.

Superior Labs Launches New Top-Quality DHEA Supplement at Amazon.com

Superior Labs announced the launch of the company's new DHEA supplement and the product's immediate availability through Amazon.com. Unlike most competing products, the new Superior Labs DHEA supplement contains no unnatural ingredients, ensuring that users will enjoy the greatest possible safety and purity. Superior Labs is a leading manufacturer of supplements with a long record of insisting on the most rigorous manufacturing standards and quality of product, a commitment that has made it a favorite of informed, demanding customers everywhere.

New Product Review Site for Weight Loss Seekers in UK and Ireland

Slimming Pill Pro has recently launched a new website aiming to give factual reviews and opinions on different slimming pills and weight loss products. The site focuses on a wide audience from the UK and Ireland and also provides ratings from the different consumers who had bought the products.

Arm Workouts App for Those Perfect Biceps

The Arm Workouts App is an app exclusively designed for individuals who want to have fab arms and biceps. There is no need to join the gym or spend money on extra equipment or hire a personal trainer. It's all there in the app that offers excellent workouts such as Biceps Curls, Push Ups, Triceps Push Ups, Wide Arm Push Ups, L.E.T.W, Floor Swimming, Arm Circles, Wrist Squeezers and many more. Users can simply choose a workout from the existing workouts or create their own workout to concentrate on a particular area of the biceps. There is no need to depend on a personal trainer at the gym for guidance or help. The app comes with an exclusive personal trainer who is readily available anytime the users want to exercise.

How to Get a Sexy Lean Body in 2015 and Forever

Belly fat is the most common problems that many men and women face irrespective of whether they are obese or not. Obesity of course has its own health risks but belly fat is also associated with risks such as heart diseases, stroke, cancer, arthritis, etc. And hence it should not be ignored. The New Year begins with resolutions and the most common of all is to lose weight. And to fulfill that resolution many individuals join the gyms, change their diet and do all those things with an aim to lose weight or belly fat. That is a good thing but those who are doing all these should know the right process on how to start their journey towards and effective weight loss. Why most weight loss plans fail is because individuals do not change their mindsets or are not committed enough. When they are committed their diet plan or exercise routine do not cooperate.

Barbara King Styling to Open Their First Yoga Studio in Naples, Florida

LogoBarbara King, the celebrated style consultant famous for Wardrobe consulting, public speaking and also the author of the book 'Be delicious Now,' has now mastered the art of yoga. Her brand Barbara King Styling, is now foraying into Yoga, with BKS Yoga Studio, in Naples, scheduled to open on January 14, 2015. Barbara has been a stylist for over 20 years and has previously worked with Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. She exercised her expertise by being a personal fashion consultant for Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone, and Mary Tyler Moore among others.

Treadmill Watch Publishes New Review of the Sole F80 Foldable Running Machine for Home Fitness Enthusiasts

New Year's Resolutions are a great way for many people to renew their commitment to getting fit. The easiest and cheapest way of getting fit is to take up running, but the New Year comes at a time when the environment is least hospitable, and this can be a will power killer. Rather than freeze outdoors, many are looking to buy home running machines, and folding machines enable people to maximize the economy of space while still getting the benefits of a treadmill. Treadmill Watch has just published a new review on the Sole F80 folding treadmill to help people decide if this is the perfect machine for their needs.

Has Nature Produced the Best Weight Loss Supplements?

Garcinia-Cambogia is an exotic fruit indigenous to Indonesia along with other parts of Asia. This fruit is greenish-yellow in color and looks like a little pumpkin. Garcinia-Cambogia is a kind of tamarind and is often used in making curries. The rind and fruit are used in several traditional dishes as souring agents.

Mountain Man Products, LLC Launches Website Featuring Quality Bicycle Accessories

LogoRobert McDonough is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, All4Bicycles.com. The website offers a wide range of bicycle accessories including bicycle safety lights, water bottle holders, baskets for bikes, bicycle apparel, helmets, bike racks, water bottles, and bike locks. All of these products are focused on making riding a bike more enjoyable and safer. McDonough was inspired to start this website because he has enjoyed riding a bike in the past and knows about the kinds of things that a rider needs to stay safe and comfortable.

Bikedatrock.com Enlightens Readers About Exerpeutic 900XL and Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Reviews

Bikedatrock.com offers exercise bikes in a huge price range. They admit the fact that people who look to buy exercise bikes always make their decision about buying it or not based on the price tag that it has. But there is much more to it; the performance of an exercise bike is based on several factors that are well taken care of in case of bikedatrock.com.

World Gym Palm Springs Personal Trainer Ted Guice Revises G-Force Fitness Class for 2015

Palm Springs fitness instructor and personal trainer Ted Guice is thrilled to announce the four year anniversary and new additions to his 'G-Force Workout' method, a popular exercise class offered at World Gym in Palm Springs, California.

Fahrenheit Yoga Announces Deal for New Students This Winter

LogoMany do not give yoga a try because they are not willing to sign up for a long-term commitment to something they may not enjoy. Fahrenheit Yoga Studio is encouraging more people to attempt the exercise by offering a deal to new students this winter. First time yogis can pay $1 a day for ten consecutive days through the studio's special.

New Website Reviews the Best Rowing Machines for Home Use in 2015

Rowing machines have always been one of the most popular exercise machines because they provide a full-body workout that tones and strengthens various different muscle groups, whilst also boosting fitness levels and promoting weight loss.

3 Weight Loss Pills That Can Help People Lose Weight in January Are Featured at Pills-for-Weight-Loss.com

January is a time of the year when many people try to get in shape and lose some of the excess weight that they gained over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. So to help people achieve their weight loss targets this month, Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com have recently discussed three different diet pills that are all said to be great for weight loss.

Black Line Elite and Refuel Extreme Finishes Major Overhaul, Adds New Wave of Content

The operators of the fitness website Black Line Elite And Refuel Extreme announced the completion of a thorough site overhaul, accompanied by the publication of a new wave of content. Over the course of the past year, the site has become a leading resource for those interested in information about some of the most popular workout supplements on the market, and the work done through the recent project will make it an even more valuable and useful destination. Black Line Elite And Refuel Extreme hosts an extensive collection of in-depth, unbiased information about fitness supplements like Blackline Elite and the workout recovery aid Refuel Extreme.

MaxWorkoutsGuide.com Unveils 2015 Major Upgrades and Additions to the Website

MaxWorkoutsGuide.com, a website designed to educate people about Max Workouts HIIT program by Shin Ohtake and other fitness information, has big plans for the upcoming year 2015. The team has unveiled that from 2015 the website will feature new and upgraded content such as program reviews, workouts and nutrition information. The website will be entering a new phase in which a larger audience will be addressed and the MaxWorkoutsGuide.com loyal readers will have access to information that will help make 2015 the best fitness year yet.

FitRave.Co Launches Garcinia Cambogia Review & Exclusive Bonus Package

Many weight loss products can be found these days in the market but most of them are ineffective and simply not worth it. However, Garcinia Cambogia has taken the world by a storm as the product has all the adequate weight loss properties that the human body needs in order to shed fat for the purpose of ultimately getting lean in the long run. FitRave.co has recently launched the Pure Asian Garcinia One Month Free Trial in order to help individuals get an idea of what the product has to offer in the short as well as the long term.

Coach Levi to Offer Free Diet Analysis and Nutrition Guidance for 2015

LogoIn only a few short days, gyms and fitness centers will be flooded with new members.  Grocery stores will see record sales of fresh produce and healthy, natural foods.  Then, just weeks later, the crowds will return to their old routines, and the status quo will resume.

Tama Martial Arts Promote Kid-Friendly and Health-Beneficial Martial Arts Programs

Martial arts has been a part of man's culture for centuries, perhaps for as long as man existed, and Tama Martial Arts ensures that the arts taught are beneficial to everybody's health and are kid-friendly. Where other martial arts clubs focus entirely on physical strength and combat, Tama Martial Arts makes it a point to teach kids karate or wu shu and others in order to stay fit, stay disciplined, and to be able to defend themselves when necessary.

Fitness Life Stories Features Amputee Runner Scott Tucker

Fitness Life Stories, a website featuring inspiring fitness tales from around the globe, focuses on Scott Tucker in the site's most recent article. Tucker, a marathon runner, has overcome many physical challenges from his combat injuries in order to return to peak health.

SugarSmarts Attacks Belly Fat with Launch of New over the Counter Weight Loss Product

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reveal that 2 out of 3 adults are now considered to be either overweight or obese. While the term overweight refers to the amount of excess weight deriving from muscles, bone, fat and water, obesity refers only to the excess amount of body fat. Health experts state the most dangerous location to carry this excess body fat is in the belly region, stating that belly fat carries serious health risks. The visceral fat has been linked with dangerous health issues such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer.

Pure White Mulberry Leaf Extract Garners Favorable Feedback from Users

Developed to help millions around the world achieve their fitness goals, weight loss supplements have come under increasing scrutiny with time. In addition, it is common to come across people who are highly reluctant to use weight loss supplements to achieve their ultimate goals. While those at the other end of the spectrum praise these products for their supposed ability to bring about rapid weight loss results, others believe that these supplements are no more than rip offs designed with the sole purpose of extracting money from naïve and often desperate users. However, some products, such as the Pure White Mulberry Leaf Extract by BioGanix have made some real success stories. Unsurprisingly, the White Mulberry Leaf Extract Pure by BioGanix has received highly favorable reviews from users as most of them praise the product's ability to deliver clear results.

BioGanix Launches Much Awaited Phytoceramides Plant Derived Supplement & Promises Brilliant Anti-Aging Benefits

While most anti-aging products are derived from chemicals and bring about short term gains, the solution brought forward by BioGanix is a revolution of its own. By using ceramides that have been derived from plants, BioGanix has cashed on the ongoing trend of offering ceramides that are derived from wheat and sweet potato to ensure users benefit from stronger and safer skin care solutions. Hence, the company has finally launched its much awaited anti-aging solution the Phytoceramides Premium, a Phytoceramides plant derived supplement. With the Phytoceramides Premium finally in the market, BioGanix has set out to provide individuals with the ultimate anti-aging solution.