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Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Announces Their Check-in Challenge for November

LogoAs the holiday season approaches, many tend to fall out of their regular workout routine as they focus on shopping and preparing their homes for company. To help motivate yogis to keep up with their routines, Fahrenheit Yoga Studio has announced their Check-In Challenge for November. Not only does this contest offer a prize, but will help get everyone feeling better about indulging in their upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

China Company Offers Perfect Quality Running Belts & Waist Belts for Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts

Runner, joggers and other sports enthusiasts require suitable sports apparels and accessories, in order to carry out their workouts or activities. China based Shenzhen Flya Sports Goods Company designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of sports goods that could prove very useful for the sports and fitness enthusiasts. All products are made of high quality materials using the latest technologies and are available at competitive prices.

Brazilian Workout Clothes: Outfit for Great Comfort During Exercise

The only natural way to stay young, beautiful and healthy is following strict diet and an exercise pattern. Working out daily not only leads you to an impressive stature, but also adds to the quality of the life you live. Working out with great enthusiasm and passion gives you the expected results on time. Brazilians knew this ages ago, and so this gave rise to perfect brazilian workout clothes. Women need exercise clothing that can provide ease of the workout during exercise. Some other types of clothing were also introduced, but Brazilian workout clothes have gained tremendous fame among users. Today, it is in huge demand, and it happened because of the variety of colors and sizes offered by Brazilian clothes.

Jason Ellis Photography to Launch Menz Physique Magazine in 2015

LogoJason Ellis, the famed fitness photographer, also known as the King of Covers and Jason Ellis Photography, is launching his own magazine entitled MENZ PHYSIQUE. With over 15 years in the industry, and having photographed over 300 magazine covers and working with all of the top publications including Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, Muscular Development, Musclemag, Oxygen, Jason Ellis has decided it was time to launch his own magazine.

European Personal Training Institute Announces Upcoming Launch of Latest Personal Trainer Course Enrolment Starting January 18th, 2015

Toby and Dan Clay, owners of the European Personal training Institute have recently announced that they are very soon launching their latest Personal Trainer Course Enrolment, scheduled to take place from January 18th, 2014 onwards. With just 3 spots left, EPTI is looking forward to get application from interested candidates who are willing to train in EPTI training campus situated in Denia, Spain and become worldwide certified personal trainer.

Kansas City Boot Camp Offers FREE "Turkey Burner" Workout

Thanksgiving is a time for food, football, family and usually for overindulgence. By the time New Year’s has passed many people find the scale shows up to a 10-pound weight gain! Well, Faithful Fitness KC is offering their Kansas City Boot Camp "Turkey Burner" Workout, FREE of charge, to help people burn off those extra calories from Thanksgiving dinner. Participants can burn up to 1,000 calories in a single class, ramp up their metabolism, and of course, give themselves a much-needed energy boost.

Leyzene - 100% Natural Safe and Potent Formula for Improved Physical Performance

Natural Subsistence is highly pleased to offer the No.1 Bestselling Horny Goat Weed Herbal Natural Performance Enhancement Supplement on Amazon. Leyzene is that one product that would help men get instant energy and maximize their performance naturally. The product is specifically formulated to give instant results. The advantages of using this product are maximized performance naturally, amplified blood flow, boost nitric oxide, increased testosterone, higher libido and skyrocket stamina. The product is formulated with powerful ingredients that will help users experience all these benefits.

Jim McCann, Owner of Primal Gym, Announces Availability of Training Videos for Purchase

LogoWhen looking for the perfect gift for the MMA and extreme fighter in the family this holiday season, an instructional video set will help them master the art of fighting. This holiday season, Jim McCann, owner of Primal Gym, has announced the availability of his training videos, “The Art of Boxing.” His lessons and skills will assist students of the sport to learn the most effective techniques for boxing, ground fighting, and sparring. Through Force Necessary, customers can purchase McCann’s series of videos individually, or bundled to provide the ultimate gift for the holidays.

Orange County Fitness Trainers Make Motivation Its Point of Difference

A lot of people think that committing to a fit lifestyle is just a matter of individual willpower. However, even the most dedicated of gym goers can encounter a lack of motivation. While many popular gyms resort to buying new equipment or offering new classes to keep members interested, Innovative Results Gym invests in training and educating a devoted coaching team whose top priority is client encouragement and support.

Nate Shrader Looks to Raise Funding via Kickstarter to Start Manufacturing Rowbike Exercising Machine

LogoRowbike’s extraordinary design makes it the ultimate exercise machine for a full body workout with the excitement and speed of a bicycle, inline skates, or downhill skis. Functionally speaking, this is a land based rowing machine that can take users wherever they want to go. Fitness experts have already found that Rowbike is capable of burning 50% more calories compared to normal exercise bikes.

I Waterproof & Repair Emerges as Absolute Aide for Sydney Waterproofing

LogoI Waterproof & Repair has reportedly emerged as the absolute aide for Sydney waterproofing needs. The leading company caters to both residential & commercial projects.

Cévaslimthe Worlds Most Powerful Weight Loss Gum Hits the Market in January 2015

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: X8 Brands is proud to announce the upcoming launch of CévaSlim Weight Loss Gum. The makers of X8 Energy Gum, the “3-in-1” performance gum for weekend warriors, extreme athletes and everyone in-between, continues to create functioning gums to empower the health and wellness of their consumers.

Primal Gym Announces Move to New Facility for Their Training Sessions

LogoOperating a complete training facility with certified instructors to help their clients reach their fitness and training goals, Primal Gym has expanded. With more trainees and more sessions for their classes and seminars, the trainers are announcing they have moved to a larger facility with much more room for their interactive and innovative training sessions. Staying in Mercer County, New Jersey, the gym has moved to Hamilton and will now call 2103 Whitehorse Mercerville Rd home. The Mercer Woods Plaza will soon have its grand opening, and to celebrate with personal training, the gym has expanded schedules and hours.

Insanity Max 30 Launches December 2, 2014, Reports SmartAssFitness.com

Smart Ass Fitness announces the launch of Insanity Max 30, the long awaited program created by Shaun T, on December 2, 2014. With the launch of this new workout program individuals around the globe receive the opportunity to work out with this fitness master, and consumers find ordering the program though Smart Ass Fitness to be easy. The results seen using this product astound all who try it.

mmaxout.com Launched MmaXout Fitness DVD Series for Desired Fitness Results

Gym memberships today are very expensive and there is no point enrolling for a membership if individuals cannot attend their workout sessions regularly in their gyms. It is a waste of time, money, efforts and in most cases will not deliver the desired fitness results. And in today’s busy and hectic work schedules not everyone can afford that time to go to the gyms and fitness centers regularly. There are others who are not really comfortable in a group environment or want one to one sessions.

Exclusive Discount and Full Review Now Available on Nitro X ProSeries at MuskelPunk.com

LogoMuskelPunk.com, an independent blog of an experienced body builder from Germany, has recently published the full review of the increasingly popular supplement in various gyms - the Nitro X ProSeries.

BuildMuscleTech.com Launches, Bringing Practical Strength Training Information to All

BuildMuscleTech.com, a new site focusing on practical strength training and fitness topics, has launched and is now available to Internet visitors. Founded by a team of fitness-industry veterans with a range of experience including high-end personal training, the development of proprietary fitness systems, and health-and-fitness journalism, the new site will provide in-depth, unbiased product and program reviews and a variety of informative guides and articles. The launch edition of BuildMuscleTech.com includes a number of reviews of some of the most talked-about fitness programs today, helpful video resources, and other useful assets.

Elliptical Consumers Publishes New Information on Exercise Machines

Mayo Clinic recently entered the debate of treadmill or elliptical, weighing in with their opinion in a blog post written by Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., dated May 13, 2014. In this blog post, Dr. Laskowski highlights the similarities and differences between the two types of equipment, while also providing information on which is best for various activities. Consumers looking to purchase the best home cardio equipment for their health and well being need to take the time to review this post before they actually buy.

Unlockweightloss.com Informs Weight Loss Seekers About the Revolutionary 21 Day Weight Loss Program

Unlockweightloss.com recently published a review of 21 Day Fix on their website. Visitors can read an in- depth and objective review of this weight loss program which was created by Autumn Calabrese, a renowned fitness Beachbody Trainer. The 21 Day Fix workout program was designed, keeping in mind the hectic schedules of men and women, who do not have time to work out effectively at home or in a gym every day. Through this review busy people looking for a quick way to lose weight can find out more about the 21 Day Fix workout program and whether this program would suit them.

Clubbell 5x5 Review Introducing Innovative Fitness Program for Six Degree Strength

The RMAX Clubbell 5x5 review on Daily Gossip shows that the method was developed to help people worldwide to built the body many people dreamed off. The RMAX Clubbell 5x5 program has already been used by athletes, as well as by big Hollywood stars. There is no wonder that the system is considered to be really efficient. Alberto Gallazzi has now decided to share 191 unique workouts, including exercises which have never been released until today. The method also includes 27 intense exercise combinations, which promise to help the user’s body burn fat easily.

BioGanix Promises Healthy Weight Loss with Its All New Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium

In a time where cost cutting has become the norm in the world of weight loss supplements, BioGanix continues to think otherwise. The manufacturer, renowned for its range of high quality and innovative health care products, has recently introduced its latest product the Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium. According to the manufacturer, the supplement is composed of natural and premium quality ingredients that bring a host of benefits to for the user. In addition, the all new Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium also contains unparalleled HCA levels (60% in every 800mg capsule). The HCA content found in the supplement is higher than all other Garcinia products. Moreover, relying solely on the Garcinia fruit for its weight loss inducing capabilties, BioGanix has positioned itself as one of the few manufacturers that do not use additives to enhance weight loss results. Therefore, with the Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium, it is safe to assume that BioGanix values quality of the ingredients and a delightful user experience.

Pure Fitness Solutions Announces Grand Opening of New Gym in Corpus Christi on November 15, 2014

Getting fit and healthy can feel difficult at the best of times, especially for those with busy careers and families to balance. As a result people are regularly frustrated by gyms without childcare that open only while they are at work, and offer a barren room full of confusing machines for a hefty monthly subscription. Pure Fitness Solutions has an answer to every problem however, and all are in evidence in their state of the art new fitness facility in Corpus Christi. The company has announced the grand opening will take place this weekend, and it will be a blockbuster event with a huge range of special offers, prizes and more.

RageDNA Now Available for Risk Free Trial, Says Ragednareviews.com

RageDNA is the latest testosterone boosting supplement that has quickly gained much popularity mainly due to its ability to boost the user’s natural testosterone levels safely enabling them to easily build muscles. To help consumers decide whether RageDNA is suitable for them, Ragednareviews.com has released an in-depth review about the product.

Fire Rescue Fitness Review: Does It Really Work

This Fire Rescue Fitness Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not investing their money to get Fire Rescue Fitness new revolutionary program. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called Fire Rescue Fitness are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. Fire Rescue Fitness Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

I Need Curves Publishes Intel for Consumers Interested in How to Gain a Larger Butt

With 69 percent of adults over the age of 20 years of age proclaiming to be overweight, it's a wonder anyone ever claims they are worried about how small their backside is, however, poor nutrition or underlying health conditions in adults can also result in underweight conditions or body shapes that individuals long to improve. With that in mind, Suzanne Charles, spokesperson for I Need Curves informational website, has announced her online company has published information on how to get a bigger butt.