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Equip Your Gym Upgrades Arrangements for Shipping Gym Equipment to Middle East

Equip Your Gym, one of the world's leading suppliers of top-quality used gym equipment, announced that the company has forged a number of new agreements that will help it better serve customers in the Middle East. The new packing and transportation arrangements will give customers in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries in the region even better access to Equip Your Gym's industry-leading inventory of affordable, reliable, high quality gym equipment of all kinds. Deeply experienced at working with clients in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, Equip Your Gym takes care of all the necessary details, including arranging for correct power supply and television connections, where appropriate.

A 'State of the Art' Fitness Tracker Designed to Work with Everyday Lifestyle Needs

A fitness tracker is an indispensable health tool that can make a world of difference when it comes to managing lifestyle needs. The new Tushi tracker, a multi benefit fitness tracker is like having the company of a wellness trainer 24*7 on the go, wherever life takes. It is a tracker that does so much more than a traditional tracker with a price that is far more less than some of the other brands available in the market today.

Gym Junkies LLC Launches Campaign to Encourage People to Follow Their Fitness Goals

Recent industry studies have shown that two percent of the population in the United States is currently underweight. Another group of Americans are on the thinner side of their normal weight, but are unable to gain more weight or build muscle. These people often suffer the same societal discrimination as those who are overweight. Their frustration can lead them to eat fatty, unhealthy diets in a futile attempt to put on weight. The founders of Gym Junkies understand this. That is why their new informational campaign is focused on finding those people and letting them know muscle building is possible for anyone and it can be done in a healthy manner.

Heather Jameson Has Just Launched the Wake Up Thinner System

LogoHeather Jameson, a world class fitness expert has just launched The Wake Up Thinner System, a system designed to help women stop overeating, binge eating and overcome their food addiction forever.

Heather Jameson, a Weight Loss Specialist with over 5 Years of Experience, Just Launched Her Fat Loss Ebook and Diet Plan on Amazon Kindle

LogoHeather Jameson, a weight loss specialist with over 5 years of experience in helping women lose weight, just launched her fat loss ebook and diet plan for women on Amazon Kindle.

PITT Creations Launched Its KickStarter Campaign to Fund the PITT SPORTBELT; a Revolutionary Wearable Workout System for Everyone

Nick Peeters, the owner and concept developer at PITT Creations, has recently launched a KickStarter campaign for his latest concept: the PITT SPORTBELT. Nick hopes to raise $28,421 (= €25,000) by Wednesday, Mar 4 2015. The raised money will help in finalizing the particles and producing the PITT SPORTBELT, setting up an international distribution solution, establishing appropriate paperwork, developing the packaging and the shipping of the packages. He is looking towards generosity of fitness enthusiasts, timesavers and outdoor lovers to help him raise the money for this convenient wearable solution that lets wearers exercise everywhere.

KnockYourVibe Publishes Its Top Four Full Body Vibration Machines for 2015

Vibration machines are devices that aim to use small movements to 'keep the body guessing' and require the micro-muscles, ligaments and tendons to all engage spontaneously and simultaneously to keep the body upright and balanced, creating a rapid tense-and-relax cycle that helps tone and develop all areas of the body. KnockYourVibe is a website dedicated to unboxing, trying out and reviewing these products to provide independent consumer advice. They have just published a new page announcing their top four vibration machine models for 2015.

Louisvlle Weight Pro Clinic Launches Affiliate Site to Inspire Weight Loss in Locals

It's no surprise the expanding waistband of America is a growing concern, and there are few places it is far more of a worry than in Kentucky. Recent numbers indicate the Bluegrass State is ranked number five among all fifty states in adult obesity rates, causing an increasing number of people to seek help in the battle of the bulge. In response to the growing number of people looking for help to lose the needed weight, David Dye, spokesman for Louisville Weight Pro Clinic (louisvilleweightlosspro.com) has launched a new site to help provide basic information to motivate individuals to seek help in their weight loss journey.

New Site Please Choose You Launches, Will Help Visitors Lead Fitter, Fuller Lives

The operators of Please Choose You, a new fitness and lifestyle website based at pleasechooseyou.com, have announced that the site is open and ready for online visitors to enjoy. Please Choose You will give visitors the help and encouragement they need to take charge of their lives and improve their levels of personal fitness, putting them in control of their own destinies. Even having just recently launched, Please Choose You is well stocked with content, ranging from a wide array of fitness success stories and an overview of the popular Beachbody coaching program to an online store that offers access to some of the fitness industry's most popular and successful systems.

Announcing the 2nd Annual Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival at the Circle Yoga Shala in Northwest Arkansas May 23-24, 2015

LogoIt's no surprise that yoga, music and the wonders of nature compliment each other greatly. Both can inspire great things and set the stage for more deep acts of joy, peace and serenity. When opportunities arise to celebrate yoga, music and nature together, with other enthusiasts it's not something that's easily missed. Enter the Ozark Mountain Yoga Festival that recently announced their 2nd annual event at the Circle Yoga Shala in scenic Northwest Arkansas, set for May 23-24, 2015. 

Fitlife Now Offering College Vacation Memberships This Winter

LogoWith the extended break college students get between semesters in the winter, many break their workout routine since they do not belong to a gym in their hometown. Once the routine has been broken, some witness a drastic setback, while others have trouble getting back into the swing next semester. Helping students keep up with their fitness plans, Fitlife is now offering college vacation memberships this winter. With the special offer, they can sign up for a short term membership with no long term commitments.

Modeets Publishes New Reviews of Kneeling and Yoga Ball Chairs Used for Better Health and Posture

Ergonomics is the discipline in which manmade objects are consciously designed to interact with the person using them. In general parlance this means pieces have been expertly designed to maximize comfort or usability. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, the term generally means those chairs which have been designed to overcome the bad posture, back pain and cost to health from spending long periods of time in normal chairs. Modeets is an authority in this market, regularly reviewing these ergonomic chairs, and has recently added new sections on Kneeling and Yoga Ball chairs.

USA Fitness Elite Launch Resistance Loop Bands to Help Women to Lose Weight

USA Fitness Elite has launched a new fitness product that will help women to lose weight and become slimmer and healthier. The fitness product called USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands, currently priced at $19.90 allows women to have a full work out within their home without the use of weights.

USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands Warns Being Overweight Could Cause an Asthma Epidemic

According to official reports, in America there are over 78.6 million adults who are overweight or obese. Medical experts have warned this figure will continue to rise unless people in America understand how serious being overweight can be to their health.

USA Fitness Elite Resistance Loop Bands Are Helping to Reduce the Obesity Rates

USA Fitness Elite, who launched their Resistance Loop Bands on Amazon at a discounted rate of $19.90, have been credited with helping men and women to lose weight. The fitness experts, who have seen their resistance loop bands become a big seller, want more people to understand the benefit that exercise can bring.

Fat Burning Benefits of HIIT from New Fitness and Diet Guide - MaxWorkoutsReview.org

High Intensity Interval Training Program by Shin Ohtake: Max Workouts has been developed around the concept of HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training which Shin believes is the best way of burning fat and toning muscle for men and women. The benefits of Max Workout program have been backed by the countless positive reviews by users and scientific research advocating the use of HIIT for weight loss. Visit Max Workouts Official Site to learn more about HIIT and the weight loss program.

Christian Freschi and Team Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Introduce Enko Running Shoes

LogoPowered by a revolutionary technology, Enko promises a new running experience that gives runners better comfort and more running power. When a runner's foot hits the ground, the energy gets dispersed and is lost completely while using normal shoes. Enko Running Shoes has been designed to change this by returning this energy with every stride taken by the runners.

Warrior 1 Yoga Opens February 6th Teaming Up to Help Disabled Veterans

Warrior 1 Yoga® Studio in Bakersfield, CA will be launching on February 6th with a soft opening. The studio will be the first in the Bakersfield community to offer Pure HOT YOGA. Founder Dana Healey is a hometown girl who wants to bring her deep love of health and fitness back to her community after years of working abroad and traveling the world. Dana brings home her experience practicing and teaching yoga, along with her vast experience in the fitness field as a "TRX" and HITT trainer. She studied Hot Yoga in Thailand where she was certified as an instructor, and has focused her studio toward the trending practice of HOT YOGA.

USA Fitness Elite Announce Discount on Their Resistance Loop Bands on Amazon

USA Fitness Elite has today announced a 60% discount on their Resistance Loop Bands, which are available on Amazon. The limited time offer sees the USA Fitness Elite Resistance Bands drop down in price from $49.99 to $19.90. Free shipping is also available for customers, who make an order of over $35.

HourWaist Publishes New Guide on Waist Training Corsets for a Perfect Hourglass Figure

After Kim Kardashian released her now famous 'break the internet' photos, the hourglass figure was cemented as an iconic look for the 21st century. The narrow waist separating a full butt and bosom was now the most desirable shape for women, but celebrities like Kim and Khole Kardashian, Jessica Alba and more have not achieved this without training. HourWaist is a website that helps people find information on how to transform their waist, and has published a new guide on waist training corsets, used by numerous celebrities.

New Website Revolutionises Fitness Industry

LogoThe launching of a fitness video website will revolutionize the fitness industry according to leading fitness experts.

BodyQuest Personal Training Grows Space 4X in Size and First in Kentucky to Add Box Master Pro Equipment to the Area

LogoLouisville Kentucky based personal trainer Chris Tedesco is expanding from 900 sq ft to 4000 and adding 5 additional trainers to accommodate rapid growth in demand for services.  Founded in 2000 by Chris Tedesco, BodyQuest introduces an introspective analysis to understanding one's body and how to improve it.

Free Pure Stretch Class Will Help People Into Comfort Zone

STEVENAGE – Personal trainer Andy Prior believes in the value of stretching. He really believes in it. In fact, he can't think of one instance where stretching isn't a good idea and that's why he's so enthusiastic about his Pure Stretch class.

E Fitness Hub Earns Praise by Users

LogoE Fitness Hub, an online health and fitness network, has recently received a positive testimonial by one of its registered professionals, Miami-based Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Ricky Semiglia.

ETrampoliner Cites Benefits of Using Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline has many health benefits that are unfortunately overshadowed by the fact that jumping on a trampoline is a fun activity, especially for kids.