Press Releases For IL - Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (US)

OnTray Media Announces Partnership with E3G Solutions

After experiencing the same distress during the recent recession as large numbers of other small businesses, food service marketing platform innovators OnTray Media are pleased to announce their new partnership with E3G Solutions, as well as the wider acceptance of their latest product offering of  branded pizza liners  designed to retain heat for over thirty minutes.  E3G Solutions are equally excited about the new business relationship.

We R Movers Expands Service Area to Include Moves to and from Illinois and Texas

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, and when moving out of state, that stress is redoubled, as a lifetime of memories, valuables and practical items are boxed up and left entrusted within a single vehicle which must endure the rigors of the road, the weather and more. We R Movers understands this stress and so go the extra mile to make people feel at ease, and has just expanded their service area to include Illinois and Texas, enabling even more customers to take advantage of their superior services and make moving feel easy and almost stress free.

Gripping Memoir, Hailed "An Instant Classic" by Critics, Shares Journey of Love & Life Through the Inspirational Eyes of Man's Best Friend

While some cringe at those who admit that they love their dogs like children (admit it, go on!), those who have shared their lives with canines truly understand that these remarkable animals embody the core meaning of love and companionship. For people like L.B. Johnson, dogs have also proven their immense power to save lives when all hope appears to have been lost.

33rd Republic Launches a Global Social Shopping Site for Kids Clothing and Products

LogoParents who want to make sure that their kids have many stylish clothes to choose from, now have the answers they have been looking for., a new social shopping site/and search engine provides consumers with instant access to thousands of kids brands.

Setting an Example for the Video Gaming Industry

LogoOften met with mixed reviews, the Illinois video gaming marketplace does have it's bright spots. Through strategic planning, hard work and dedication, CountR GmbH (CountR) and Triple 7 Illinois LLC (Triple 7) have found a way to work with gaming patrons around the State of Illinois to give back to various charity organizations.

Dr. Ron Schefdore Awarded One of the Top Leaders in Continuing Education for 2015 by Dentistry Today

A dental expert, an authority figure, Dr. Ron Schefdore has been a highly regarded dentist here for close to 30 years. He continues to offer the best in dental treatment through his dental practice in the Westmont dental office.

bioIDMETRICS Has Become a Leading Health Solution for People Living in in Illinois

Dr. Monica Cisneros D.C. and Samuel Hage D.C. chiropractic physicians in Illinois have the pleasure to present a new healthcare solution: BioIDmetrics Integrative Medicine Institute serving BurrRidge, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Oakbrook, LaGrange, Naperville, Bolingbrook and all surrounding suburbs of Illinois.

BrainWare Foresees the Next Generation of Brain-Training

BrainWare SAFARI is a software program that has helped tens of thousands of students and adults build their cognitive skills. It focuses on 41 skills in six areas: sensory integration, visual processing, attention, memory, auditory processing and thinking.

Punch Skincare Announces Launch of New Facial Cleanser: Youthful Glow Cleanser

LogoWith a view to change the way women go about facial cleansing practices, skin care experts at PUNCH skin care have launched their new face cleaning product; the Youthful glow Cleanser. A large majority of people believe that regular face cleaning may lead to drying out and hence early ageing lines to become visible on their faces. This new innovative cleanser by Punch skin care promises to retain, and add moisture and elasticity to the face skin after a wash. The organic facial cleanser stimulates cell renewal, strengthens collagen and elastin fibers, with an added toning effect.

Hashtag Magic: #AwesomeIdea! New Fantasy Series Fuses Magic & Technology to Re-Imagine Myths Behind Sorcery's Creation

Since the rise of the cherished hashtag, everyone from stay-at-home moms to hostages in some of the world's most remote locations have come to realize and embrace the power they harness. But, for the protagonist in J. Steven Young's new fantasy series, a simple hashtag can have insurmountable consequences.

Kids' Music Duo Wendy & DB Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete Their Upcoming Music Project "It's a Doo Da Day"

LogoKids' music duo Wendy & DB have been writing, composing, and performing songs that are positive, upbeat, and fun. Their top priority is to create music that educates and inspires kids. They are also engaged in providing funding to different music programs and helping kids meet their basic requirements. Now, they are seeking funding assistance via Indiegogo to help others by completing their upcoming CD project.

'PBTP Locksmith Chicago' Offers Wide Range of Security Services

LogoPBTP Locksmith Chicago is providing a wide range of security services to the customers in Chicago area. The company has a team of expert locksmiths providing security solutions as well as locksmith services for commercial, residential, automotive and emergency needs. The company offers round the clock service.

Hyson2u Ltd Launches Promotional Event in Celebration of Newly Revamped Website

Medical studies indicate certain types of tea, green varieties specifically, offer a number of health benefits. This is old news to the team at Hyson2u Ltd, who have been consistently gaining prominence in the food distribution sector since the company's inception. In celebration of their newly revamped website, a company spokesperson has launched a 50 percent discount on select products in their extensive inventory.

Peter G. Christman of Latest Book the Master Plan Hit #1 on Amazon

The Master Plan: Exit Strategy For Successful Business Owners: Discover A Strategic Planning Formula for Maximum Company Value, Strong Asset Protection and Work-Life Balance is the newest book from by author, CEO and entrepreneur Peter G. Christman. The book is specifically designed for business owners. The reason business owners need to consider a master plan, is that unlike a will, a master plan isn't only critical in the wake of an owner's death. The Master Plan provides a blueprint for the 5 D's of business exit: Disability, Divorce, Distress, Death, and Disagreement. This new book is showing business owners step by step how to navigate a successful exit strategy. Each chapter is loaded with useful, easy to understand information on creating a Master Plan. Develop Your Winning Business Strategy: Knowing EVERYONE will transition away from their business at some point, statistics show that 83% of business owners do not have a written Master Plan. The Master Plan is the solution for business owners lacking a proper exit strategy.

Erdmann Exteriors Publishes Valuable New, Free Guide to Exterior Remodeling

Erdmann Exterior Designs Ltd, one of the Greater Chicago Area's most highly regarded exterior remodeling contractors, published a new, free eBook at the company's website. Titled "17 Things You Should Know Before Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Arlington Heights," the new guide is packed with useful information and helpful tips. By helping to educate homeowners about the process of exterior remodeling with the new eBook, the owners of Erdmann Exteriors hope to contribute in still another way to the success of many projects throughout the region.

Swimsuit Model Starts Bitcoin Marketing Agency

When you first hear swimsuit model, your first thought may not exactly be descriptive of a tech savy, well-educated businesswoman. That's until you meet, Adella Pasos. This powerful businesswoman and entrepreneur has taken every opportunity to disrupt stereotypes. She's shared her passion for growing brands from the ground up with entrepreneurs worldwide. Before she transitioned into the entertainment and modeling industry, for the past decade, she's worked with Startups, Small Businesses, and Fortune 500 Corporations that recognize the value of marketing. Adella's strong emphasis on marketing strategy has enabled her to give many clients the ability to access their niche market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising, and events.

Behavioral Genes: New Book Exposes Genetic Root Causes of Common Behaviors That Seem So Mysterious

There's no way to sugarcoat it – most people are truly baffled by their own behaviors. From why they are unhappy to why the morning commute makes their stress levels sky-rocket, understanding the human condition is something of a mystery. However, having spent over three decades researching behavioral genetics, James D. Baird finally has answers that all can understand.

"I Ride with Billy" Motorcycle Run - A Fundraising Event

LogoThe "I Ride with Billy" Motorcycle Run is a fundraising event organized to commemorate Billy Baehne's life and his favorite worthy cause. Billy Baehne was killed on his motorcycle last summer, at the young age of 24, when a truck towing a trailer, pulled out in front of him.

High Quality Plumbing Services from

Plumbing problems can be extremely difficult to deal with and most of the times they arrive without a hint. To be always ready in those type of situations it is better to have a trusted plumbing service company handy. is one such company that offers a wide range of plumbing services along with emergency services with the help of highly trained and proficient team of Plainfield II Illinois Plumbers. Some of the exclusive services offered here are getting rid of sewer blockages, storm water blockages, faulty drainages, etc. The team comes with fully equipped vehicles along with a CCTV camera so as to identify and examine the problem areas without having to tear up the place or yard.

New, Exciting Novel Sheds Light on Lives of Those Betrayed in Love, Family, & Business; Kick-Starting Recovery for Readers

While betrayal just seems to be part and parcel of the modern world, its aftermath can shipwreck a person's life, spark dangerous retaliation and cause people to view everyone around them with a sense of mistrust. Nowhere is betrayal more prevalent than the business world and, having spent almost three decades at its helm, John Wendell Adams knows the dangers first-hand.

Think Big Go Local, Inc. Appoints a New Vice President, Mr. Brian Rugg

LogoThink Big Go Local, Inc. has recently appointed a new Vice President, Mr. Brian Rugg. The company is continually expanding to meet the demands of its growing customer base by creating a professional team who can deliver services that meet its organizational and clients' needs. Started Operations in Full Swing in Chicago Area service providers have extensive experience in car cleaning, car maintenance and car detailing services. Recently, the company was incorporated and the operations were kicked off from their state-of-the-art facility in Naperville area. According to the owner of the car detailing and fix-it shop, Carl expressed that the professionals representing their company are well aware of the technical nitty-gritty of all the well-known automobile brands, models and makes. He also added that from now on, will offer full-service professional assistance to car owners. Affordable car detailing services offered by include Car/Truck/SUV Detailing, Boat Detailing, RV Detailing etc.

Pinpoint Weed Control Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoPinpoint Weed Control is a new system to manage undesirable weed growth without damaging the good plants whose growth homeowners want to encourage.  This system uses a Pinpoint Weed Module, a small, patent-pending device that holds herbicides.  The Pinpoint Weed Module is inserted over the cut stem of a weed.  Within weeks, the weed dies and desirable plants can grow and thrive.  Now, the creator of Pinpoint Weed Control has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing and distribution of this system to a larger market.

Why BODY-ALINE Is Different (Better) Than Other Back Pain Cures

With so many companies claiming to have the best cure for back pain, it can be difficult for back pain sufferers to decipher what type of treatment option is best for them. Ultimately, the decision should not be a leap of faith. It should be based on common sense.

A Cup of Job Christian Coffee Shop Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

LogoA Cup of Job is the dream of Christian entrepreneur Andrae Parks, an ordained pastor at New Direction Family Church in Joliet, Illinois.  Parks got the idea for opening a coffee shop with a Christian atmosphere while at Starbucks.  Now, Parks has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise funds for building and stocking the coffee shop as well as starting up the business.

YDS Introduces New Online Chess Trainer for Youths

LogoYouth Development Systems, Inc., (YDS) a leading name in online education for children from grades 3 through 12, is excited to announce a new program for Chess training.

New Technology Allows School Districts to Instantly Gather and Track Student Physical Activity

Walk4Life, a US company head quartered near Chicago, has completed development of their patented SmartCase system. A long trusted provider of pedometers and activity monitor technology for the fitness and wellness market, Walk4Life has recently focused on developing the SmartCase system to support physical educators challenged with providing state mandated physical activity requirements. School districts nation-wide have struggled to balance limited resources with mandates to achieve national academic standards. In many cases this has led to hard administrative choices resulting in significantly reduced physical education programming and the elimination of recess in many districts.