Press Releases For IL - Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (US)

Three Corporate Leaders Join One Million Degrees Board of Directors

One Million Degrees is thrilled to welcome three new members to its Board of Directors: Andrew Feinberg, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Adrian I. Peace, Vice President, Specialty Brands, M&A, Brazil, W. W. Grainger. Inc., and George Ruhana, Chief Executive Officer, Peak6 Capital Management.

Cheryl Arts Took the Plunge Again for Charity; This Time Down the Side of a 27 Story Building in Downtown Chicago

Cheryl participated in the Skyline Plunge in Chicago on September 7th, 2014 to benefit the Respiratory Health Association (RHA), whose mission is to promote healthy lungs and fight lung disease. Ms. Arts rappelled 278 feet (27 stories) down the side of the Wit hotel in downtown Chicago to raise money and awareness for RHA. Participants raised awareness and more than $70,000 for Respiratory Health Association's lung disease research and programs.

YDS Introduces New Online Chess Trainer for Youths

LogoYouth Development Systems, Inc., (YDS) a leading name in online education for children from grades 3 through 12, is excited to announce a new program for Chess training.

New Technology Allows School Districts to Instantly Gather and Track Student Physical Activity

Walk4Life, a US company head quartered near Chicago, has completed development of their patented SmartCase system. A long trusted provider of pedometers and activity monitor technology for the fitness and wellness market, Walk4Life has recently focused on developing the SmartCase system to support physical educators challenged with providing state mandated physical activity requirements. School districts nation-wide have struggled to balance limited resources with mandates to achieve national academic standards. In many cases this has led to hard administrative choices resulting in significantly reduced physical education programming and the elimination of recess in many districts.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Weighs in on the Rubber Mulch Causes Cancer Debate

LogoMany journalists of popular news stations are reporting on the concern that artificial turf may be a stimulant for causing cancer. While parents across the country may question the purpose that rubber mulch is supposed to serve, there is not enough information to prove that the surface is harmful. The national supplier of rubber mulch, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC, shares positive insight in the discussion of whether turf surfaces are dangerous to the health of people and animals. The company assures that their recycled rubber mulch does not pose a threat to the health of others or the environment, which is a fact supported by valid research across various states.

Vernon Hills Dentist Introduces New Technology for Illinois Patients and a 2-Minute Maximum Appointment Wait Time

LogoVernon Hills, Illinois cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Craig Schussler is now offering a collection of the latest tools and technologies available for patients undergoing general, cosmetic and emergency dental procedures. Among the leading-edge technologies available are digital x-ray machines, laser equipment and intraoral cameras. Digital x-ray machines reduce discomfort and radiation exposure while providing more detail and data to the dental staff for better assessment of dental health. Intraoral cameras allow both the doctor and patient top zoom in on highly-accurate digital imagery, to examine and diagnose conditions. The advanced DIAGNOdent laser detects decay in hard-to-reach back teeth, and the WaterLase laser system has a multitude of useful applications for reducing pain and recovery time for patients.

DNotes Digital Currency Retirement Savings Plans Provide Relief for Underfunded Retirement Accounts

LogoDNotes, known as a stable digital currency with a solid and consistent uptrend, announced an unprecedented new savings plan to provide relief for underfunded individual retirement accounts. According to computing pioneer and DNotes Co-Founder Alan Yong, one million DNotes have been donated to CR.I.S.P. (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan) for Retirement to encourage savers to supplement their underfunded individual retirement accounts. With any long term DNotes deposit commitment of 5, 10, 15, or 20 year duration, individuals will receive a 100% deposit guarantee, up to 12% yearly interest bonus on their deposit with 1 million DNotes limit on the bonus interest offered. Utilizing DNotes secure online coin storage platform DnotesVault; DNotes is now offering a wide range of individualized long term savings solutions.

PBTP Locksmith Chicago Offers the Best Residential Locksmith Service

LogoToday no place on the earth is safe and Chicago is also not an exception. However, numerous companies are there who deal with security services and offer locksmiths. Again the problem of these companies is that not all of them provide experienced and licensed locksmiths. The need for expert locksmiths is increasing gradually as the mechanical looks of the doors are not totally safe, but now there is a hope from the PBTP Locksmith Chicago . All their qualified and trained locksmiths Chicago are capable of dealing with locks of any kinds and are capable of encountering any lock related problems. Unlike other locksmith companies their team never keeps the clients waiting to solve issues. They makes sure that everyone gets back to their apartment, home or even in the car on time without any hassle. They have some of the best craftsmen who use the finest quality locks to keep people safe. All the parts of the locks are guaranteed by them.

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches Long Term Saving Plans with Potential to Aid the Unbanked and Retirees Worldwide

LogoStable cryptocurrency Dnotes, after the successful launch of Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan (CR.I.S.P) for Kids, is pleased to announce their latest long term savings plan for Retirement. CR.I.S.P. allows people worldwide from all financial backgrounds to set up savings accounts with the potential of high returns.

Mid-West Screw Products Achieves ARM 9009 Quality Certification

G-PMC Registrars, LLC, an internationally accredited certification body announced today the approval of Chicago-based Mid-West Screw Products, for ARM 9009 certification. ARM 9009 is considered the world's leading firearms and armoring standard accepted by firearm manufacturers, gun dealers, gun owners, and fabricators of armoring systems. Daryl Guberman, President of G-PMC Registrars said Mid-West Screw Products passed all necessary quality system management requirements which is mandatory for ARM 9009 certification. Slashes Price of Doppler Diagnostic System EDAN U50 is a well-known online supplier for new and used medical equipment. They are now offering Doppler Diagnostic System EDAN U50 just for $13,999. They also deal in orthopedic systems such as surgical sutures, anesthesia machines and patient monitors.

Jesus Sees Us: A New Jesus Doll, Just in Time for Easter

Jesus Sees Us was conceived by two mothers of preschool children; Maureen Longua Bueltmann and Kelly McCourt. Both mothers were struggling with the same challenge; how to introduce their young children to their Faith in an engaging and relatable way.

New Christian Social Network Offers Better Choice Than Facebook

LogoMy Space for Grace is a new social network, which has a similar look as Facebook but is a whole lot better when you get inside. It officially launched on February 1, 2015 and will give Christians their very own platform to connect. With the launch of this social network; churches, believers of Christ and socially conscious individuals will have an opportunity to connect with family & friends, churches and people everywhere.

One Man's Offline Visions Turned Into a Successful Online Plumbing Service

LogoAs one man envisions a dream, it is his intention to realize it. The man behind the successful online plumbing services in Elgin, Illinois now shares his success on making his dream of providing commercial and residential plumbing services to Elgin finally became a reality.

Announcing the Grand Opening of Character Martial Arts in Park Ridge, IL

Character Martial Arts, a family martial arts studio offering classes for everyone ages 4 and up, is now open at 17 North Prospect Avenue. Offering character-building taekwondo classes for children and calorie-burning Thai kickboxing instruction for adults, Character Martial Arts provides fun, engaging ways for people of all ages to lose weight, get in better shape, gain confidence, and acquire effective self-defense skills. Running through the month of February, a $99 grand opening special makes it easy and affordable to get started at Character Martial Arts, and the initial response to the new studio has been extremely enthusiastic.

Nicaboyne - Glow Sticks Specialists with a Creative Lineup of Promotional Products

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Overcome the Challenges Posed by the Conventional Database with Hadoop Consulting Services

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Big Data Analysis & Consulting Companies – Providing IT Solutions That Cater to the Needs of Companies Handling a Massive Amount of Data

A trained staff and well planned analytics when combined with the latest in technology and expert knowledge that spans across hardware, analytics, and software can effectively tackle all the challenges posed by the traditional computing technologies. Partnering with the right Big Data Analysis & Consulting Company gives complete control over the data and a competitive edge over business rivals.

pH Balanced Life Interviewed on the Dr. Holly Lucille Show on RadioMD

pH Balanced Life interviewed on The Dr. Holly Lucille Show on RadioMD, which is a first for a pH test strips company. During the interview titled, "Acid vs. Alkaline: Why Having a Correct pH Balance Is SO Important" the founders shared their ideas about the significance of high alkaline foods, and striving for better health and wellness through improving one's pH. Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally licensed and recognized naturopathic educator, doctor, natural products consultant and television host.

'A Moving Companies' Offers Complete Relocation Solutions in Illinois

LogoA Moving Companies is one of the best local movers Illinois has to offer. With a number of awards to their credit, this company manages to provide some of the most effective relocating solutions one could ask for. Whether it's an interstate relocation or a country move, moving companies manage to provide people with the best options that can help them move from one place to another with ease. The process of moving all the household items is not a piece of cake and one of the worst things one could do, would be to try and independently relocate without any professional help.

Emerging Talent Alert: Korveil Releases His Latest Song, Feeling Alive, Now Available on All Major Retailers

LogoSinger, songwriter and producer from Chicago, Korveil, proudly releases his latest hot dance record, Feeling Alive. A feel good song that perfectly blends pop vocals and EDM energy, Feeling Alive is bound to become a big hit in the music charts and place Korveil as one of the most promising emerging talents in the music industry.

What Is DNA Theta Healing Answered by New Editorials from Kara Lange, an Advanced Practitioner and Instructor

DNA Theta Healing is a new alternative medicine practice that operates on the mind and is considered a therapeutic approach, taking on the challenges commonly undertaken by psychological or psychiatric approaches and aiming to resolve them at a spiritual level. The practice has come under criticism from skeptics as little is known about how it really works, and DNA Theta Healing by Kara aims to dispel any illusions or misconceptions by providing detailed information on the process through their website.

Rapidly Expanding Meal Prep Service Hits Chicago

LogoFriend That Cooks Personal Chefs have expanded their Kansas City based weekly meal prep service into Chicago as of January 1, 2015.

New Podcast on Breast Surgeries from Dr. David Dreyfuss Now Available on eHealth Radio Network

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring is now available on

AID Locksmith Offers Emergency Locksmith Services in Chicago

The very best locksmith service in Chicago is provided by people who believe in providing their customers with the very best quality and safety they can get from any other place in the market. AID Locksmith Chicago is what every customer in the region opt for when they want to get locks fixed or installed. They offer a vast array of locksmith services for cars, for houses and for commercial areas. They have been operating for over a decade and they continue to be on top of the latest technology in the region. The people who work for them are experienced and understand the requirements of a customer pretty well. They also realize that different locales and buildings have different security needs. They offer three distinct security services.

Zadro Web Announces Expert SEO Services, Social Media and Digital Marketing Services

There are many steps to having a successful commercial website in the Windy City. It begins with a product, business or retail establishment that needs definite exposure and the advantages of ecommerce activity. This later evolves into a creative concept by web designers and digital marketers, who understand how to make each web page visually exciting. The graphics that make up this website should optimally reinforce one's corporate brand, logo and company vision. To make sure this website appears on the first page of results on the most popular search engines, its written content should also be woven with the right words and phrases.