Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Bulova Technologies Group Announces Investment

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCQB:BTGI) (the "Company") announced today the closing of a loan transaction with a highly qualified investor. The loan, in the amount of $4,000,000, entails also a convertibility feature and warrants to purchase the Company's common stock.

Aluminum "The Future of Tough" Says Ford Automotive. Cruise Car, Inc. One Step Ahead

Ford Motor Co. made a landmark decision to convert the primary material of their top selling vehicle, the F-150, from steel to aluminum on all their 2015 models. While everyone, including CEO Mark Fields, agrees that this move is a risk for the best-selling truck in the United States, aluminum is undoubtedly the smarter long-term choice. Companies like Audi and Cruise Car, Inc. have been utilizing the lighter and stronger aluminum material on their vehicles for years.

MamaBear Recaps Child Protective Services Findings in Free Range Parenting Case

LogoParenting is back in the news as Child Protective Services recently issued their findings in a Maryland case that many consider a normal situation for free range parents, those parents that believe children should be allowed to explore the world at their own pace and freedom.

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Announces Beach Body Spring Special

LogoIt's not too late to get a bikini-ready body in time for summer, says Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. David Halpern. The LiLa Strawberry Laser is an exciting innovation that allows patients the ability to lose inches from their waistlines, without surgery. While results vary, it's not uncommon for someone to lose 1-3 inches per session. Dr. David Halpern is offering patients an early bird special of 50% off the normal price of laser treatment for all sessions booked in the month of March.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Announces Spring 2015 Room Rates

LogoAfter the bout of record-breaking winter cold that swept the East Coast and Midwest, meteorologists predict that temperatures will warm up in the coming weeks. The rapid approach of ideal beach conditions in Florida will bring a flood of vacationers looking for affordable, amenable hotels. Travelers seeking an affordable hotel or motel on the beach in Treasure Island, FL, should take note that the Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel has announced their room rates for the Spring 2015 season.

Two RPE Webinars Address How Retailers Can Meet Consumer Demands with Omni-Channel Retail Solutions

Two April webinars with Apparel Magazine feature RPE retail consultants as guest speakers. As a leading retail consulting firm with an extensive client list of apparel retailers, RPE leaders share their perspective around two challenging areas focused on omni-channel retail solutions. Specialty retailer and RPE client, Vineyard Vines, joins in on the discussion on retail allocation.

Follow-Up to Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Study Addresses Effect of IPC Use on Hospital Costs

In 2013, a collaborative study funded by the National Institute of Health Research in the UK found that intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) reduced the risk of blood clots and improved survival rates in immobile patients with acute stroke.

Dura-Ceramic Flooring Installation Now Available from Champion Tile & Marble

In a market chockfull of durable ceramic and laminate flooring, what could possibly appeal to a homeowner wanting something different? Perhaps Dura-ceramic would fit that bill.

Lifestyle Fitness Coach Reveals Blueprint for 'MonkeyBrain Fix'; Reversing Stress's Impact on the Brain, Body & Spirit - Baffled by Uncontrollable Negativity? Read On

Through his work as a lifestyle, wellness and fitness coach with hundreds of clients over 20 years, Johnny Oye has confirmed his belief – almost everyone spirals into a toxic pattern of negative thinking when stressed. More, Oye's research uncovered that emotional wellbeing has a direct influence on overall health, including: improved blood pressure, healthier digestion, and stronger brain function.

Ya La'ford's New Site-Specific Installation Scales from Floor to Ceiling in St. Petersburg FL

The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Museum is pleased to premier "Quantum: Inhabited Space," featuring artist Ya La'ford's highly anticipated site specific painting applied directly onto the gallery walls. The unique and highly anticipated exhibition will open with a reception on March 14th starting at 5:00pm-9:00pm and be on view until April 30th.

Max Stevens Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Build World Youth Hall of Fame

LogoMax Stevens is the founder of the World Youth Hall of Fame and will be launching an IndieGoGo campaign in March 2015 to raise funds for this endeavour.  The money raised during the campaign will be used to build and operate the World Youth Hall of Fame in Tampa.

Plaza Beach Resorts Now Offering Chance to Win a Complimentary Beach Vacation

LogoAs the winter drops more snow across America, many are dreaming of a vacation in sunny Florida. While everyone wants to escape from the cold, only a limited few have the opportunity to do so. Making this dream trip a reality, Plaza Beach Resorts is now offering a chance to win a free beach vacation. All the prospective guest needs to do to enter the drawing is enter the email and agree to be on the hotel's mail list.

RPE Enhances Alliance with JDA Software as Authorized Reseller

RPE is kicking off the year with two events to enhance its Authorized Reseller alliance with JDA Software. RPE has been providing strategic and tactical JDA consulting services since 1999. Implementing, managing and hosting JDA Software retail solutions, RPE specializes in JDA Merchandise Management System, JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management, JDA Advanced Replenishment, JDA Enterprise Planning, JDA Allocation, JDA Merchandise Performance Analysis and WinDSS support.

Song Demo Production Company Makes Noise in the Music World

SongCat, part of Music Connect Ltd., a new company with an already impressive track record has announced exciting news and shares insights into their recent productions and clients.

MamaBear Explains That Parents Could Drive Their Kids to Risky Online Behavior

LogoParents who are aware of online dangers are constantly working to protect their children from harm. But a new study reports that parents attempting to aggressively direct their children away from harm could actually be leading them toward it.

Tampa Bay Surgeon Releases Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery Safety

LogoChoosing a plastic surgeon is a difficult task that requires diligence and research. It can be helpful to begin searching for a surgeon using a checklist that includes all of the most important considerations. Last week, Dr. David Halpern, a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon from Tampa Bay, Florida, offers a free compendium of resources for prospective plastic surgery clients that will help them make their decision.

New Way to Get Automotive Car Repair Service in Tampa Bay Area

Vehicle breakdown can be quite disruptive and time consuming; In fact, it is among the common reasons giving for missing work and other important appointments. Nevertheless, Mobile Auto Mechanic in Tampa is saving the day of many Tampa residents with fast, reliable, affordable automobile repairs.

ETP Tampa Accident Attorney Launches New Website to Promote Their Legal Services Online

Personal injuries can have devastating consequences, and even minor injuries can create a snowball effect. An injury that causes a few weeks off work can cause people to fall behind on their mortgage payments and end up homeless. As such, it is essential that those who have been the victim on an accident that was not their fault seek professional representation. ETP Accident Attorney Tampa helps people professionally assess the true cost of injuries, including treatment, rehabilitation, lost earnings and damage to future prospects, as well as emotional and psychological trauma. They have just launched their new website to promote their services online.

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Extends Valentine's Day Breast Augmentation Special

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc., announced that the practice's Valentine's Day breast augmentation offer has been extended. From now through February 27, first-time patients who schedule an appointment for a breast augmentation by Dr. David Halpern will receive discounts of $500 off the procedure's regular pricing. Response to the special offer has been impressive so far, and Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery representatives encourage those interested to get in touch as soon as possible.

Dennis J. Plews Kicks off Kickstarter Campaign to Build StarDrive Propulsion Prototype

LogoStarDrive Propulsion, while reversing global warming, can be used to run cars, boats, and aircrafts better than ever before. Science fiction and space travel enthusiasts around the world will be excited that StarDrive Propulsion makes extended space flight a tangible reality. The team, led by Dennis J. Plews, has already done the research, verified the science, and the US Patent proves it. Now, all that is needed to take StarDrive Propulsion to the next level is funding.

National Air Warehouse Announces Partnership with EPA's ENERGY STAR Program

National Air Warehouse today announced they have joined EPA's ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR partner. National Air Warehouse, through its voluntary partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Program, will work to improve energy efficiency and fight climate change by offering a lineup of ENERGY STAR rated products that will assists their clients by saving money on operational cost and preserve the environment for future generations.

National Air Warehouse Announces Partnership with EPA's ENERGY STAR Program

National Air Warehouse today announced they have joined EPA's ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR partner. National Air Warehouse, through its voluntary partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Program, will work to improve energy efficiency and fight climate change by offering a lineup of ENERGY STAR rated products that will assists their clients by saving money on operational cost and preserve the environment for future generations.

Herolocity Plans to Bring Awareness to Millions of Small Businesses

LogoHerolocity, a firm that helps small businesses establish their online presence with its highly competitive and feature-rich service called InstaSite Business, has vowed to transform the way businesses are created and marketed online by the year 2016 – on a whole new level. This service combines custom website and logo design with web hosting and industry-specific apps to empower businesses with a powerful solution and assist them in gaining customers through their website successfully.

The Page Terrace Announces Room Availabilities for Winter Getaways

LogoWhile it keeps getting colder across many states in the country, it is always the perfect temperature for a beach day in Treasure Island, Florida. With the warm air rolling off the Gulf of Mexico and the sun always shining, those visiting the island paradise will quickly forget about the snow piling up at their home. Helping families escape the cold of the northern states, The Page Terrace has announced they have room availabilities for winter getaways. Whether looking for a family vacation while the kids are on break or a romantic trip with a loved one, the hotel has a variety of rooms to accommodate everyone's preferences.

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Announces Valentine's Day Breast Augmentation Special

LogoBreast implants may not be the first Valentine's Day "gift" people think of, but Dr. David Halpern of Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. says it's become quite popular in recent years. "January is always a particularly busy month for plastic surgeons, as people get started on their New Year's resolutions and prepare for Valentine's Day romance," he says. To help people achieve their goals, Dr. David Halpern is offering $500 off new patient breast augmentation booked by February 14th.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc., Announces the Signing of an Exclusive Distributor Agreement for Marketing and Sales of OsteoFx Casts

LogoBulova Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: BTGI) (the "Company") today announced the signing of an Exclusive Distributor's Agreement for Marketing and Sales of OsteoFx Casts. This new business venture will operate under the Bulova Technologies Advanced Products LLC subsidiary.

Lily of Peru: Love, Bizarre Terrorism, and Intelligent Excitement Collide in New International Love Story - Hailed "A Master Thriller" by Critics, Published by Peace Corp

While most authors produce fiction to provide readers with nothing but a quick thrill, David C. Edmonds is quickly building a reputation for intricate adventures that, as one reader put it, shouldn't be read if one expects a good night's sleep. His extensive travels in, and assignments to, Peru in the 1980s and 1990s exposed him to a culture under threat from a bizarre terrorist organization. While Edmonds won't say how much of the narrative is true, these experiences provided the inspiration for what is now 'Lily of Peru'.