Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Valentines Day 5k Announced to Benefit Non-Profit School for the Deaf

The Tampa Bay area is home to the innovative Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf. Based in Clearwater, Florida; this is one of a handful of schools in the United States that teach children using both American Sign Language and spoken English in a Montessori teaching environment. Benefiting this educational institution for deaf children and those children with hearing loss, is their upcoming Valentines Day 5k Race to be held at Vinoy Park.

Cell Phone Repair and Technology Franchise Announces New Media Partnership

A popular cell phone repair and technology franchise company iGeneration has announced the creation of their new in house media division. This division was created to provide iGeneration cell phone repair and technology franchise owners a direct line to their media and advertising objectives. "Typically, most franchise companies will outsource all of their online and offline media jobs. The result of this is that franchisors and franchisees alike lose some control in the development of this media and the end are marketing messages that gets lost in translation," states Stephen Dee, representative for the company.

Retail Supply Chain Consulting Firm RPE Sponsors Opening Night Reception at 2015 NRF Conference & EXPO

Retail supply chain consulting firm RPE is kicking off Retail's BIG Show as a sponsor of the NRF Opening Night Reception at the Marriott Marquis on Sunday, January 11 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 5 p.m. for NRF members.

In Louisiana, State Medicaid Now Covers Pneumatic Compression Therapy for Lymphedema

Louisiana Medicaid recipients will now receive complete coverage for the use of compression pumps and other compression therapies to treat lymphedema, according to an announcement from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH).

MamaBear Offers Safety Tips for Parents Giving Smartphones as Holiday Gifts

LogoSmartphones are popular gifts during the holiday season. But for as many kids hoping to find a new phone under the Christmas tree, there are just as many parents unsure about giving their children a gift that comes with so much responsibility.

Casbah Décor Now Offers a New Range of High Quality Moroccan Sofas to Buyers

Casbah Décor has recently introduced a new lines of Moroccan sofas just in time for the holiday. The company has been recognized for offering hand-crafted quality Moroccan furniture for reasonable prices.

Luna Mobile Takes on Industry Titans in Global Race for Top Smartphone

U.S. based Luna Mobile, Inc. announced today that its flagship Luna ROX V8 smartphone is in production and will begin shipping in March, 2015. The ROX V8 raises the bar with the MediaTek MT6595 SoC (System on a Chip), the world's first 'true multi­processing' 8­core mobile CPU. The MT6595 recently tested above 47,000 in initial AnTuTu tests­­ more than 20% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, and OnePlus One ( GSMArena 7/15/14). The phone sports a 5.5" FHD display, Qi wireless charging, dual SIMs, HEVC H.265 video, and a 13MP camera. Luna will sell the ROX V8 online, direct to the consumer, keeping distribution costs at a minimum. The Luna ROX V8 also comes 'unlocked', allowing the freedom to switch to another GSM carrier at any time. Publishes Information on a Recent DUI Charge

No individual remains exempt from a DUI charge in the state of Florida, as seen by the recent arrest of a police officer for driving under the influence. Anton Neil Lipski was arrested on October 23, 2014 on a misdemeanor charge, registering more than twice the legal limit for his blood alcohol level. As with any citizen charged with this crime, Mr. Lipski required the assistance of a Tampa DUI lawyer. Many who find they are in this situation turn to Tampe DUI Lawyer ( for assistance, as they don't understand the law as thoroughly as this police officer did.

An All-Encompassing Range of Moroccan Furniture Now Available at Casbah Décor

Casbah Décor has recently introduced a brand new selection of Moroccan furniture just in time for the holiday season. The company is well-known for offering quality handcrafted pieces of Moroccan furniture.

The Tikü Offers Hope to Infants Who Need a Fighting Chance for Life

LogoDesigns for the World LLC has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to bring hope to the people who need it the most. This campaign has a funding goal of $250,000, which needs to be raised by January 10th in order to create the company's Tikü incubator that will give vulnerable infants in underdeveloped nations a fighting chance at survival. The creator states, "Virtually every family has been touched by the birth of a premature or at-risk baby who has struggled for life from the moment of entry into the world. Fortunately, most of us have been blessed by having access to proper medical care that has enabled us to start our lives and later to have families of our own." However, premature or at-risk infants born to parents in less-developed nations rarely survive due to the lack of necessary neonatal skills and equipment. Designs for the World is hoping to change this grim reality with their incubator.

MamaBear Helps Parents Find the Perfect Gift for the Tween in the House

LogoBuying gifts for tweens isn't easy. Falling somewhere between a child and a teenager, this age group has outgrown toys but is still young enough to want to a little fun around the holidays. Their gifts need to be the right part entertaining and age appropriate -- not juvenile, but still youthful. For frazzled parents who are down to last minute shopping, that can be a hard balance to find.

National Clinic Creates Patient Assistance Program on World AIDS Day

Defy Medical is offering a national patient assistance program to people with HIV who currently have limited access to medications meant to improve their quality of life. According to the Center for Disease control over 50% of people living with HIV in the United States will be over 50 years of age by the year 2015. This aging population that has been exposed to a deadly virus and toxic medications in the past has a lot more comorbidities than HIV-negative people of the same age.

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Offers Body Contouring and Frown Line Treatment Holiday Specials

LogoTwice as many people use the upcoming holidays as an excuse to book minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures in the month of December, according to Tampa Bay plastic surgeon Dr. David Halpern. Despite the flurry of activity, he gets into the giving spirit by offering deep discounts on two of his most popular procedures: the Strawberry Laser and Dysport injections.

Aluminum "The Future of Tough" Says Ford Automotive. Cruise Car, Inc. One Step Ahead

LogoFord Motor Co. made a landmark decision to convert the primary material of their top selling vehicle, the F-150, from steel to aluminum on all their 2015 models. While everyone, including CEO Mark Fields, agrees that this move is a risk for the best-selling truck in the United States, aluminum is undoubtedly the smarter long-term choice. Companies like Audi and Cruise Car, Inc. have been utilizing the lighter and stronger aluminum material on their vehicles for years.

Earth's Best Pest Control Publishes New Guide on Identifying Bedbug Infestations

Bedbugs have become something of an epidemic in North America, where conditions are ideal for them to thrive. In winter, the temperate climes of Central Florida provide the ideal haven for bedbugs, and homeowners must be vigilant for the signs of an infestation. To help people identify the signs of infestations early, pest control company Earth's Best has published a new editorial that helps people identify the key signs of an infestation, together with information on using their products and services to effectively combat the problem.

Plaza Beach Resorts Now Offers Virtual Walkthrough

When planning a getaway, travelers will spend hours looking at hotels near St Pete Beach. Many will look at reviews and some may be lucky enough to find a picture or two, but that typically does not paint the full picture. Allowing customers to walk freely around any of their three locations from the comfort of their couch, Plaza Beach Resorts now offers virtual walkthroughs.

The Page Terrace Now Offering Special December Rates

LogoWhile the northeast suffers through frigid temperatures, Treasure Island, FL has been enjoying perfect beach days. Many are traveling to the island paradise to repress the thought of snow while partaking in a variety of leisure activities and watersports. Making the destination even more desirable for travelers, the Page Terrace is now offering special December rates. These discounts are perfect for those in the workforce who are looking to use up the remainder of their vacation days before the new year starts.

National Clinic Creates Patient Assistance Program to Help Patients Defy HIV on World AIDS Day

Defy Medical is offering a national patient assistance program to people with HIV who currently have limited access to medications meant to improve their quality of life. According to the Center for Disease control over 50% of people living with HIV in the United States will be over 50 years of age by the year 2015. This aging population that has been exposed to a deadly virus and toxic medications in the past has a lot more comorbidities thanHIV-negative people of the same age.

Casbah Décor Introduces a New Range of Luxurious Moroccan Beds to Holiday Buyers

Casbah Décor has recently introduced a brand new selection of Moroccan beds just in time for the holidays. The company is known for providing quality authentic Moroccan furniture that have been crafted to perfection.

Tampa Surgeon Changes the Face of Facelifts Using Laser Technology

LogoIs it possible to look dramatically younger and feel great in just a few days, without letting anyone know what you have done? It is if you’re a patient of Dr. Rich Castellano. Double Board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rich Castellano is refashioning the plastic surgery industry with an innovative and highly successful approach to facelifts known as the ImageLift.

National Air Warehouse Is Proud to Offer Their Customers the Innovative EverSense Wifi Thermostat

LogoThe founders of National Air Warehouse, a top online provider of HVAC products, are pleased to announce that they have just added a new and industry-learning product to their website. The company now offers the EverSense Wifi Thermostat, which is designed to adapt to the occupants’ daily schedules so it can better manage the energy use of the homeowners.

Optimize the Power of Retail Allocation with an Allocation Health Check from RPE

RPE, a leading retail merchandising and supply chain consultant, is conducting Allocation Health Checks to assess the efficiency of the retail allocation environment. The Health Check for JDA Software’s Allocation solution includes reviewing retail allocation strategies, identifying functional and technical gaps and recommending improvements. By maximizing Allocation by JDA Software, retailers can efficiently target the optimal mix of products, brands, sizes, colors and quantities for each store.

Senior Home Care & Health Care Services: Best Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Elderly care is a support service that caters to the specific needs of the senior citizens in the comfort of their own homes. It is designed with a particular purpose: to enable its elderly patrons to live independently with a focus on their respect and dignity.

Defy Medical Provides Patient Care of Exceptional Quality with Emphasis on Safety

According to Defy, their mission is to provide patient care of exceptional quality and caliber. They also aim to educate patients with an emphasis on their safety. They believe that personalized treatment and continued education alone can help them achieve this aim and that is the reason they are committed towards this mssion.

Earth's Best Pest Control Continues Expansion with a New Service Area in Sarasota, Florida

Pest control is an essential service in a climate as rich in insect life as Florida’s. As a result the State is far ahead of the rest of the country in developing effective, economic and environmentally friendly ways of dealing with infestations. Earth’s Best are a Florida grown company celebrating their 20th year in business, and are celebrating the anniversary by expanding to more than fifteen new service areas in South and Central Florida. For those in the West however, they can find Earth's Best Pest Control now in Sarasota.

What Tampa Moms Secretly Want a for Christmas: A Mommy Makeover

LogoFive years ago, the UK Guardian reported that the number of cosmetic procedures typically increase in December – by as much as 50% over the average month. Here in the US, Tampa Bay Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Halpern sees a comparable rise in women coming in for everything from Botox and laser liposuction to breast augmentation and tummy tucks.

Artezanya Formally Launches Ecommerce Platform; Opens with Huge Discounts on Most Items

Artezanya, the seller of authentic Moroccan rugs in Clearwater announces newly released products featuring the Camel hair rug, Taznakht and Zayan rugs respectively. The Taznakht rug is currently on sale and in stock from $980 slashed down to $620. Artezanya just recentl launched its online store last November 7, 2014. They offers a wide variety of rugs from beni ourain to berber kilims.