Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Fernandez Firm Proudly Announces Its New South Tampa Office Location

The Fernandez Firm has announced its recent acquisition of a new office in South Tampa that will serve as an expansion of its growing personal injury practice. According to the law firm’s founder and managing partner, Frank Fernandez, III, this larger location will allow the firm’s attorneys and staff to better serve current and future clients throughout Tampa and the state of Florida.

BladeButter Launches New Products with Rave Reviews

Leave it to a resourceful marketing guy in need of a close shave to create a product that redefines butter and shaving products in one fell swoop. Matt Green, founder of NutroGenix and creator of BladeButter, announces the launch of two new products to his already popular all-natural, nano razor oil line. Much like BladeButter’s flagship product Soak the newest razor oils, Slather and Roll, are formulated to extend the life of a razor and help keep skin smooth. They do it however, in a new travel-friendly approach.

RPE Announces Customer Support with Point of Sale System for Retail

RPE is pleased to announce they offer customer support for point of sale system for retail. A point of sale system for retail is designed to improve store efficiency and the customer experience by providing real-time, centralized data. The POS captures a complete customer profile including transaction history, loyalty management, wish lists, surveys, customer special orders and personalized marketing events. Point of sale retail systems create a personal link between the customer and the retailer, by providing critical data. The data provided to the customer results in more sales through increased loyalty and better decision making.

ICOSNA Founder to Receive Award in Tampa

The International Cardioncology Society, North America, also known as ICOSNA, is proud to announce that one of their organization’s founders will receive the Twelfth Annual Enrique Lopez Innovative & Humanitarian Cardiovascular Award.

Messaging Apps Present Dangers to Kids

LogoMost parents are aware of the prominence of social messaging apps and the way they have captivated tweens. While a majority of tweens will use messaging apps harmlessly, there are some hidden dangers associated with messaging app use that would strike fear into the heart of any parent. The apps are being used by predators to prey on young victims as well as by kids engaging in sexting and cyberbullying.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Now Booking After Labor Day Specials

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel is now booking for After Labor Day specials. Rooms fill up fast at this gulf coast motel in Treasure Island, FL, and it’s never too early to make reservations for next season. Book between September 2 and September 5, 2014 and pay only $69 plus tax per night on Gulf Side Efficiency Apartments and $63 plus tax on Bay Side Efficiency Apartments. Gulf Side Efficiency Apartments are available for 1-2 guests in ground floor rooms with queen size beds. Bay Side Efficiency Apartments available for 1-2 guests in rooms on any floor with queen size beds. Just mention the ad featured at when making reservations.

StormFitters Offers the Best-in-Class Severe Weather Exterior Products at Affordable Prices

St. Petersburg, Florida based StormFitters has earned formidable reputation, experience, trust, efficiency and expertise to not only supply but also install storm protection products like impact windows, security doors, hurricane panels and storm shutters as well as many other severe weather exterior products. The company offers the best-in-class products and services at highly affordable prices.

Stormfitters Is Offering a Wide Range of Storm Protection Products at Great Prices

StormFitters the leading provider of impact rated windows and severe weather exterior products, is offering the widest range of storm protection products to home and business owners in Florida area at the most affordable prices. The company which is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, has been serving the people in Florida for more than 30 years and has successfully provided storm protection systems to more than 15,000 clients in different parts of the state.

Vascular PRN President Says TV Host's DVT Experience a Valuable Lesson

Recently, a U.S. television personality had a frightening lesson in the dangers of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Stormfitters Offers Quality Window Replacement Services at Best Prices

Based in Florida, StormFitters has carved a special niche for itself when it comes to providing reasonably priced storm abatement products and services to clients. Since the year StormFitters started serving its Floridians clients, it has been catering to their diverse weather protection related requirements with tremendous confidence and expertise. Accordingly, its clients keep coming back for high quality yet cost-effective storm abatement solutions, which include screens, shutters, storm protection panels, windows, doors, and replacement windows. Their expertise in completing projects within strict timeframes set by clients makes StormFitters one of the most reliable resources for storm abatement solutions. Over the years, the company has successfully completed over 15,000 residential and commercial projects in and around Florida. Just recently, StormFitters has announced to offer affordable windows replacement services to its existing and prospective clients.

New Book Release - Three Blockbusters: Marketing, Sales and Speaking Secrets of the World's Superstar Lawyers by Author Michael Kuzilny

LogoA law professional’s must read, Kuzilny’s books will take you to the top of the law profession, whether it’s in the courts or at your firm.

Outrageous Cakes Is Creating Edible Works of Art for Clients in Tampa and Central Florida Who Want a Cake to Remember

There’s something outrageous going on in Tampa and in fact throughout Central Florida. At least that’s what customers of Outrageous Cakes are saying. With a motto like “You Dream It, We Create It” it’s no wonder clients are turning to Outrageous Cakes for their unique and innovative cake designs. As the name suggests, the company creates one-of-a-kind cakes that have been described as edible works of art.

New Book Release - "Bella Gioconda" by Richard Heket

LogoRichard Heket has made a grand entrance with his debut novel Bella Gioconda. We are looking to set up author interviews, book spotlights, and other features to showcase this beautiful story.

New Blog Post Asks: Who Is Responsible for Sexting Among Kids?

LogoIn 2013, over a third of teens reportedly sent sexually explicit texts and nearly 50 percent were the recipients of such texts, according to one study.

Earth's Best Natural Pest Management Extends Range of Natural Pest Control Solutions

Images of pest control have become iconic, but for a lot of the wrong reasons. The tents that cover houses, gardens and driveways, the yellow coveralls and gas masks that have to be worn by those who spray noxious chemicals into the atmosphere, which must be decontaminated for days thereafter. Equally, those who grow plants have had to use these astringent chemicals or GM crops to avoid infestation, but not anymore. Earth's Best Pest Control has created a broad range of naturally derived pest control solutions that have proven both effective and kind to the environment.

Celebrity Dummies Discusses the Most Famous "Dummy" in History

Charlie McCarthy is probably the best-known ventriloquist doll in history, thanks to Edgar Bergen's unique and original use of this dummy in his famous radio program. In fact, the doll became so entwined with the man that you rarely hear one mentioned without the other. Today, generations of young comedians can try their hand at ventriloquism with a Charlie McCarthy dummy from Celebrity Dummies, located on the web at

Sunshine Biofuels Is Saving Trucks and Fleets 10% on Diesel Fuel Costs

LogoSunshine Biofuels, the US based Biofuel manufacturing company, continues to offer its premier product to owners of trucks and fleets. Truck and fleet operators have reduced their diesel costs upwards of 10% using this proven Biofuel. In addition to cost savings, reduction of carbon emissions by 60% can be achieved. The fuel has a proven track record with Class 5 to Class 8 semi-trucks and delivery trucks including, Mercedes powered Fedex step vans.

RPE Celebrates 15 Years Serving Retailers

Retail Process Engineering (RPE), a retail consulting firm helping retailers integrate people, process and IT to deliver innovative merchandising and supply chain solutions, celebrates the company’s founding and 15th anniversary. RPE is a recognized leader in providing retail consulting services, business process improvement, package selection, strategic IT planning, systems implementation and cloud computing services for leading merchandise management systems.

Sun, Sand and Oils: Expert Rebecca Park Totilo Offers Comprehensive Aromatherapy Course at Florida Resort

LogoRebecca Park Totilo of Well Foundation is pleased to announce a new comprehensive course in aromatherapy June 12th to 15th. The 3-day course is for individuals who want to learn the principles of aromatherapy, and become professionally qualified in therapeutic use of essential oils. Totilo is an accomplished aromatherapist and author of 40 books, with a wealth of knowledge about aromatherapy.

Fuss Free Solutions Offered by Competent Tampa Dumpster Rental

Renting dumpsters in Tampa, FL has never been easier. This is possible because the most efficient service provider is ready and available to give any type of help related to trash removal problems. This top rated company owns the best quality equipment and most skilled personnel to deliver services. The company rents out dumpsters to residences, commercial places, construction sites and industrial areas. So, clients from any of these places can contact the company when they have trash to remove from their property.

Project Transition USA Announces New Sponsor for LinkedIN Job Search Workshop on U.S. Military Base

Project Transition USA, the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit that specializes in teaching transitioning military veterans and their families how to fully utilize the powerful business networking site LinkedIN, is pleased to announce their newest LinkedIN Job Search Workshop Sponsor.

Timely Traffic Helping Clients Get Website Traffic

Timely traffic, a renowned name in the online marketing world, is helping clients to get the website traffic as per their needs, preferences and budget among others. The company provides services such as targeted web traffic, e-mail marketing, guaranteed sign ups and social marketing to the clients. The company is providing the services at affordable prices.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Launches Petition to Protect Treasure Island Beaches

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel has launched a petition to protect the beaches of Treasure Island. Arthur Czyszczon has owned and run the hotel with his family since 1990, and since then, the quality of the beaches has declined. Their goal is to change city policies that allow vehicles to drive and park on the beach and large scale events and temporary structures. Treasure Island is renowned for its world-class beaches, and The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel hopes to keep it that way with their petition. The petition is available online at

Unique Pieces of Moroccan Décor at Amazing Prices

Modern day furniture market is full of choice but, often this choice is overwhelming and to some extent confusing. In such cases, investing in personal pieces like Moroccan décor becomes a challenge. Even though there are places where these pieces can be purchased, there is no real way to find out about the genuineness of the source.

Celebrity Dummies Launches New Website

Celebrity Dummies, located on the web at , offers a complete collection of vintage ventriloquist dummies that have been loved throughout the ages. Now, the company is taking its collection online with a new website that highlights the incredible versatility of form represented by the ventriloquist doll. The complete lineup of celebrity ventriloquist dummies can be seen at

MBS Standoffs Adds New Satin Stainless Steel Square Standoffs to Inventory

MBS-Standoffs has launched its new line of satin square standoffs into the inventory. The satin-brushed stainless design is an aesthetic pleasure to behold and an equally durable & functional accessory for all your signage and mounting needs. Also new this year are the Aluminum Adjustable Edge Grip Line of standoffs. Both can be purchased in the colors of anodized gold, clear, or black.

Mamabear Posts Blog Highlighting Tips for Spring Break Safety

LogoIt’s that time of year when some families take a break from the everyday by traveling somewhere warm for a week of family down time and fun. For other families, spring break may mean mom and dad work while the kids stay home. Regardless of whether families hit the beach or stay home during, spring break is a departure from the regular schedule, creating a need to stay connected.