Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

National Air Warehouse Announces Partnership with EPA's ENERGY STAR Program

National Air Warehouse today announced they have joined EPA's ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR partner. National Air Warehouse, through its voluntary partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Program, will work to improve energy efficiency and fight climate change by offering a lineup of ENERGY STAR rated products that will assists their clients by saving money on operational cost and preserve the environment for future generations.

Earth's Best Pest Control Continues Expansion with a New Service Area in Sarasota, Florida

Pest control is an essential service in a climate as rich in insect life as Florida’s. As a result the State is far ahead of the rest of the country in developing effective, economic and environmentally friendly ways of dealing with infestations. Earth’s Best are a Florida grown company celebrating their 20th year in business, and are celebrating the anniversary by expanding to more than fifteen new service areas in South and Central Florida. For those in the West however, they can find Earth's Best Pest Control now in Sarasota.

MamaBear Shares Important Online Safety Tips for Kids Going Back to School

LogoAll around the country, kids are getting ready to go back to school. Parents are preparing by buying school supplies, stocking up on lunch snacks, and this year, maybe even buying a new phone for their child.

ImageLift to Become National Center for Excellence and Training in Long-Lasting Wrinkle Filler Procedure

LogoImageLift, a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tampa, Florida, is in the process of becoming a national center for excellence and training in the Artefill® facial filler procedure. Artefill® is the only FDA-approved filler for smile lines that does not break down and become absorbed back into the body over time. That makes it one of the longest-lasting non-surgical methods to be proven effective in treating wrinkles around the mouth. The double-board certified cosmetic surgeons at ImageLift are experts both in performing and teaching the Artefill® procedure. Providing Useful and Latest Updates and Reviews on Camo Products for Camo Weddings, Fashion and Accessories

Camouflage clothing or Camo clothing as it is widely known today has been used for thousands of years, but it is only recently that it has started to gain popularity worldwide. Camo fashion apparel, wedding attire, accessories and casual wear are different and represent nature and in its own unique style, which has started to become a trend these days, attracting many buyers from all over the world. offers a comprehensive range of Camouflage themed products, which includes baby clothes, bedding, curtains, gloves, rain gear, shirts, swimsuits, pants, hats, jackets, furniture, bags, shoes, wedding gowns, wedding apparel, fashion clothing, wedding rings, wedding supplies, wrap, and more. The different and unique texture as well as its typical camouflaging looks make these products uniquely attractive.

Premier Tampa Bay Plastic Surgeon Launches New Website

LogoDr. David Halpern, triple-board certified plastic surgeon, announces the launch of his new website at

Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Now Offers the Strawberry Laser Fat Reduction Treatment

Dr. David Halpern, MD, FACS, a top Tampa Bay-area plastic surgery expert and Board-certified surgeon, announced the availability of the non-invasive LiLa Strawberry Laser fat-reduction treatment at his clinic, Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery, Inc. After introducing the new technology to national audiences through an appearance on the Rachel Ray show, Halpern has begun working to educate residents of the Tampa Bay region about the many advantages of the new treatment. Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery is the leading full-service Tampa cosmetic surgery clinic and Halpern is one of the most highly qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeons in the country.

Earth's Best Pest Control Launches $25 Coupon to Encourage Comprehensive Pest Control

The change in the seasons is always when one form of life comes into bloom, and with the end of summer approaching, fall will bring homeowners a new kind of trouble, as insects seek the warmth of the home and begin to invade. To prevent this, users need pest control services, but many will fumigate a home with noxious chemicals damaging to the environment and dangerous to humans. Brandon pest control company Earth’s Best has innovated environmentally friendly pest control solutions and is now offering comprehensive packages with $25 dollars off using a limited time only coupon code.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Announces Fall Rates and Specials

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel has announced their fall rates. When Labor Day comes, they will end their $85-$110 per night summer rates and lower them to $75-$99. Additionally, the popular Treasure Island motel will offer several After Labor Day Specials. From September 2-5 both Gulf Side Efficiency Apartments are just $69 per night and Bay Side Efficiency Apartments are $63 per night. Rates are based on one or two guests. Try a Gulf Side Efficiency Apartment on the ground floor with one queen size bed and mention the ad on Page Terrace’s website to get the special rates. Bay Side Efficiency Apartments are available on all three floors and each contain a queen size bed as well.

Empower Network Acknowledges Million-Dollar Performers

Empower Network, a blogging, web marketing and leadership training company, welcomes six new members to its Millionaire’s Club.

MamaBear Releases Information on How to Keep Kids Safe from Social Media Bullies

LogoOnly one out of ten kids who are bullied on social media share the situation with an adult. Because kids aren’t talking about online harassment, many parents don’t realize how common it actually is.

RPE Cloud Computing Consultants Offer JDA Software Merchandise Management System as a Software-as-a-Service Solution

RPE has partnered with JDA Software to offer a Software-as-a-Service application for emerging small and medium sized retailers. By providing retailers with the tools and capabilities of a comprehensive merchandise management system, used by the top retailers, for a fraction of the cost, RPE’s Software- as-a-Service using JDA Software Merchandise Management System (JDA MMS) can give retailers a competitive edge.

As Medicare Reimbursements Shrink, Skilled Nursing Facilities Turn to Pneumatic Compression Therapy to Prevent DVT

Because of diminishing reimbursements from Medicare, skilled nursing facilities are increasingly adopting pneumatic compression therapy and other low-cost approaches to preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Tampa Real Estate Market Resurgence Creates Demand for Custom Closets

LogoA resurgence in the real estate market of Tampa, Florida has led to an increased need in locally manufactured custom closet systems.  While homes are selling, an increasing number of buyers are finding that their new homes were built with insufficient storage space.  New Tampa Closets, a local and respected custom closet manufacturer, are offering a wide variety of solutions for increasing storage space within the given dimensions of a home.

Android TV XBMC Box Poised to Revolutionize Entertainment, Announces Android

LogoAndroid XBMC box manufacturer Android has announced their newest XBMC set top box solution slated for release in December of 2014. The company has been hard at work since 2012 developing the latest technologies and software platforms designed to enhance the entertainment experience for consumers, but now with the release of their newest lineup of products, the company is aiming at the business to business market for the purpose of distributing their Android TV media boxes to businesses for commercial applications.

Rifle Guard Publishes New League Tables for Rifle Accessories for Quick Product Comparison

The sniper has a cult reputation among gun enthusiasts- the sniper is a lone wolf with extraordinary skills who has honed their craft sufficient to be surgically precise over huge distances. As such, many shooting enthusiasts, whether they use a rifle or a bow, wish to be able to hone their skills to the level of the sniper, but many don’t realize that a lot of the accuracy relies on the equipment. Rifle Guard is a website that enables shooters to practice safely and effectively by reviewing safety gear and accessories, and has now collated its findings in league tables.

Precision Mazda Mitsubishi Gives Away Mazda2 to Standout College Student

LogoA recent University of South Florida graduate has been awarded in a big way for his commitment to academics and community service.

CopyPress and reKindle Bring Content Marketing Education with a Purpose to Chicago

CopyPress, a content production firm based in Tampa, FL specializing, is hosting a full day of training in the Wicker Park area of Chicago on July 25th. They are calling the event, CopyPress Unconference Chicago, and the fee to be involved in the training is the donation of a packed backpack or monetary equivalent, to support reKindle’s cause. CopyPress and reKindle volunteers will distribute the backpacks to locally homeless in Chicago on Saturday July 26th.

Woman Dies of Embolism After 12-Hour Flight

Due to a condition commonly caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a New Zealand woman died following a long-haul flight.

"Heal with Bill" Announces New Upgraded Rainbow Healing Membership Plan for Ultimate Healing and Life Transformation

Bill Austin, a spiritual healer, writer, teacher and founder of is pleased to announce new upgraded Rainbow Healing Membership Plan with a 40% discount. The new upgraded plan comes with additional services and new features such as Daily Healing Support Program, Digital Products, VIP Club, Four Healing Sessions (every Monday), and many more.

Cloud Computing Consultants at RPE Expand Reach in Offering High Level of Service for Cloud Hosting and Managed Services with a Secure Data Center Infrastructure

RPE has expanded its reach of Data Center hosting and managed services targeting businesses of all sizes. To meet the specific requirements of small businesses to Fortune 500 organization, the RPE Data Center offers flexible options for hosting and managed services. RPE cloud computing consultants provide an instant infusion of expertise and operations professionals at a trusted and SSAE 16 compliant Data Center.

Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Wins 2014 White Glove Award

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel is proud to announce that they have won the Florida Superior Small Lodging prestigious White Glove Award along with 32 other beach hotels in Florida. They are one out of two hotels to win the award in Treasure Island, FL. The award recognizes moderately sized hotels for housekeeping excellence and superior cleanliness. All eligible hotels must earn a score of 100% in Total Housekeeping’s annual review in order to win the award.

Sandbox: A Disruptive, Super-Smart, Complete Security System That Sets a New Standard of Affordability

In today’s unpredictable society, safety and security are important issues for homeowners and those who are responsible for any type of buildings that house groups of people. While there are many old line providers of alarms who now also offer video cameras, there is a void when it comes to security systems that are super simple to install and operate, that are as well integrated as the functions within your smartphone or on your computer, that provide the full set of security and surveillance people want, and that do so affordably.

Earth's Best Expands Pest Control Services to Brandon as Unique Solution Proves Effective

Pest control is of real importance for those who want to protect their homes, pets and even their children from inconvenience, damage and injury. This is especially important when summer reaches its peak and pest activity reaches its yearly high. The problem is that many companies offer astringent, chemical based solutions that can often be as poisonous and damaging to people and homes as they are to the insects they target. Earth’s Best Pest Control do things differently, and has now announced their expansion into Brandon, to deliver environmentally sustainable, safe and highly effective pest control to this new territory.

When Car Title Becomes an Issue: What Broward Junk Car Removal Company Can Offer and How They Resolve the Complexity in Disposing Old and Junk Cars

LogoOne problem that owners of used and old cars face is when they want to sell their pre-loved vehicles and they lose the titles already. Junk car companies usually require titles and registration documents for security reasons. It is understandable that these cash for junk car companies be strict about this process as protection against car theft instances. However, Broward Junk Car Removal who buys junk cars, having stringent processes in evaluating an old and junk car being sold to them.

Decluttering for Cash: Understanding the Saying "Another Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure"

LogoUnlike any other Junk Car Removal Companies, Broward promises stress-free and hassle-free removal of junk cars.

Logolenses Has Added New Gay Pride Designs

LogoGay pride and those who support the social movement believe in taking a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people to help promote their self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights while celebrating sexual diversity and gender variance. Logolenses is proud to announce the newest collection of custom sunglasses for the gay and straight community. The newest designs include the female and male gender symbols, and designs that represent support for the Gay Pride movement.