Press Releases For FL - Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (US)

Earth's Best Pest Control Continues Expansion with a New Service Area in Sarasota, Florida

Pest control is an essential service in a climate as rich in insect life as Florida’s. As a result the State is far ahead of the rest of the country in developing effective, economic and environmentally friendly ways of dealing with infestations. Earth’s Best are a Florida grown company celebrating their 20th year in business, and are celebrating the anniversary by expanding to more than fifteen new service areas in South and Central Florida. For those in the West however, they can find Earth's Best Pest Control now in Sarasota.

Cell Phone Repair and Technology Franchise Announces New Media Partnership

A popular cell phone repair and technology franchise company iGeneration has announced the creation of their new in house media division. This division was created to provide iGeneration cell phone repair and technology franchise owners a direct line to their media and advertising objectives. "Typically, most franchise companies will outsource all of their online and offline media jobs. The result of this is that franchisors and franchisees alike lose some control in the development of this media and the end are marketing messages that gets lost in translation," states Stephen Dee, representative for the company.

"Heal with Bill" Announces New Upgraded Rainbow Healing Membership Plan for Ultimate Healing and Life Transformation

Bill Austin, a spiritual healer, writer, teacher and founder of is pleased to announce new upgraded Rainbow Healing Membership Plan with a 40% discount. The new upgraded plan comes with additional services and new features such as Daily Healing Support Program, Digital Products, VIP Club, Four Healing Sessions (every Monday), and many more.

Cloud Computing Consultants at RPE Expand Reach in Offering High Level of Service for Cloud Hosting and Managed Services with a Secure Data Center Infrastructure

RPE has expanded its reach of Data Center hosting and managed services targeting businesses of all sizes. To meet the specific requirements of small businesses to Fortune 500 organization, the RPE Data Center offers flexible options for hosting and managed services. RPE cloud computing consultants provide an instant infusion of expertise and operations professionals at a trusted and SSAE 16 compliant Data Center.

Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Wins 2014 White Glove Award

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel is proud to announce that they have won the Florida Superior Small Lodging prestigious White Glove Award along with 32 other beach hotels in Florida. They are one out of two hotels to win the award in Treasure Island, FL. The award recognizes moderately sized hotels for housekeeping excellence and superior cleanliness. All eligible hotels must earn a score of 100% in Total Housekeeping’s annual review in order to win the award.

Sandbox: A Disruptive, Super-Smart, Complete Security System That Sets a New Standard of Affordability

In today’s unpredictable society, safety and security are important issues for homeowners and those who are responsible for any type of buildings that house groups of people. While there are many old line providers of alarms who now also offer video cameras, there is a void when it comes to security systems that are super simple to install and operate, that are as well integrated as the functions within your smartphone or on your computer, that provide the full set of security and surveillance people want, and that do so affordably.

Earth's Best Expands Pest Control Services to Brandon as Unique Solution Proves Effective

Pest control is of real importance for those who want to protect their homes, pets and even their children from inconvenience, damage and injury. This is especially important when summer reaches its peak and pest activity reaches its yearly high. The problem is that many companies offer astringent, chemical based solutions that can often be as poisonous and damaging to people and homes as they are to the insects they target. Earth’s Best Pest Control do things differently, and has now announced their expansion into Brandon, to deliver environmentally sustainable, safe and highly effective pest control to this new territory.

When Car Title Becomes an Issue: What Broward Junk Car Removal Company Can Offer and How They Resolve the Complexity in Disposing Old and Junk Cars

LogoOne problem that owners of used and old cars face is when they want to sell their pre-loved vehicles and they lose the titles already. Junk car companies usually require titles and registration documents for security reasons. It is understandable that these cash for junk car companies be strict about this process as protection against car theft instances. However, Broward Junk Car Removal who buys junk cars, having stringent processes in evaluating an old and junk car being sold to them.

Decluttering for Cash: Understanding the Saying "Another Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure"

LogoUnlike any other Junk Car Removal Companies, Broward promises stress-free and hassle-free removal of junk cars.

DOGTEK Announces New and Improved Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar

LogoSummertime is a season that brings people and wildlife outdoors. Even the most obedient dog struggles with focus and obedience with that many distractions around. The Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar is an amazingly simple tool that gives dog owners a safe and effective way to control their dogs when off leash.

Logolenses Has Added New Gay Pride Designs

LogoGay pride and those who support the social movement believe in taking a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people to help promote their self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights while celebrating sexual diversity and gender variance. Logolenses is proud to announce the newest collection of custom sunglasses for the gay and straight community. The newest designs include the female and male gender symbols, and designs that represent support for the Gay Pride movement.

Winter Haven Accident Attorney Offers Spanish Legal Services

LogoRivas Law Group has been serving those in need of a respected accident attorney in Winter Haven since 2007, including those in need of Spanish legal services.

Justmorocco Now Offering Quality Moroccan Wall Sconces

Justmorocco, a Florida, USA-based company is presenting Moroccan Lanterns at cost effective prices for the customers around the globe. The business is a renowned name when it comes to providing home decor products for a variety of different purposes. They are very efficient in supplying high quality Moroccan lighting products to customers.

Both the At-Risk and the Healthy May Travel Safe from Blood Clots

For those at risk for blood clotting, long-distance travel, particularly by plane, may seem an untenable luxury.

ImageLift Publishes Examination of Laser Lipolysis Benefits and Ideal Candidates

LogoDr. Rich Castellano of ImageLift, Tampa cosmetic surgery practice, has published a casual discussion of the pros and cons of laser lipolysis and what type of patient may best benefit from the procedure. ImageLift’s laser lipolysis treatment is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure which tightens the sagging skin of the patient’s neck and facial areas. Laser lipolysis occurs when laser light is used to create a tightening underneath the skin surface. This treatment is highly effective at eliminating the unsightly fatty tissues which cause a loosening and sagging of the skin in these target areas. Among the newest innovations in facial plastic surgery, laser lipolysis does not require post-treatment stitches, since there is no scalpel used at all. The nature and minimal-invasiveness of the treatment often results in same-day release and return to normal activity for the patient.

Mamabear Offers Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on Instagram

LogoParents who have tweens with smartphones are undoubtedly aware of the photo-sharing app Instagram. Instagram remains one of the top apps used by kids with over 200 million users. While much of what happens on Instagram involves the harmless sharing of ubiquitous “selfies” and silly photos with friends, the app has features leaving open for vulnerabilities like location tagging and exposure to inappropriate content.

Justmorocco Emerges as Preferred Provider of Moroccan Lighting Selection

Florida’s most prominent home decor supplier, Justmorocco has emerged as a preferred provider of Moroccan lighting selection across the globe. The company is famous for providing reliable and lasting interior lighting products.

Mamabear Provides Safety Tips for Internet Safety Month

LogoJune is Internet Safety Month, offering families an excellent opportunity to examine their children’s mobile and online behavior and make some positive changes that will keep everyone in the family safe from cyberbullying, predators and identity theft.

Earth's Best Extends Range of Pest Control Solutions and Products in the Tampa Bay Area

Pest control can be a nightmare, especially as summer begins to arrive and new colonies of ants, spiders and other insects are at a high for the year. Many people use astringent chemicals or noxious aerosols to try and deal broadly with these problems but only succeed in reducing the number of insects, and cannot eliminate them. Rather simply litter their homes with insect corpses, citizens of Tampa Florida can enlist Earth’s Best Pest Control, who make environmentally friendly pesticides to remove problem bugs on their behalf. They have recently extended their range of environmentally pesticides and services.

The Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel Wins 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

LogoThe Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel in Treasure Island, FL is pleased to announce they have won a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This distinction is given to hotels receive consistently high reviews from travelers in the areas of location, sleep quality, rooms, service, value, and cleanliness. When it comes to beach hotels in Florida, members of the popular travel website have chosen the Page Terrace Beachfront Hotel as one of the most desirable destinations in the state.

Justmorocco Offering Moroccan Lanterns at Affordable Prices

Justmorocco, a Florida, USA-based company is presenting Moroccan Lanterns at cost effective prices for the customers around the globe. The business is a renowned name when it comes to providing home decor products for a variety of different purposes.

Defy Low T on Men's Health Week

June is Men’s Health Month, and leading up to Father’s Day we celebrate Men’s Health Week (which is June 9 – 15 this year). This is a special awareness period first recognized by Congress in 1994, supported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and celebrated around the world. The goal is to educate men and their families and friends about preventable health problems and to encourage them to be more actively involved in their own health care.

RPE Expands Inventory Optimization Practice as Part of Retail Consulting Solution

RPE is pleased to be expanding its Inventory Optimization Practice as part of its innovative retail consulting solution. The retail inventory management practice encompasses four main components including planning, allocation, replenishment and space management. The retail consultant professionals at RPE have extensive real-world experience, designing, developing and implementing highly-effective solutions for retailers throughout the world.

Tale as Old as Time: A Peek of the World's Largest Junkyard for Old Cars

LogoDean Lewis’ family owns the Old Car City which was born in 1931 as a general merchandise store. When World War II broke, the family business shifted to scrapping cars and was later on morphed into a car salvage yard.

Justmorocco Presenting Unique Moroccan Lamps

Justmorocco, a Florida, USA based company is offering unique and exotic Moroccan lamps for the consumers around the globe. The company is a prominent name when it comes to providing superior quality home decor options at cost-effective prices.

Mamabear Family Safety App Releases Version 3.0

LogoThe makers of MamaBear Family Safety App are pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of the popular mobile app.

Precision Mazda & Mitsubishi Holds Tampa Tuner Expo

LogoPrecision Mazda & Mitsubishi, a trusted local auto dealer, hosted the first-annual Tampa Tuner Expo on May 24.