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North Carolina Team Launches Indiegogo to Help Diners

When eating out, there are so many choices now. There are ways to look up restaurants for recommendations, but most of these rely solely on the 5-star rating system, which doesn't always display an accurate picture of a true dining experience. A North Carolina based programming team has developed a new app IntelyDine, that would change how people look up restaurant ratings and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital required to finish the balance 15% of coding the application and testing.

Jewish Pavilion's 5th Annual "A Walk in the Park" Honoring Seniors Scheduled for October 26

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking a few moments out of our day to let the most cherished people in our lives, our seniors, know how much we care about them.

Simon Ourian, Kim Kardashian's Cosmetic Surgeon Issues a Warning to All Cosmetic Surgery Patients

LogoU.S. Food & Drug Administration issued a report titled “Adverse Events Associated with Use of Enhancement Medical's "Expression" Intranasal Splint as a Dermal Filler.” The report details adverse reactions resulting from the unapproved use of the hyaluronic acid product Expression as an injectable dermal filler. These adverse reactions include bruising, swelling, lumps, discoloration, and nodules. Hyaluronic acid based products with FDA approval for cosmetic use include Voluma, Perlane, Restylane, and Juvéderm.

Bulldog Lock & Key Opens Its Doors in Tucson

After over 13 years in business in Parker, Arizona Bulldog Lock & Key has made the move to Tucson, Arizona, offering lock and key services in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana. Bulldog Lock & Key is a mobile operation, providing locksmith services from a van outfitted with the latest locksmithing equipment, parts and keys to meet customer needs.

Tims New Construction Offers Clients Professional Services Performed by Trained Individuals

One of the most important and pride-instilling investments that people make in their lives is home investment. Nothing can explain the pleasure associated with building your own home, whether it is the first one, second one or fifth one. It is a feeling of great satisfaction and we seldom want to see such satisfaction ruined because of improper construction or remodeling services that went awry.

Rough Hand Repair Ointment Is Now Made Available to the US Armed Forces, Owing to the Purchases by the Public

In the wake of the tremendous response received by customers, John Fraser has announced the shipping of a tube of his coveted product to the servicemen and women in the US armed forces, for every tube purchased by the populace of California. Rough Hand Repair has been specifically designed to heal excessively cracked hands and feet that are caused by a number of reasons; working in the construction and mechanical fields, gardening, farming, working with chemicals, working in the medical field that requires regular washing of the hands, extreme climates or just naturally dry skin. It also works in the case of skin problems like eczema as many customers have reported.

Dr. Albert Chow, DDS - Thousand Oaks, CA Discusses MIS Implants to Assist Dentists in Mastering Implantology Skills

LogoDr. Shelly Akazany, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. Training Manager strongly believes that integrating implantology skills into dental practices is a must and that an investment in implant training ensures continued long-term rewards for both doctors and their patients.

Top Moving Company 4U Makes Moving Easier and Faster

While there is usually a lot to look forward to when moving to a new community, the task of physically moving household items from one place to another is typically more challenging than exciting.

POWERED Website Now Offer 24/7 Customer Support Online and on the Phone

The website was once known as the twenty first century business card, but the design and build of a website has been enriched to such an extent that it now serves more like a handshake. Getting it right therefore takes no small degree of consideration and expertise, which most individuals and businesses aren’t capable of achieving without help. Fortunately, POWERED Website has helped thousands of clients in almost twenty countries create breathtaking web presences for over a decade, and has now increased their commitment to customers to include round the clock support.

84444 Offering "Texting Tuesday" Webinar on October 7th 2014

Logo84444 is pleased to announce that they’re offering a “Texting Tuesday” webinar on October 7th 2014 at 2 p.m. which will provide helpful text message marketing tips. For those who don’t know a ton about text message marketing, Bob Bentz—President of ATS Mobile and the brand 84444—will be supplying some strategies and best practices for text message marketing during this webinar.

United Nations Statistics Divistion's New Director Stefan Schweinfest Gives an Exclusive Interview

The United Nations Statistics Divisions’ new Director, Stefan Schweinfest, who was promoted to the post in July, has lost no time in gaining exposure for the valuable work carried out by the Department. A major profile and interview on the work of the UNSD has appeared in the Global Government Forum. This is a website aimed at senior government officials around the world.

All Penny News: EnerCore and EuroSite Power Find Funds Through Private Placements Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled “EnerCore and EuroSite Power Find Funds Through Private Placements.”

Ph360 Receives Certification from Doctor Trusted

Online personalized health platform has recently been approved to display a doctor's seal of approval, a major benefit granted by consumer protection service Doctor Trusted.

Consumer Mattress Reports Releases Top Picks of Fall 2014

LogoFall and winter seasons bring several sale holidays and plenty of time spent indoors, making this time of year a popular one for housewares like mattresses. To kick off fall, Consumer Mattress Reports recently revealed their latest mattress picks. Vows to Help Barrett's Esophagus Sufferers

LogoHowicuredmybarrettsesophagus (HICMBE),, America’s nutritionist, announced today that HICMBE will focus on helping every Barrett’s Esophagus sufferer worldwide. This means that HICMBE will be contacting every Barrett’s Esophagus sufferer world, wide to offer assistance and help.

Review Expert Is an Online Blog That Helps Its Users on Weight Destroyer Review

Increasing weight issues are a major concern in modern times. Both the genders are hit hard with obesity and excess unwanted fat. As a result the energy potent of individuals are diminishing and resulting in frustration. Review Expert supports such adverse cases in knowing the weight destroyer. It is an online blog dealing with the best of products and reviewing their usage and possible effects. It is followed by many users who have gained success from their weight destroyer review. The site also provides core analysis on other health related diet products and business oriented programs.

H J Has Just Launched, a Weight Loss Website About How Few Davids Managed to Lose Weight Fast

LogoH J has just launched, a weight loss website about how few guys, all named David, managed to lose weight fast and how one of them was able to  lose 40 pounds of fat in the first 2 months

H J Has Just Released Her New Video About How to Lose Weight in One Week Easily

LogoH J has just released her new video about how to lose weight in one week easily, a weight loss video mostly dedicated to women.

Flat Belly Forever Diet & Training Plan Released

According to the latest review published by, this new program is a popular way to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally. The new method promises great efficiency in weight loss, but it claims to be amazingly fast, too.

Flat Belly Forever Released - New Body Toning Program for Both Men and Women

According to the latest review published by, this new program is a popular way to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally. The new method promises great efficiency in weight loss, but it claims to be amazingly fast, too.

H. J Has Just Released a New Video About Losing Arm Fat Fast and How to Get Rid of 1 Inch of Arm Fat in 1 Month

LogoH. J has just a new video about losing arm fat fast and how to get rid of 1 inch of arm fat in 1 month. She has uploaded this new video of hers to her Italian health channel do to the fact that her weight loss channel was inaccessible because YouTube has made a huge mistake.

HJ Has Just Launched Her New Video About How to Use a Dermaroller to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast

LogoHJ has just launched her new video about how to use a dermaroller to get rid of acne scars fast. She has uploaded this video on her skin acre channel, because she knew that dermarolling and acne scars are strictly connected to skin’s health and this way she wanted to get subscribers mostly from women who want a great looking skin without acne scars.

Overview of Diabetes Protocol - Steps Towards Healthy Life

A lot of individuals suffering from diabetes keep looking for natural methods to reverse diabetes, and eliminate this distressing health disorder from their bodies. The majority of people are forced into ineffective and unhelpful diet programs. Many of these programs are pricey and might even have side impacts.

6 Minutes to Skinny Overview Available Online Revealing the Facts About This Weight Loss Program

6 Minutes to Skinny focuses on pushing the body’s buttons and kicking its metabolism into high gear with only a few minutes each day rather than prescribing unpleasant, sweeping changes to one’s diet or lifestyle. This has caught the attention of Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review. “Our 6 Minutes to Skinny review shows that Craig Ballantyne, the program’s creator, has taken the time to understand exactly how your body responds to food and exercise. Rather than having to wade through a bunch of information you don’t care about, you can also jump right in and get started on your favorite topic,” reports Stevenson. “Split into a series of short, informative videos, each contains a condensed presentation on a specific topic, so that you can pick and choose what to watch and when.”

Peter Bansby's Neuropathy Miracle Overview - Permanently Ending Nerve Pain in as Little as 7 Days

Neuropathy Miracle, an all-natural solution to getting rid of nerve pain permanently that was created by ex-neuropathy sufferer Peter Barnsby and has already helped thousands find relief from their condition has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.

Yeast Infection No More Overview: Find out About Causes and Treatment

Linda Allen, a medical researcher and health consultant, has revealed a simple, 5-step holistic system that shows sufferers how to permanently cure their yeast infection while also achieving a healthy inner balance. According to Linda, people can gain relief in as little as 12 hours with her new cure for chronic yeast infections. While these statements seem rather outlandish, that isn't all she promises her customers. Yeast Infection No More also guarantees a permanent cure from chronic yeast infections within two months as well as an end to digestive disorders, allergies, fatigue, muscle aches, rashes, itching, burning, migraines, mood swings, odor, eczema, and even more unwanted yeast infection symptoms.

The 2k a Day System by Travis Scott - Unique Marketing & Business Solution Launched for Elegant Entrepreneurs

When it comes to making money, most people are simply able get by every day, pay the mortgage, settle the bills, put food on the table and send kids to school. Many of these people, however, believe they deserve more for the work they do. Many Americans are simply unable to make ends meet and live the life they have hoped for themselves, their family or their kids.