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Designs by Chibi Launches Winter Line Just in Time for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

So what’s better than eggnog, reindeer and all twelve days of Christmas? Answer: the irrepressible ugly Christmas sweater. So says the founder and president of Designs by Chibi Shanley Suganda. Acknowledging National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day held nationwide on December 12th, the designer answers the formidable question of what to wear to the office Christmas party. Adding to the fun of the holiday spirit Shanley has happily designed a collection of Christmas sweaters that are, well…conveniently goofy.

Seven Bridges Selected to Develop a Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot for the NCI

Seven Bridges Genomics, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a 5.8 million dollar contract as a part of the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot Initiative. The goal of the project is to increase the speed of biomedical discovery by democratizing access to the world’s largest cancer genomics datasets.

Digestive Remedies in the Netherlands: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe 2013 growth rate was broadly in line with the performance of the review period. Digestive remedies continued to see increased penetration, as shown by the gradual rise in sales per capita recorded over the review period. While Dutch consumers tend to prefer opting for prescription drugs rather than OTC, companies have spent a lot to raise awareness and improve health literacy among consumers. This has been done through advertisements and claims that stress the products' ability to treat day-to-day discomfort, such as gastric acidity or indigestion, which a lot of people regularly experience.

"Greece Defence & Security Report Q4 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoBMI expects Greece to spend up to USD6.2bn on defence in 2014. On average, Greece has spent USD6.6bn on defence between 2010 and 2013. Generally, we have observed a downward trend as far as Greek defence spending is concerned during this period. This is not altogether surprising as the country has been in the grip of a severe financial crisis which has prompted widespread and dramatic cuts on public spending. For the remainder of the forecast period, we expect Greece to spend an average of USD5.7bn on defence between 2015 and 2018.

Cafes/Bars in Egypt - New Market Research Report

LogoDue to the important traditional role of cafes as public meeting places in Egyptian society, cafes/bars continues to perform well in the country. Cafes/bars was the consumer foodservice category with the highest number of customers in Egypt at the end of the review period, although this does not always translate into high numbers of transactions due to the traditional role of Egypt's coffee houses as public meeting places.

Incontinence in the Philippines - New Report Available

LogoCurrent value sales of incontinence grew by 7% in 2013, reaching Ps846 million. As the working class's disposable incomes have increased, consumers are now more open to spending on incontinence products. In addition, the category has benefited from an increased awareness of the products.

New Market Report: Thailand Infrastructure Report Q4 2014

LogoThe near-term outlook for Thailand's construction and infrastructure sectors has improved due to greater political and policy certainty. However, the long-term outlook for both sectors remains highly uncertain due to the potential for further project delays, revisions and cancellations from political and financing factors.

Just Published: "China Information Technology Report Q4 2014"

LogoChina continues to outperform in terms of IT spending growth and IT sector development. Despite rapid growth in the past decade the market remains attractive with strong growth prospects resulting from (inter alia) the size of population, rising incomes, relatively low market penetration and a supportive poli tical environment . IT spending growth in China is expected to outperform on a regional and global basis, with a CAGR of 9. 7 % forecast 2014-2018 as IT spending increases as a share of GDP . However, China's IT market is not without its challenges as the pool of first-time buyers diminishes and vendors continue to struggle in the face of ongoing high levels of piracy, cyber security issues , intense competition for price-sensitive consumers and uncertainty generated by regulatory decisions . BMI believes that t he outlook is positive overall , with the caveats mentioned above.

Skin Care in Ireland - New Market Study Published

LogoSkin care was valued at EUR121 million in 2013, up 1% in current terms on the previous year. Despite several years of economic uncertainty, skin care has continued to defy the odds and see year-on-year growth since the economic crash in 2008. Skin care is perceived as an essential part of Irish consumers' beauty routines, like colour cosmetics. This is particularly the case among females. However, more and more males are also showing similar purchasing behaviour.

"Italy Power Report Q4 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoItaly is trying hard to appeal to international investors, with the government reorganising its holdings in gas and power grid networks. The first results are promising with an imminent EUR2.1bn deal by China's State Grid International Development (SGDL) to b u y a 35% stake in Italy's power grid. But the country is still suffering in the face of economic challenges and the austerity measures proposed to turn the economy around are unpopular. As such, it is of little surprise that E.ON has officially announced the will to sell its Italian operations with Gazprom, Edison and Erg rumoured as potential buyers. In addition, the sluggish economic performance is also having an impact on electricity consumption levels - we have lowered our forecasts last quarter. In the short term at least, we forecast that the renewable energy sector and transmission and distribution projects present the best opportunities for growth. Our view is confirmed by the new energy policy unveiled in August 2014 (Sblocca Energia). It aims at providing a lighter bureaucratic burden for new energy infrastructure investments and guaranteeing minimal earnings, based on regulated tariffs, for gas transmission and distribution projects.

Kazakhstan and Central Asia Telecommunications Report Q4 2014 - New Study Released

LogoUzbekistan became the fifth and final Central Asian market to receive 4G LTE this quarter, as Beeline ( VimpelCom ) commercially launched the service in September 2014 . While it represents an important development for the region, we are largely bearish on the technology's short-term future , as the prohibitive cost will keep it out of reach of most subscribers, while 3G remains underdeveloped. Internet costs are some of the highest in the world, due to the landlocked nature of the region and government motivations to censor content. While t here is strong potential in the Central Asia telecoms industry, 4G will not see a significant uptake over our five year forecast period. Instead, we believe Beeline is positioning itself ahead of the return of MTS to the market later in 2014, after the latter had its licence revoked by the government in 2012. Government interference in the sector remains the key risk in the telecoms industry, however, and we tend to believe that this high risk outweighs the potential rewards at the time.

Japan Defence & Security Report Q4 2014 - New Study Released

Logo2014 has witnessed defence policy changes which carry significant implications from the national defence sector, and Japan's role in regional and international security. Notable, constitutional changes have edged Japan towards military normalisation, paving the way for a more active role in regional security. Meanwhile, the domestic defence industry is now permitted to export technology and is being actively encouraged to engage in international joint ventures, yielding fresh opportunities for the international defence market. In line with this increasingly assertive military policy, the Ministry of Defence has requested a record 3.5% budget increase, which will be used to fund major new acquisitions in maritime and air security.

Report Published: "The Future of the Feminine Hygiene Market in Brazil to 2018"

LogoThe Future of the Feminine Hygiene Market in Brazil to 2018 is the result of Canadean's extensive market research. The report presents detailed analysis on the Feminine Hygiene consumption trends in Brazil, historic and forecast Feminine Hygiene consumption volumes and values at market and category level, brand share and distribution channel data. This report brings together Canadean Intelligence's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. This allows domestic and foreign companies to identify the market dynamics to account for Feminine Hygiene sales overall and to know which categories and segments are showing growth in the coming years.

New Market Study, "Asian Speciality Drinks in South Korea", Has Been Published

LogoThe major brand within Asian specialty drinks, Pine Bud Drink Forte, was upgraded in 2013. The drink has been present in the country since 1995 and is a long-term steady seller. The main changes were an increased content of pine bud extracts and improved taste. The product is largely consumed as a refresher among salaried workers or college students who seek a mood change after long hours of work or study. Moreover, sales of the product increase significantly during the months of April to May, when yellow dust storms become prevalent in South Korea. The renewal increased the promotional exposure and interest in the brand and helped to increase sales in 2013.

Footwear in the Netherlands: New Research Report Available at Fast Market Research

LogoFootwear in the Netherlands performed reasonably in the first half of 2013, showing marginal growth. However, as the year progressed sales went from reasonable to bad, with the strongest decline shown in the last quarter. The limited increase in consumer spending in 2013 did not provide room for substantial growth in footwear. Low consumer confidence and declining purchasing power did not inspire Dutch consumers to spend their income on footwear. In addition many shoe shops suffered from the increase in VAT and material prices, as well as the growing success of internet shopping.

Market Report, "Memgen, LLC. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014", Published

LogoGlobal Markets Direct's, 'Memgen, LLC. - Product Pipeline Review - 2014', provides an overview of the Memgen, LLC.'s pharmaceutical research and development focus.

United States Information Technology Report Q4 2014 - New Study Released

LogoThe outlook for US IT spending remains strong when compared to the majority of developed markets over the medium term, as a result of stronger economic performance and a greater interest from enterprises in the latest products and solutions. Cloud computing, real-time enterprise software, security and big data are all areas of spending in which we expect to see strong growth, particularly in the latter years of our forecast. the retail hardware outlook is more mixed, as we expect continued demand growth for tablets in the retail market; however, desktop and notebook sales continue to be squeezed.. Total spending is expected to reach USD665 bn in 201 4, up 5. 3 % from 201 3 , and grow at a CAGR of 4.4 % 2014- 201 8.

"Philippines Petrochemicals Report Q4 2014" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe Philippines' first cracker has witnessed a difficult start to operations with a temporary halt in mid-June 2014 when the facility broke down leading to a big fire, but BMI's latest Philippines Petrochemicals Report expects the facility to ramp up operations in H214 and facilitate strong polymers output growth in coming months.

New Market Research Report: Fruits in the United Arab Emirates

LogoVolume growth of fresh fruit remained healthy in 2013 for a number of reasons, including growth in the population, with more people moving to the UAE fuelled by the strong economic growth and the rising availability of jobs. Increasing health awareness was another trend, driving growth as more western expatriates moved to the country, bringing with them their healthy habits of eating fresh fruit instead of processed sweet food. The government also invested in advertising campaigns to educate...

Market Report, "Pakistan Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2014 - Market Trends, Regulations, and Competitive Landscape", Published

LogoThis report elaborates Pakistan's power market structure and provides historical and forecast numbers for generation, capacity and consumption up to 2030. Detailed analysis of the Pakistan power market's regulatory structure, import and export trends, competitive landscape and power projects at various stages of the supply chain is provided. The report also gives a snapshot of the power sector in Pakistan on broad parameters of macroeconomics, supply security, generation infrastructure, transmission infrastructure, degree of competition, regulatory scenario and future potential. Financial performance of the leading power companies is also analyzed in the report.

Travel and Tourism in Germany - New Study Released

Logo2013 was the fourth positive year in a row for travel and tourism in Germany, with the industry continuing its recovery after a setback in the context of the global economic and financial crisis and the subsequent recession in 2009. Domestic, inbound and outbound tourism flows all saw ongoing positive development both in terms of trips and total value sales.

Market Report, "Russia Bronchoscopes Market Outlook to 2020", Published

LogoGlobalData's new report, "Russia Bronchoscopes Market Outlook to 2020", provides key market data on the Russia Bronchoscopes market. The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and average prices (in US dollars) within market segments - Video Bronchoscopes (Flexible Video Bronchoscopes and Portable Video Bronchoscopes) and Non-Video Bronchoscopes (Rigid Non-Video Bronchoscopes and Flexible Non-Video (Fibre) Bronchoscopes).

Now Available: Qatar Information Technology Report Q4 2014

LogoAlthough Qatar's small population limits growth opportunities in the IT market, it is nevertheless supported by high private consumption levels and strong government support for the ICT sector. ICT has been a major beneficiary of government policies to diversify Qatar's economy away from hydrocarbons, notably through ictQATAR's ICT-2015 strategy and the government's push to build smart cities. These government initiatives have led to ambitious investments in network infrastructure which will encourage broader take-up of IT services as well as development of innovative IT systems. However , we note that increased diplomatic tensions between Qatar and other GCC member states pose downside risk to our economic outlook for the country, which could in turn curtail the government's ability to maintain high levels of investment in the ICT sector over the long term.

New Market Study, "Czech Republic Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q4 2014", Has Been Published

LogoThe pharmaceutical supply chain within the Czech Republic has undergone a period of flux over the last decade. The pharmaceutical market itself, originally dominated by domestic and regional generic companies, has been won over by larger multinationals with competitive pressures expected to continue to favour those with scale. While we expect the Czech market to stabilise in 2014, we note that depreciatory pressure on the Czech koruna could see incomes decline for multinationals that operate within the Czech Republic. In addition, policies that regulate drug prices even further and reduce the cost of medicines to the state healthcare system and private insurers will weigh heavily on the growth prospects of the Czech pharmaceutical market, even as the Czech economy rebounds in 2015. Despite these concerns, BMI maintains a more optimistic long-term view. We believe that the need for innovative medicines will drive growth well above the rates of expansion achieved in Western Europe over our 10-year forecast period. In the longer term, the Czech Republic's disease and drug consumption profile illustrates a considerable gap between it and Western Europe, suggesting that the population's demand for high-value innovative medicines will continue until convergence.

Mining Business Confidence Report Q3 2014, New Report Launched

LogoMining Business Confidence Report Q3 2014 report that globally analyzes industry opinions on the latest economic and customer issues, and their impact on investment decisions and growth prospects within the mining industry. This report also examines executive opinions with regards to the current and future state of the economy and its effect on the industry. It analyzes the likely effect of supplier price changes, sales performance, and staff headcount within the industry over July-September 2014. In addition, it provides an overview of the key priorities, threats, and opportunities for the global mining industry over July-September 2014. Furthermore, the survey forecasts the changes within the mining equipment market, procurement budget allocations and leading suppliers in mining equipment categories.

China Education and Training Industry Report, 2014-2017

In 2013-2014, China education and training industry is characterized as follows:

China Heparin Industry Report, 2014-2017

As the world's major heparin API producer and exporter, China boasts enormous raw materials, which provides a strong support for the production of China’s heparin products. In 2013, the live pigs raised in China could manufacture 27.9 trillion units of heparin crude products. And in H1 2014, the live hogs in China may produce 14.09 trillion units of heparin crude products, up 5.6% on a year-on-year basis.