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Amazing Pet Expos to Gift Free 5x10 Booths to Non-Profit Rescues in 2016

Over 23,500 animals were adopted from an Amazing Pet Expo since 2009, as a result of producing over 95 pet expos across the country. Due to their expansion, the producers made an important announcement last week when they notified exhibitors that they would allow Non-Profit Animal Rescue organizations into their expositions for free in 2016, which would help even more rescues receive exposure to the public and adopt out animals at each show.

Virginia Physical Therapy Company Dynamics Physical Therapy Congratulates Dr. Karen Jensen-Vick on Receiving Her Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT)

Dynamics Physical Therapy, an outpatient physical therapy clinic operating out of three locations in the Northern Virginia area, has always stated that excellence in their therapists is a priority. In October, a second therapist on their staff earned her Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT). Dr. Karen Jensen-Vick works in the Herndon office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and recently joined the exclusive ranks of therapists with their COMT, a well-known advanced physical therapy certification. In fact, only 675 therapists have earned the highly regarded COMT.

Getting Excited About Science Engages Midwestern Students

Students in the Midwest are applauding science teacher, Steve Belliveau during his fast paced and informative assemblies. Combining science and magic he uses entertainment and scientific principles to teach them. Traveling through 11 Midwestern states, he performs over 300 School Assemblies each year. He has has also taught several labs in Chicago at The Museum of Science and Industry as well as the Argonne National labs. His program has been recognized by the Chicago Tribune and WGN TV for excellence.

The Social Savior Launches New Website with Live Online Marketing Case Study

Social media marketing is a becoming the most important means by which for businesses to organically increase their reach to potential customers. The difficulty is that social media is a varied and mercurial beast, and mastering it when one has a business to run is almost impossible without spending months testing hundreds of strategies. Social media management company The Social Savior has just opened for business and to prove their social media strategies work they have launched a live case study so potential clients can see for themselves how effective their methods are.

Cool It Heating and Air Offers 24 Hour Emergency Support to a Wide Variety of Locations

Cool It Heating and Air is a firm that provides top-notch HVAC services, including installation, maintenance and removal. They are based out of Media, Pennsylvania. They offer 24-hour emergency support to their customers, providing an emergency phone line as well as an emergency contact form on their website. Customers experiencing a crisis are urged to contact Cool It's emergency services for any HVAC issue that needs to be taken care of this fall.

Carbon Cycle Crush Provides Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil Lubricant at a Good Market Price

Carbon Cycle Crush, a canola oil producer with headquarters in Spokane, WA, provides expeller-pressed Canola oil lubricant at a good market price. Being a trusted name in the business, the company produces Canola oil that is available for purchase. One can can it from their crush facility in Oroville, Washington and through mail. The procedure for manufacturing this lubricant is natural. No excessive heat or chemicals are used for its production which therefore helps in retaining all the natural characteristics of the lubricant. This expeller-pressed canola oil is eco-friendly and can be used as an alternative option for petroleum. Currently, there are many industries that prefer canola oil over any other kind of lubricant and purchase it in bulk because of its rich lubricating properties.

High Quality Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles from Greenman

Clean and fresh indoor air contributes to a healthy living environment thereby eliminating the associated health risks. The HVAC systems play an important role in providing clean air. However, they need to be maintained properly so that they can improve the overall indoor air quality as well as improve energy efficiency. Greenman Airduct Cleaning is a company that offers a wide range of air duct cleaning Los Angeles California, dryer vent cleaning Los Angeles California and attic cleaning Los Angeles California services along with various other services. Publishes Information on the Average Cost of a Repair

Transmission Repair of Houston reports the average transmission repair runs $2,245, and basic repair jobs typically cost less, yet may still run $1,000 or more. To assist clients with the cost of a transmission repair, Transmission Repair of Houston offers a discount, one which applies to most domestic vehicles. The cost of vehicle ownership continues to rise, and this discount helps to keep it under control. When consumers find they are in need of Transmission Repair in Houston, many turn to Transmission Repair of Houston for help.

Casbah Décor Now Offers a New Range of High Quality Moroccan Sofas to Buyers

Casbah Décor has recently introduced a new lines of Moroccan sofas just in time for the holiday. The company has been recognized for offering hand-crafted quality Moroccan furniture for reasonable prices.

Global and China Buprenorphine Hydrochloride Industry (CAS 53152-21-9) Analysis to 2019 adds report "Global and Chinese Buprenorphine Hydrochloride (CAS 53152-21-9) Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report" to its store.

Official Launch of Expats International Photo Contest Website Announced

Expats International Photo Contest is pleased to announce the launch of its descriptive website containing the explanation of its annual photography contest targeted at world travellers and expatriates anywhere in the world. The contest is suitable for professional, non-professional, and student photographers of all ages.

Wish Fish Line Inc. Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for Their Flagship Product Wish Fish: Stirring Up Positive Feelings of Family, Friends and Festive Fun

LogoEveryone is looking for a new way to send well wishes to family and friends other than the inglorious greeting card or ordinary email. The Wish Fish key chains fill this need to send warm sentiments to those we care about. That's because they're a fun and creative way to share well wishes in a whole new way. Unlike greeting cards that are often pricey and always tossed aside within minutes of arrival, Wish Fish key chains are welcomed novelties that will stay close at hand for months or even years to come. These cute fish remind the recipient they are considered and cared about by the giver every time they unlock their front door or start their car.

Cirkers, an Art and Furniture Storage Provider, Now Offers Fine Art Storage in New York

LogoKnown for its state-of-the-art storage facility, Cirkers, an art and furniture storage provider, now offers fine art storage in New York. They have the best storage solutions that are highly secure and ideal for storing all kinds of art pieces. Irrespective of how old the fine arts might be, one can store them in this storage facility and not worry about them. Every piece of art is handled with utter care and thoughtfulness. If required, specialized and professional levels of services are provided for some art collections. Their property is featured with various technologies such as climate controller, fire detectors, cameras and security, etc.

Team Drones to the Rescue Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Support Their Life Saving Drone Technology

LogoMost of the UAVs currently available in the market are designed for the hobbyists, film crews or recreation. Drones to the Rescue team is engaged in designing drones equipped with a special equipment, making them highly qualified to succeed in Search-and-Rescue situations. These UAVs will be equipped with better GPS functions, offer longer flight times, and heavy pay load capability to carry water, supplies and medicine to people in need during emergencies. Publishes Information on Current Gold Prices

Gold, back in 2001, cost $271 per ounce. To purchase the same amount of gold today, a consumer must spend $1,190.06, according to Individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio need to look at gold and silver IRA plans ( as a way to achieve this goal, as precious metals have a better long term track record than other investment options. Consumers need to take care, however, when choosing a gold IRA provider to ensure they get a company that best meets their needs. Many turn to ( for assistance in making this selection.

Saskatoon Home Support Offer Outings and Activities Days as Part of Their Home Care Packages

Elderly people are living for longer than ever thanks to our increased understanding of nutrition and medical care, and this enhanced aging can lead to greater dependence on others later in life. Unfortunately the pace of life has also increased dramatically in the modern era, and having time to tend to elderly relatives is increasingly hard to come by. In Saskatoon, the elderly have been served for the past 25 years by Saskatoon Home Support, an elderly home care service. Now, they are helping the elderly get back out in the world with outings and activity days.

Simplify Business Marketing! One Meeting... Multiple Options

Business managers can save time and money, by reviewing several marketing options in one simple meeting... Print, Radio, Television, Internet! Why meet with 8 different representatives to learn about marketing options, when one meeting will suffice?

Superior Quality Attic Cleaning Los Angeles Services from

Attics and crawl spaces are no doubt the most neglected spaces of all. One of the major reasons is that they are difficult spaces to clean and need more time especially when the attics are used as storage areas. Attic Wizard is one of the most professional attic cleaning and attic insulation contractors in Los Angeles. The company offers superior quality attic cleaning services right from cleaning to decontamination. They also get rid of pests and infestations that are most commonly found in attics. They ensure that the attic is dust free, free of animal droppings, decontaminate the attics and make it a much more useful space for the entire family.

Ernst Licht Manufactures Traditional German Beer Stein Ware

The German culture is one of the strongholds of tradition and simple pride. The country has been through many losses to understand that there is nothing like simple happiness of friendship and camaraderie! Dictatorship does not work! Probably, because of this national realization, the Oktoberfest is the biggest carnival in the world! More than 6 million visit Munich in those 16 days of chugging beer, flirting, and dancing (in the bedroom also), as long as you pass out in each other's arms.

Mindful Stress & Anxiety Management Center Offers a Brief List of Obsessions to Determine if a Person Is Suffering from OCD

LogoThere are countless instances where individuals express fear or concern. Topics of worry can range from petty to extreme, and the worry can turn to obsession. "You are so OCD" has turned into a catchphrase for individuals who worry, even if there is no disorder present. Mindful Stress & Anxiety Management Center has provided a short list of obsessions that represent some forms of OCD as a disorder.

AirPol Provides Industries with a Wide Range of Air Pollution Control Services

Big industry is one of the major sources of air pollution on the planet. Mining operations, plants and mills, and dust and chemicals from various other industries crowd the atmosphere with harmful contaminants. For 45 years, AirPol has served as a tremendous resource to help cleanse the environment, and to help industries meet EPA rules and regulations.

New Christmas Book for Boys Available on Amazon; Three Rotten Boys Scheme to Capture Santa and Seize All His Gifts

The Santa Claus Down! book by author C.J. Walworth, is an action adventure misadventure Christmastime book about three boys who conspire to capture Santa Claus and grab all the toys and gifts. The book, which is available in Print and for E-readers is available Amazon and at fine book retailers nationwide, is appropriately sub-titled How three rotten boys captured Santa Claus and almost ruined Christmas. The ISBN is 1503293262.

Dr. Ken LeBlanc Discusses Oral Health and Diabetes

LogoDiabetes is not a condition that can be reversed. Because of this, diabetics have to take special steps in order to stay healthy and to avoid oral diseases such as periodontitis (gum disease). Being diabetic puts an individual at a greater risk of developing oral health problems. Regular visits with Dr. Ken LeBlanc can help to minimize these risks.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Now Offering Skin Rejuvenation Services This Winter

LogoAs the body ages, wrinkles are a natural, unavoidable manifestation that can alter one's beauty. This winter season, people who want to smooth out their wrinkles and revitalize their skin can opt for the services of Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery. The cold weather damages skin by drying it out, but with professional skin care it can be corrected. Patients can rely on the skin rejuvenation services offered by these plastic surgeons in Philadelphia to gain a fresh appearance without looking artificial.

Catamount Funding, a Leading Accounts Receivable Factoring Company, Now Offers Unmatched Services

LogoCatamount Funding, a leading accounts receivable factoring company, now offers unmatched services. This U.S. factoring company helps increase a customer's working capital, further enabling them to grow their business. Their invoice factoring program has a mechanism within itself, providing an accounts receivable manager which is professionally built in. The company's staff monitors invoices every 30 days. Periodic calls and reminders via email are sent to accounts payable managers. If the customer of any client misses an invoice, it is immediately forwarded electronically. This helps the clients guarantee payment turn-around on their invoices without having to spend money on hiring an account manager.

Why Should Any Business Hire Commercial Litigation Attorneys?

Hiring commercial attorneys and other specialized legal talent is a strategic move to stand out among the competitors for many commercial businesses. Even law firms are looking out for professionals with the right combination of skills which are in demand. They are trying to create teams that can provide more effective and quality services to budget-conscious clients for less.

Dividing the Property Carefully and Maintaining Its Value During Distribution

The objectives in complex property distribution case are challenging, since many aspects are taken into consideration. They include determination of what all will be considered as marital property and separate property, and how to value unique assets that have marital and separate property components. The division must also be done in such a way that the tax obligations of are kept to a minimum, the asset is kept intact, and the cash flow is preserved.