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Akeem Kellogg Launches Kickstarter Fundraiser to Spread Laid Back California Lifestyle Worldwide Through SD420 Clothing Line

SD420, a Southern California based clothing company today announced the launch of its new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the expansion of its clothing line to the international market. The aim of this company is to spread the laid back lifestyle of California throughout the world and become a popular and successful global brand. With “Cannabis” being the theme for this new clothing line, the company is looking forward to raise $4000 in pledges by Friday, September 12, 2014.

BeVisible Sports Offers 2 Arm Compression Sleeves (For Training & Recovery) with Coupon Code

LogoTo celebrate the end of summer, BeVisible Sports is proud to announce a new coupon code that will entitle one to two arm compression sleeves for just $43 - the perfect gift for those who love sports, health and fitness.

Fashion Range for Men -

Men’s fashion has been a highly debated topic for many centuries now. Like women’s fashion, this too is a constantly changing and evolving field. Not many fashion designers focus on men’s fashion as much as they do on women’s fashion range and accessories. - Where Tradition Meets Modernity is the brain child of Jessica Lobo, an entrepreneur who finds her inspiration through her ancestry. The company is also known as Max Aron Gregory, which is a tribute to Lobo’s forefathers. They are the names of Lobo’s great grandfather, grandfather and father, in that order. With the proud heritage that pushes Lobo to give her best to her customers, the website is definitely a treat for its customers.

One-Stop Shop for Men's Clothing -

A company founded by the passionate Jessica Lobo, is also fondly known as Max Aron Gregory, in memory of Lobo’s family members from the past.

Desigual Continues to Focus on the Best International Catwalks

LogoThe Desigual fashion brand began showcasing its designs on some of the best international catwalks last September at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. After achieving public and critical acclaim in the last two years, Desigual now plans to surprise us once more at the next event in September. During this catwalk show, the brand will present new fashion items from the Spring-Summer 2015 Women’s collection that have been included in the “Desigual by L.” capsule collection, designed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix.

Power Ranger Costume Comes Up with Well-Designed Dresses for Kids as Well as Adults

The rising craze for trendy costumes that involve movie characters as well as superheroes has brought a revolution in the market for trendy dresses. There are various dresses available for children as well as adults. They buy these dresses for special occasion or for an event and look different. There are various events that have dress codes based on various superheroes and it forces people to buy dresses that would make them look unique in that event. One of the super hero costumes that has seen a huge increase in demand is power ranger costumes. One company that has been providing various costumes are power ranger costumes.

2014 Fall Wedding Dresses at Affordable Prices from EhomeDress

LogoAs a popular online supplier of wedding dresses and women's special occasion outfits, EhomeDress pays close attention to style and quality. Recently, the company has released its new range of 2014 fall wedding dresses, and has launched a wedding gown promotion. Now, all customers can get a discounted price, up to 75% off.

2014 Short Party Dresses for Worldwide Women Announced by EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, an innovative company that provides different kinds of bridal gowns and women's special occasion dresses, has announced its new assortment of 2014 short party dresses for women. Moreover, all these outfits are on sale now. They are available at greatly discounted rates, up to 75% off. The development manager for the company says that the special offer will last for five days only.

Superb Wedding Dresses for 2014 Are Available at EhomeDress Now

LogoEhomeDress, a popular online wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has recently announced its new selection of wedding dresses for 2014. All these fashionable wedding apparels are made with comfortable-to-wear materials and of superb quality. Furthermore, the company has announced big discounts on them, up to 75% off. Additionally, the special offer is valid until the end of the month.

EhomeDress Announces a Special Offer on Its 2014 Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

LogoEhomeDress's new version website has come online. The company has improved its appearance and functionality based on the customers' suggestions. To celebrate the launch of its new website, it is offering special savings on its new pink bridesmaid dresses, over 100 styles are on sale now.

EhomeDress Unveils Its 2014 A-Line Prom Dresses

LogoEhomeDress, a professional supplier of women's dresses and related accessories, has recently announced its new assortment of 2014 A-line prom dresses. The CEO of the company also announced that these A-line outfits are offered in several different styles and colors. All orders placed before August 31 can get a discounted price, up to 75% off. Presents Exclusive Power Ranger Superhero Costumes

Superheroes play a crucial role in the development of children’s psyche. Superheroes have always symbolised truth and develop the mindset in children that righteousness succeeds over evil in some or other form. is an online enterprise that plays a humble role in such non-preachy and fun way of upbringing children. It is an online shop that exclusively sells Power Ranger superhero costumes for children. It has wide varieties of costumes of all the Power Rangers. The dresses are manufactured in China with extensive stress on quality of the finished products and similarity with original costumes.

The Best Knee-High Boots for Skinny Calves for 2014-2015 Are Revealed at

Knee-high boots are always very popular with a lot of women, particularly during the cold winter months. However for women with narrow calves it can be quite difficult to find a decent pair that actually fits because many of them end up being too loose and baggy around the leg.

Shim Sham Life Launches New Website: "GPS Running Watches for Men" Reviews and Research

Emil Yau, of Yakka, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of its new website: GPS Running Watches For Men. Every month, tens of thousands of people are searching for reviews online of GPS running watches. Unfortunately, only a handful of websites currently provide legitimate reviews, making it difficult for runners, bicyclists, and athletes to find unbiased information. With the launch of this website, Emil Yau plans to fulfill this need. Releases Fall Fashions Gift Guide

LogoAs their name implies, is constantly focused on providing their customers with products that are currently in style and trending at any given time. That is why AreaTrend is proud to announce the release of their Fall Fashions Gift Guide . This guide is a one stop shop for customers to find the latest fashion trends for the 2014 fall season. Providing Useful and Latest Updates and Reviews on Camo Products for Camo Weddings, Fashion and Accessories

Camouflage clothing or Camo clothing as it is widely known today has been used for thousands of years, but it is only recently that it has started to gain popularity worldwide. Camo fashion apparel, wedding attire, accessories and casual wear are different and represent nature and in its own unique style, which has started to become a trend these days, attracting many buyers from all over the world. offers a comprehensive range of Camouflage themed products, which includes baby clothes, bedding, curtains, gloves, rain gear, shirts, swimsuits, pants, hats, jackets, furniture, bags, shoes, wedding gowns, wedding apparel, fashion clothing, wedding rings, wedding supplies, wrap, and more. The different and unique texture as well as its typical camouflaging looks make these products uniquely attractive.

Sexyshoeswoman Presents Its Store with a Vast Range of Ladies' Footwear

Shoes, especially boots, are normally considered as men’s domain and is something which ladies find little of interest. However, women have been exploring their femininity considerably through the last few decades and the common area between men-specific and women-specific domains has enlarged significantly. Women motorcycle boots are not only common today, they are considered as symbol of a specific class of ladies. Sexyshoeswoman is an online portal that sells extensive varieties of footwear exclusively for ladies. The online store has boots, flats, heels, sandals, sports shoes and wedding shoes for women. In other words, ladies can rely upon one online resource, at least, for all their footwear need. Offers the Best Collection of MMA Equipment Online

Over the past couple of years, more and more people have become rather interested in Mixed Martial Arts. The MMA industry can be seen to be growing through every passing day simply because of the fact that it has a lot to offer. MMA fighters need a lot of mma equipment for the purpose of being able to fight well and succeed in the long run; therefore, they need to find a source which sells the most exclusive MMA equipment for the convenience of customers. has been ranked amongst the most top rated online stores offering a wide range of mma equipment all across Europe.

Prom Dresses for 2014 Have Been Released by Distinguished Supplier EhomeDress

LogoEhomeDress, a distinguished online supplier of wedding dresses and special occasion outfits, is selling thousands of high quality items on its website. Recently, the company has released its new collection of 2014 prom outfits. In addition to that, it has launched a summer promotion. Now, all these brand new prom outfits are offered at discounted prices, up to 75% off.

2014 Black Homecoming Dresses Are Available at EhomeDress, a Popular Online Store

LogoEhomeDress, a popular online supplier of wedding dresses and women's special occasion gowns, has recently released its latest collection of 2014 black homecoming dresses. What'more, it launched huge price cuts on these new items. The company is always striving to enrich its product line. All the new black homecoming gowns are fashionable and beautiful. Any clients can enjoy the special offer before the end of the month.

Beautiful Wedding Veils for 2014 Summer on Sale at EhomeDress Now

LogoEhomeDress, an international dress maker, has recently released it new range of beautiful wedding veils for 2014 summer. All these accessories come with deep discounts, up to 75% off. Now, the new company is making every effort to offer more special items for those who are eager to shine among the crowd.

ebProm Presents a Vast Collection of Prom Dresses Tagged with Less Than $100 Labels

Ball gowns are expensive in both looks and tags. This is the truth buyers were prepared for so far, until cheaper, and quality alternatives started to be released in the online sphere of the market. Ebprom is one of those top providers that have made the almost non-existent combination of cheap-and-good true. Landing in the market a collection of dresses, priced under $100, this site has served as one of the most visited source for gowns for all occasion on the Internet. Within the limit of a $100, the site offers spectacular ball gowns for different occasions with categories made for easy picking.

EhomeDress Announces Its Summer Special Offer for 2014 Vintage Evening Dresses

LogoEhomeDress, an international wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has released its new selection of 2014 vintage evening dresses. Also, the company has launched a summer special offer on these fashionable items. Now, all of them are available at deeply discounted prices, up to 75% off. Any client can enjoy the special offer before the end of the month.

High Quality Simple Wedding Dresses Announced by EhomeDress

LogoRecently, EhomeDress, a renowned wedding dress manufacturer and retailer, has unveiled its new collection of simple wedding dresses. These elegant dresses are specially made to expand the company's online market. All of them are made with superb quality materials. They are now offered at huge price cuts, up to 75% off.