Technology Press Releases

Kyle Gustin and David Quon Announce Formation of Executive SEO, Inc.

Kyle Gustin, a veteran of the search engine optimization industry, and David Quon, a serial entrepreneur with extensive business development experience, announced the formation of Executive SEO, Inc. Founded to deliver elite-level SEO services tailored specifically to the needs of each client, the new corporate partnership is already growing at a rapid rate, with customers in more than 20 major North American cities. The pair expect the combination of Gustin's SEO experience and Quon's proven business-building skills to produce even more impressive results as new customers discover the undeniable value proposition that Executive SEO represents.

Custom Rx East Wichita Location Earns Elite PCAB Re-Accredidation

Custom Rx Pharmacy and Wellness Concepts has earned re-accreditation with the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®) for their East Wichita location, once again proving their commitment to quality compounding and patient care. Their east side facility is located at 2350 N Greenwich Rd, Ste. 1000.

All Star Websites Expands Template Selection of Web Page Maker

All Star Websites, a renowned name when it comes to providing web site building, domain name, web hosting and web design services, today announced the introduction of a range of new templates for clients to choose from within their web page maker software. The addition of new templates to the website builder will make it easier for users to build a website that suits their individual needs and preferences. The web page maker is easy to use and allows one to start and create a professionally designed website in just a matter of minutes.

PerksCard Benefit Rewards All Employees

Allowing employees to feel appreciated with discounts and incentive programs that can be personalized to fit their lifestyle is extremely beneficial to all parties involved, according to researchers of human behaviour. Such research should influence the PerksCard Office of HR and promotion of the incentive schemes available through this membership should be highlighted in order for more companies to engage in such a beneficial rewards program. A beneficiary of this scheme will be able to use discounts that suit their needs and wants while they are at home or while they are travelling, so the PerksCard benefit is different for each individual and will be appreciated on many more levels then single option rewards.

PerksCard Membership Proven to Build Customer Base

As a PerksCard member, there are all kinds of benefits for customers, whether they are new or returning, and they are suited to local businesses as well as national brands. The use of mobile to keep travellers in touch with nearby offerings will additionally bring more clients, and using social media adds more of an audience. The PerksCard is gaining recognition and acceptance across the U.S. which should please the PerksCard Office of HR, and according to many clients it is beneficial to both the user and the supplier of the incentives.

PerksCard Office of HR Understands Employee Happiness Is Important

For a PerksCard member, and other employers, employee benefits are an integral part of reassuring that there is overall satisfaction within the job place, according to Internet research. It is also noted within such research that satisfied employees remain more loyal to employers and try harder within their field of work if they are driven by incentives, which lessens employee turnover rates exponentially. Human Resource departments appreciate statistics similar to these, so many will understandably promote providing a PerksCard benefit within the package of incentives offered to each employee.

Flip HTML5 Publishing Software Helps to Tap Into Mobile Audience

LogoMany companies invest a lot in promoting their products online while the population using mobiles are ignored. It is important that their product reaches those who use mobiles constantly for everything. Flip HTML5 gives companies that special edge that will make their product easily readable, accessible, and creative on mobiles as well. Flip HTML5 gives the consumer a real experience of reading a book, a magazine or a product brochure.

Get WinXDVD Software Gift Pack on Halloween Deals for All Saints' and All Souls' Day

LogoHundreds of millions of people around the world are planning to celebrate this Halloween, through the typical "door-to-door" trick or treating and costume parties. At the same time, Digiarty Software, one of the most influential and fastest growing multimedia software providers, is feeding those hunting for the most up-to-date and substantial DVD backup and video audio conversion tools with a once-a-year-only iPhone iPad Android software discount pack and a free DVD ripper. The promotion is effective on Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, up until November 4.

"G3 Development" Fruitful Twitter Chairman Adam Paul Green (Salt Lake City Utah) Endorses Nisandeh Neta's "the Business Campus" Concept in Carson City Nevada, Oklahoma City Oklahoma and Old Westbury NY

LogoThere are a lot of people tagging themselves as “Social Media Experts, Gurus or Certified Specialists.”  Most of the people making these claims are individuals/organizations who offer “basic Social Media skill sets and copy methodologies” which, in the end, will get the wrong kind of connections, a lot of the wrong followers as well as a bad reputation in the marketplace.  Just like in the Indiana Jones movie, one needs to “choose wisely” or they will perish from a Social Media perspective.

Safe Candle News: #1 Online Networking Kingpin at "G3 Development" Award Kara and Troy Egan (Super Star Directors, Scentsy, Utah) Week 21 Best Posts on Facebook as Voted on by Residents of Oklahoma City and New York NY

LogoG3 Development provides search engine optimized articles once each week to literally 'train' the search engines to index content more frequently. In addition, our articles are optimized with keywords and customized links that help search engines measure relevance and connectivity with related sites.

"G3 Development" Distinguished Twitter Board Member Adam Paul Green (Salt Lake City Utah) Endorses Nisandeh Neta's "the Business Campus" Concept in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Madison Wisconsin and New York NY

LogoG3 Development provides search engine optimized articles once each week to literally 'train' the search engines to index content more frequently. In addition, our articles are optimized with keywords and customized links that help search engines measure relevance and connectivity with related sites.

Safe Candle News: Top  Direct Selling Powerhouse at "G3 Development" Award Kara and Troy Egan (Super Star Directors, Scentsy, Utah) Week 12 Best Tweets on Twitter as Voted on by Residents of Jefferson City Missouri  and NY

LogoWhen people needed or wanted something in the old days, they’d look up information in the yellow pages.  Today, people turn to search engines to find what they want or need.

Affordable and Reliable, Quality VoIP Services from Switch2Voip

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is an advanced form of technology that has improved the means of communication. VoIP can help save a substantial amount of money, as compared to traditional telephone calls over long distances. Switch2Voip is aimed at providing highly reliable and affordable VoIP services to customers at affordable as well as competitive rates.

An App That Helps Individuals Gain Financial Freedom

Libertus Game introduces its breakthrough App for all those who want to master financial management and handle financial resources in the most strategic ways possible. It is extremely important for individuals to manage their finances in a frugal manner. But most of them lack experience or knowledge on resource utilization. One can develop their skills through the Libertus App. It is a simple 2-4 multiplayer game that can be played with friends or with a random player. This is one of the most interesting and practical turn-based financial game.

The Data Recovery Geeks Helps Business Establishments Retrieve Lost Data Fast

The Data Recovery Geeks has been indispensable to business establishments and families alike for retrieving irreplaceable documents stored in hard drives that fail to perform anymore. For over 3 decades the Company stands tall as one of the few data recovery services in the industry in providing affordable services that never fails a customer request.

Banana-Print Introduces Online Design Feature for Business Cards, No Extra Fee is a printing service that lets customers create their own business cards, using artwork they own. The online design feature also includes a vast gallery of templates and pre-made designs, all to be used at no additional fee.

Last 3 Days to Get Powerful SWF to Video Converters with 40% off in Moyea Halloween 2013 Promotion

LogoMoyea Software, a professional solution provider for SWF conversion, online Flash playing, and DVD conversion for online playing, announced the Halloween promotion a couple of days ago. Now users have last three days to get Moyea SWF converter software (Moyea SWF Converter for Mac isn’t included), Web Play Premium and DVD4Web Converter with 40% off.

Magline Featured in MFRTech as an Official Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Program

LogoRecently, Magline was featured in as a member of the Proud to Manufacture in Michigan program. Magline, Inc. manufactures a complete line of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions under the Magliner brand. Magline has taken a leadership role in route distribution which directly impacts those industries involved with packing and packaging.

Ultriva CEO Laksham Leads Paradigm Shift with End to End Pull Scheduling Manufacturing Production

LogoNarayan Laksham, founder and CEO of Ultriva, Inc. recently highlighted why manufacturers should integrate with the demand side to streamline their supply chain. They call this process as “End to End Pull (E2E)” replenishment. Laksham expanded this idea in the company’s blog published recently, “This is clearly a paradigm shift compared to the constant focus on improving the planning or forecasts using better and superior algorithms. The primary goal of the E2E process is to schedule manufacturing production based on customer demand instead of forecasts while raw materials and components usage at the manufacturing facilities should drive replenishment to the upstream supply chain. This is also commonly known as ‘consumption driven replenishment’ or ‘Electronic Kanban loops.’”

PickCart by Pcdata USA Features Easy Installation and Rapid ROI

LogoPickCart is Pcdata USA’s new innovative multi-order picking solution which rapidly reduces order assembly time in a high SKU count, low volume warehouse operations. Designed to maximize efficiency during the picking process, the PickCart is mounted with the latest route optimization software, ensuring the lowest possible distance travelled by operators. Antonio Rodrigues, a senior manager at Pcdata USA, based in East Granby, Connecticut, suggested, “The mount is simple to screw onto the existing pick cart, the cable installation method is simple, and the Pick-to-Light displays click in place making PickCart easy to install saving time and money.”

Hayters Turkey Products HACCP Coordinator Discusses Documentation Management Solution

Icicle is preferred for many small and medium sized food manufacturers as a food quality HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) solution. Other software solutions are more expensive and limited to the machines that the software on which was installed. The Icicle cloud-based structure allows food manufacturers to access data from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

OEE Software Lacks Automatic Classification of Downtimes Reports System Insights

Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights, cited one of the deficiencies of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) software, namely the inability to support Auto Classification of Downtimes. Sobel said, “OEE software cannot do this, and vimana can. System Insights maps the data patterns to the reasons for the downtimes. With this information manufacturers can automatically know why the machine is in a downtime without wasting valuable employee hours.” Typical “monitoring” solutions based on OEE require intrusive inputs from the operator, which leads to bad data, and slows down the production process.

Food Safety Audits Featured in the Packer and TraceGains Gathers More Audit Horror Stories

LogoChuck Robinson recently authored an article for The Packer titled, “Food Safety Audits and Brilliant Blunders.” Now TraceGains is interested in collecting these brilliant blunders or food safety audit Horror Stories. In an effort to best capture the process of these food audits, TraceGains wants to hear about “the worst food audit experiences.” According to Gary Nowacki, TraceGains’ CEO, “Telling these stories is cathartic. It allows people at food manufacturers and processors to finally share food audit experiences in a friendly yet anonymous setting. This is the antidote to the audit venom. We encourage and request all food safety and quality professionals to share their stress and nightmare food audit experiences.”

Newly Launched Provides List of Sex Offenders Living in the U.S.

Two new websites to help concerned parents identify convicted sex offenders living nearby have just come online this week. and both offer a searchable database of local sex offenders to allow any citizen of the United States to see exactly how many sex offenders live in their county, city, and neighborhood.

Market Mongoose Shares the Secret to Optimizing a Website's Online Presence

A business owner or service provider must avail the professional and effective online services of a reputed SEO company that can help them in online marketing segment, software development and automation to make it big on the internet. Announces the Launch of Its Unique Gift a Website Concept announces the launch of its unique concept which allows you to gift a personalized website to your loved ones. The personalized website can express your love, feelings and thoughts in a cool and memorable way.

TrueGether Site Launched as an E-Commerce Platform Based on Social and Professional Profiles

In an ingenious marriage of E-commerce and social networking a new online shopping platform by the name of TrueGether has just been launched by PixalSoft. The brainchild of Prashant Saraswat and Anup Modi, two highly skilled software entrepreneurs based in Long Island, New York, the site is poised to bring the fun back to online purchasing. “The whole premise behind the site is to build a network of trust between members who will buy and sell based on products as well as social and professional profiles imported from their social media accounts. ” said Anup Modi, Co-founder of PixalSoft.