Technology Press Releases

AVRC Announces Release of Vehicle Recall Software

Recent headlines have made note of automotive recalls such as that for Takata airbag inflators affecting nearly 6 million Toyota manufactured vehicles. And that particular recall is just one costly example. There were several in 2014. Just one single large scale recall can cost a manufacturer millions of dollars and thousands of man hours. One company, Automated Vehicle Recall Center (, is taking these problems to heart and announces their automated solution for automakers. Their AVRCenter software facilitates a cost-effective and streamlined solution for recalls that helps protect manufacturers from the quickly spiraling financial and labor burdens related to such recalls.

RoboStage Introduces an Industry Changing Photography Studio

RoboStage has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their industry changing idea to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $75,000, which needs to be raised by February 1st in order to open the doors to the world's first robotic web-based photo studio. This unique and inspired idea is the brainchild of a group of professional modeling agents known as TopModelGroup, who wanted to change the way that modeling shoots are created. With RoboStage all photographers, whether professional or amateur, can direct and control their photo shoots from anywhere in the world.

Heightened Surveillance Security with No CCTV "Snooping"

LogoThe world continues to debate Edward Snowden's revelations. However, Viseum UK of London, England has developed a hi-tech network of autonomous surveillance cameras to spot crime, whilst keeping prying human eyes unsighted - unless potentially harmful activity seems likely.

Birmingham Based Internet Marketing Agency's Views on Online Censorship in the UK

LogoIt could be argued that there are many better ways to protect children online and that our government are simply using this as a way to control what we see online. Are we at risk of becoming a dictatorship rather than a democracy if freedom of speech is no longer a person's human right? Unveils Offers Information on Best Web Hosting

Hosting services are the need of the times; no two ways about it. As the importance of websites has grown with every passing day so has the significance of these services. After all, no website can be up and running without the help of these practical services today. However the problem website owners are often faced with is choosing between these services. has launched a new platform that talks about Best Web Hosting services, which can be of great importance to potential users.

Mohr Publicity: The Next Big Things in Social Media Marketing for 2014

Mohr Publicity, a reputable publicity firm in Los Angeles, predicts the future for social media will be more exciting than ever, but says the world should be prepared for rapid change and lightening fast evolution in the field of Internet marketing.

Red Cherry Web Deisgn Calgary and Online Marketing Company Says Tumblr's New (at) Mentions Feature Increases Engagement

LogoRed Cherry Web Design Calgary, an online marketing company, reveals how Tumblr’s new @mentions feature could boost usability and engagement on the platform.

Local Mobile Monopoly Review Introducing New Strategy to Build a Full-Time Mobile Income

This Local Mobile Monopoly Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not their money to get Local Mobile Monopoly new revolutionary program on how they can make massive cash per month from a completely untapped market. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called Local Mobile Monopoly are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. Local Mobile Monopoly Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

Ezee Rank Tracker Now Introduces Their Major Update to YouTube Search Algorithm

LogoEzee Rank Tracker now introduces a major update, after their recent maintenance update for upgrading Yahoo and Bing scraper. This major update of the rank checker tool involves YouTube Search Algorithm enhancement. It also enhanced the method to calculate changes in rank positions of websites across various search engines.

Attention Caregivers and Patients, There's an App for That: Innovative New App Is More Than Just a Medication Reminder

Imagine not having to worry whether One's grandmother is taking her medications on schedule because she can hear their voice gently reminding her when that time comes. Or, let’s say they are a nurse who thinks their patient may need help remembering the strict schedule of the medications that the doctor prescribed. Well, there is a new app that can do all of that and more. Medication Tweets is an app that can be useful to nurses, doctors, caregivers and patients themselves who want to ensure that they don’t miss their important medications.

Merit Paycheck Review - Wendy Kirkland's Retirement Income Trading Program Enters Its Final Phase

Merit Paycheck by Wendy Kirkland: Borrowing and spending income may carry a lot of issues. Many people do not like to gamble with their money. As the posthaste and hastily increasing inflation rate has crippled the financial landscape of all the countries worldwide, people are now looking for intelligible investment alternatives to spend their entire life with ease. The certainty that so many precarious and risky trading products are available in the market, people who are actually interested in purchasing these dodgy products are recommended to thoroughly do background reading and fact-finding researches and groundwork before investing in any such precarious products.

Wendy Kirkland Merit Paycheck Review - Never Worry About Money Again

As the rapidly increasing inflation rate has crippled the financial landscape of every country, people are now looking for credible investment alternatives to spend the rest of their lives with ease. The fact that so many dodgy trading products and retirement plans are available in the market, individuals are recommended to thoroughly research and study before buying or investing in any such product.

Profit in 60 Seconds Binary Option System by Keith Jones Makes 14k Per 2 Weeks

Profit in 60 seconds has become widely acclaimed throughout the internet marketing due to the incredible profits it provides to the users by trading different 60 seconds options on the Forex. Anyone who is looking for a successful business opportunity that can lead to a life-changing experience should definitely start trading through the Profit in 60 seconds application. One of the most amazing aspects of this application is that 5 out of 6 of these 60 seconds trades are willing to make traders around 75% profit.

FAP Turbo 2.0 Review - Steve Carletti's Newly Updated Forex Robot Released

Currently, the ultimate money making Forex robot in the market is undeniably FAP Turbo 2.0. Since its launch in the year 2008, it has remained to be the best selling product on the Clickbank market with a very high gravity.

iGreen Marketing Make 'No Worries, Just Clients' Promise for Hands-off SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization is a booming industry, and having a company on the first page of Google for key search terms can make all the difference in generating traffic and driving sales. In the 21st Century brands do not merely need to be visible, they need to be searchable. iGreen Marketing is a full spectrum digital brand service that offers Search Engine Optimization services and has made a “No Worries, Just Clients” promise that they will manage every aspect of the campaign so busy businesses don’t have to.

SEO Can Bring Back One's Online Business on Track

In this present era of computers and internet all information is available in abundance on the internet. Internet and websites have become the most effective and powerful medium that is highly economical as well. These websites promote the business of a company at a global level and brings in the clients to the company rather than the company running behind the clients. For putting one’s company up on the internet they need to have a website first and for this one needs to seek the help of the web design companies. Reducing Email Marketing Bounce Rates

The trend says it all, SPAM and invalid email addresses are growing into a huge issue for business owners. Millions of emails come back as undelivered from popular email marketing services and end up causing headaches for those who manage those email lists. however is delivering the leading solution for both B2B and B2C email marketing campaign deliverability. Launches Wedding Videography

Wedding day will probably be the most important day of ones' life. Every bride and groom strives for perfection; going to great lengths to ensure that their ceremony lives up to a lifetime’s worth of hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, the true majesty of such a momentous occasion is often lost when transferred to what has sadly become the modern wedding video. That is, unless one is willing to pay the big bucks for a dedicated film crew. But, no more to worry about it as has launched a new Wedding Videography service that’s sure to bring a smile on users’ faces.

Identity Theft Protection Guide Provides Easy Step-by-Step Instructions to Protect Yourself

The rate by which identity theft and personal data breaches is going has become increasingly alarming. Estimated to be a $40 billion business, the crime affected roughly 8 million people in 2013. Because it is carried out in a very subtle manner, unsuspecting individuals are led to believe that they are safe - until they discover something off about their credit reports.

Wendy Kirkland Merit Paycheck Review - Last Day to Sign Up

As the rapidly increasing inflation rate has crippled the financial landscape of every country, people are now looking for credible investment alternatives to spend the rest of their lives with ease. The fact that so many dodgy trading products and retirement plans are available in the market, individuals are recommended to thoroughly research and study before buying or investing in any such product.

Merit Paycheck by Wendy Kirkland Rocks the Trading World - Enrollment Cart Closes Today

In the midst of the severe global economic crises, people have become doubtful about spending a peaceful retirement life, with a consistent flow of income. They are looking for credible investment alternatives, but the fact that the markets are overflowing with so many dodgy products, it looks like a mere dream. Business experts and consultants recommend that individuals should conduct a comprehensive and thorough research before buying or investing in any such product.

Profit in 60 Seconds Thorough Review Deems the Product a Worthy Buy

Profit in 60 seconds is an application or a trading tool that permits people to make enormous profits by trading different 60 seconds options on Forex. Profit in 60 Seconds is an incredible opportunity that changes people’s life in a blink of an eye. It is highly recommended for both beginners and professional traders. But people do not necessarily have to be a trader to use this application. It’s also not needed for people to have a bottomless deep-rooted knowledge of Forex in order to become a trader.

BTC Bitcoin Robot Reviews - Does All the Hard Work Automatically

The fact that the world is battling severe financial crises of all time, people have become worried about their hard-earned money. In addition, the lack of credible and reliable investment alternatives has further worsened the problem. In the midst of this rapidly rising inflation, and other variables controlled by the Central Bank or the government, the Bitcoins has come to the rescue. The Bitcon Trading Robot, better known as BTC Robot, is the first automated software program that is specially designed for getting an upper hand in trading Bitcoins.

FAP Turbo 2.0 Review: Sales Now Record High - It Works Wonders

Fap Turbo 1.0 used to be the top money doubling Forex robot when it was launched. It was not only a successful Forex robot but it was also the most famous one as far as the Forex traders community was concerned. The latest version in this series is Fap Turbo 2.0 which is the most popular Forex EAs available in the market nowadays. In recent times, Fap Turbo 2.0 is the safest way to get rich on Forex. Steve & Mike, the developers of this version fixed all the short-lived faults present in the first system and put a great effort to improve the current version 2.0.

Light Relief Analysis: Everything About Light Relief Revealed

Some people believe that light therapy is a very effective alternative to traditional drugs and conventional medicines, but others don’t. Some believe that light therapy is an excellent treatment for curing pain of some ailments, and that it is proven to help in reducing inflammation, wound restoration, and reducing pain. In order to offer essential information and details about light relief product, light relief analysis page is made available. It is filled with every essential aspect of the product that can help people discover whether it is ideal for them or not.

Revamped Opportunities for Zen Cart to VirtueMart Migration with Cart2Cart

Cart2Cart - an automated migration service announces revamped opportunities for those e-merchants who decided to movefromZenCarttoVirtueMart. Such options as preserving order IDs and creating product variants based on the value of their attributes are now available. Moreover, Store owners, who spend a lot of time out of the web can benefit from advanced Data Migration Service Packages.

RankNext Introduces Expert SEO Services for Local Businesses

A recent study by Outbrain showed that search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites, and beat social media by more than 300%. Results also indicated that 79% of search engine users indicated that they frequently click on natural search results, with 80% claiming that they rarely click on sponsored search results. With these trends in mind, RankNext has introduced SEO services designed to help grow new businesses in Mumbai and surrounding areas.