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Aviator Author Gives Children 3-8 Years Old Courage to Dream on Kickstarter

In a world where children often are told in school and at home about their limits (“you can’t do that”, “you’ll never be that”, “you’re wrong”), author and aviator Nancy Hayssen is spreading the positive message in a soon to be released children’s book that dreams are possible when you have someone to believe in you.

Asian Real Estate Association of America Invites Dr. Gregory Finkelson to Speak at the National Convention 2014 to Provide His Expert Advice on the EB-5 Program

After the successful launch of his book, “How to Find Chinese Investors, Agents & Clients for Your EB-5 Projects & Services”, Dr. Gregory Finkelson will now speak at the National Convention 2014 about his study and findings that led him to write the illustrious book. The event is set from the 4th to 8th of September 2014, in the Bellagio Hotel of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yoosecurity- Where One Can Rely on These Experts to Remove Any Infections by Safeguarding Computers

Numerous websites are available on the internet and sometimes it’s hard to know if a website contains viruses, malware and other harmful entities. It’s very important that a computer user has a simple knowledge on how to get rid of an unwanted software or virus. This is where YooSecurity comes into picture. Security experts from YooSecurity give basic assistance in combating those unwanted entities with the use of their how-to-guides. If more help is needed, they can further assist by calling or chatting them. Has Launched to Transfer Art Onto Metal

Logo“We wanted our product to be something much more than just a print, we wanted to deliver art on a surface that matches its timeless form. Displates are made from steel, are though, eco-friendly and look great. It won't get torn, won't get wet, won't get old. However it can get stolen, because it’s awesome. The prints are HD quality with juicy colors. Also we wanted the people to be able to quickly and easily put and enjoy the graphics on their wall. Screws? Nails? Hammers or any other tools? No, thanks. We hate that too. You can just put it directly to your wall thanks to our drag and drop magnetic system.” – says Charles Banewitz, CEO of

Community Service Help Launches No-Cost Volunteer Tracking Platform

Community Service Help, a company that promotes using education as an alternative to court ordered community service, has recently announced the launch of a no-cost volunteer tracking platform.

Giveaways and Free Products at Hunting4Freebies

Free stuff abounds at Hunting 4 Freebies, a website that has all the free things anyone can get without costing him or her, a dollar. Free samples by mail and they are not joking!

Wondershare Offers a Transfer Tool for Switching from iPhone to Android

Wondershare, based in Shenzhen, China, offers a diversified range of software products and services. Its website gives a variety of useful tips that help people deal with issues that arise from the application of mobile and other software devices. Anything you want to know about software and its application can be queried or can be found from the website. Launches to Help Shoppers Get the Best Cyber Monday Deals

Everyone has heard of Black Friday. It’s the last Friday after Thanksgiving, and one of the busiest shopping days of the year. All over the country, stores give dramatic one day discounts on popular Christmas gifts and other products. However, less people have heard of Cyber Monday. This is the following Monday, where online retailers give similarly huge discounts on their products.

J Farley Enterprises Launches PC Health Boost for Simple, Effective PC Repair

Statistics depict all computer users encounter some type of error message at one time or another. Though statistics are rarely absolute, those pertaining to the frequency of error messages are the exception to the rule. These notices of computer related problems can be frustrating for the user and have adverse effects on the computer and the files contained within its hard drive. In an effort to prevent these problems from causing long term damage, J Farley Enterprises has launched their PC Health Boost program, which effectively seeks out and removes the problems that cause common error messages.

The MamaBear App Offers Flexible Solutions for iPhone GPS Tracking for Parents

LogoThe MamaBear app offers parents flexible solutions for iPhone GPS tracking. Parents can track their children from location to location throughout the day thanks to the easy-to-use app interface. Since the 2012 release of the MamaBear app, parents have found the comprehensive set of GPS related tools and alerts that the app offers extremely effective for child tracking. MamaBear allows parents to track children in near to real time with GPS mapping software. It also gives parents all new options powered by advanced GPS tracking and positioning systems in iPhone models like the 4, 4S and iPhone 5. Both the parents’ and children’s views of the MamaBear app are easy to download and install from the Apple App Store. MamaBear helps smartphone-using families worldwide and is also available on the Google Play Store for families that use Android phones. The MamaBear app has seen extensive media coverage and continues to pick up headlines all over the world.

WebHostingJam Knows the Best Web Hosting Companies in the Market

The best web hosting partner can now be determined by seeking help from WebHostingJam. Everything that an individual or a company needs to know about web hosting companies is provided by this site. They give reviews, comparative data, detailed pricing information, explanation of features and a whole lot more. No need to do trial and error just to know the most appropriate web hosting partner for one’s business. WebHostingJam can do it in the most efficient and most reliable manner.

Magline Dealer Eau Claire Truck and Trailers Shares 14 Foot Ramps Are Most Popular

LogoEau Claire Truck and Trailer Inc. located in Eau Claire, WI since 1982. The company offers twenty-four hour parts and service, a variety of parts, used truck sales, new and used trailer sales including vans, flats, reefers, drops, live floors, dumps, grain, lowboys, and tanks. Jim Perner in the sales department, commented, “Magline is our only brand. We supply parts and service with the 14 foot ramp being the most popular. It allows the snow to fall through. Lead time for the customer is not an issue.”

Attivo Group with MISys Manufacturing Software Provides Modular Solution

MISys Small Business Manufacturing Software is modular, so companies can purchase only the functionality is required immediately. Industry leaders can begin with the basic manufacturing capabilities and add modules for additional needs the company grows.

Last Chance to Register for TraceGains Webinar Detailing Effective Supplier and Control Programs

LogoTraceGains is hosting a webinar entitled, “Practical Aspects of an Effective Supplier and Control Program,” on Thursday, May 21, 2013 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT.

Wondershare Offers to Assist in iPhone Voice Memo Recovery

Wondershare, the site that provides a host of software for different purposes has come up with something to assist Apple users too. The site offers solutions to retrieve the lost voice memos on iPhone with software created and marketed by the company. The company presents its product, Dr.Fone (Mac) for users using devices on Mac platform and Wondershare Dr.Fone for windows users. The software has been developed with the sole idea to recover iPhone voice memo.

NexBoom Uses Proprietary Technology to Learn About Latest Trends in Social Media

Lou Zant, President of NexBoom Universe,, a wholly owned subsidiary of NexBoom Universe Group,, said today that NexBoom utilizes a variety of social media venues to keep their thumb on the pulse of that which is currently relevant to the public, as well as engaging their participation.

LoadSpring Solutions Achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialization for Oracle's Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8

LoadSpring Solutions, a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), and project management (PM) solution experts that can creates fast, easy, mobile cloud solutions,today announced it has achieved OPN Specialized status for Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 8.

Updated Reviews Become Available at

Stress and frustration typically go hand in hand with data loss. Whether it is the dissertation that is almost complete or years worth of business reports that go missing, the amount of work required to replace the data can quickly overwhelm a person or company. Many choose to turn to cloud storage to ensure this doesn't happen. "The key to successfully using cloud storage lies is knowing what is needed and what company best meets these needs which is where comes in. All reviews on the website have been updated to reflect the most current information to make cloud storage decisions easier," Clarence Stanley of CloudStorage. us declares.

Celebrity Chef Mark Miller's Accountants Use Software for His Restaurants

"Mark Miller has disclosed that he uses the services of Justin Time to handle his business and taxation matters."

OutBooster Responds to Donald Trump, Switches to

In a bid to raise validation for their OutBooster device made as the world's first hardware based Internet speed booster, the company has declined to submit their idea on Kickstarter in favor of the new crowdfunding platform launched by Donald Trump after responding to a Tweet late last week.

BBOEscape - a New Way to Release Stress and Get Rewards

Myware Solutions’ second product this year- will solve a major problem in day to day life. Stress is a part of life, and there are countless ways to help ameliorate stress. While many cost money, such as massages, gym memberships and the like, some stress is not necessarily aligned to these solutions. The stress some feel is associated with the mind and for them to relax, they need some sort of mental stimulation. will solve this problem in subtle effective way.

iPhone Dev Secrets Review: App Dev Secrets Course Overview

iPhone Dev Secrets Review is the right page for people who want to create their own game or application for iPhone or iPad. All users need to do to is learn and correctly apply the information. This ultimate iPhone Dev Secrets Review will help app enthusiast everywhere easily develop and successfully market their own iPhone apps, regardless of their prior programming experience. iPhone Dev Secrets shows users how they can create and start making a profit off of their app—even if it is available as a free app in the Apple App store. The course is designed to educate users over a four-week period and covers everything from basic information to using Adobe Flash CS5 and Cocos 2d, and also creating revenue streams from free apps using mobile advertising platforms. Opens Discussion on Increasing Use of Electronic Textbooks

LogoDigital publishing software from has been well-received by businesses and the public. On Friday, the company discussed its use for creating electronic textbooks at its weekly meeting to discuss the applications of its flipbook software. Experts recently talked about how the electronic textbook will be used in the near future. The benefits of using one in a school are economical and environmental. Institutions save money on paper textbooks and supplies while avoiding the need to throw old editions away, which contribute to pollution.

Latest Version of Flip Book Creator Software Supports Dynamic Button Customization

LogoThe leading edge version of esteemed flip book maker software, FlipBook Creator Pro reportedly supports dynamic button customization. FlipPageMaker, the ace digital magazine software developer firm has recently released an upgraded version of its FlipBook Creator Pro assuring engaging multimedia experience for the users.

EnvisionForce Accounts for Selling 71% of All Fake Twitter Followers

The industry of selling fake Twitter followers is far from slowing down. The headlines of every major news website have been flooded over the past couple of years with information about buying fake Twitter followers. News reports show that politicians, celebrities, and companies from nearly every country have purchased fake Twitter followers in the past.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Developers Launch 2500 Bounty to Get Involved and Release the Public Jailbreak

Whether they received one as a gift or bought it themselves, people who own an Apple TV 3 (or older) are keen on making the most of a device that sells for $99.00. The Apple standard version of the ATV3 gives access to 1080p HD content, lets the user play content from their iOS devices via AirPlay on their TV. But with a $100 gadget, the actual expense comes from buying subscriptions. For instance, users need to buy Netflix, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter Live and League Pass Broadband subscriptions to enjoy the device’s actual perks.

WebsiteSellers.Net Is Launched the Marketplace for Premium Websites and Domain Auctions

The power of a website: Today, the whole world is connected to the internet as a web, with billions of websites and domain names revealed.