Technology Press Releases

Grant Marketing's New Logo and Website Design for Scientific Solutions Is out of This World

Grant Marketing, a Boston-based B2B branding and inbound marketing agency, was approved by the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) to engage with Scientific Solutions, Inc. in its re-branding efforts. In December 2013, Scientific Solutions was chosen from a group of Massachusetts-based manufacturing companies to be one of the recipients of additional funding and revenue under SBANE's Massachusetts Manufacturing Matching Grant Program. Scientific Solutions used the grant money to upgrade its digital touch-points, which included its website and logo.

Tiles Unlimited Selects Mvix Signage Solutions for the New 23000 sq.ft. State-of-the-Art Showroom and Design Center

TILES UNLIMITED, Queens, NY's largest state-of-the-art tile showroom, design center and warehouse, installs  Mvix signage systems across its retail facility. The new 23,000 square foot multi-level showroom and design center will be equipped with multiple digital signage screens throughout the facility to enhance brand awareness, educate trade clients and promote specials.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7: Powerful Antivirus and Speedup for Everyday Use

IObit, the provider of system utility softwares for PC and mobile security, optimization and maintenance to over 10 million active users, today announced the release of its outstanding all-in-one utility,Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7, for top PC security and PC performance. With greatly expandeddatabase and re-designed handy UI, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 sets a new standard for PC protection and optimization.

Web Hosting Plan Deals Provides Valuable Information on Different Web Hosting Sites

In starting a website, there are so many important factors to be considered. There are a lot of web hosting companies that supplies different features with a variety of packages. Some of the web hosting sites are quite convincing but when it comes to plan deal, users are getting too confused. They prefer a better comparison among all the web hosting sites available in order to see the difference between existing companies and choose the best one. Online review sites are created to help the users to see the pros and cons of the different web hosting sites that are found on the Internet. Among all the online review sites, Web Hosting Plan Deals enables people to go through those sites and have a better decision in the end.

Cell Phone Consumer Behavior in the US

Nowadays, people don’t just want a phone, people need a phone. Talking to someone on the other side of the world in real-time through your device’s screen, storing hundreds of gigabytes for easy access without using a hard drive, and trading stocks on your smartphone are now realities.

Get Unlimited Targeted Visitors to Any Website with SEO

Malaysian business owners can now sleep soundly knowing that finally, there is an expert that can handle all their search engine optimization and marketing requirements. SEO Terence offers an all-in-one service that can funnel an unlimited number of buying visitors free-flowing into a website.

Free Auto Loan Calculator Is Now Available from

LogoComputing payments and interest rates related to auto loans is not an easy job. Media Freeware has come up with an application named the Auto Loan Calculator, which calculates all complex figures regarding loans with a few clicks itself. The Auto Loan Calculator uses several parameters including the first payment date, term of the loan, interest rate, sales tax, trade-in-value, down payment and vehicle price to provide the actual results. Offers Free OGG to MP3 Converter

LogoOGG file formats contain samples of audio compressed with an audio encoding algorithm called Vorbis. But, a number of audio players do not support this file format and, as a result, users need to convert OGG files to the format of MP3. Convert Audio Free offers the Free OGG to MP3 Converter through the website This application has a simple user interface and carries out the corresponding functions effectively without any issues.

Meet KeeperTI - Protecting Your Things and the People You Love

LogoYou’ve worked hard for the nice things in your life and would die to protect those you love. But you can’t physically keep everything with you all the time. Introducing KeeperTI the world’s first Technology Intelligence (TI) designed to give you the power to protect your things and those you love - wherever you go.

Develop Smart Web Pages Using the HTML Editor

LogoAn HTML editor is an application for building web pages. Developing web pages becomes difficult if an efficient and good tool is not available.

Estimate Car Loan Using Car Loan Calculator

LogoCalculating loan payments due on a month can be really tedious. Here is good news for all people who are going to purchase a car or have already bought a car using loans.

Free Payment Calculators Offers APR Calculator via

LogoThe APR is a figure extracted from the sliding scale of a particular loan, which gives the monthly payment amount. Free Payment Calculators has developed the APR Calculator to find out the Annual Percentage Rates, for the purpose of calculating mortgage and other loans. This unique piece of software application can be downloaded from the website powered by CNET.

Get Free YouTube to MP3 Downloader from

LogoYouTube to MP3 Downloader is a new application, which allows users to save music videos in the form of music itself to play on tablets, iPad, iPods, laptops or smartphones. This innovative software application can convert YouTube videos to formats like WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AC3, AIFF, AAC and M4A, apart from MP3. The user interface is designed with simplicity to make the installing process easy.

Memorize Times Table Easily Using the Times Table Application

LogoRemembering the times table is a difficult task for school-going children. Children can get punished for this, and it makes studies rather disappointing and irritating for kids.

Burton Software Icicle Profiled in Canadian Jewish News to Achieve Kosher Certification

The current issue of Canadian Jewish News featured Burton Software, ( the maker of Icicle, the affordable cloud-based solution to improve food safety. Lauren Kramer, Pacific Correspondent for Canadian Jewish News reported that the Vancouver-based agency, Kosher Check is expanding its requirements for kosher certification to include food safety standards beyond the minimum regulations laid out by Canada’s Food Inspection Agency.

Magline Innovation 2014 Addresses Workers' Compensation Costs

LogoRecently, Karl Jensen, National Sales Manager for Magline, discussed how the company is addressing the challenges of Workers’ Compensation by 3PLs, warehouses, distributions centers, and route delivery organizations, as part of the Innovation 2014 initiative. According to Jensen, “Workers’ Compensation costs are a big deal in the delivery and transportation departments. Driver injuries lead to lost production and challenge the whole system when a driver is not able to perform his/her duties. I have been told eliminating just one workers’ compensation claim will more than pay for CooLift.”

Red Cherry SEO Company, Gives Social Media Marketing Services a Fresh Boost of Innovation

LogoRed Cherry renowned full-service digital marketing agency and Calgary SEO company, ushers in a new trend in social media marketing as it incorporates technological innovation and pioneering ideas to boost the prevalent concept of social media representation of brands.

Calgary Canada Web Design Firm Announces New Custom Blog Design Service

LogoIn today’s system of e-commerce, a company’s online visibility is a critical component of advertising. How seo companies represent a business on the web will determine its level of success. Red Cherry Digital Solutions has created a new custom blog design service to enhance its clients Internet profile and support optimization back link strategies. A network of blogs is a valuable tool for implementing organic SEO. The businesses that invest with Calgary web design companies that value the blog design not only obtain top Google rankings but look good in the eyes of the contemporary audience. Red Cherry Digital Solutions is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in web design, online reputation management and organic search engine optimization. Its clients are represented as leading businesses in progressive markets and are dominating Google results for popular keyword searches. Reports Powered by Icicle Kosher Check Integrates Traditional Kosher and Science-Based Food Safety, provides food industry and restaurant insights. Last week, in a continuing discussion of food safety, they reported that apart from their appeal to Jewish consumers, Kosher foods are embraced by a diverse community world-wide. Studies have shown part of that broad appeal is due to the fact that a large segment of Jewish and non-Jewish consumers alike, buy Kosher certified foods based on their belief that they are manufactured to superior standards of food-safety.

Bulldog Digital Media's Clients Seeing SEO Great Return on Investment

LogoBulldog Digital Media, the digital marketing and social media service provider in the UK is offering good services to the clients. I Love Blinds, ARC Systems and Pragmatic Compliance that are working with the company for a couple of months, are generating good SEO return.

Unique & Finest Quality Expert OBD2 Available at at Affordable Prices

Now, one can grab a wide range of unique and finest quality OBD2 products on Amazon available at very reasonable prices. The expert OBD2 helps in scanning and effectively checking the engine light codes. It has the capacity of reading the diagnostic trouble codes, including both manufacturer-specific and generic, and then displaying their meanings. This Code Reader Interface tool is compatible to Androids and one can view live engine data on the Android phone with the help of free Torque software.

Kings Cleaning Service Partners with BizIQ

Kings Cleaning Service, a commercial cleaning service in Callao, VA, has recently undertaken a new online marketing campaign in conjunction with BizIQ, a comprehensive web optimization firm specializing in local search engine marketing.

These 3 Trends Will Drive Enterprise Software Development in 2014

LogoIt’s hard to believe it, but 2013 is on its last legs. The year has been eventful to say the least in the world of enterprise technology. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, from mid-sized corporations to Fortune 1000 enterprises have gone through a roller coaster year.

Record Webcam Interactions Easily with the Webcam Recorder Application

LogoPeople record video images on the webcams of their computers for various purposes. Free Picture Solutions has introduced the application Webcam Recorder to record all the webcam images of a user without any hassle. This software can be installed quickly, with the help of the instructions provided. The basic functions of the Free Webcam Recorder are said to be introduced to customers through informative tutorials.

Compute Percentages Easily with the Percentage Calculator from Free Math Calculator

LogoCalculations of percentages are usually taught in elementary school itself. The importance of calculating percentages can be realized while working in offices or running establishments. The modern digital world has introduced a number of alternatives for calculating percentage. Free Math Calculator has developed a Percentage Calculator application for individuals, students and business owners to compute percentage efficiently.

Solve Physics Problems Efficiently with the Application Physics Formulas from Free Math Calculator

LogoNumerous students find it extremely difficult to learn the complex formulas in Physics. These formulas range from simple to highly complicated and confusing mathematical equations. Mastering them is not an easy task. The computations in this subject include thermodynamics, prefixes, units, symbols and so on. Free Math Calculator has developed a unique piece of software called Physics Formulas to offer solutions to problems related to Physics.

Developing a Geographic SEO Strategy for Local Businesses

LogoThe key to having a successful local SEO strategy is to get a large amount of high-quality content on your site that contains keywords relevant to your geographic area and industry. Here are a few ways you can develop a geographic SEO strategy for your business and rank for local keywords.