Technology Press Releases

The Rovux Group Sells Controlling Portion of Rovux Apps for $38 Million

On the heels of rumors about going public in 2015, 80% of Rovux Apps has been sold to the private equity firm Klatten. Already celebrating the tremendous success of reaching 26 million users in under two years the mobile development company will now have an even broader reach. With plans of commercialization and licensing with Israeli clientele the company is poised to take affordable mobile app building to a new section of the marketplace. Already a tremendous success on all fronts Rovux Group, Rovux Apps parent company, raised $10 million in investment funds to expand the app development company's services to Israel in 2014.

Schools' Intelligence Announces 30-Day Free, No-Obligation Trial Opportunity

Schools' Intelligence announced the availability of a free, 30-day trial of the company's flagship application. Designed to centralize and enable the fruitful analysis of pupil-related data, the Schools' Intelligence software service brings the proven power of business intelligence to the educational sphere. Those who sign up for the 30-day free, no-obligation trial will also receive all of the benefits of Schools' Intelligence's best-in-class support, helping them to make the most of the opportunity.

The XVID Player from Boasts of a User-Friendly Interface

Logo XVID player is considered a unique media player with DivX codecs. Media Freeware has introduced the XVID Player, which includes a user-friendly interface to assist professional and new users. Individuals can enjoy audio as well as video files easily with the help of the XVID Player. The quality of XVID players is commendable, and therefore it has been used by numerous people worldwide.

As Cloud Capabilities Get Increasingly Business-Critical, How Will Enterprise IT's Trust Be Earned?

LogoAt a time when the world of technology is fast advancing with every passing day, there is no part of life where you can keep it out. Even if have a business, you need to integrate it with the world of technology to ensure that it reaps maximum results. Almost every business needs to have a website. It not only creates an online presence of your business, but also helps you connect with your potential customers. However, for this you need to have a properly designed website, which finds a place among the top results when someone searches for a relevant service online. You can hire best-in-class web design service providers to give a new look to your website. However, if you are planning to design your website, you need to keep in mind a few things. Publishes MP4 to WMV Converter to Enhance Playback on Windows Devices

MP4 is the preferred video format of many filmmaking professionals, and as a result it has found popularity on Vimeo and other high end download sites. Despite this, the format still has compatibility issues, particular with older windows devices, which prefer the native Windows Media Video format, or WMV. In order to solve this issue, Convert Audio Free has continue their foray into the video world by creating an MP4 to WMV converter in order to create duplicates that can be played on any Windows device.

FLV to MP4 Converter for YouTube Downloads Launched by Convert Audio Free

Flash Video, or FLV as it is also known, is a popular choice of video encoding process with online video streaming services like YouTube, owing to its lightweight size and relatively high image quality. The problem with FLV is that it must be played by Flash Player, which is not a free service when required for desktop use. Furthermore Flash Player is not available for Android devices and not compatible with iPhones. To solve this drawback and allow media downloaders to play their videos wherever they want, Convert Audio Free - after the success of their FLV to MPG Converter- has created a new FLV to MP4 converter.

CRMnext, #1 Commutable Cloud CRM Solution, Releases Advanced Customer Telephony Integration (CTI) Functionality

CRMnext, #1 commutable cloud CRM solution, releases advanced Customer Telephony Integration (CTI) functionality, which will enable organizations to offer context sensitive screen popping, integrated reporting and easy escalations. It will also enable organizations to significantly improve outbound telesales capacity by facilitating call recognition, call routing, call logging and automated call flows within the CRMnext database. It will also help in considerably reducing the call times so that organizations can effectively service larger customer base, thereby cutting costs.

Convert Audio Free Launches Video to MP3 Converter to Rip Sound from Favorite Videos

Video content is in fact audiovisual (or AV) content, and there is a reason the word audio comes first. Visual media was still a novelty until it could be paired with audio, because speech and sound are still the main way we relate to these kinds of media. In many cases, the visual is there just to provide a context to the sound. Convert Audio Free has created a video to MP3 converter that will allow individuals to make sound files from video.

Free PDF Solutions Launches Free PDF Reader to Make Opening and Viewing Files Simple

PDF files are mainly used by individuals who wish to protect their information, and this unfortunately leads to a number of issues when PDF files are disseminated through the internet. Many users experience compatibility issues with PDF files and so seek ways to convert them into other formats. Free PDF Solutions has been offering software that does just that for years, but now they have created a PDF Viewer that solves the problem with the minimum of effort and processing resources, so users can simply click and open PDF files instantly.

Offix Solutions Offers New Developments in Business Technology

New technology makes it possible for companies all over the world to conduct business from remote locations. Now, Offix Solutions is harnessing the power of this new technology to offer the services of a virtual office in Miami, Florida, for any company who needs a physical address.

Record and Play Songs with the Virtual Piano from Media Freeware

LogoMedia Freeware has introduced a new software application named Virtual Piano, which enables music lovers to record and play songs of their choice. This tool is made available for download through the website With this application, one can convert their PC into a beautifully looking piano with all function keys. Users can click on the keys to play the songs they wish to.

Free Math Calculator Releases Home Loan Calculator to Help Borrowers Understand Mortgages

Getting a mortgage can be a daunting prospect, not only because of the amount of money involved but because of the complex means by which banks calculate the repayments. Many people feel confused by this process and wish to double check what the bank are doing to ensure they are paying the right rate, but doing so requires expertise in the field. Free Math Calculator have removed this barrier by creating a Home Mortgage Calculator that allows users to simply enter the parameters requested to get an accurate and detailed report on the loan. Offers Cyber Monday $50 Press Release Writing Discount

LogoCyber Monday bargain hunters can save $50 off the regular price of an expertly-crafted 500-word press release from in honor of the annual online shopping event, happening Monday, December 2, 2013. "With other sites charging hundreds of dollars for writing a standard press release, this is a real opportunity to save," says's public relations director, Kathleen Gee. The press release will be written to Associated Press style guide standards to ensure that it's ready for immediate publication, Gee adds. Click here to order.

Free Auto Shutdown Launches Software to Schedule Shutdowns and Restarts for System Health

In a world that is becoming ever more connected and ever more instant, it is getting harder and harder to disconnect. People are becoming ever more impatient when it comes to accessing their devices and so shutdowns and restarts have become an annoyance and a nuisance that prevents users from engaging with their devices for their intended purpose. To remedy this, Free Auto Shutdown has created a software that automates shutdowns and restarts so they can take place when users aren’t active.

The Skyline Agency Now Offering Online Marketing Solutions to the Public

The Skyline Agency is pleased to announce that their once private online marketing services are now available to the public. The Skyline Agency offers a full range of online marketing solutions developed over the past 10 years by the company founders. Throughout the years, The Skyline Agency has been responsible for creating several multi million dollar online brands both locally and internationally. “The Skyline Agency was born with the goal of assisting both new start ups as well as established companies increase their profitability and brand through successful online marketing campaigns. There are many marketing agencies that promise the world but fail to deliver results that take the company to the next level. The Skyline Agency creates custom solutions based on the businesses goals and industry that are designed to produce substantial results,” stated a representative from The Skyline Agency.

Rent or Lease an Office Space Anywhere in the World at Just $5

Getting a perfect office space can be difficult especially for new business setups. A lot of factors have to be considered before setting up a new office in a new location. A business will be successful only if the location meets the requirements such as location itself, market, transportation, human resources, raw materials, safety, government, land and labour, etc. It can actually cost a fortune for businesses to do research on new location. But here at businesses can find the right place at just $5. Those who are looking at setting up new offices spaces, virtual offices, hot desking, executive suites, event spaces, etc. this is the right place to start the search.

Doublespark Web Design Cambridge Publishes Web Design Trends 2014 Infographic

Web design is a constantly evolving format, and the companies that provide it have to be constantly looking ahead to see the emerging trends in order to deliver clients a look that is fresh and contemporary while meeting the expectations of the modern user. In 2014, several trends are due to emerge and Doublespark Web Design of Cambridge, UK has published a new infographic explaining just some of the important factors that will decide between successful designs and outdated sites in the coming year.

Leawo Debuted Free Mac DVD Player Software with Commercial and Region-Coded DVD Playback Supported

LogoSome DVD fans ever encountered the frustration of unable to play commercial DVDs with their Mac media player. Some ever faced the annoying situation that they cannot play imported DVD movies on Mac due to the region code restrictions. But now there comes a piece of excited news for them. Leawo Software, the trusted multimedia solution provider, unveiled its totally free Mac DVD player software to help fans play both commercial and region-coded DVD movies on Mac without spending a fortune. DVD fans now have no need to take a long time on searching a free player with commercial DVD playback fully supported, plus rack their brains to make their Mac DVD-ROM region-free.

Flip Builder - a Brand New Effective Page Flip Digital Publishing Solution

LogoEbooks are taking the world by storm thanks to their many advantages over traditional paper made books. Almost every book today is available in an eBook format and there is a lot of demand for them. Among the most efficient and reliable eBook software making companies today is Flip Builder which presents users with its wide range of tools for digital publishing. Transforming People's Reading Experience Through Its FlipBook Creator has dedicated itself to transform the reading experience of users across the globe. The site is a software developer and has expertise in digital publishing applications. It offers easiness, professional skills, and advanced technology to everyone who wishes to publish books online in a better way.

Lead Net Pro 5.0 Review Just Released with New Features and Upgrades

The internet has emerged as one of the greatest marketing tool for all types of business, may it be a brick and mortar business or a one that is completely online, the internet has opened a world of opportunities and potentials. Online marketing is now altogether separate filed of marketing one that has its own set of strategies and tools, the correct use of them means great success. Unfortunately, not everyone who sets out to market their business online is able to achieve success while others find the right method of getting desired success. This is mainly due to their use of effective online marketing systems such as the Lead Net Pro which help them find and target the potential customers.

CRMnext, #1 Private Cloud CRM Solution Helps Large Financial Organizations to Boost Customer Satisfaction Levels by 60%

CRMnext, #1 private cloud CRM solution helps large financial organizations to boost customer satisfaction levels by empowering the service representatives to resolve customer queries and complaints at a faster rate. CMRnext has helped organizations to increase the first time-resolution rates by 80% by making a comprehensive 360 degree view of the customer readily available on a single screen. This also helps customer facing teams to effectively cross sell when they come in contact with the customers. Their elite list of customers includes large global brands like TATA. AIA, S&P, Reliance, ICICI, Max, Bajaj etc.

Leawo Shared Cost-Effective Method to Learn How to Make Thanksgiving Turkey Tutorial Video

LogoIt’s no doubt that around the Thanksgiving table, tradition takes hold, especially the Thanksgiving Turkey. Cooks hosting this monumental meal face high expectations for perfect presentation and satisfied guests. Many people are struggling with how to make perfectly browned turkey, especially for those novice cooks. By searching online, there’re various How to Make Thanksgiving Turkey tutorial videos to advise people what to do in making a nicely cooked Thanksgiving turkey. However, people might fail to watch these Thanksgiving turkey making guide videos on personal portable devices like iPad or iPhone due to the format compatibility.

Doublespark Web Design Publishes Local Citation Building Best Practices for Small Business

Web design is not just about the front end of the website that individuals see and interact with, it is also an active tool for gaining the attention of search engine algorithms and ensuring people find the business when looking for the services it provides. The first is essential to retain customers but the second is crucial in securing new ones. Doublespark Web Design in Peteborough specialize in integrating both disciplines, and has created a new infographic on basic do’s and don’ts of effective citation building as part of a local search engine strategy.

btcVacations - Bitcoin's First Full Service Online Travel Agency Opens for Business

With the rapid expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem there is much talk and speculation as to where Bitcoin is headed. Now, with no uncertainty, many Bitcoiners will be heading on round the world cruises, exotic vacations and luxurious honeymoons, all made possible by – the first full service Bitcoin travel agency in the world. There are no additional fees or charges to book throughbtcVacations customers pay the exact same price in Bitcoin as if they had booked direct.

Fat Box Branches Into 3D Video Services

During nearly two decades of providing video production services in Orange County, Fat Box artists have seen some incredible changes in artistic technology. In fact, it is safe to say that he world of video production is completely different now than it was in 1995, when Fat Box, located on the web at began providing video services to customers.

Fat Box Introduces New Still Photo and Graphic Technology

Fat Box, located on the web at has created more than 1,000 films on over 100 projects since 1995. During that time, the artists that work with video production services in Orange County have seen the film industry come almost completely full circle regarding the preference for still photo and graphics. While 1995 standards dictated that still photography be incorporated into video production services, the results were often stilted and artificial.