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Insider's Kickstarter Book Project, "Fixing Fashion: Beyond Rana Plaza" Seeks Crowdfunding Support to Impact Apparel Industry Practices

The staggering loss of life which splashed across social media, television screens and print publications mere hours after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex in Savar, Bangladesh in April 2013 shocked the world.

New Survey Names Top 10 Kansas Brands

RSA Marketing Services has released the findings of its first Kansas Brand Power consumer survey conducted this summer throughout Kansas to measure the unaided recall power of the state’s top brands. Releases New EzPaycheck Payroll Software to Accommodate CA Businesses

LogoPayroll software developers unveiled the new edition of ezPaycheck payroll software for small businesses. With all of the new updates to this paycheck software, developers are confident that California small business owners will be able to print checks without the usual headaches associated with payroll processing.

Recent TraceGains Webinar Featured Practical Aspects of an Effective Supplier Control Program

LogoTraceGains, Inc. recently hosted a webinar with David Schauf, VP of Quality at Illes Seasonings and Flavors. Schauf discussed his best practices for managing supply chain, supplier, ingredient, and raw material risks within the context of both the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Launches New UK Focused Blog

Everyone wants to own their own home at some point, but owning a home means being responsible for repairs. Very few people have the skills required to carry out all the repairs that may be needed in their home, so they employ skilled tradespeople to fix things when they go wrong. Explains Why SAP Business One Is a Revolutionary Business Management Platform

A good business management platform can completely revolutionize a company. Business management platforms are designed to simplify all aspects of running a business, from assigning tasks to employees to managing inventory and sales figures. SAP Business One is one of the most popular business management platforms in Australia.

Find Free Games, Software, Gift Cards and Much More at Free Stuff World

What is too good to be true? Getting something for free. It’s true, in such a cut throat environment; businesses can really not afford to give away free stuff online. But this myth is now busted thanks to, a website that lets people get free stuff, from gift cards to software and games and even credit score and store coupons.

America's First LGBT Chamber of Commerce Announces World's First Virtual Local Business Expo

LogoThe Golden Gate Business Association(GGBA), America's first LGBT Chamber of Commerce today announced the world's 1st GGBA Virtual Local Business Expo Marketplace to coincide with their annual "Pride Businesss Expo" at the Hotel Whitcomb on June 12, 2013. The GGBA virtual expo is being implemented to help jumpstart local business and job creation. Together with LocalPlaceXpo and eZ-Xpo, the new GGBA Virtual Local Business Expo Marketplace will empower every GGBA member exhibitor and sponsors to boost sales and on-going collaboration with both on-demand and live engagement 24/7.

Planet Tech USA Reveals State of the Art Media Converters

When it comes to conversion of media, has the perfect solution. These converters are known for their durability and perform well over all kinds of Ethernet media. They are made specifically to meet the standards of the industry. They have a range of 3 different types of media converters to suit every need at prices that will not cost an arm and a leg.

Social Media Knowledge Base Releases a Free User Guide on Tumblr

Social Media Knowledge Base announces the release of “Tumblr Demystified: A Step by Step Guide to Understanding Tumblr”, a free user guide on how to understand and make use of Tumblr. Social Media Knowledge Base is a website that offers resources, tricks and guidelines for visual social network websites. The website specializes in Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Iconic Solutions Announces TimeHighway Integration Within Their Dealership Mobile App

Iconic Solutions (, the leader in mobile application development is excited to announce the latest release of their myMobileDealer ( product, which now includes full Timehighway ( integration. myMobileDealer is the number one mobile app for car dealerships looking to increase sales, service revenue and customer loyalty; and TimeHighway is the world’s premier, real-time, online scheduling service.

CIO Strategic Wizard Process App Now Available in the Apple App Store

CIO IT WIZARD STRATEGIC PROCESS App available now in the Apple App Store. This iPad application takes business CIO techies as well as business, financial and marketing executives into alignment.

eFlip Standard Is New E-Publishing Tool Promises to Benefit Publishers, Authors, and Online Stores

LogoA growing flipbook software provider, eFlip Software Co. Ltd., has announced the release of eFlip Standard , an e-publishing tool that allows users to convert PDF, Microsoft Word, and OpenOffice files into page turning e-books. The software is a great tool for designing unique e-books quickly, without any specialized publishing or graphics experience. It is especially suited for digital publishing businesses, in addition to self-publishing authors and online e-book stores. Introduces eFlip Standard Flipbook Making Software has introduced the new flipbook making software eFlip Standard for making realistic page-flipping e-books. Users can convert PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice documents into e-books with an attractive page-flipping effect and multimedia content. Flipbooks are an alternative to the typical digital document, which is static and is often limited to a few extra features such as hyperlinks and perhaps the occasional picture. In contrast, a flipbook can feature creative backgrounds plus custom features like sounds, logos, colors, and company information all on a pre-designed template.

Men Dilemmas - A New Website Launches That Explores the Mindset of Men

Traditionally, the only dilemma men were considered to face was being the primary bread winner, while every other problem and issue was attributed to women. After all they were supposed to be the stronger ones, emotions and issues are for weaklings. Only solution? Suck it up, be a Man and rub some dirt on it! It is about time that people start to realize that men have problems too. is a website that has been launched to cater to men specially. It is a website that aims to provide men with various information about topics ranging from dating, sports, fitness and health, finance and cars.

Core Factors That Set Steel Town Promotions Apart from the Competition

Steel Town Promotions is a company fully dedicated to developing relationships and human potential in its team members, clients and customers. The mission of the company is to create real world solutions where the customers, client and company are all better off having taken a part with their win-win-win strategy which means that the three parties involved can definitely benefit.

New 25% off WestHost Promo Code Being Offered by Host Cabbie

LogoA 25% off discount is now being offered for purchasing web hosting packages from WestHost. WestHost is one of the more popular web hosting companies with packages starting at $4 per month. Founded in 1998, WestHost currently has over 1 million domains around the world.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player - the Cheapest, Fastest, Most Full-Featured Windows Media Player Combo Ever

LogoLeawo Software, the world-renowned software enterprise specialized in developing the very best in software products and services to the worldwide media buffs, today made an official public announcement that its smash hit Windows Blu-ray player software in 2013 would be the world' cheapest, fastest, and most full-featured Blu-ray media player ever. This newly-released 2013 best Blu-ray player from Leawo made its fresh debut on Leawo product page 12 days ago and since then it has been rewarded as only $19.95 to help media lovers fully enhance the old or latest released Blu-ray/DVD, common or up to 1080p video as well as amazing audio playback on PC, tablet, laptop or notebook.

eFlip Standard Offers One-Stop Service to Electronic Publishing

LogoThe digital magazine publishing tool eFlip Standard is now available from Allowing users to turn normal computer documents into flippingbooks with realistic page flipping effects, the software allows for the creation of electronic magazines and a range of other publications. The program is simple to use, given its many advanced features. After launching the software, users can create a new project right away, starting with converting their favorite files, or view a flipbook or bookcase demo to gain an understanding of how the software works.

WebsiteCheckers.Net to Provide Free Domain Tracking Service is currently checking close to 2 million web addresses worldwide, located in 221 countries. The biggest numbers are registered within the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom, followed by China and Japan. A list of all the countries can be accessed on the website, and by clicking any of these the viewer can access the list of all websites already identified, checked and indexed by the service that are located in that very country.

Choose a Clean, Green, Curated Search Result Only with Frompo

The environment is losing its own luster and climate change is at its fastest approach. Human activities are the reason why the glaciers are melting and the winter seasons are extended while the summers are getting harsher. The need for more environmental friendly tools and fortunately Frompo is one of those tools online that helps the environment.

Quantum Binary Profits Software Improves with Use, Getting Faster Better and More Accurate

LogoQuantum Binary Profits software has been developed by Richard Grace. Quantum Binary Profits software uses a breakthrough evolving neural network algorithm. Richard Grace has posted a screenshot of his broker account showing $249,155.91 that he says he made using this Quantum Binary Profits software.

'Coin Wish' Now Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

LogoCoin Wish takes plinko-esque gameplay and turns it on its head by adding in a ton of new gameplay features. Navigate your way through 36 unique levels filled with pegs, prizes, hazards, and a host of other surprises. Maximize your score by hitting all the pegs and activating the peg multiplier, or score three high score buckets to enter into rainbow mode and start to really rack up the points. Drop a coin, make a wish, and see how many points you can get!

FlipBook Creator Supports Share Digital Book on Social Media Directly

LogoUsers of FlipBook Creator can now share their designs on any social media website, thanks to integrated tools which make doing so easy. The flash flip book creator, released on, enables e-book publishers to create a page flipping book by converting a PDF file and adding colors, backgrounds, sounds, and more. They can then share the e-book online, allowing business associates, customers, and friends to view the information put into the page flipping book.

eFlip Software Make PDF to Flipbooks Read on PC and Android Devices has introduced eFlip Standard, an e-book creating software that lets users convert PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice documents into flipbooks viewable online or via mobile device or tablet. All e-books created with the software feature a realistic page-flipping effect to simulate an actual book. Templates, sounds, logos, and messages make each flipbook unique. Once the final product is complete, users have the option of outputting the flipbook in .HTML, .EXE, .APP, .ZIP, .FBR, and .APK formats.

Explore the World of Warcraft Gold Gaming on IGXE

World of Warcraft is MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game). WOW has millions of lovers and registered players around the world. After its first release in 1994 named Orcs and Humans the series continued with Frozen Throne on 2001, The Burning Crusade in 2007, Wrath of Lich King in 2008, Cataclysm in 2010, and Mists of Pandaria in 2012 and now in 2013 it has more than eight million subscribers. This fact makes WOW the most popular MMORPG, hence it is listed into the Guinness world record for its outnumbered subscribers. In this game the player has a character which is named as avatar and it may be third person or the first person. The contestants have to answer various questions in the quests, explore the places, fight with outnumbered monsters, and play with the other characters or non player characters. There is a great adventure in this game and players have to build up the skills to kill the creatures by different methods and collect the powers to accomplish a mission. WOW Gold edition has some enhanced features that allow the players to solve the mission with others in an interactive way. Various other amazing features like collection of things and then offering it to some non player character and then getting the virtual points to get into another phase. After successful completion they can Explore the World of Warcraft gold gaming on IGXE.

Best Free iPod & iPhone File Manager App - Leawo iOS File Manager Released

LogoLeawo Software, the professional multimedia solution provider, mainly specializes in processing and broadcasting media over the Internet as well as in the daily life, has released Leawo iOS File Manager v1.0.0, which is used for exploring and managing files in iPhone and iPod touch. Leawo iOS File Manager has 8 powerful functions, so it can be treated as the best free iPod touch & iPhone file manager app.