Technology Press Releases

Omero's Clothes Introduces New Line of Custom Clothes

Upon noticing that the people in New York need better and modern clothes, custom-built to match the needs of each individual, the Omero's Clothes, a family owned business of highly professional tailors, has announced a new range of custom clothes and accessories.

XYZ and Uniregistry Announce Joint Venture to Launch .Cars, .Car, and .Auto

Cars Registry Limited, a new domain name registry operated by industry leaders XYZ and Uniregistry, has acquired a trifecta of domain extensions specific to the automotive industry. This trio of extensions was completed recently with the acquisition of the highly coveted .Car domain extension from Google.

Health IT Summit San Francisco - March 25-26, 2014

LogoCome see CTS next week at the Health IT Summit in San Francisco. The event will be held at the Presidio Golden Gate Club.

Guest Blogging Done Right Gets Google Approval

LogoGuest blogging for SEO recently got a big disapproval from Matthew Cutts, Google’s Webspam team head. Guest blogging, more often than not, becomes an avenue for building back links, yielding poorly written outputs, since branding, audience or relevancy were not obviously considered. Cutts hopes to discourage using the practice, and even quoted an email he received in which the sender wanted to buy links from him. He pointed out that it was a “clear violation of Google’s quality guidelines.”

Citywide SEO Offers Web Design and Hosting

It takes more than just putting something up on the Internet to attract customers. Google and other search engines examine web pages closely to determine whether they include information that is useful to visitors and rank these pages accordingly. In Google's eyes, "content is king." Therefore, having the right web content is crucial for San Antonio businesses that want to make an impact with their web pages. Fortunately, Citywide SEO offers online marketing to San Antonio at businesses that includes both content management and web hosting.

Qualizzi Launches the Cool White Color for Its Mini Starry Lights Line for Outdoor Décor

Qualizzi is a Las Vegas based online business dedicated to selling home and garden products for decoration. The battery powered feature of their newest product, Mini Starry Lights, makes the lights a star anywhere in the home or office as well as on the patio, in the back yard, at the beach, even on camping trips. Their star product, the Copper Wire String Lights with 120 leds and the Silver Mini Sets can be found at their store on

Pay Per Call Marketing and Leads for Local Business Are New Focus for Limitless Local Business Marketing

Limitless Local Business Marketing announces an all new, totally revised business model for Pay Per Call Marketing services. Whereas the company once based services on creating awareness of local businesses and driving calls through SEO, Social Media & Web 2.0 properties, now there is a major shift. That shift is to focus on using the incredible advertising platform that Google has created known as AdWords Enhanced Campaigns with Click to Call to instantly connect consumers with the type of business they need.

Allstar Enviro Safety Announces a New Site -

Allstar Enviro Safety is proud to announce the release of its new website: This new site features the H2S Alive program certified through Enform – H2S Alive Edition 7.

2014 Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Weddings Magazine: A Classy Wedding Statement

Wedding is one of the most important celebrations in the life of everyone and lots of planning go into the preparation for the wonderful experience. For some, the wedding day is the most important day in their lives while some see it as an obligation. Either way it is viewed, if the wedding is not properly planned, it may lose value. In recent times, there are millions of wedding planners around the world with various packages, but many of them are not as efficient as the do-it-yourself approach using Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Weddings magazine. Elegant St. Croix Caribbean Weddings magazine is a great wedding resource for couples and has recently released its third issue in 2014 with amazing pieces of information for individuals and wedding planners around the world.

Some Recent and Eye-Catching Changes in Google Search

Jon Wiley, Google’s lead designer for Google Search, said on March 12th, 2014 at Google+ “You may have noticed that Google Search on desktop looks a little different today.” Jon is talking about Google rolling out the new design to desktop searchers.

4 Simple Steps to Convert 4K MTS/MTS Full HD to iMovie

Well supporting the latest Mavericks 10.9.3, Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac simplifies the process to convert 4K MTS/MTS Full HD to iMovie with 4 steps, extremely saving users time in their digital life. Meanwhile, transferring MTS to other editing systems like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc are also available, which benefits a lot of Mac users to a great degree.

"SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure" Available on the App Store

This brand new project is a unique interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of the Red-Headed League, but it is far more than just another iPad/iPhone version of the book. This is the first app of its kind that manages to combine a book and an audiobook, neatly incorporating historical research and an illustrated encyclopaedia, along with film clips and video game elements.

Audio4fun Announces the Advanced Addition in Voice Changer Software Diamond

LogoVersion 8 of Voice Changer Software Diamond was released in November, 2013 as a premium voice changing program with advanced features for voice manipulation and modification, and since then it has been satisfying its many users, even the pickiest ones. The new File Morpher module helps users to load and morph any pre-recorded audio file and then save it in one of many audio formats. It can also perform batch functions on a group of files, or even an entire folder at once with speed and precision. In-depth specifications and a trial download for testing can be found at

Get Planter Fasciitis Relief Launches the 2014 Guide to Cure Planter Fasciitis

Planter Fasciitis has plagued many Americans today, and many urbanites around the world. While there are many causes that lead to this excruciating pain in the heel, not many remedies have been able to heal the ailing patients across the world. Some of the most extensively used remedies are acupuncture, insoles, ultrasound, physio treatment and painful injections. These remedies are not doing a very good job because patients across America are running from pillar to post, trying to be healed in spite of the varied options for treatment.

Paysafe Card Rising as the European Market Leader in Online Prepaid Solutions

Paysafe has emerged as the giant market leader of prepaid solutions online in the entire continent of Europe. This prepaid card is extensively used and accepted I many places, and henceforth easily available in as many as 450,000 sale outlets in the continent. This is a great and secure alternative for individuals without a bank account or a credit card.

Blendtec Coupon Code 2014 Now Available Online for the Utmost Savings

With the importance of kitchen appliances increasing every day, it truly is important for people to have the perfect blender in their homes. In the market, individuals have a wide choice to choose from which can not only be time consuming but also rather confusing. Therefore, it is best to conduct a little research regarding the products that currently dominate the market. Blendtec is one of the most exclusive, multi-purpose blenders that have piqued the attention of millions of people worldwide. Not only does it blend everything smoothly but it also carries out the entire task within a couple of minutes.

Only 60 Review - 60 Websites to $8,818 Per Day? Scam or Real?

The creator of Only 60 clearly specifies in this program that people will get a free website if they sign up to their recommended hosting. Only 60 Websites is an affiliate marketing system that teaches people an easy and effective way to earn about $300 in a day. The creator claims that people are going to make $3000+ a day from these websites. Inside its member’s area, people will get the software, the training and everything required to make that much money.

Auto Binary Signals Review - Automated Binary Options Trading Software for Newbies

Roger Pierce started managing financial software for a large hedge fund firm in New York soon after the stock market crash of 1987. He created Auto Binary Signals after an intensive research on Binary Options trading. It proved to be a great success as it tremendously accelerated the income of thousands of its users. Furthermore, it has proved itself, over and over again, as the most reliable and credible binary option trading software, that uses multiple factors in determining trades. Pierce still uses it, and has introduced a ProSignals option where people can get in on his personal trades and can analyze the rates of their profitability.

Auto Quick Income Review - SCAM or LEGIT?

Auto Quick Income is a trading software. Just in a matter of few days, it can convert people’s $5 investment to a $100. This system is costless, there is no trial period plus people get a complete untangled string of values and results so they are away from any hassle. With Auto Quick System, anyone and everyone can trade to create utmost profits.

Auto Binary Signals Software Review : How Does Binary Options Trading Work?

This is an opportunity that is knocking on everyone’s door and all we have to see is that who is smart enough to use it to change his life. Binary options are the next best thing that are coming up in the market slowly and gradually increasing in business. People are shifting to binary options because anything including currency can be traded. This option lets people make easy money though it does require a lot of calculations and risk management.

Profit in 60 Seconds Review: A System That Will Help One to Make Easily $300 in 60 Seconds

There are hundreds of opportunities to knock over the doors but really few are worth grabbing. Profit in 60 Seconds is the software designed by Roger Pierce for people to make at least $10k each month which seems reasonable. Since this software has become widely acclaimed by internet users, it has become even more popular in the trade market. People have written Profit in 60 Seconds reviews to reveal their life changing experience just because of this software. Around 75% profit is made in each 60 seconds usage of this software and people have rejoiced the earnings so far.

How to Walk in High Heels with Legwork's "Stiletto Whisper" Is Latest in Corporate Profile's NYC Urban Guidebook Video Series

LogoThe saying goes that a woman should always keep her head, heels and standards high; but if she isn’t as confident in her ability to walk in sky-high heels as she want to be, there is actually a class for that. Corporate Profile®/ClearVISION host, Annamaria Chen, drops in to one of LEGWORK “Walking in High Heels" workshops to pick up some tips from shoe designer Victor Chu. The class pulls exercises and tricks from the famed NYC Rockettes.

Changing a YouTube Channel Name Easily

LogoChanging the name on YouTube channels is not as straightforward as it was before. Updates on the updates on YouTube, help YouTubers to understand the changes and their effects. There have been many updates on YouTube, and with the updates, a lot has changed in the channel members areas, as well as, the way things are done. A number of videos that were made in the past on how to do things on YouTube are not very helpful, anymore.

Zulusurf Bitcoin Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Build a Unique Bitcoin Investment System

LogoZulusurf is turning the world of charitable giving and bank and government influence on it's head. Moreover, they are also doing it in a way that will turn crowdfunding on its head as well.

G-Lock Software Launches EasyMail7 Free Mass Email Marketing Software Solution for Windows

Email is now one of the most common forms of communication throughout the developed world, and people use email flexibly to speak to friends, get information from companies they like, and updates from websites they follow. Email also provides an amazing marketing opportunity for companies willing to develop their by permission mailing lists, as individuals have expressly asked to be contacted by suppliers. Managing a list of such people however can be a nightmare without the right software, which in turn is often expensive. G-Lock Software has come with the solution to this problem by providing free email marketing management software packed with premium features.

Focusky Can Tailor Multimedia Presentation by a Few Simple Steps

LogoCreativity is the buzzword in today’s world, which can bring people a desired level of success in all personal and professional fronts. The mankind is getting more accustomed to rich multimedia experience, because of the creative and engaging content they are accessing through a variety of devices, such as cell phones, tablets, HDTV and others. This is the reason why individuals need to be more creative and create presentations that can be interesting and convincing for the target audience. China based Software Company, Focusky has now introduced creative presentation software that is simple to use, but can help an individual to create powerful multimedia presentation.

Hydraulic Online Becomes Qualtrics Site Intercept Partner

LogoHydraulic Online is pleased to announce that they have become a Qualtrics partner, the first in Wichita and one of only a few firms to offer Qualtrics’ new site intercept program.