Technology Press Releases

Clexidra Marketing Auditor Starts Operating in the United Kingdom

Flyer marketing, leaflet distribution and billboards are important marketing tools for business promotion, but for achieving the best performance and success in business, an auditing company should supervise these outdoor campaigns. The good news for businesses in London is that the reputed and professional Clexidra Marketing Auditor starts operation in London, to monitor all promotional materials distribution and displays.

Creative Designs, Inc. Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Take to the Next Level

Crowdfunding is an excellent concept for raising money to fund the development of worthy products and technologies that would not be funded through other venues. However, unfortunately, the crowdfunding platforms have often been misused by people driven by greed or simply by the lack of basic understanding of science. In many instances, campaigns have been launched to support products and technologies that have no technical merit and cannot possibly function as claimed.

US in Store & in Home Tech Support Coming via Techvedic Technologies PVT LTD Delhi

The successful on-demand technical support provider, Techvedic Technologies Private Limited Delhi, has announced the February 01, 3013 launch into the US market of its popular In Store and In Home services.

Decoding Him System Cracks the Code on Finding a Man to Marry

Kajay Williams, Product Creator at is on to something every woman wants - understanding and the inside track on men. Whether single or you are in a relationship the information is integral to understanding what makes a man tick. And better yet, tick in a willing woman’s direction. Having designed a program specifically to help women find a man who will give them a deep and loving marriage relationship the Decoding Him System is like an island in the sea of miscommunication and misread signs between the sexes. Explains the Average Dental Hygienist Salary Is $70,700

Dentists play an important role in society. But dentists would not be able to get far without their dental hygienists and dental assistants. Today, dentists rely on a team of assistants in order to get patients in and out of the office as quickly and safely as possible. Now Lets Customers Flexirent to Get the Latest Computer Hardware with No Money Down

Flexirenting has become a popular concept at a number of Australian and New Zealand computer retailers. Flexirenting allows users to access the latest computer hardware without investing thousands of dollars into a depreciating asset. Flexirenting is effectively a lease agreement that gives computer users better flexibility, better hardware, and easier maintenance at an affordable price. Builds Online Reputation

Search Engine Optimization continues to grow and work for you long after your initial investment, and local SEO is the most significant investment of an SEO campaign. You can’t go wrong with SEO in Norway building your online reputation. Professional writers customize content, including authoritative articles, effective blog posts and interesting press releases, and promote it online to increase your website’s reputation using Search Engine Optimization Norway manual (never automated) techniques. You also get ad management, social media optimization, video promotions and social bookmarking. Your campaign is tailored to your website, your industry, your current needs, and your targeted audience.

CocktailNerd Features New NutriCigs Review with a Giveaway is the Internet’s leading source for all information pertaining to electronic cigarettes. Now the CocktailNerd team is getting an exclusive first look at the new brand NutriCigs and offering readers all the details about these new fortified electronic cigarettes. Along with featuring a new NutriCigs review, CocktailNerd will also be hosting a NutriCigs giveaway for readers through social media on their Facebook page.

MIDsource Launches MIDsaver

MIDsource is pleased to announce the launch of MIDsaver, a product designed to reduce chargebacks, strengthen branding and promote online sales. “Online businesses, especially those operating with a continuity model, spend a fortune to acquire customers and most are faced with the challenge of keeping their customer in their product, accepting future shipments, and avoiding chargebacks” says Greg Augustine, CEO of MIDsource. ( He goes on to say, “We designed MIDsaver for the benefit of E-commerce and continuity merchants. The MIDsaver platform on your custom app will allow your customers to communicate account changes directly through the app to your customer service department. This revolutionary flexibility coupled with the marketing power of your custom app will not only build sales but reduce the likelihood of costly chargebacks.”

Great Cell Phone Contract Deals from

Cell phones have become an integral part of any person’s life. A cell phone helps you stay connected with your dear ones anytime anywhere. Mobile phones have become a rage among people with the advent of technology. In contractual cell phone networks, a user need pay the billed amount only towards the end of the month. brings forth some great deals for customers with cell phones.

NCS London Now Offers Proactive and Preventive Support for All Database Solutions

LogoNCS London, a reliable Oracle Database Consultant Company has got proven expertise and reliability to provide database solutions. They are known to provide DBA administration and its management as they are famed as a database support specialist in London.

Giveaway of the Day: Get Leawo iTransfer Free for Easy Data Transfer From/to iOS

LogoLeawo Software Co. Ltd, a professional multimedia software enterprise focusing on providing convenient multimedia solutions, announced that the latest Leawo iTransfer, iOS devices transfer software, will be given away on Giveaway of the Day. This giveaway is on the 26th of May with the purpose of solving iOS devices users' transfer problems and thanking all Leawo and Giveaway of the Day users' support. It's a 24-hour limited free giveaway, people in iPhone, iPod and iPad transfer needs shouldn't miss the chance. Releases PDF to Flipbook Software Allowing People to Use for Content Marketing has released flipbook software that aims to provide individuals with a better access in presenting information. People can now use flipbook software for content marketing, which is widely available across the internet. Ebook is one of the formats to present information using the flipbook software. The existence of this flipbook software will be appreciated by many online business owners. They can now utilize 3d page flip software to enhance their business on the internet.

Leawo 67% off Coupon Offer for World's Best Windows 8 Blu-Ray Player Software Is in Full Swing

LogoLeawo Software, a professional multimedia solution provider, today declared formally that its newly-launched Blu-ray media player software could be the best and cost-effective Blu-ray player for Windows 8 in 2013. And the ongoing 67% off coupon offer for this fabulous software will boost people's BD entertainment to an extreme with huge saving. Leawo sincerely welcomes all BD fans regardless of regions and countries to grasp at the time-limited special offer for a valuable home theater enjoyment.

Wondershare Video Editor Works as a VOB Video Merger

Most of the large files such as movies come in a series of VOB files. In order to use it in iDVD or any other applications, users need to merge these files to a single one. How to merge VOB files? It is a common question asked by many users. Wondershare gives an answer to this with the launch of their new product Wondershare Video Editor. It is an all-in-one application to merge the VOB files. Wondershare Video Editor is available for both Mac version and Windows version. The product can be found online on

Indie Bands Can Now Promote Music Through Instagram

Online social networking application that allows photo-sharing, Instagram, has made a considerable leap by introducing the application's capability to promote music through snapshots.

Who Wants a BABY? Hands Up! Revolutionary New Social Network Enters the Online Marketing

In the era of Social Media and niche dating sites, in which segmentation and customization are the trendy words, it seemed to be something missing, a website for those whose BIGGEST dreams are made out of small stuff; short legs, petite arms, tiny eyes, diminutive noses and powerful toothless smiles that can melt the hardest heart!.. A worldwide network that connects people around the world screaming out; ‘I want a BABYYYYY!!!!’

Techvedic Technologies PVT LTD Brings Online Apps to the US & UK Markets

Techvedic Technologies Delhi has announced the opening of their online applications store that serves customers in the US and UK markets. The internet store went live on March 02, 2013.

SUNRISE Information Services Presents: Can UFOs Advance Science? a New Look at the Evidence

SUNRISE Information Services will attempt to do what the scientific community considers impossible: to solve the UFO mystery and advance science from the study of UFOs. However, it needs public assistance to make it a reality.

CTS Elected Vice President of Kiosk Council for Digital Screen Media Association

LogoCTS Connected Technology Solutions is pleased to announce Craig Keefner has been elected by industry peers as Vice President of the Self-Service Kiosk Council for the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA).

NovaTech Computer Solutions Now Offering Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services

NovaTech Computer Solutions (NCS), a renowned IT solutions expert company in Miami, is now offering its clients with the secure and reliable Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services. The services are for sure to improve clients’ productivity with efficient online collaboration tools.

Leawo Blu-Ray Player Software Hits 10,000 Copies Milestone Within Only 12 Days

LogoLeawo's newest flagship, the uber-popular Blu-ray media player, just set the milestone for the fastest-selling multimedia software in company history. The sales of this Blu-ray player software has passed 10,000 copies around the world in less than 12 days after being released on May 16, 2013, which has already created an all-new benchmark of Leawo – the same mark that the former best seller iTunes Cleaner for Mac took 15 days to reach.

Authorized Liftn Buddy Dealer Minnesota-Based SJF Material Handling

SJF Material Handling Equipment is an authorized dealer for Lift’n Buddy ( Located in Winsted, Minnesota, SJF is a family owned business since 1979. The company is the nation's largest stocking distributor of new, used, and refurbished material handling equipment. Products stocked include pallet racking, cantilever racks, span track, mezzanines, pick modules, as well as refurbished and used forklifts, dock equipment, hoppers, and pallet jacks, Equipment can quickly be shipped to customers nation-wide.

Bottled Water Hand Truck Patented Multi-Tray Configurations Helps Route Reps

LogoDS Waters needed a new kind of bottled water truck, so they turned to Magline. The challenge was their route sales representatives were picking up one or two bottles by hand to carry to their customers.

Unmanageable Growth Drives Reach Technologies to MISys for Inventory Control

Five years ago Debbie Gronski, Operations Manager for Reach Technologies was growing and adding new products. Reach Technologies, opened for business three decades ago. The company proudly provides service and supplies to the United States. They are a member of the International Imaging Technology Council.

Matrix Connexion Launches Updated Google Apps for Improved Business Solutions

Statistics indicate there are currently approximately 4 million companies worldwide using Google Apps for business. When surveyed, the majority of owners of these businesses stated they chose Google Apps due to the greater versatility and security they offered over the other leading competitors. In an effort to further the growth of current users and to accommodate other businesses seeking to become users of these apps, Matrix Connexion has launched their recently updated line of apps with improved features.

CRMnext Launches an Advanced 'Reorder Point' Functionality to Ensure Sufficient Stock to Match Customer Demand

CRMnext launches advanced ‘Reorder Point’ for enhancing Inventory Management by ensuring that distribution network is adequately stocked to meet demand. A ‘Reorder Threshold’ and ‘Reorder Unit’ can be maintained depending on various criteria for different products to ensure sales and customer services teams can make accurate commitments to customers. When a Reorder Point’s Threshold is breached, a new procurement will be created for stocking up products as per quantity specified.