Technology Press Releases

ESI Rental Boilers Launches Brand-New, Streamlined, Highly Informative Website

ESI Rental Boilers announced the launch and availability of the company's brand-new website. The new site offers improved navigation and a more modern and attractive look than the previous one, and also incorporates responsive Web design techniques that make it perform smoothly on mobile devices. Updated contact and ordering systems also make it even easier for customers to arrange for the rental of high-quality, reliable fire-tube or water-tube boilers.

Kyle Gustin and David Quon Announce Formation of Executive SEO, Inc.

Kyle Gustin, a veteran of the search engine optimization industry, and David Quon, a serial entrepreneur with extensive business development experience, announced the formation of Executive SEO, Inc. Founded to deliver elite-level SEO services tailored specifically to the needs of each client, the new corporate partnership is already growing at a rapid rate, with customers in more than 20 major North American cities. The pair expect the combination of Gustin's SEO experience and Quon's proven business-building skills to produce even more impressive results as new customers discover the undeniable value proposition that Executive SEO represents.

Know the Importance of Web Hosting Reviews for Any Online Business

There are various sites that provide web hosting reviews devoted to explaining and displaying several web hosting sites available. Among several of these evaluation sites, individuals must-visit the website of best web hosting raters. Individuals should have a look at the most useful website which help to learn more concerning the various hosting websites. Particularly newbies must certainly be reliant in these review sites since it may help them to have a quick look about the sites and all the advantages. Every evaluation site additionally shows web hosting ratings to exhibit people which are on the top and most likely the very best hosting site they can select.

EzCheckprinting Check Writer Gives Mac and Windows Customers Flexible Options to Add Signature

LogoezCheckPrinting, the PC business check writer from, is easy to install and use. The new edition 6.0 is shipping to customers with updated feature that allows customers print checks one or two signatures to checks easily. Comments on Website Development Platform Wix.Com $100 Million IPO Filing

Going by a recent news story by Varun Aggarwal published on October 1 on concerning Ltd, which assisted firms to build and operate websites, filing with the U.S. regulators to generate up to $100 million via an initial public offering, comments on the report.

Orlando Computer Repair Experts Offering Laptop Repair Services

Vista Computer Repair, an Orlando based computer repair company now repairs laptops, all laptop parts including DC power jacks and screens. The company offers both free pickup and delivery as well as on-site repair services. Full information on their terms and services can be found at

Calgary Web Firm Red Cherry Cracks Mobile Device Market

LogoCalgary company Red Cherry Web Solutions is the first Canada firm to roll out ambitious mobile website redevelopment services.

Magline Innovation 2014 Tackles SKU Proliferation

LogoRecently, Karl Jensen, National Sales Manager for Magline, discussed how the company is addressing SKU proliferation as part of the Innovation 2014 initiative. According to Jensen, “Magline is working on delivering solutions that will help our customers more effectively deliver a broader range of SKUs to the customer while making the physical nature of the deliveries less taxing on the worker. A great example is the CooLift system that enables the driver to deliver in one trip, what would have been 3-4 trips – so SKU’s can be separated if necessary to build more stable loads that take less effort to move from the truck to the retailer.”

Improved Features for OsCommerce to OpenCart Migration

Cart2Cart - web based service for automated shopping cart migration, officially presents improved OsCommerce to OpenCart migration options. Now e-merchants are able to transfer product and categories SEO URLs and preserve order IDs without programming skills needed.

Hayes Trading Co Announce Awards for 2013

Hayes Trading Co is a top distributor of cranes for Handling Systems International. The company has worked to achieve a level of satisfaction with its customers—both consumer and business—that has brought it to the forefront of its industry.

Convert Audio Free Offers Free WMV to MPG Converter to Enhance Media Universality

People now consume media in more ways than ever- not only from more sources with the onset of online streaming services like Netflix but also on more devices, including their mobile phones and even MP3 players. Gone are the days when people only watch digital video on their PCs, which spells the end for the Windows Media Video format supported only by Windows PCs, which themselves have decreased in market share over recent years. Convert Audio Free has created a program to help users handle the transition and easily convert WMV to MPG to make their media library accessible to all devices.

Uberistic Looks to Raise $100,000 via Indiegogo for the Development of Their Career & HR Resource Platform

LogoUberistic is a revolutionary web-based career and business networking service. It’s Unique on the Web. It’s where job-seekers and employers can meet.

Company Offers Effective & Proven Training Secrets to Virtual Team Building

LogoThe website offers secrets revealed by experienced managers regarding successfully managing the virtual teams. The training would provide benefits and tips for successfully managing employees in a virtual team environment. The website affirms that a professional training is highly required for the employees so as to increase their productivity level and helping them to attain their goals and objectives.

Lufial Internet Seeks Funds via Indiegogo to Create, Free Collaborative Web Technology Community for Everyone

LogoLufial is a Portuguese company (based in Lisbon) specializing in the development and management of internet portals, E-Commerce, internet consulting and web hosting services.

Computer Repair Experts in Westwood Help Recover Lost Data

Anyone who has ever had their computer crash and hasn’t backed up their data knows the anxiety and helplessness that can accompany the potential loss. In the blink of an eye, all of their documents, photos, music, videos, apps, and contacts—anything on their hard drive—could be gone. The experience, in short, can be incredibly stressful. But there is hope for computer users whose devices have crashed and who haven’t backed up their data. Computer repair shops like Westwood, California-based Computer City Repairs can actually recover any lost computer data in a secure and quick manner. Issued Top 10 Best Web Hosting Services

LogoFor any type of web hosted business, online platform or even to build a new website, it is critical to know the features and offerings by different web hosting service providers. The best way to achieve that is through reviews available online but not every review can be trusted. is a website that provides quality reviews on the best web hosting services available presently. The website offers detailed information about every aspect of the services offered by the web hosting companies thus, making it easier for people to select the best service. Apart from that, it also emphasizes on the things to be considered while selecting a web hosting service provider. The information available within the website is presented in a well-defined and clear way so as to make it easier for people to understand.

The New Screen Recorder Application Is Now Available at

LogoThe process of recording screens has gained popularity in recent years. Free Recorders has introduced a new application named Screen Recorder which enables people to record their screens for official or personal purposes.

Raphael Ricardo's Newly-Launched Website to Assist Small Business Owners with Internet Marketing Tips

Raphael Ricardo’s newly-launched website revolutionized the internet marketing industry by assisting small business owners with internet marketing tips for leaders.

Tabernus Receives CESG Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) Certification for Data Erasure Product

Data Erasure specialists Tabernus are the first of its kind in the commercial data erasure industry to receive CESG Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) certification for their latest version of Tabernus’ data erasure software, Enterprise Erase v7.0.

You Tube Video Marketer Adds New Video Showing the Best Way to Save This Christmas

Video Marketer Katie Heard announces the launch of her newest video, which will show the most simple way how to save money at Apple online.

Exciting New Trade Alert Software for Forex Traders Generates Huge Profits on the 4 Hour Charts, Reports

Bill Poulos and his team at Profits Run have created some of the best trading software on the market in recent years, and one of their best-selling trade alert software has recently been enhanced and is now said to be even more profitable, according to

Play Station 4 (PS 4) Review: How Sony Denied Access Millions of PSN Users Revealed

A review of the new Play station 4 has revealed how Sony locked out millions of the Play station network users from accessing most of the basic features on its site.

FlipBook Creator - Make PDF to Flipbook Form and Open a New Digital Publishing Era

LogoWith the jet speed growth in technology, everything right from books to presentations have all come to the computer screen, then why not innovate on the same? Many people still use the basic Microsoft office to make all their presentations, it is undoubtedly the most effective tool, but the look of the presentation can be enhanced by the using the FlipBook creator and not having everything in a document or sheet form, but making it a comprehensive and attractive book.

Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Releases New and Enhanced Version of Exchange Software

Shenzhen Commodities Exchange, a world leader in trading and trading technology and development of next generation multi-asset financial markets, today announced that it has successfully migrated to the latest version of exchange technology – SZTech and clearing and settlement solution – SZCln.

HSC & Co Announces Availability of the Universal Car Mobile Phone Holder

Today, HSC & Co announced the immediate availability of Universal Car Mobile Phone Holder. Unveiled Tricks for FlipBook Creator Users to Attract More Eyes

LogoCreator and provider of the digital publishing software FlipBook Creator, FlipPageMaker has revealed simple tips on how users can reach their target audience. The software enables them to easily convert PDF files into page flipping e-books with an attractive 3D effect. These can be uploaded to a user’s own online account or the company’s server; only the first step in reaching an audience.

Adzzup Helps Small Businesses Increase Sales and Branding with Social Media Signaling

LogoAdzzup is advising small companies on adapting to search engine criteria that favor social media marketing. These activities include sharing information among users of various social media platforms. Company executives note the trend, known as social signaling, is indicative of broader SEO shifts that emphasize relevant content and user experience.