Travel and Hospitality Press Releases

The Periwinkle Inn Announces Early Bird Promotion for 2015 Reservations

While the summer of 2014 is now a distant memory, many are already planning what is in store for the summer of 2015. To help kick-start the planning process, the Periwinkle Inn has announced an “early bird” promotion for 2015 reservations. Guests will need to make their reservation prior to January 1, 2015 to take part in the savings. When planning the next vacation to the Jersey shore, skip staying in one of the many Cape May motels and try their luxurious boutique hotel.

Formitize Launches Hotel and Catering App for Increased Business Output

The makers of Formitize – a powerful app that has revolutionized companies around the world – introduces Hotel and Catering App. This Catering App improves efficiency and productivity in hotel and catering companies using paperless technology and smart forms designed to promote enterprise mobility. Save time, money, and effort as the Catering App can simplify and improve organization processes and workflow.

Pennsylvania 6 NYC Now Hosting Football & Basketball Parties This November & December 2014

LogoWhile the 2014-15 NFL season is almost halfway over and the playoffs approaching, the NBA is just getting underway having celebrated its opening night just a few weeks ago. As a restaurant near MSG (Madison Square Garden), Pennsylvania 6 NYC is pleased to announce that they are now both planning and hosting parties for college and professional basketball as well as NHL hockey this November and December. However, those who are looking to have a football party to watch NFL or college, can contact that company at 212-727-3666, or through email at to get their party planned.

Southern Cross Apartments Promise Ultimate Relaxing Tropical Holiday at Cairns

LogoThose looking forward to a perfect relaxing holiday at Cairns without pressure on the wallet seem to have a credible aide- Southern Cross Apartments has promised the ultimate plush tropical holiday with its series of atrium luxury budget accommodations in Cairns.

Peak Planet Releases 2015 Kilimanjaro Climb Schedule and Prices

Peak Planet, the premier outfitter for climbing Kilimanjaro, has released a complete 2015 group climb schedule. Group climbs are available on five different routes ranging from eight to eleven days, including the quiet Rongai route, the popular Machame route, the beautiful Shira and Lemosho routes, and the amazing Northern Circuit. These routes are suitable for everyone, from inexperienced climbers to the most adventurous hikers.

Tourist Attractions in Romania - New Market Study Published

LogoTourist attractions in general enjoyed growing sales and visitors in 2013. The numbers of visitors to museums and historical sites increased by 6%, whilst visitors to zoos/aquariums increased by 9%. Museums are increasingly active in promoting themselves both online and offline. The White Night of museums and cultural centres is something new in Romania, and enjoys wide popularity. Some of the museums were not even known to the public until they joined the White Night programme. Many zoos were recently renovated or expanded in Romania, thus enjoying growing numbers of visitors.

Report Published: "Croatia Tourism Report Q1 2015"

LogoDespite revising our growth forecasts for the Croatian tourism market downwards since 2014, we still expect to see the industry grow healthily over the coming y ears. Accession to the EU, combined with a general recovery in the economies of many European source markets, will continue to boost arrivals to the country by around a million over the forecast period and this will lead to positive developments across all other key market indicators with the exception of outbound tourism, which remains at risk of stagnation due to a relatively flat domestic economy.

Travel and Tourism in Portugal - New Study Released

LogoRegardless of all the financial adversity that has been affecting Europe, and in particular Portugal, the travel and tourism industry was capable of adapting to this harsh landscape and the most important indicators registered solid performances. Turismo de Portugal's efforts to promote the industry, whether internally or abroad, and its alliances with local associations were crucial in achieving positive results.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Planning Golf Outings

LogoNorthampton Valley Country Club is pleased to announce that they are now planning golf outings for companies, organizations, or charities that wish to have their event scheduled on their beautiful course. Those who are looking to have their outing at one of the best golf courses in Bucks County, PA should get in touch with them immediately as there are many things to consider before planning the event. The professionals at Northampton Valley Country Club offer unmatched event planning services and will also go the extra effort to ensure that the golf outing is as successful as possible.

Book a Wedding Package at the Vines Resort & Country Club and Enjoy Free Honeymoon at Bali

LogoThe Vines Resort and Country Club have announced a hard to resist offer, they’re offering a free Bali honeymoon to couples who book their summer wedding at the resort. The wedding coordinator at The Novotel Vines Resort can be contacted on (08) 9297 3000 or emailed at for complete information.

Northampton Valley Country Club Now Planning Fall 2015 Weddings

LogoWhile most consider the spring and summer seasons as the perfect times to have weddings, the wedding planners at Northampton Valley Country Club know that any time of the year is ideal. In fact, they are eager to announce that they are now offering their services to help couples plan a fall 2015 wedding. Also, couples looking to tie the knot next fall at one of the most sought after Bucks County wedding venues should hurry as spots are filling quickly, and they don’t want couples to wait.

City Edge Apartment Hotels, Now Offers Comfy Melbourne Accomodation at Reasonable Prices

LogoCity Edge Apartment Hotels is now offering Melbourne Accommodation at reasonable prices. Their range of hotels are located in the major destination in the Melbourne city such as City Edge North Melbourne, Alberts, Gipps, Tribeca, treasury, Elizabeth and now in Mildura which is a new extension of City Edge Apartment Hotels. They have attractive deals for leisure as well as business travelers. They completely believe in transparency and in order to do so, they reveal the rates of their rooms and do not charge anything extra to their customers. Customers can visit their website in order to check the rates of different hotels of the City Edge. They can also check the availability of rooms on their specific date and get their booking done directly from the website which is just a matter of a few steps. Customers can also customize their stay by choosing the “pay-as-you-go” options.

Right Blue Offers Excellent Long Term Stay Options in Waikiki Banyan

LogoA lot of people are moving to Waikiki because of the picturesque beauty of the place. The beaches located in this area offer an extremely serene view and those who want to have a peaceful lifestyle and enjoy the tranquility which nature has to offer are sure to enjoy this place.

Just Published: "Travel and Tourism in Lithuania"

LogoIn 2013, Lithuanian GDP continued to grow at 4%, which was among the fastest growing in the whole EU. A strong performance benefited both business and leisure tourism in Lithuania. A growing economy combined with growing foreign investment and improving situation within business resulted in a growing number of inbound and outbound business trips. Recovering consumer confidence and growing disposable incomes allowed Lithuanians to travel more again.

Recent Study: Travel and Tourism in Croatia

LogoJuly 1, 2013 witnessed Croatia become the newest member of the EU. With all the publicity surrounding its succession and potential new investment, the tourism industry is expected to benefit the most. With the fragmented environment and lack of serious investment in tourism, the EU succession has finally brought public focus to this young country trying to become a serious tourist destination.

Report Published: "Tourist Attractions in Italy"

LogoIn 2013 tourist attractions in Italy decreased to 1.3 billion offline value sales, whilst online value sales increased to 24 million. The number of visitors also decreased to 118 million. The main reason for the decrease in the number of visitors to tourist attractions in Italy was the economic crisis, and the fact that Italians are becoming more careful and selective when spending their free time, mainly because they are interested in saving money and are very careful about all their expenses. This behaviour was a consequence of the economic and financial crisis, and the lower available incomes of Italians, which had an effect on the overall climate of uncertainty present in the country. However, the price of the average ticket increased, with an overall impact on the volume sales recorded in the country.

NYC's Grand Central Terminal Is a Supernatural Holiday Adventure

This Saturday night the Ghost Doctors will be leading groups of brave amateur ghost hunters through the winding and darkened corridors as they pass the platforms and tracks of Grand Central Terminal in search of its ghostly holiday inhabitants. These courageous paranormal thrill seekers will be instructed in the fundamentals of paranormal investigations. From the proper use of a variety of electronic ghost hunting equipment to utilizing their own cameras as ghost detectors. Now Offering Expedited Passports for the Holidays is private company registered with the US Government providing passports in time frames that are agreeable to any clientele. Their services offer expedited, same-day expedited passport services in Pennsylvania and surrounding regions for adults and children starting at $129.

Junonia Beach Resort - A Perfect Life on the Gulf Shore Paradise

Lately however, lots of people from all over the country are coming to the white, soft sand and perfect seas that stretch across 32 miles near Alabama’s southern edge facing the Gulf-of-Mexico. There is never a dead moment in Orange Beach with fun filled activities like water-sports, zip-lining, golf championship, and many more to enjoy. And here’s what promising news is: people don’t need to be just a visitor at this amazing location. With Junonia seaside Resort’s condos in Orange beach, one can live at this same magnificent location, inhale exactly the same relaxing air as well as enjoy the same fun filled sights and activities of the Alabama – all day and night.

Northampton Valley Country Club Nominated as Best Wedding Venue for the 2014 PhillyHotList

LogoThe professionals at Northampton Valley Country Club are extremely pleased and eager to announce that they are currently featured as one of the contenders to be recognized as the “Best Wedding Venue” on the 2014 PhillyHotList. This quaint, yet spectacular and vibrant wedding venue in Bucks County, PA, came in fourth place out of 106 venues in 2013, and their hope is that this year they are able to earn the #1 spot.

Spanish Immersion Program Announces 2015 Summer Tours

LogoSpanish immersion school and educational tour company, Casa Xelaju, ( announces their 2015 Summer Tour schedule.  Registration is officially open for programs running from June 15 to June 24, with chaperone Chris Perry and from July 3  to July 12 with Chaperone Julio E. Batres. Declares Premium Commission with New Affiliate Program has currently declared to offer premium commission with new affiliate program. The new Ace Rentals Affiliate Program is available on the company's latest online Vietnam visa on arrival service.

Junonia Beach Resort - Turning People's Dream Destination Into Reality

Thousands of years back, the states was only covered with warm and shallow sea. Today, the ocean has receded, and what stays is 53 miles of earth’s surface that signifies Alabama’s shoreline.

Hotels in Dominica Nestled in the Tranquility of Nature for the Ultimate Stress Relief

Zandoli Inn, a leading hotel in the Commonwealth of Dominica, gives every guest the relaxation and rejuvenation they need as they escape from the hustle and bustle of living. The small, secluded hideaway with captivating ocean views is surrounded by forest trails that crisscross a six-acre property. The scenic views make the ideal setting for people who seek to unwind in a place that takes them closer to nature.

Travel Websites Is the Newest Vertical Launched for (TBC) has launched yet another vertical. Travel websites has been added to TBC’s homepage along side other travel focused verticals including hotel booking and vacation rentals. These new reviews will help consumers choose the best travel website for all of their traveling needs.

Play Your Part for Protecting Rhinos While Enjoying a Great Safari Holiday Also

God has gifted us with many things and the most important among them is 'The Beauty of Nature.' Nature, with its flora and fauna, is spell-binding but unfortunately, we take nature for granted. We do all the wrong things that spoil it. One such wrong activity is poaching.

Paleo Food Tours Say NYC Cavemen Love Snow -- Snow Peas

When people think about the winter in New York City, thoughts of chilly winds and icy streets come to mind. But when you mention the winter season to Paleo Food Tours (NYC's only paleo food tour) their thoughts turn to snow, snow of a somewhat different type...the delicious green crunchy type -– snow peas!